Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini was sitting on a bench crying, a man spied on her. Manik comes and asks why she is crying. She says no one ever spoken to her like this. He asks is it about him, she says it is about Pandit ji. He gave her 100 rupees to buy a watch. She says she got late because of him. He says she must stand in front of him, it isn’t a big deal. Nandini says no one ever scolded her and leaves. Manik goes behind her.
Mukti gets a parcel from Abimanyu, he wrote that he is sending the box of smilies so that she can’t forget to smile even when he isn’t around. She tries his number but it was off. She asks the receptionist to check if some contact number of his is available. The receptionist says there is no address of her.
Navya requests the warden to shift her to the other hostel as

the people here aren’t letting her stay here. The warden says the other hostel is for science students, she has to manage here. Mukti hears this.
Manik comes to Nandini and says she was right. She asks what happened. He asks her to sit nearby, and says she was right, they must spend sometime together. He doesn’t know she was never scolded by any of her teachers. They must spend some more time, to know each other better. Nandini says they have spend enough time together. Manik says they have been together due to some sitations, but now they need to be together. Nandini says he needs to focus on his album, a song of him is left still. He says she is with him, so the song will be made hit. He asks her for tonight, but she says she was also out yesternight. He says he has a surprise for her, she gets excited. He promises to drop her home in time. She agrees, he sets the time at 8 pm. He says he will keep her 100 rupee with him so that she no more cry.

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The spy appears and calls Mr. Khurana.
Mukti ask Navya why she didn’t tell anyone. Navya says Nandini doesn’t even know about it. Mukti says she will handle the house, but has she thought something about baby. Navya says eight months are still left. Mukti asks so she wants to keep the baby, she must think well as it is a big decision. The responsibility of a baby begins when the baby is born, she doesn’t has a house to keep it. She asks if she is eighteen, Navya nods. Mukti says she can take her decisions, but if she wants they can abort the baby. Navya gets upset, Mukti hugs her. Navya says she didn’t ever think about it. Mukti says such situations in life makes you stronger. Cabir passes by, whistling. He stops and tells them about his job. Mukti hugs him, Navya also congratulates him and heads to leave, listening to Cabir’s discussions with his land lord.
Aaliya was watching tv, Dhruv comes there and coughs. She says she isn’t talking to him, he says she is. He says they have been together here, she says should she make an announcement and leaves. Cabir and Manik come inside. Manik says they have a lot to practice, and he has to pack up by 8. Cabir asks why 8. Manik teases him about asking foolish questions.
Nandini was walking worried; Navya comes and asks what happened. Nandini says she isn’t tensed at all, but Nandini says she is. She says Manik wants him out, Navya thanks Lord for their relationship to move on. Navya tells her to get ready perfectly. Nandini says she is nervous, Navya says why so. Nandini gets Manik’s text, Navya snatches her phone. It was an address, Manic says it is close to farm house. Nandini texts him not to spend time on messaging. Navya hugs Nandini saying all the best.
The maid spies on Manik, he tries to open the main door but it was locked. She tells Mr. Khurana on phone. Manik asks her to open the door, she tries but says she thinks the lock isn’t working. He asks is there another way, but she says all doors open through this system.
Nandini watches Mr. Khurana coming to her. He asks how much she loves Manik. She asks excuse me. He says Manik is ready to do anything for Fab5, is she also ready to do anything for him. Can she also do anything for Manik. If she doesn’t back up from him, he will crush him and Fab5. He burns Fab5’s photo. Nandini says he is saying it because of Soha, she needs a psychiatrist. He says he doesn’t need to hear anything about his daughter and leaves. Nandini cries and says I love Manik.

