Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Naviya is on the radio station and has started the show. Her boss does not like her and sys that why did her hire her and forward her appointment letter he says that she does not have the skills and knocks on the door to say to her to play a song because it is not a youth show.
Nandhani is dressing up and is about to leave when her uncle stops and asks as to where she is going and she says that says that she has organized a party because it is Manik’s birthday and she wants to celebrate it he says that her aunt has cooked something special and he thought that they will have dinner together but it is alright and they will have it tomorrow.
Dhruv is getting scolded by his boss who asks him about why the song is incomplete but he says that he needs more time and that songs are

written by emotion and so he should wait a little longer. The boss gets angry and says that he has been working for a small time and has got so many attitudes Dhruv hearing this gets angry and leaves.
Harshad is reading some texts and Aaliya comes and snatches it from him and sys that why is he reading them and who gave him the authority to check her phone. He says that he is happy that she got a job and that she will gain a lot of heights in this field but she pushes him away and says that she does not want him to worry about her and she will do everything without him and she is happy where she is and does not want to compete with anyone.
Mukti is walking in her hall and when she hears a baby crying and rushes back to make him stop but he does not and even after trying for so hard she is not able to make him stop crying. After a whileshe senses an awful smell and realizes it’s the baby’s poop she throws the dipper but does not change it and trys to avoid him but is not able to and suddenly Naviya comes who changes the dipper and the baby goes to sleep.
Both of them start talking and they have a lot of fun and at last Naviya asks mukti that did she read the Massage from Mukti but she says that she will not go as she wsnot invited and leaves.
Nandhani is preparing everything by herself and Aryaman comes and Nandhani asks him that how is he here and he says that she did not invite him but he is there for his friends. Nandhani asks him to blow some balloons but he is not able to and then Nandhani shows him how to do it.
Dhruv enters the room and turns the speaker on the phone and Nandhani and Aryaman are both are shocked to hear what the owner of the firm has to say and Nandhani says that Manik will not let this happen.

Precap: Nandhani Aryaman and Dhruv are standing and he says that it was the o2 manager and they will lose the contract but she says that they cannot lose it not like this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I cant stop crying…

    1. Ya that’s true my eyes were moist when i saw nandu recalling her and her manik’s moment’s togethet???

  2. what happennend to cabir and where is manik?

  3. Damm confusing man ??
    And OMG nandu was looking so damm cute in her new look ????even navya…
    But cmg to episode it was damm damm confusing…..it was looking like everyone is angry with mani….. and THEY didn’tshowed cabiraa…. dunno where’s mani…..

    And guys once again m saying parth and ayaz are there in s2 don’t trust everything u read from some stupid sites….. sbs tweeted that parth is there in s2….. soon he will start shooting…. as for now pls be calm and don’t jump on conclusions…??
    A true kyyian will watch it whole heartly whether any actor leaves or not……

    Ps: hope for the best fingers crossed

    1. Prads, remember I told u that Parth had himself told that he is leaving kyy n he had said that “kyy is an end for me”!!…………….I knew he wud leave……..!!????????

  4. Hey hi tanishq ! I think i have seen u on jodha akbar tu … Or may be no … Waise m totally confused about ky2 … Is it season 2 or what ?? I have totally no idea what’s goin on …

    1. It’s s2

  5. I guess…manik is alive!!
    But cabir is dead!!! Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! No1 took cabir’s name in 2day’s epi!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s d baby’s name??? Cabir or abeer?????
    What did alya mean by this-fab 5 na rahe..blah blah blah to harshad!!?????????
    If cabir is dead……kyy season 2 will never gain d love,support n respect they had in season 1 no matter what!!! Never!!!!!
    I am asking this again…whoever has freetime…atleast a little…please check this ff..manan ff-darkness to light!
    Atleast got some clue of manik alive…but…CABIR…OUR CABIRAAA…THE COOL DUDE CABIRAA…THE CUPID CABIRAA…wth will we do widout him???!!!!! He’s d main person responsible for MaNan!!! Uske bina there would be NO MANAN!!! Why cabir??!!! Harshad nai tha kya marwane k lie??? But but but…they dint show nyonika the b*t*h 2day!!!
    Cabir is the oxygen of kyy!! We love him!! Cabir..ayaz..we love you!!

    1. Ha yaar plump cabira is jaan of the show with him manan wouldn’t have come together so easily……really miss manbir, cavya fab5

  6. Really feeling sad ??

  7. wat happened to manik and cabir i hope they are well

  8. guys i am also sure that manik and cabir will be there in season 2

  9. Guys a very bad news….. is that

  10. kaise yeh yaariyan

    Know even “minnie” has confirmed it that what I said was true. Oh yh what “minnie” says has 2 be true what any 1 else says is an idiotic rumor.

    R u sure that manik is leaving “minnie” what parth has posted doesn’t have 2 be true. And I thought he was the FULL PART OF THE SHOW.

    So I dnt think tellychakkar or tu were wrong “minnie” u were wrong so that makes u the idiotic person and foolish person not me.

