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Manik comes to Nandini in the lawn, while she was crying. He holds her from hands, she calls Manik and turns to see him then wipes her tears. He says sorry, as it is his fault. He invited her on time and got stuck himself, he notices her tears and clears them saying he is just a few minutes late. She says it is nothing, he says he knows her enough so stop lying. She says nothing. He says is she only upset because of him, she thinks about Mr. Khurana and doesn’t say anything. He says if that is the case, he can make it up and cheer her up. He asks if she will go with him, she says ok. He laughs, is it really ok; no questions about where and when. She is still silent, he says nice, I like it and gives her arm to her to hold. She takes it, smiles and they go.
Cabir introduces himself

at the bar to the receptionist. The other man had also joined just that day, he recognizes Cabir and says manager was just talking about him. The manager says that he isn’t going to join. Cabir asks what does it mean, the manager says he must ask his mother who thinks he is too big a man to do a waiter job. Cabir apologizes but the manager says his mom will one day make him a CEO of a company so he must get lost from here.
Manik brings Nandini to a place and awaits for a surprise, but it doesn’t come. Nandini soon turns to see lights on the sky, twinkling. She smiles as they flew everywhere like fireflies. Manik intently looks at her, enjoying. She recalls her own dialogue about link between fireflies and true love. Manik is shocked to see as she cries. He says he wanted to see her happy, she is unable to reply and hugs him crying. He hugs her back.
Mukti was in her room, lying on bed. She suddenly gets an idea, opens her laptop and search for Abhimanyu Thakkar on facebook. She finds a link, and opens his id. A pic of him make her smile, she says where are you. She is shocked to see a post and wonders Abhimanyu is dead, how is it possible. She met him two days ago, she is traumatized. It was Malti Thakkar’s post, she sends her a message in person. When done, she is saddened.
Manic fives a gift to Nandini, it was a jar. He catches a butterfly from the air around. She smiles as she watches him, still crying. She keeps on looking at him as he is successful in catching a butterfly.

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Manik brings Nandini to pool side, there was decoration all around. She says this is impressive. He asks why she like these fireflies. She says because of my mother. He asks further. She says she always said that the fireflies.. She gets upset. He asks further. She says that whenever they glow the light spreads everywhere. He smiles and takes her hand. He says it is just like stars.
He says that the stars also spread light. They both come close to kiss each other. He backs up, then says if she has forgotten he promised to behave himself. He asks is she ready for the true surprise, she asks what is this all. He says is she happy with this only, she must have told him before. He asks her to turn around and stay there.
Navya was in her room, thinking that everyone just asked her about what she had thought about her pregnancy. She was worried, takes her cellphone to call her mom and dials the number. She says hello maa, and begins to cry. She says she was just missing her so called. She says she has a lot of work to finish and will call her later. She hangs on and cries hard.
Cabir comes to Neonika’s room, and asks how is she. She feels so good destroying her son’s life. She always taught him to be what he wants, she fought with dad for him, so that he must dream and become what he wants to. He looks at the bruises on her body, and feels concerned. He asks how did it happen. She says his dad came, and she had to tell him everything. He asks dad did this all because of him. She says she must not have told him the right way. Cabir says I am sorry maa, I apologize. She holds his head and asks will he change himself and be normal again. He straightens up, she asks no and goes away crying. She says each of his sorry is a lie, she always fought with his dad for him and what he gave her in return His abnormality and these bruises, she asks him to leave her life and never come back. He doesn’t leave easily, she keeps on crying.
Manik brings a guitar and sings for Nandini. He looks at his hand, she watches it too. He shows her that his hand has now recovered. He says he has made it well for her, infact. She kisses his hand. He says that now the second thing she is worried about, Fab5 album so he promise it is going to be a crack for sure. He asks her to smile, she does worried about what Mr. Khurana had said to her.
Manik and Soha were together in a room, getting cozy together. Soha asks what he is doing, he leaves her. She asks why he left her, he says she didn’t like it. She hugs him and says he has no idea how much she waited for this. He was slept, she asks what he was doing with Nandini that night. She says if she always see Nandini with him, she will kill her. That is how she loves him. She says it is now his turn to show her how much he loves her, he takes her in his arms again.
Cabir comes to room and watches Soha alone, imagining Mainik there. He asks what is she doing in Manik’s room. She turns to see him, then notices there was no one around. She gets up and says this is her dad’s farm house. Cabir gets a call then, it was Manik. She takes it and says Manik is returning her call. Cabir says Manik isn’t receving her call because he is with Nandini and likes spending time with Nandini. He shouts that he isn’t interested in her, so she must leave him alone. Soha says how dare he say that, shouts and breaks the phone throwing it on floor. He shouts if she has gone crazy, she shouts back that she is crazy. He is at her farm house, he must get away from here. Cabir picks up his phone, but leaves the memory card there.
Manik and Nandini sit together, hugging each other. He asks her why is she so upset. She doesn’t answer.
Manik says to Nandini that she would come back to him, she turns around takes a step and falls backwards. Manik catches her and says that what are you doing and are you mad. Nandini says that I knew you wouldn’t let me fall. Manik tells her to listen and she would continue this then he will never let her fall. Nandini kisses Manik on the cheek and he kisses her back on the head and then they kiss each other. Manik asks her to come and he will drop her, Nandini asks why and Manik says that your behavior and actions look weird. Nandini asks why and Manik says that I promised you that I would.
She hugs Manik saying that I don’t want this night to end when Manik says that more nights like this will come. Nandini is confused when Manik assures her that there are more nights in the future.
Precap: Cabir is not at the practice with the Fab5, Soha says that we should bring a new one when Manik tells her to stop disturbing them and goes to find him. He instructs everyone to look at a place so they can find him fast.

Update Credit to: Sona

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