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Aliya is sitting with Manik and Muktii who are trying to convince her that it’s not her fault. However she says that it’s her brother and she can’t do anything so that he may not hurt his friends. A waiter comes and tells her that the tap was left open and now there is water in her room and so she goes to check it out.
Cabir is sitting thinking about Raghav hen Navya comes and he hides his expressions. He wipes his face and Navya says that I know you are worried and you can share it with me. She says that you are worried because of your Job and Cabir says that he is. Navya says that she knew it. She says to Cabir that I know you will handle everything once you get back to Mumbai. She tells Cabir about her decision on the adoption. He just looks away and says good.
Navya says

that why are you so sad, and are making such a face. Cabir says that he knows that why you are saying all of this so that I can feel better. Navya says that I am doing what you told me to do and Cabir says that you have finally became smart. Later they leave to get some food and Aryaman comes and sits with Manik and Muktii.
He asks of where everyone is and soon Navya and Cabir also join them. Looking at Arya says to Manik that what are you waiting for as it’s a good opportunity and soon he gets up and leaves. Everyone laughs as he leaves while Aryaman looks at Harshad and grins.
Manik comes to Nandini and says that I don’t want to be here but my friends think that this Is what I want. On the other hand Arya goes to Aliya and she tells him that Harshad is her brother but says that don’t ask of why I hate him. Arya says that you have a lot of strong feelings against your brother. She says that it’s not just him and she is just upset with her life. She says that I put up a smile so that everyone thinks that I am happy. Arya says that this is my speciality and tells her to wait here.
Manik and Nandini enter the room and it is all wet. Manik says that you have to bear me as I don’t want to ruin my friends party. He closes the door and Nandini slips and he catches her. He asks if he should drop her and Nandini says that don’t you dare. He then picks her and tells her to close the taps as otherwise the admin will through her out. Nandini goes in and a waiter comes from the door. Manik asks of how he came in and instantly figures it out and runs.
Harshad is swimming while Cabir says that if he wasn’t Aliya’s brother than his chapter would be ended today. Navya tells Cabir to ignore him while Muktii says that for the first time someone has shut him up. Aliya comes asking for Aryaman and everyone says that if everything is Okay. Aliya sits down saying I am asking in general.
Harshad asks Muktii for something to eat and Cabir throws a leg piece to the other side of the pool after sneezing on it. He tells Harshad to go fetch for it, Cabir says that this is a very old method to train a dog. Harshad goes in the water and Cabir apologizes to Aliya, and she says that there is none needed. After a while they see Harshad asking for help and Cabir jumps in the water. He asks for knife after going in as Harshad is stuck in the nets in the water.
Cabir grabs the knife and comes in again to help him. As soon as they are about to get out of the water Manik grabs him back again and says that why do you do this all the time. Cabir tries to calm Manik down saying that he was stuck in the net while Manik says that he was just acting. Harshad confesses and says that I did all of this you get your sympathy. Cabir says that after to what you can get no sympathy.
Harshad gets out of the water and is leaving while Manik says that be careful as I will always keep an eye on you. Harshad leaves looking at Aryaman.
Nandini is sitting alone thinking about something when Manik comes and says that I am not going back. Nandini says that you stopped from going to the pool as you knew. Manik starts to talk rude and takes his anger out on her and leaves. Nandini just puts her head on a pillar.
Harshad and Aryaman are sitting together and watching the video. Harshad says that he got everything he wanted as he didn’t knew that Cabir had the softest heart. Their talk continues and Harshad explains that he has one of the best rooms in the hotel and tells Aryaman to stay with Manik if he wants. Arya says that he is Okay with Cabir as he is a chill guy while Harshad asks if he is Okay and not like Cabir. Arya says that from which angle do I look gay to you and asks of what his problem is with them. Harshad tells Arya to let it go and remembers about Raghav and what he did to him.
Nandini finds Manik sleeping outside on a bench and tries to wake him up. As he doesn’t gets up she sits with him but then realizes about Navya and Rishab and leaves. In the morning everyone is leaving at Manik is signing the document at the reception. Navya tells Rishab to come with them while Manik says that we are going back as the workshop is cancelled. Nandini says goodbye to Navya looks at Manik and says bye. Cabir says that you guys had a fight again didn’t you.
Muktii says that what if the workshop is cancelled we can still go, Aliya agrees and says that now Harshad won’t have an excuse to follow us. Manik says that he doesn’t wants to come and can leave the car for them. Cabir comes to Nandin and says that he won’t tell anything so at least tell me. Cabir says since I don’t have a job I have to get them back together to pass the time.

Preacap: Manik arrives at the workshop and is told that the workshop has been cancelled and to tell everyone to leave before sunset.

Update Credit to: Sona


    • Hi greesh if u want to read yesterdays episode then go to 28 may in older comments fairy has given a link to that episode

      As I won’t think so sona is going to update

  1. anns

    Guyz, if u wanna read abt warrior high 2nd june epsd…thn plz go to 28 may’s updt, fairy had given it.

  2. Banno ?

    Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi, Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yakeen
    Utar Aayi Jeet Mein, Jaise Chaand Utar Ta Hai
    Kabhi Haule Haule Dheere Se
    Gun Guni Dhoop Ki Tarah Se Tarango Mein Tum
    Chhoo Ke Mujhe Guzari Ho Yuh
    Dekhu Tumhe Ya Main Sunoo, Tum Ho Sukoon
    Tum Ho Junoon…, Kyun Pehre Raat Aayi Tum
    Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi, Hooo.., Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yakeen, Hooo…

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    Tum hue mehrabaan
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    ek h kaarwan
    tum jaha me waha
    me agar kahu
    hamsafar meri
    apsara ho tum
    ya koi pari
    tarif ye bhi to
    sach h kuch bhi nhi

    tumko paya h to jaise khoya hu
    kehna chahu bhi to tumse kya kahu
    kisi zaba me bhi wo lafz hi nhi
    ki jin me tum ho kya tumhe bata saku
    me agar kahu tumsa haseen
    Qayanat me nhi h kahi
    tarif ye bhi to sach h kuch bhi nhi….

    Gud evening guyz 🙂

  4. Kyy fan

    In 2dy’s epi:
    nandu reaches hme, ams notics she’s tensd n blames manik. Students cm fr da musc wrkshp. Manik entrs, ams gets angry, tells to cancel it den manik tells he’s hr coz nandu’s in trouble. Ams its bcz of u, manik says no it cz of pandit n tell hr abt da kidnappng, to prove himself he tell ams to cal chacha-chaci n confirm it n leavs.
    Students gt shockd wen they reach deir rm as dey hv 2 sleep on da floor & der’s no fan.
    Navya says she’ll tel dem to liv in such place, shws evry1 da routn of wakng at 4am, sleepng at 7pm blah blah whch dey dnt lyk. Mukti tels harshd to nt to mess wd dem n hrshd’s lyk lets c hw lng u cn resist me mukti.
    Manik cms to rishab’s rm, nandu cms out of da washrm takng a bath,gets surprsd to c manik n gets worrid ki ams wil get angry. it ws lyk usually wat hppns in manan scene, he gts close 2 hr, she gts afraid den realzs he ws nly unlockng da door (nandu ws standng infrnt of da dor) Manik says dnt wry, he’ll handle ams n leavs.
    In da precap manan r in da coridor, nandu pushs hm, he fall n colors fal on his t-shrt. He joins da cls chngng hs dress n is late, ams gets angry.

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