PRECAP: The bar manager asks Cabir why he came here. He says he must ask his mama who came here to do so much drama. Manik asks Fab5 to check for Cabir.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. aswini achu

    Hello khurrana soha is nt psycho u r more than her. Stupid dnt ever dare to cme in between my manan

  2. sanaya

    hey guys….dis tym she wont do dat coz manik n cabir both knws hr n hr feelngs fr manik…evn cabir knws abt sohas intntion so he ll help hr

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  32. sanaya

    Soha wants to kill Nandini in Kaisi Yeh YaariyanPresent track shows that Manik (Parth Samthan) and Nandini have turned a couple where Nandini (Niti Tylor) accepts the truth that she cannot live without Manik in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.Soha lost her temper on seeing Manik and Nandini together.Soha is a psycho and decides to kill Nandini for getting Manik.Mr. Khurana promises Soha that Nandini will soon be out from Manik’s life.Soha has turned a vamp and can cross any limits to complete her wish.Cabir to spoil Soha’s planHowever, Nandini has asked Cabir to make Soha away from Manik.Cabir also knows about Soha’s reality and uses his tricks to maintain distance between Manik and Soha.Let’s see if Cabir and Nandini stop Soha’s evil plans.

  33. sanaya

    anothr 1….navya to live wid cabir…
    twists and turns introduced in the show have been successful in winning many hearts.Such is the popularity of the show that recently it topped the TRP charts inthe youth’s category.In the ongoing tracks it was shown that Manik and Nandini come closer to each other despite Soha’s effort of separating them.And the audience also saw that Navya is pregnant and Nandini is supportingpre-martial s*x saying that it is not a sin.

  34. Princess

    but guyzz i dont c manik much with his #buddy# remember.. dhruv is jst wid alya and hes not bothered of any1 else.. ri8 guyzz??

  35. sanaya

    yeah cabir is jst awsm..wen manik askd evry1 to wrap up deir practice till evng dat tym he saved manik again….wat manan wud do if cabir wont hv been dere wid them…he always take stands fr dem

  36. vaishu

    princess they r all grown ups,,they dun hv to stand behind each other every time,,but when situations arrives m sure they all stand by each othr,,dats how friendship works

  37. qwert

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    Sana saw da epi? I felt so bad at the end seeing nandu cryinn n accepting dat she loves manik…cabir will figure out

  41. sanaya

    yup shar i saw d ep….ep ws gud be4 khuranas entry….dnt knw wat she ll do nxt..i thnk she ll tell all dis to cabir…dnt want d sacrifice track again….

  42. vaishu

    ya sana,,last time when manik walk out for dhruv ,,she told manik that he cud hv talked thru wif her ,,,hopefully she will apply on herself

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  44. remix queen

    She wont give up manik…shell act as if shes stayin away frm him…she may go to cabir for help…coz cabir is also nissin after the job thing in the precap

  45. qwert

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  54. Nutz

    Ooo…n don’t forget da pandit track, i almost forgot him. First soha n nw pandit, dis show just wants to bring twists n turns one after another. Wish they wud just slow down a little n let us enjoy manan 2gethr.

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  63. Auhona;-)

    I am fyn fairu! And no imp. Update, one was- soha vil try to harm nandini and cabir will save them…..

  64. Nutz

    Yap fairy, da person who was narating da story or rashed’s bst frnd’s name was ibu. I really liked da book. Fairy ‘topu’ porecis?

  65. carron

    iby I am a girl, from kerala , in grade 8th …
    R u a boy or a girl ? I am really say 4 asking this …

  66. fairy

    Oh..nutz…l hv cried aftr readng topu….omg…awsm book……l hv bcm a gr8 fan of jafar iqbal aftr readng ths…..

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    I still remember dat incident,i don’t think i’ll ever forget it.

  73. Nutz

    Carru ‘ami topu’ is da name of a book. Da main charactr is a boy who loves math, aftr his dad’s death, his mom abadond him accusing him responsible fr his dad’s death. Actually da shock frm his dad’s death had made his mom mentally weak n she had a tumor in her brain. It’s really a sad story hw he livd.

  74. Nutz

    In da 3rd previous comment i missd da word ‘mom’ .my mom was readng da book n cryng n wen i saw her, i laughd a lot at her.

  75. carron

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