Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini comes to the corridor, she says Manik is joining the fusion concert to make her suffer, but his music will actually suffer. Manik comes to sit with her and says she didn’t congratulate him for getting selected. She says she didn’t want him to get selected. He says he didn’t want to get selected for music, but for her. She heads to leave, he asks won’t she ask the reason. She says I know, because you hate me and want me to suffer. Manik says yes I hate you, comes to her and says curtly I do, but why can’t he stay away from her. He doesn’t know what to do, takes her by arm and says I can’t live with you, but I can’t live without you. She smiles that there is a hope, she always thinks positive unlike him. He leaves her and says she asked him yesterday that what can bring

his smile back. He says music, so Ms. Nandini Murti, if this music concert survive and we are able to sing together only then is there a hope for her. He leaves, but turns back to say don’t be so happy and keep your hopes high, because I am gonna make your life hell. I am going to make it so difficult, it will be difficult to bring smile back to him. She says bring it on, they will see if he wins or her hope. Both say good luck to each other, Nandini leaves.
Aaliya comes behind Dhruv and asks who said this plan is for Manik. Dhruv says she doesn’t need to lie, she did it to spend time with Manik, it is always about him. She says it is all for him, she says it has been 100 days of their last kiss, it is anniversary and she wanted to celebrate it. He says she said she doesn’t want to publicize their relation, not share their personal moments with anyone but they were not for him. He leaves.
Navya says sorry to Mukti, Mukti says she wanted a happy life with Abhimanyu and she is here. She didn’t want this baby and she is here, so she doesn’t need to be stressed because it is good that it happened. Mukti asks her not to tell anyone from fab5, Navya promises and wipes her tears. Mukti gets Aaliya’s call and leaves.
Aaliya sees Mukti and asks about Manik. They watch Nandini coming from corridor, Cabir says Manik will be around too. Manik appears from the same corridor. Manik comes, Cabir teases him then asks where was he. Manik says he was giving a test for fusion concert.
Manik clarifies that he is going through a very vigourous training for next ten days. Dhruv asks will he perform without them. Cabir says can’t he see he is doing this all for Nandini. Mukti asks isn’t he dragging it too much with Nandini, he says he is going to drag it now and doesn’t want them all to get into it. Manik leaves. Mukti leaves after a text.
Navya has pain in abdomen, she sits and watches a photo of her. She says if her mother had think the same as Mukti is saying, she would never have come to the world. She says she has got a responsibility and promises that she will not lose it but take care of it.
Manik comes to Nandini outdoor, he asks does his Pandit ji wants to make it Space a guru mandir. Pandit comes and asks Manik for 5 rounds of ground. Manik reminds him that this is singing practice. Nandini says your vocals are really strong if you doesn’t pant even after running. They come to changing room. Manik says takes so much side of her Pandit ji. They go to change, but Nandini wears Manik’s shirt, and they have an argue.
Navya stops Cabir and asks if he has the keys to house. She didn’t feel well, Cabir agrees. He asks what has she think about the baby, she says she has to keep it. He says so she and her mom has decided so, she says her mom doesn’t know about it. He asks who would take care of her then and thinks all about himself taking care about her.
Manik and Nandini take 5 rounds, while principal asks Pandit what will be better, an outdoor or an indoor concert. Manik gives Nandini water. He comes to Pandit and ask him if he can have water. He says no, and watches Nandini drinking. Pandit punishes Nandini to take another 5 rounds. Manik says there are less chances of her winning.

PRECAP: Nandini is about to fell off, she thinks Manik held her but it was Pandit ji.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    It’s gettng interestng day by day. Nw we’ll get to see hw nandini manages to win this challenge keepng her hopes high n also da jealousy track bcz of pandit.

  2. Nutz

    By da way gio can u c urself in pandit?? He just came to trouble nandu, one-sided luv nd most imprtntly a temporary charactr in da shw, he’s no match fr manik, soon he’ll hv 2 leave wd his one-sided luv nd a broken heart. Ta ta pandit in adv

  3. Zeba

    What is this yaar? Now this pandit will fall for nandini. And next he will be a vamp(like soha). Not good. No more vamp, only manan.