    Love kaise Yeh yaariyan will miss u Parth Samathan and MaNan

    1. U Are saying me idiotic and fooolish person or u are making urself realize that u are not idiot huh….. look I don’t give a damm what a dumb person thinks bout me!! By looking at ur english only I came to kno u are nothing less but a dumbo its KAISI YEH YAARIAAN not KAISE YEH YAARIYAN……and u were claiming once that u are big fan of ky2 n all…… and I was stopping u to spread negatively regarding parth OK!!?? Cuz when u posted that some ppl who just read and go started bashing parth on insta do u even kno that……

      And dumbos like u only spread news without confirmation…. that abhimanyu and nandani will b lead pair..???

      I seriously pity u…..

      Ps: hope for the best n hope that maybe my hope will win… love ky2 MaNan.. fab5 navni

  11. oohh very disappointing,anyone replaces parth or does manik died

  12. dont blame minnie like that she just said a positive thing that parth is not leaving the show,we all hope so ,anyway the hope percent reached 0

  13. ky2 team should introduce a new face as manik ,manik is the important character in this show not parth samthan ,it will take some time to adjust

  14. Wah!! Poora din bakwas tha..abb ek aur reason bhi mil gaya sad rehne ka!!!
    If manik is dead then nandu is tryin to b +ve n celebrating his bday…any1 who d epi…did u watch chacha’s expression aftr nandu left frm her home to college?? His xpression was kinda tensed n worried..
    If they will replace parth..as manik…i’ll be watchin d show wid less interest!! And no coincidences or anythin…yuvi shud NOT b roped fr manik…n m sure yuvi WONT sign it!! Coz he vry well knows wt’s good fr him n wt bad…sooo yeah…A BIG NO fr replacement of parth!!
    Btw…@kaisi yeh yaariyan…u once said ur an oldie of this site…cn u plz reveal who u are n wt ws ur old username???

  15. @ kaisi yeh yaariyan, plz don’t blame Minnie lyk this …….she had juz said a positive thing n nthin else!! N it was such a long tym b4……..y r u still blaming her?? Please end it na…….!

    1. Cuz he/she wants herself to b great….. cuz once I stopped him/her from spreading negativety

  16. I just read his post…JUDAAI playin on my playlist!! Perfect song fr d situation!!!
    Jaane kaise koi sehta judaaiyan…chadariyan jeeni re jeeni..chadariyan jeeni re jeeni..aankhen beeni yeh beeni yeh beeni..YAADEIN jeeni re jeeni re jeeni..
    We have the beautiful enchanting memories of parth as manik guyz…lets support parth…he needs our..his fans’ support..n we being his fans will never stop supporting him no matter what!! Right guyz!!?
    He will be replaced…saw the epi na yest..nandu said..manik cant do this…somethin lyk dat…waiting for that new face who will never ever fit in his shoes!! NEVER!!!

  17. Kaisi yeh yaariyan…plzz tell ur name na…u said ur an oldie…if u kno me..plzz tell ur name…if u dont kno me then i’ll be knowing u as i ws a silent reader of this site frm d vry beginning of d show!! I know almost all who hav commented here!!! Please say who are you!! Plzzzz…..

  18. One announcement……
    I kno m nt no1 to say this bt still…!
    Minnie n kaisi yeh yaariyan…plz stop bashing each other…!! If u think u r smart n nt a dumbo plz stop it!! Coz a smart person wont do this bashing!! Im not sayin dat u guyz are dumbos…but the one who stops this bashing game is a brave one..not a coward…c’mon guyz…u aren’t any spoilsports na…!!
    No offence!! Jusy my POV!! But pay some heed to what i just said…!!
    Kaisi yeh yaariyan tell ur old username!! Plzz…i’ll be asking this till i get d answer!!

    1. I kno m no1*
      really very sorry fr my typing mistake!!

  19. Am i the only oldie of this site who is still there on the site!!????? I was here as a commentator from january 11..yes i do remember when i’ve first commented here…im very good at remembering the dates(occasions..not the other one)…before that i was a silent reader…so i guess im the only oldie out here now!!! Very bad!! I miss the oldies!!! My frnz..my bhai’s..my dii’s..my choti sissys..i.e. My KYY ROXZ FAMILY!! Love u all!!

  20. Plums-my old username…plumpyyy- a name kept by auhona..my awwwhoo which is so cute n adorable!! Miss u auho!!!

  21. I bet…the new face isnt my yuvi…im really concerned abt that!! But but but…parth is nt on d show!!! How to watch d show widout him?? Idk!!
    The song…mar jayian was being played!! Gosh i love the song so so much!!! Its my caller tune dammit!! I miss parth!! I miss ayaz!! Two gems of the show not there!!! Cabir’s account n his belongings shud b untouched..it shud b as it was b4!!! This means…he is dead!!! Nai toh m damn sure he wud’ve helped nandu!! I miss CabiNi!!! If any1 asks me to kill the blo*dy writers…then m ready to do so!! I’ll kill them CVs!! I shud’ve planned wid anuu on IF…she wanted a faadu plan to kill ’em!! But nope..i had hopes…frm the blo*dy CVs!! My hopes lost!! U CVs…u blo*dy creatures!! U’ve gone nuts!!

  22. Prediction
    Cabir is dead and everyons belaming manik

  23. Manik isnt to be blamed. Harshad has to be blamed. He was the reason for cutting the break oil pipe na!!


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