Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani goes near Aryaman to pick the vegetable, Manik gets angry and seeing this Nandhani gets uncomfortable and so Aryaman voluntarily drops it making the girls winner. Manik says that they have to play again but Mukt says that theyhave to first get drunk and they all agree so they move to the bar.
Nandhani is talking on the phone to her aunt and giving instructions. Someone sneeks on her and after placing his hand on her face drags her and when after realizing she turns to find Manik who brought her. Manik says that whenever he got up in the hospital he would remember her and write a song he also says that it is incomplete. When he performs it Nandhani says that she loves it and he must finish it for her and to this he also agrees. They both kiss eachother on the cheeks.
All of them are playing a game in which they have to throw a ball and if it goes in a glass then the person has to drink it. The all are having a lot of fun but Mukti says that they should call them Dhruv however says that they should let them be and they will come back when they both will feel like it. They all after a while say that they will go to look for them.
Nandhani and Manik are with each other and Manik says that he saw her blog and the bucket list she had of all those things and he will fulfill each one of them. Nandhani says that she wants to do all the stupid things with him and today they will steal from the police. Manik at first disagrees but eventually give in and they search for the police after they have finally found them Manik go to steal some wine. He at first goes alone but after he is unsuccessful they both go together and Nandhani distracts the police but they still are able to guess what they are up to and catch them.

Precap: Nandhani shows Manik the Manan band and she gives it him. Manik is amazed to see it at first and so Nandhani places it on his hand.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Amazing epi. After so many days kyy is awake now. Manan were amazing. I hav to watch the epi. Very happy. Hope this happiness continues in kyy. I think Bandaryamaan didn’t turn negative yet. Happy epi???

  2. Plumpyyy

    Wen nandu said “yippiieee” wen she n manik were hiding behind a tree n manik mimicked her “yippiieee”…awww that ws sooo adorable!! N his voice! Haye that ws soo sweet n sugary!!
    But one prob…y no maddy in d epi?? Huh ek toh yuvi’s decided to walk outta d show n yahan they show him rarely! Dikhate bhi toh 30 seconds ya 1 min k liye!! Huh vry bad!! Good dat yuvi chose to walk outta d show!! Usse toh koi screen space de hi nahi rahe!! Oh MTV walo..u donno what u hav done to urself!! U’ve lost YUVRAJ THAKUR!! yeah right YUVRAJ THAKUR!! Who by profession WAS an actor who IS an actor,a director and a writer now!! He’s successful in all 3!! Specially acting n writing!! God..he ws capable of writing d dialogues of d show!! N i bet that he wud take kyy to some other higher level!! Though i love d present dialogues like anythin..i cant love it more or equal than i love yuvi’s writing skills!! Bohot bada loss hai MTV ko…bt who cares! Yuvi’s gonna fly higher n higher n shine brighter n brighter! Hehaha…its ur loss!! Not we yuvians’!

  3. Varisha saifi

    Lovely manan ,nice episode alwayz keep manik & Nandini together ,plz upload video of this & previous episodes ,i want to watch it many times,luv you parth samthaan ,i am a big fan of yours ???

    • Hahah this is same one who used di’s name before just mail I’d change coz everyone here knows I never call plumpyy as plumpyy neither I talk with nashita so no use fakey they won’t beleive…..try as much as u can….. poor desperate baby if u don’t have any frnds u could have told me na u know I love doing favors on poor ppl yeah I love doing it……… voh kya hai na if u called me for help m always don’t worry i won’t judge ur lower class bg……. just ask once no need of using my image coz my frnds know how n what I am……..

  4. Rani

    I don’t like manan bold scene cause kids r spoiling after watching dis show……
    Hav u ever scene television serial getting so bold plz makers stop giving such a bold scene….
    I lik intact i love that manan is back together but plz stop all this scene for sake of small kids…..
    U knows today’s generation children what they see on television they practice or play with their frndz…
    Cause this had happen with my neighbours kids ,how shameless today’s kids are i m really pissed off .DISGUSTING
    I request plz stop this
    . HELP ME OUT.

      • Wow kids should not watch it and u too are watching it…. ??great…. actually me too m small for it only by age…. according to situation I act mature sometimes …

    • Sara said right. It is a adult serial and kids should not watch it. And if kids watch it then it is their prob. If they start to make all d serials for kids then v adults will be vexing. So kids should not watch it. And makers don’t have any faults.

  5. Is my munchkin here? If yes then plz send me that song of manan on whtsapp as I love it n can’t find it “khoyi khoyi c hoon main”. By munchkin I mean Minnie…. Munchkin m thinking to write stories on wattpad once my exams end on 14th November , I want to write all types of stories n have lots of ideas, every type means good types ?
    Nashita wts ur age? Asking casually…
    Plumpy can v be frnds?
    M loving kyy yr manan u r the best. The best lovers bond I have ever seen n this is the only bond which makes me believe in love n makes my trust on love…y doesn’t manik type men exist in reality? ?