  4. Nutz

    Zeba bcz of vamp soha manik had realizd his feelngs fr nandu, remembr dat dy in da storeroom wen manik went to sav nandu frm fire. Mayb dis tym bcz of pandit he may finally realz dat he can’t stay frm nandu evn if he tries, kya kare dil pe kisi ki zor nehi calti

  5. Nutz

    Hope it hppns so, it wud b great if manik finally realzs it n confesses it. Fingers crossed, lyk nandini evn her fans shud also try to keep up da hope. . . .wat say?

  6. Nutz

    Hi aradhya ! If u hate dis shw den wat r u dng here?
    Plz don’t take my words seriously, m just kiddng. Wat i mean to say is dat we watch dis shw fr certain reasns, mayb da audience isn’t enjyng da current track bt we must nt lose hpe, i’l get better soon, we can b lil hopeful atleast fr old tyms sake, dis shw has entertaind us much

  7. Anjanaa

    Srsly aradhya.. Nd i hope tht warrior high will nt bcome like ky2.. I dont mean that ky2 is boring bt it has lost the attraction which it wud have some months ago.. Hope tht upcoming episds may get that attraction.. Cant say anything… BTW hii to all.. :-):-)

  8. Anjanaa

    Yeah i agree wid nutzy.. Nd Hii nutz dear.. Missd u alot… Nd hi fairy(princess of fairytopia).. I mean it.. :-):-).. Dont take it jokingly.. U both nd othra r tht one who are made for da show..

  9. Nutz

    Wow nyc nm anjana:-). Absolutely appropiate fr fairy. . . . Your royal highness princess of fairytopia plz do accept us as ur frnds. . . . .hehe

  10. Anjanaa

    Me too.. After a long tym.. I am fyn nutzy.. Well, where wer u?? This should be asked by me to u bcoz for past days i am here nly.. Bt u wer not her.. Nd missed u alot

  11. Nutz

    Anjana last few dys i was busy wd my studies n had gne to attend my cousin’s weddng,just returnd hme 2dy

  12. Nutz

    Fairy yar ami porar kono agroho pacchina, porte jeye amr dui chokh ghume toltol krche. Ami kal k ki krbo!

  13. Nutz

    Fairy i don’t think i need to tel u hw am i, coz i hope u can understnd my current condition

  14. Plumpyyy

    Hi nish n anjanna..nt a bad epi..bt dat pandit uncl! Ugghhh!! Bt i hope dat uncl wil NOT trn into a -ve chrctr!*fingers crossed* nish ur r8,kyy hs cmpltd almst 8 months sum say its bcum a lil boring nwadays dan hw it ws b4..warrior high wil b a lil boring aftr sum mnths..its a part of d show n v shud b happy wid wat v r getting 2 c nw in kyy coz aftr a boring trck rmember always a surprise vil b der!! Dont take it srsly i juz told wat i feel!:-)

  15. Plumpyyy

    I think half population of dis page r damn bsy wid deir board xms…al d bst evry1! 😀

  16. Nutz

    If u r nt beautiful den it’s safe to gv ur mail id here. . . . .hehe, sry i was just kiddng, sry again.

    Anjana does any1 in here knw ur id? I can get it frm her/him

  17. Plumpyyy

    Thnx nish! Anjana fig is a fruit of sumthn of purple-ish clr n v cal it anjeer in hindi..bye lily

  18. Plumpyyy

    Anju thnx i act lyk a small kid sumtyms being in 9th std n my mum asks me evrytym dat am grwing elder or youngr..:P

  19. Plumpyyy

    Fairy is bck!:-) mum doesnt let me watch warrior high..in my class mst of d grls watch wh bt i wont stp watchin ky2! Nt evn during xms! No ways!

  20. Precap: nandini is taking five rounds and suddenly stops manik feels bad looking at it nandini is then about to faint and she almost falls manik goes to hold her but pundit ji holds her

  21. fairy

    Yes, dot..u r r8. Pandit is crossng his limits…..
    Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrr… u cnt blve tht 2day l was recallng u sooo mchhhh…missed u tooooooo mch…

  22. remix queen

    Haha fairy missed u too…hw is every1?? Liking the stry?? Hw did ull find todays epi??

  23. fairy

    Dnt tell, shar…l hate pndit uncle….seems like he hd appointed 2 tk cre nand…ufffff….really l was sad 4 manan breakup….missed ur updt…

  24. gio

    pandit & nandini fall in love
    let them get married,
    future they can perform lot of classical song shows together.

  25. angel

    Only 6 days remaining for exam….but I have so many potions to cover..but I don’t know what to do….

