Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik shouts Nandini’s name, Mrs.Neonika gets a call from Manik ,he was shouting on Mrs .Neonika and was warning her not to even touch Nandini .Mrs.Neonika calmly answers her that she does not know where is Nandini .She also tells her that right now you do not have only one anime .He remembers about Pandith. Nandini was in Pandith’s car tied, she struggles in the car to open the door. Pandit ji says he is doing this all for her betterment only.
Mukti brings drink of everyone and plays the music. She says now everything is fine today, Manik and Nandini are together and Dhruv is back. Manik’s phone keeps on ringing while they all dance with each other. Manik is frustrated, worried and is panicked. Dhruv sees the call finally, comes out. Manik is relieved, he was panting and tells him

Nandini has been missing. Dhruv promises to be there in a while. Dhruv tells then Nandini has disappeared.
Pandit ji asks Nandini to calm down, he won’t hurt her. A car passes by theirs, the guy in it watches a ring on the road. Pandit ji asks Nandini to stop fighting in the car, and give up. The other car turns around and follows them. He overtakes Pandit’s car finally and comes out of his car, Pandit ji also comes there. The guy was Aryamann, Pandit ji asks is everything ok. Aryamann shows him an ear ring and says it fell off his car; is he trying to remove the memories of an ex-girl friend. Pandit ji says it is of his present girl-friend, he was throwing trash. Aryamann says he then owes him a favour, introduces himself as Aryamann Khanna and tells him he lives nearby. Pandit ji says thanks to him and moves backward blocking Aryamann’s view of Nandini. Aryamann asks him not to litter again as Aryamann doesn’t return his precious things again and again; and asks him to say Hi to his present girl-friend. Pandit ji smiles and nods both get in their cars. Aryamann leaves.
Fab5 reaches to Manik who was worried much till that time. Manik says one second before she was there and now she isn’t here. Someone has kidnapped her. Mukti says police is arriving here, they will find her. Manik says for that they must leave first. Cabir says to police that they came here for celebration, and one of the friend is missing. The police ask who was here so far away. Manik was frustrated, Cabir asks him to reply to him. Manik says he and Nandini was here. Police asks the name of her. Manik says he is Manik Mallhotra and she was Nandini Murti but the police suspects on him. Manik says she is missing from here, someone has kidnapped her. The police says he might have killed her by himself. Manik gets aggressive, but Cabir jumps in and calms Manik down. He tells police that their friend is missing, and they are all out of mind right now. He requests the police to start their investigation. Cabir asks Manik to think calm. Manik says they are missing time, it is someone from Harshid, Neonika and Pandit. He asks Cabir and Navya to check on Harshid. He says to Dhruv they will go to Pandit’s house.
Pandit ji was with Nandini in a room. He says to Nandini he just wanted to talk to her and not do any of these things but when Manik is there in front of her, she doesn’t understand anything. His phone rings, Pandit ignores and sits with Nandini. She goes to sit away, Pandit ji says he knows she is angry and offers her water. She denies, he puts the glass on her mouth and she drinks the whole of it. Pandit ji brings her ear ring out and says she threw it out of car. He heads to make her wear it, she resists. He tries to enforce and asks to stop it. He asks why is she doing this, he is doing it for her well being. Nandini asks for some more water, he gets up and brings another glass. Nandini runs towards the door and tries to open it, Pandit ji says the door won’t open as there is central locking. Pandit ji brings her back and ties her again. Nandini says his reality will come to everyone, Manik won’t leave him too. He tapes her mouth and says Manik can’t save her from here. He goes to attend his call. Neonika was there, and asks why he wasn’t picking her call. Pandit says he was busy. Neonika says he should never be busy to attend her call. Pandit ji says he isn’t her worker. Neonika asks if she is with him. Pandit ji says they are at their home. Neonika says one doesn’t kidnap and take the person to home. Pandit ji says he just want to talk to her. Neonika says it is against her consent, and Manik must be there and he won’t leave him anyway.
Manik and Dhruv were driving, her chachi calls. Manik wasn’t attending the call but Dhruv does. Chachi tells Nandini her chacha is being excited about her performance. Manik says it is him, they came to party and Nandini is in washroom. Chachi says now there isn’t any tension with her, as he is there. Manik says he will soon bring Nandini home. Chachi hangs up. Manik says he has to find her now.
Pandit ji tells Nandini he is sorry he isn’t responsible for this all, but they all made him do this. He takes Nandini in arms and brings her to a store room. Manik and Dhruv arrive there, Manik shouts Pandit’s name. Pandit says he is here, Manik says he is sure they are inside.

PRECAP: Pandit ji says he didn’t know he is crazy as well. Manik beats Pandit, Pandit denies Nandini being here. Nandini makes noise and Manik hears it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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