    • Yep just came from IF and saw that dukhi fakey aatma…. I feel pity for her… anyways punkin I will send by tonight……on wattpad….. hnmm nice idea but write on IF also……u toh have account also na….. try writing on both…… and what kind of good ideas are u taking bout punku ???very bad ?

  6. Plumpyyy

    Ofcourse sara:) frnz…humari jaan hai hi friendship ka so all here r frnz:)
    evn i want manik type of men in real…bt nt this manik…the FFs na..in dat manik is shown just awesome!! Best example is life with nandini!! Evry girl wud want a man like him!!

    • shanaya

      hey pumlpyy…I too read life with nandini….that ff is supurb…manik is such a caring hubby there…even the ff just married…. is too touching…. and love is manan is very funny coz of our cabira….I hope u too lyk these ffs

  7. aadhya

    thnk u dear sara abhi pai kal wale cmnts
    plumpy mising sana ricky and sammy but kabhi baat nhi ki itne tym se
    suhu bhai ki koi khabar nhi hai

  8. nanik

    it’s a youth oriented serial so kids should not watch it
    And evrytime we watch something we should receive d gud thing frm it nt d wrong
    lovely episode today
    waiting for tmrw’s manan drunk scene
    mazaa ayega bada
    thnk god aryamaan samjha and he dropes d karela

  9. Plumpyyy

    Hiiiiii aadhuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!! Nutzy comes late night as usual! U kno na she’s a night bird! Bhai,ricky bro,sana n sam bro ka koi pata nahi! Fairy ka bhi nai! Fairy might kno evry1’s khabar! Aadhu me too missin them dearieee

  10. Sry to say ms rani but u are wrong….. u are right from ur pov but not fully
    See they are showing whats happening now a days in youth in teenagers lyf and whatever they are showing is fact and ppl should come out with the concept of it…. common its 21st century…… and they said yes they show intimate in fact they show such scenes which are not yet aired on Indian television but some or the other day it some or other show will show such scenes.. ..and neither its wrong……. it depends how ppl think on seeing such scenes… how they take such scenes
    Yeah i agree that there are some teens who try to imitate them but coz of few ppl u can’t blame other children who watch it lyk me m a teenager but i never took those scenes in negative way infact many ppl here are teens but v know what are our limits……….all i wanna say is everyone is not lyk that it’s their mentality thats y they take such actions………..and every children who watch it can’t be called characterless n all (its not for u just saying) the one who try to imitate such scene are to be blamed not other children of their age who knows whats the difference b/w right and wrong

    PS: no offence meant to anyone

  11. Plumpyyy

    Aadhu!! Max bro ka bhi pata nahi…but as much as i kno…bhai n queen were sayin…im not 100% sure if its true..bt it seems true! They are 2gthr now..yep they said they love each other n they hav also met each other n hav grown as frnz turned into lovers…once they were romancing here u kno!! So our queen became our pyaari bhabi!! They both live in b’lore so they met each other..they had d mail id’s too na…n u kno wt aadhu! B4 they disclosed this news i had already sensed somethin goin on b/w them! Great na?! They were extra sweet to each other wenevr they came…so kyy ka TU pg is vry imp! Kya kya kiya hai kyy ne humare saath!!
    Srry aadhu..i ws havin my supper wen u came here!! Yaar such a bad timing always!! Srry aadhu…gunnyt…love u so much aadhuuu…remember i said that i love ur name! Aadhuuuuu!!!!!!!!

  12. Plumpyyy

    Aadhu nutz comes late night bt rare! She comments n vanishes! She’s nearing her boards u kno! Evn fairy..so they r busy wid their books i guess! Their academic year ends in december na! N january or feb starting d nxt academic year begins in bangladesh… Last year u,auho,sam bro,laura,ammy di,aish n d list is big n u kno dat were in 10th to face d boards…n this tym its us..me,nutz,fairy,samyukta,kuhu(oldie),lachu n mny more of our family to face d boards! But u kno na..auho n all were still watchin kyy n commenting here regularly during their boards!! M gonna do d same! Comment ka pata nai bt m surely gonna watch kyy! Hw’s evrythin goin aadhu?? Hw’s college?? Schl or college?? Which is better??

  13. Plump do u know whom I have chat ??? Wid ur nish. Yeah. At first she sent me frnd req and ask for my user id in tu kyy pg then when I ask her that who is she??? then she told me that she is nutz I mean ur nish. She is missing u and always talk bout u. She is busy so she can’t come here for comment.