  26. fairy

    Dw angel…dnt tk stress…l ll pray 4 u..ur exm ll b superb….jst gv cncntrte on ur stdy..all ll b ok….

  27. fairy

    Wow, shar..u rlucky tht u r gng 2 c 2day’s epsd….no chnce 4 me 2 watch 2days repeat epsd alone…..

  28. Nutz

    N don’t worry angel, just make a proper plan, divide ur studies in particular tyms n try to cover up. . .dn’t wry, u’ll do great in ur xms

  29. Nutz

    Guys dis tym again they r bck to whr de strtd, remembr? Same staircase nd again throwng challenge. Hope nandu wins dis tym too. So nw we r gna c manan ki nouk-jhok, dier f8s lyk old tyms wd a bonus jealousy track. . . .hehe

  30. Nutz

    Last tym wd vamp soha manik had realzd his feelngs fr nandu (dat storeroom scene wen manik goes to sav nandu frm fire). Hope dis tym bcz of pandit, manik finally realzs dat evn if he tries, he can’t stay away frm nandu neithr can he stand any1 wd her nd really hpe he wud finally confess. To make him do dat al dat is requird is to provoke him nd i think pandit’s track wud do so, n finally he wud confess. . . .fingers crossed

  31. fairy

    Whn all ll b ok in kyy aftr pndt’s prt….wht ll happen? Will kyy end? Noooooooo nt so soon….

  32. Nutz

    Haha, wen i strt cmntng der’s really nthng stpng me. . .hehe, just luk at da size of my cmnt. Why does it get so large :-@ ?!!

  33. laura

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fairy nutz angel and shark di
    Fairy long time yar we rarely chat
    how r u guys

  34. fairy

    Ha ha ha ha..nutz…tell d date also n plz plz tell wht ll u do aftr ur exm, whr u ll go 4 visitng, whch clg u want 2 gtadmt…..tell na……hahaha..sry sry dnt mnd….

  35. Nutz

    Nope fairy, den anothr new villian wud cum nd our manan f8ng al obstacles wil remain 2gethr. . . . .hehe,
    arreh it’s an indian serial, since its gottn so much popularity, i don’t think they wud end it so soon, manan stil hs a long way to go i think so

  36. angel

    Ithna jaldhi kyy kathm nahi hogaa….this story is not jst related to manan…there r so many other characters also….

  37. Nutz

    Fairy shud i mail u da list wd dates or shud i write it down here? Tell me ur highness. . . . .hehe

  38. fairy

    Hi laura…yeah u r r8..aftr a looong tm bt l hv 2 stdy nw…..plz plz dnt mnd l m sry..bt l ll try 2 cmaftrsmtm….

  39. fairy

    Hi laura…yeah u r r8..aftr a looong tm bt l hv 2 stdy nw…..plz plz dnt mnd l m sry..bt l ll try 2 cm aftrsmtm….

  40. Plumpyyy

    Wohhooon luk who’s bck!! Our remix queen,sharmin’s bck!! Shar am talkin to u 4 d 1st tym..hey any1 born in max xcept me n nish? Gudie nyt ppl my lovlies!

  41. Nutz

    Hi anu di ! ! !
    Wow m soo hppy dat u guys hv cm. Shar, sana di, oreo, anu di. . . . .guys ur arrival hs made me soo hppy

  42. gio

    vaishu’s annuuuu..hehehe
    u must careful on using the word max..b’cos some idiots will think that you are ref to him…

  43. Nutz

    Ooo. . . .oreo yar u made me laugh, i just remembrd an old dy.
    Sam’s cmnt: haha laura nt he she

  44. gio

    sananya annuu nutz laura fairy all vaishu’s fav are here including me.hehe
    why vaishu not here!

  45. Nutz

    I knw oreo, i knw. Bt i stil can’t forget hw u had askd sam to keep it a secret. . . .dat cmnt of urs, i found it vry cute, n seriously cudn’t help nt laughng. . . .sry.

  46. Nutz

    Hii smiley! Hw r u?

    Oreo i forgot yar, i knw dat his xms strt on 11 march,m sure. Bt endng mayb 26th, m nt sure

  47. gio

    why i can’t be a girl
    even kyy accept gay tingy means you will accept too…
    vaishu and gio lesbo..hehehe

  48. laura

    GIO dont tell stupid things ur comments r not funny it is IRRITATING, ANNOYING and IDIOTIC dont cross the limit gio

  49. Smile

    Gio I don’t know why can’t u understand one thing that vaishu won’t come till u r here..

  50. Smile

    Hi ananya.. I think u r right and see everything has a starting and we have started now.. 🙂

  51. laura

    welcome back fairy

  52. Nutz

    Haha gio, u consider urself ovr smart bt in reality its just ur imaginatn, false, to tell da truth u r makng urself luk lyk a fool by ur lame cmnts. . . .u seriously believe dat?!! Sry i can’t help nt laughng at ur stupidity

  53. Nutz

    Ok gio, i’l b kind towards u. Let me gv u a reality check. Dat tym vaishu had cum coz sam had askd her so. He had plannd it dat way. We invite vaishu to cum here only wen we wish to shw her certain faces of u. . . .u better b careful abt talkng wd us

  54. fairy

    Guyz..requestng ..plz cn we chnge d topic…..plzzzzzz..evryday same topic, same argue….feeling bore…..

  55. sanaya

    guys…sm1 askd niti on insta abt wen manan ll b togethr again…n she posted aftr fusion concrt…so its a gud news…we ll b able to c them togethr soon

  56. Smile

    Friends shall I ask a general question and pls lets change the topic… Bhais ke aage bin bajaane ka koi fayada nahi.

  57. Nutz

    Gio let me tell u anothr truth. Gio i swear on my telly frnds dat vaishu is nt in germany. Hw cum u hv nvr noticd dat none of us tried provng ur thought of vaishu being in germany false, silly u! It nvr stroke in ur head hw cm we nvr defendd on u sayng she’s in germany. Coz lyk i said earlier, u r lvng in ur imagination world ! In reality ur thoughts doesn’t match nt evn a bit wd da truth. . . . .hehe, poor u!

  58. ĺĺķķ

    No fairy
    It’s ok
    evn i m bored bt its imp to make hm understand thts y….
    okay c’mmn bye

  59. Nutz

    Bt di wen is da fusion concert gna take place? Just hope usse pehle manik doesn’t trouble nandu much

  60. fairy

    Yeah, l knw llkk..bt didnt u notice..he is stubborn..he dnt let 2 abuse ppl ……l knw it too tht it is vry imp 2 realize him …

  61. laura

    Nutz we can leave him dont read his comments when he tries to respect others we will talk with him besides we cant change him

  62. Smile

    A situation is like some new classmate has come in the class.. What all qualities he would be having that he could involve with all people in a few span of time.

  63. Nutz

    Soo dat means dier fusion concerts gng to b great, they’ll gv a rockng performance. Nd nd it also means dat nandu’s hopes gna win da challenge. . . .yahoo! Dat’s great. . . . Manan rocksB-)

  64. laura

    nandini nd manik in the concert i hope manik wont spoil the concert to show his hatred for nandini

  65. sanaya

    Manik ne bola na dat our bonding n reunitng dpnds on dis music cncrt…
    Dat means he z gvng anothr chance to nandu to prove hrslf

  66. Nutz

    Okkk guys m leavng dat topic, actually its no use talkng wd a thick-braind guy lyk him, da truth won’t evn fit in his big head

  67. Smile

    Ana ur first pt is right but obviously every1 has mouth to talk.. Just joking.. don’t take it seriously

  68. sanaya

    Hate vs hope drama starts betweenManik and Nandini in Kaisi Yeh YaariyanThe current track of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan shows that Nandini (Niti Tylor) tries to create hurdle in the process of Manik’s (Parth Samthaan) selection for the music concert.Manik smartly manages to win Pandit ji’s heart and become his student for the concert.Nandini tells Manik that she knows that he is taking part in the concert only to make her hurt.Manik tells Nandini that she is right that he cannot live with her and without her because he wants to make her life hell and painful.Challenge game between Manik and NandiniNandini challenges Manik to do whatever he wants and she will see who will win between his hate or herhope.In spite of hate, Manik and Nandini share sweet-bitter fights with romance during the music concert.Let’s see if Nandini gets successfulto win Manik’s back.

  69. sanaya

    KY2: Manik gets shocked to see Nandini in Pandit ji’s arms
    Upcoming EpisodeManik gets tensed to see Nandini & Pandit ji together in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan
    The upcoming episode will bring more twists and turns in the triangle love story of Manik (Parth Samthaan), Nandini (Niti Tylor) andPandit ji (Dishank Arora).Pandit ji has allowed Manik to participate with Nandini in the music concert.Manik tells Nandini that now he will make her life hell and painful.Nandini tells him that she will provehim that he still loves her.