  14. Plumpyyy

    Yep roy! Yuvi has quit kyy2! N yeah he has some epis..n d new promo shows it well! There’s gonna b a fight b/w maddy n manik. As per yuvi’s post..he had said MADHYAM CONTINUES TO LIVE which means there’s gonna b a new face fr maddy,i guess or that’s what the line meant! He said it n yuvraj has to exit kyy2! So v’ve got to watch maddy more bt wid a new face!

  15. Plumpyyy

    Aaahh lucky u nash!! Nash n nish! My mom doesnt allow me to join FB:( wish her all d luck fr her exms..i guess her boards r nearing…n tell her i miss my nish evn more!! Love u nish!! My may wali frnd:D ask her to wish fairy also fr her exms n i miss her too..u may nt kno fairy bt she’s d coolest one ik here! She is always updated bout evry1 here! I miss her too..plz nash ask nish to convey my msg to fairy too,aftr all she’s my first frnd here! I miss u nish n fairyyy…!! Love u guyz!! My 2 10th wale frnz..goin thru same probs…studies!! I hav 4 months 3 weeks remaining fr my boards!! Nash plz tell bout this to nish!!
    N nash..i actually forgot to ask u…in which class do u read??

    • Plump actually I’m very little than all of u. I read in class 6. And yeah I have told all d things which u have said to fairy and nish. She asked me dt if ur mom allowed u to open fb but I replied no.

  16. Plumpyyy

    Hii smiley..do u watch kyy?? If v r gonna b frnz toh d base has to b kyy… Kyy is always d base of friendship v make here! Ur welcomed here:)
    sara..ofcourse…itni jaldi “dost dost na raha” cant happen na 😉 n in which class do u read??

    • Oh revenge good idea i think it will be on ur mehbeer only…. right?? I’ll read it…and I’ll send u that song through whatsapp …chalega punkin… ?

  17. Plumpyyy

    Gunnyt loveliesss…auho..see tera line hai yeh!
    See ya guyz 2mrrw…kisike bhi dreams chalega except yuvi k;) #WildThoughts #YuvNa

  18. Plumpyyy

    Haww fakey…agar u wanna b d fake one learn d real one’s habits na! Minnie doesnt talk to nashita at all!! Baat ki toh it leads to their cat fights(:P)! N minnie nvr calls me plumpyyy…yeah wt she said is 100% right!! She calls me plump or my nickname! Ab yeh bata diya dont think dat if u call me plump i’ll trust u! She calls me by my nickname now! N she’s got brains unlike u fakeyyyy!!!

  19. Plumpyyy

    Gosh! Who says that im a 10th std student?? Half of d time i spend here! N half on IF! I gotta do somethin wid myself! Bubyee!! Signing off!! See ya tc! Tata! Sayonara! Gn kisike bhi dreams except mr.thakur!!

  20. Nutz

    Really sry yar, actually i ws bg wd xms na so i cudnt watch kyy n iss liye meri cmnt ka katora bhi khali tha, so cudnt cmnt. Missd uuu alllll a lotttt, luvvvv u meri pyare yaro, n sachme sry i cudnt cm dese days

  21. Ya ya plump see ur mr thakur’s dream……zyada ghoom mat jana usme…otherwise it will be impossible to find another crazy fun loving plumpy??
    But mr samthann’s will be mine…..??I want to get lost in him….for eg v will go on date (ik my imaginations are damm big….? bogot age difference hai but I don’t mind :-P) then I’ll be lost and after a lot of time I’ll find him and I will take him in a bone crashing hug….. hehehe. M.how’s it….. too much na… ??
    And mr purvi’s dream will be for my punkin only….. she will enjoy there haina punku ??

  22. I Wanted to cmt bout epi but bad mood…so will come tmrw….but before going….. parth n his shweetttt voice…..
    LOoks like professional actor k saath he wants to become professional singer too..?
    I was stunned seeing him singing lyk professional though he sang before we also but that was recorded and this…awweeee but then I came from my parthu land and realized he is parth…. and nothing is impossible for him according to me……. hayyy dil khush kar ditta

  23. ADELE

    So…….pumpkin……n pumpkin ki dost munchkin!!! Yaani meri pradsssss!!
    Main kal raat ko hi nhi aayi…..n tum Sab kal RAAt ko hi chat karr the the!!?

    Hmmmmmm!! Prads….tumhaare cans toh kal khatam ho rhe hain……..soo luckyy yaarrr!!!
    U knw….v have geog tm!!!!????

    N meri pumpkin!!!!!!! Tum kitne baar offline jaati ho!!! Kal ek toh mushkil we I got u on watsapp!!!! N ussme bhi…….
    M verryyyy much gussa on u!!!????????????