    Nandini to use Pandit ji getting ManikKY2:
    Funny fights with challenge game amid Manik and NandiniApart from this, Nandini pretends of falling and Manik runs to save her.Manik is shocked to see Pandit ji catches Nandini in his arms.Manik feels jealous to see Nandini in Pandit ji’s arms and goes from there.Nandini feels that Manik is jealous to see her with Panditji.Nandini gets an idea to use Pandit ji getting Manik.Manik also plans to keep Nandini away from Pandit ji.

  70. carron

    Oreo njan ninnne pole alla , nalla padikunna kuttia …Athukondu padikuayairunnu …:) (chumma chumma) exam enalle thudangi . Mathsum englishum nallathayirunu , nalle arabic .. Ninteo ?

    • laura

      mattanal history annu padikkanam 300 page undu ezuthi theerkannam english 1 um 2um kazhinnu elupamayirunnu

  71. laura

    thankyou IIkk will c u soon
    i need gud luck toooo guys and i must work hard so byee will try to b here by 1

  72. Nutz

    Smile i think he shud b frndly n polite, n tackle diff clsmtes wisely n chose his wrds carefuly nd imprtntly share wd othrs n be frndly

  73. sanaya

    that will notch up the dramatic flavor.
    Interestingly, the much loved group
    Fab 5 of Yaariaan (Manik, Dhruv,
    Cabir, Mukti and Alya) will be shown
    as students of Warrior High. These ex
    students will be seen coming back to
    their school for an introductory meet
    with the new students. They will
    interact with the newcomers and pep
    them up for their time ahead in the
    The actors Parth Samthaan, Utkarsh
    Gupta, Ayaz Ahmed, Charlie Chauhan
    and Krissann Barretto recently shot
    for a promo for the same. The track
    details are still in the creative
    process as the makers are churning
    out an interesting storyline
    connecting Kaisi Yeh Yaarian (KY2)
    and Warrior High (WH).
    Shares a source, “The two shows are
    doing wonderfully in the channel and
    with KY2 already a #1 show, the
    creatives thought about pulling the
    cast in for a special integration with
    WH. The track might actually spread
    out for more than one episode.”
    Currently the KY2 star cast is seen
    training in the music academy
    S.P.A.C.E post their school timing
    and with them doing well in their
    careers they will be seen motivating
    the young students in Warrior High.

  74. sanaya

    Love-hate fight between Manik (Parth
    and Nandini (Niti Tylor) is getting
    interesting day
    by day in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.
    It is being seen that Manik tries to stay
    away from
    Nandini but destiny brings him in front
    again and again.
    Nandini tells Manik that they share a deep
    connection which cannot be break by any
    Apart from this, Manik and Nandini have
    Pandit ji’s class to participate in the
    Music concert will bring more twist and
    turn in
    Manik and Nandini’s life where Manik gets
    to see Pandit ji’s extra concern for
    Fight and romance for Manik and Nandini
    on Holi
    Furthermore, holi celebration will take
    place in the
    college where Manik and Nandini fight over
    applying color to each other.
    Will holi celebration reunite Manik and

  75. carron

    Didu its going very well , though my head is aching …
    Arabic is sooo easy but lots 2 learn and 2day I started late …

  76. Laura

    Guys i m gng to sleep gud night And sweet dreams live ur life to the fullest may ur sweetest dreams happen in reality 🙂

  77. ?

    vaishu you are the object of my s*xual fantasies,my pillow is mad at me it wants you to be here with us…..muahhhh good night!!!!!!

  78. In my life tym I celebrated holi nly once…..dat too lst yr……to da fullest ,our seniors dint leave ny color…..I got scared to c my face in da mirror

  79. Laura

    Ilkk u didnt get it we dont hv holi celebrations in kerala it is celebrated only in north india not in south

    • Laura

      We dont hv holi anywhere in south we hv to make colours just like u dont hv onam which is celebrated all over kerala we dont hv holi

  80. ĺĺķķ

    On 5yh march we will burn wood along with ek sweet ki mala hoti hai i dnt remember usko kya bolte hai

  81. Nutz

    Wow! So lucky fairy. I luv geometry, gv me dos n i can wrk on it whole dy long, kono prokar birokti chara i can continue dat, its my fav. By da way G.M na H.M?

  82. fairy

    2day whle n8 ll spnt by askng each othr abt holi, whch state, culture….hahaha…..
    Dnt mnd…jst jking….

  83. Nutz

    Any idea wat hppnd to remix queen? She just disappeard in thin air.

    I can’t c sana di too, hs she gn to more news?

  84. Nutz

    Anyways guys hv to study nw. I’ll keep droppng by while studyng.
    N oreo i’ll try cmng here early in da mrng

  85. Nutz

    Fairy i just cmpltd my bio wrk on ch-2.
    N oreo da difference is u r wastng ur tym nw currently(m sayng dis coz u hv board xms) n i can sense u don’t hv da desire to study nw, so u r just tym passng here

  86. Nutz

    Wel den gues evry1’s leavng. So gud n8 guys, swt dreams, hv a sound sleep.
    Oreo if u can’t sleep den u can mail me, i’l help u to keep awake. I’l b waitng fr ur mails oreo.
    Bye guys, gud n8

  87. gio

    love some one let them go
    hate some one let them go…….
    basically let every one go??
    ppl are stupid………….

  88. sara

    no gio dont let go if hated ones if dey hav done anything to us den v hav to giv dem perfect ans but if u luv sum1 & der happiness is wid sum1 else den v shd let dem go

  89. sara

    no gio dont let go hated ones if dey hav done anything to us den v hav to giv dem perfect ans but if u luv sum1 & der happiness is wid sum1 else den v shd let dem go

  90. gio

    sara you told me don’t let go of hated ones…
    if i love some one .but she find happiness with some one else…she will become my hated ones
    i can’t let her go…;)

  91. sara

    for god sake stop cmntin wid my name who ever u r if u hav courage den keep ur real name y using my name?

  92. mansi

    My method sentimental
    Bold is my mood
    Surely with light
    I must improve
    I throw my self into a haze
    In a mythical daze
    Of rhythmic cortexes
    A phased phrase
    I run for a day
    With the dreams
    I cast truths away
    My method sentimental
    Bold is my mood
    Surely with light
    I must improve

  93. mansi

    Just another moment of
    Clanking a baseball bat on
    Life isn’t going away
    Nor is it coming. Just
    Sitting. Resting
    In the sun
    How long ago was time
    passed the same way
    Just clanking a baseball
    bat on concrete?
    A child, on the porch after
    Are we any wiser?
    Are we any older?
    If my years are draining,
    it’s very discrete.
    Maybe we should decide
    to live for a change.

  94. mansi

    To me you are an angel in
    Full of intuition,
    intelligent, and wise.
    Always giving and helping
    Good times and bad….
    Love you sara didu.

  95. sara

    who is he? u r goin to tel me ritz jiju but u know naa ke agar nahi bataya to…..
    mansi meri bst behn hai

  96. Nutz

    Haha fairy ssc, hsc er model test e pas na krle registratn hto na oi niom tule diyece, rathr amdr xm e aongsho grohoner jnno cls e 70% uposthiti thakte hbe, kintu ai hortal er modhe toh ami bolte gele prai dui mas schl e jaini. Amr ki hbe!

  97. fairy

    Nt only u nutz…no stdnts dnt go 2 schl nwadays…. seems like whle cntry’s schls r unofficially clsed…..nthng ll happen…dw..hahahaha

  98. fairy

    Arrey, ssc gvr der exm ee shesh hote parlo na…ar tui amader ta nie tensio korchis..lol……jst chillll…..

  99. fairy

    R u mad….dnt they hv wrk…hw cn they ll count evry studnt’s presence in clss….whn we ll gv exm na,, our techrs ll undrstnd….n it is quite impsbl 2 attend schl regularly…..

  100. Nutz

    Janis amdr akhe schl e warning pathiyeche cls colle r students ra cls krte asle schl e bomb marbe ar sorkari notice asche sob sch-clg khula rekhe cls nite ! Teachrs ra prece bipake. Janis akhne duita schle petrol bomb mereche, cls colakale. ! ! ! ;-(

  101. fairy

    U tk tnsn 4 no reasn, nutz…1 yr is still left……ok l gv u prms tht u ll b able 2 gv exm nxt yr…lol

  102. fairy

    Hmmmm…. l cn undrstnd..hv heard it too…. our schl only opn on friday n saterday…if u dnt hv any imprtnt wrk in schl thn it bttr 2 not 2 go….