    Kyys2 rockkzzz

      • ADELE

        U donn need to give ny xplaination dear……..I juz said coz mere paas much likhne ko nhi tha?????
        Kyys2 rockkkzzzx

  24. Plumpyyy

    Awww love u too nish!! So u improved in ur hindi…good good… Acha hw r you?? Hw were d exams?? Wen r ur boards?? Hmm ur here..aadhu is here..m here..bas poora family aa jaye!! Tab our craziness will b all around TU!! Nish my mom hasnt allowed me on any social networking sites yaar:( only coz of 10th std!! Huh! At one side m like i dont want to leave my schl n other side 10th jald se jald end ho jaye! Bt m more wid d first option! So nish u watch kyy online?? Fairy ka bhi no news?? Wt bout auho n sam bro?? N suhash bhai too??
    And guyzz…there’s a happy news fr u all!! U kno what………………………………………………….ur fun loving crazy plumpyyy is back frm her mr.tbakur world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great na?! Haha yeah i kno! Oh i love being sarcastic!

  25. Plumpyyy

    Nash!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are u sayin d truth?????!!!!! U r studying in 6th std????? Srsly??!!! Wen’s ur birthday?? Gosh! Too young fr our MaNan scenes! Spclly d consummation one! Hmm so ur d youngest member here! It ws sara,anuu,pradi,vaishu b4… See kyy has sooo manyyyyyyy fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Plumpyyy

    Nish!! Sorry not allowed!! Nutz,nutzy,nutzu(auho hi bulati hai),nish(only me)…i still remember ur bro’s name i think nish! N ur bro’s name n auho’s bro’s name are same ryt?? First alphabet is “T” and d last alphabet is “N”?? Ryt??
    Huh…auho ka koi pata nahi…she’s used to b the biggest parthian here na!! Pagal thi actually hai i guess uske liye!! Ik ik there r loads of parthians here! U remember nish once v played a quiz related to kyy..auho asked d questions..most of it ws parth related! MaNan n nandu were less! N in our kyy drama..she ws manik… U remember that day nish??

  27. Plumpyyy

    Whr is pradi??? Gosh! Sara did she send d song?? Song tha hi “khoyi khoyi si hoon main”…khoyi khoyi si hai parth k khayalo mein!! Oye pradi! U said me to return frm my yuvi land..i came..bt whr r u? Still in mr.samthaan land??

  28. Plumpyyy

    Aadhuuuu…see i was right!! I said na..nutzyy will come late night! Night bird hi hai!! Pakka night bird nish!!

  29. Plumpyyy

    Guyz!! More precisely u aadhu!! Sara ws online on IF! I had sent a msg to her n she replied..i askd her to come here aftr 9pm.. I askd anuu too..she said she’ll try her best.. N aadhu..anuu..our chotu sissy ananya…she remembers u:) bt i’ve warned k she’ll inform evry1 ONLY if she’s free!! Its okay na aadhu?? Im kinda..no kinda…vry possessive bout my sissy..plz join IF na aadhu…v cn b in touch der too…n thru IF v cn chat on whatsapp too! Love ya lots both my aadhu n anuuuu…my sissy..my pudding! Teri plumcake di..hehe i so love my new name!!

  30. Plumpyyy

    Hey shanaya! I too read just married! Yep manik is a damn caring hubby!! I loved d MukBhi’s marriage night a lot!! Actually MaNan night!! N now harshad’s d probs der!! Love is MaNan…funny..coz of our cabira..haye that’s my fav ff!! Did u read d latest chappy of love is manan?? That is chappy 53! I love that chappy n it has become my fav! N evn d valentines night update is d best!! N this chappy..i.e 53rd…is dedicated to me n my frnd der n it ws on friendship! So all in all i love d ff a lot!! N wenevr i read it i just want cabira back!! I mean othr tym also i want him to b back…bt u kno na in dat ff cabira ka muh khula rehta hai to tease manan..spclly manik..n v get our ManBir!! BTW..u on IF??

  31. Plumpyyy

    I’ve watched 2day’s epi…..i guess der isnt any epi of MaNan being the heights of adoration n cuteness!!! Gosh! I so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so loved it!!!!!! Okay m gonna cmnt on d epi on 2day’s WU pg!! Tata bubyeee!!! But still..at d end of d epi i ws sad…maddy…yaar i just hope CVs wont kill d character maddy!! Warna sachhi..sachhi im gonna lose my cool n bash them a lot!! I wont even think that they are d same ppl who write MaNan, Fab 5, aryamann or Navya… I srsly wont! If i can shout on a 8 year old kid wid all d bad words then who r these that i’ll back off! Yep i shouted on a 8 yr old boy 2day! If u guyz were der na..i tell u…u wud’ve been horrified!! Uss mote ne mera leg mein pain diya..moron!!

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