  103. Nutz

    Ya aadhya, uposthiti means attendence. We hv rules dat unles we hv 80% attendence cls, we can’t participate in sch xms

  104. Sonu

    hi guys… i’m new to this serial…. i wanted to watch this one after knowing this is a hindi version BOYS OVER FLOWERS… can any one tell the time slot of this serial n how many episodes r so far completed.. ???? plssss help me guys…

  105. Plumpyyy

    Sonu kyy has cmpltd almst 165-175 episodes(am nt sure abt it) it has cmpltd 150 episodes recently

  106. Plumpyyy

    Dis is d current track- practice of fusion concert is goin on. Manik is jealous seeing panditji n nandini 2gthr..n pandit trying 2 get close to nandini..

  107. Plumpyyy

    Adhya i mean where do u live in cg? I knw only d capital of cg raipur n korba(mom learned here). Am frm karnataka

  108. Plumpyyy

    Adhya tumhari mail id toh dur ki baat hai..am nt evn havin my own mail id! :p u’ll hav wait 4 my id til may 15 or 20..mble’s gonna b my b day gift..i’l give it wen i’l b havin my id

  109. Plumpyyy

    Ohh! So u live in bhilai..i’ve heard it nly frm my mum’s mouth..sonu u vry elder dan me so i’l call u sonu bro fyn?

  110. aadhya

    science tha acha gaya
    but mere dono bestie same class mein the aur mere roll no se new class bahut gussa aya mujhe

  111. Sonu

    k plumpy… even if u call me vth my name der is no prblm for me… 🙂 n aadhya can i call u adhu…

  112. Plumpyyy

    Vry gud adhya….meri ek frnd sirf vo ek ladki aur saare k saare ladke the uske xm hall mein

  113. aadhya

    mera bhi wohi haal tha only 2 girls dosri meri dost bhi nahi thi aur jo boys the wo mere hi schl ke the phir bhi mein ek ya do ko hi janti hu
    wish agle xam mein mera bestie mere room mein ho

  114. Hi guys! Awww wat an heart touching epi yar….i was abt to cry on the precap…felt rely sad for mukbhi …bt bt bt, MANAN WAS AWSM!! The MANAN SCENE WAS ROKING N THAT MADE ME HAPPY! Gud epi…;-)<3

  115. gio

    according to numerology ..lets say if you born in 16 means 1+6 =7,vaishu born on 25.so 2+5=7..lucky 7 ppl

  116. mansi

    hello didu and bhai how was your day?
    Gio bhai i have my real brother but we dont talk much after dadu died and even not smiled together .but when i joined here i got my brother in you.
    There is some lines for you gio bhai,hope you like it
    So, I am sitting here,
    writing this poem to you,
    because right now it is all I
    can do.
    I write all these poems
    from what I feel,
    all these feelings I have
    are too real.
    You were the only person
    I looked up to,
    For everything that I
    wanted to do.
    But now you are gone,
    And I just can’t move on.
    All the things I learned
    from you,
    are the things I want to
    But I can’t because
    without you I’m not good
    I’m not confident, or
    I want to be there by your
    with you for the rest of
    my life.
    I want to be in your arms,
    where I could never be
    You were my big brother,
    And I never would have
    asked for another.
    We are not real brother sister but i take you as my real bhai.

  117. mansi

    i had cried a lot today why dadu left me he knew that i cant leave without him and i hate those terrorists i will never forgive them.they are very bad.

  118. carron

    Mansi dear , when u go 2 a garden which flower will u choose, the best r8…….
    I hope u understood what I meant ….

  119. carron

    Mansi dear Now , when a person goes 2 a garden he/she will pluck the most gud and beautiful flower, just lyk that God also takes the most gud people first ….

    • Sonu

      hii mansi dis is sonu… my appa left me at the age of ’11’ but now i already spent 12 more years vthout him… every single day was a torture for me… i cant digest dat for several days… but after few days i realised dat i hav to do sumthing for him so on that day i decided i hav to chase his dreams vch he dreamt of me n from dat my dad’s shawdow is der for me evrytym ven i need a shoulder to lean… so only thing i wanted to tell is FULFILL HIS DREAMS DEN HE VLL BE HAPPY FOR U… keep smiling dear…

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.