Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes to Nandini in the lawn, while she was crying. He holds her from hands, she calls Manik and turns to see him then wipes her tears. He says sorry, as it is his fault. He invited her on time and got stuck himself, he notices her tears and clears them saying he is just a few minutes late. She says it is nothing, he says he knows her enough so stop lying. She says nothing. He says is she only upset because of him, she thinks about Mr. Khurana and doesn’t say anything. He says if that is the case, he can make it up and cheer her up. He asks if she will go with him, she says ok. He laughs, is it really ok; no questions about where and when. She is still silent, he says nice, I like it and gives her arm to her to hold. She takes it, smiles and they go.
Cabir introduces himself

at the bar to the receptionist. The other man had also joined just that day, he recognizes Cabir and says manager was just talking about him. The manager says that he isn’t going to join. Cabir asks what does it mean, the manager says he must ask his mother who thinks he is too big a man to do a waiter job. Cabir apologizes but the manager says his mom will one day make him a CEO of a company so he must get lost from here.
Manik brings Nandini to a place and awaits for a surprise, but it doesn’t come. Nandini soon turns to see lights on the sky, twinkling. She smiles as they flew everywhere like fireflies. Manik intently looks at her, enjoying. She recalls her own dialogue about link between fireflies and true love. Manik is shocked to see as she cries. He says he wanted to see her happy, she is unable to reply and hugs him crying. He hugs her back.
Mukti was in her room, lying on bed. She suddenly gets an idea, opens her laptop and search for Abhimanyu Thakkar on facebook. She finds a link, and opens his id. A pic of him make her smile, she says where are you. She is shocked to see a post and wonders Abhimanyu is dead, how is it possible. She met him two days ago, she is traumatized. It was Malti Thakkar’s post, she sends her a message in person. When done, she is saddened.
Manic fives a gift to Nandini, it was a jar. He catches a butterfly from the air around. She smiles as she watches him, still crying. She keeps on looking at him as he is successful in catching a butterfly.

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Manik brings Nandini to pool side, there was decoration all around. She says this is impressive. He asks why she like these fireflies. She says because of my mother. He asks further. She says she always said that the fireflies.. She gets upset. He asks further. She says that whenever they glow the light spreads everywhere. He smiles and takes her hand. He says it is just like stars.
He says that the stars also spread light. They both come close to kiss each other. He backs up, then says if she has forgotten he promised to behave himself. He asks is she ready for the true surprise, she asks what is this all. He says is she happy with this only, she must have told him before. He asks her to turn around and stay there.
Navya was in her room, thinking that everyone just asked her about what she had thought about her pregnancy. She was worried, takes her cellphone to call her mom and dials the number. She says hello maa, and begins to cry. She says she was just missing her so called. She says she has a lot of work to finish and will call her later. She hangs on and cries hard.
Cabir comes to Neonika’s room, and asks how is she. She feels so good destroying her son’s life. She always taught him to be what he wants, she fought with dad for him, so that he must dream and become what he wants to. He looks at the bruises on her body, and feels concerned. He asks how did it happen. She says his dad came, and she had to tell him everything. He asks dad did this all because of him. She says she must not have told him the right way. Cabir says I am sorry maa, I apologize. She holds his head and asks will he change himself and be normal again. He straightens up, she asks no and goes away crying. She says each of his sorry is a lie, she always fought with his dad for him and what he gave her in return His abnormality and these bruises, she asks him to leave her life and never come back. He doesn’t leave easily, she keeps on crying.
Manik brings a guitar and sings for Nandini. He looks at his hand, she watches it too. He shows her that his hand has now recovered. He says he has made it well for her, infact. She kisses his hand. He says that now the second thing she is worried about, Fab5 album so he promise it is going to be a crack for sure. He asks her to smile, she does worried about what Mr. Khurana had said to her.
Manik and Soha were together in a room, getting cozy together. Soha asks what he is doing, he leaves her. She asks why he left her, he says she didn’t like it. She hugs him and says he has no idea how much she waited for this. He was slept, she asks what he was doing with Nandini that night. She says if she always see Nandini with him, she will kill her. That is how she loves him. She says it is now his turn to show her how much he loves her, he takes her in his arms again.
Cabir comes to room and watches Soha alone, imagining Mainik there. He asks what is she doing in Manik’s room. She turns to see him, then notices there was no one around. She gets up and says this is her dad’s farm house. Cabir gets a call then, it was Manik. She takes it and says Manik is returning her call. Cabir says Manik isn’t receving her call because he is with Nandini and likes spending time with Nandini. He shouts that he isn’t interested in her, so she must leave him alone. Soha says how dare he say that, shouts and breaks the phone throwing it on floor. He shouts if she has gone crazy, she shouts back that she is crazy. He is at her farm house, he must get away from here. Cabir picks up his phone, but leaves the memory card there.
Manik and Nandini sit together, hugging each other. He asks her why is she so upset. She doesn’t answer.
Manik says to Nandini that she would come back to him, she turns around takes a step and falls backwards. Manik catches her and says that what are you doing and are you mad. Nandini says that I knew you wouldn’t let me fall. Manik tells her to listen and she would continue this then he will never let her fall. Nandini kisses Manik on the cheek and he kisses her back on the head and then they kiss each other. Manik asks her to come and he will drop her, Nandini asks why and Manik says that your behavior and actions look weird. Nandini asks why and Manik says that I promised you that I would.
She hugs Manik saying that I don’t want this night to end when Manik says that more nights like this will come. Nandini is confused when Manik assures her that there are more nights in the future.
Precap: Cabir is not at the practice with the Fab5, Soha says that we should bring a new one when Manik tells her to stop disturbing them and goes to find him. He instructs everyone to look at a place so they can find him fast.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    Hi guys!
    Manik had worked so hard but nandu kept on remembering khurana n seemed like she wud strt cryng any moment but tried to keep a smile on her face fr manik. Poor nandu! She cudn’t even enjoy da beautiful nite properly.

  2. bye guys…, babye nuyzy, auho, fairy n all…, i’ll be back after 20th feb…,my xam start nxt week so hve to focus mre on studies….., n do pray for me guys plzzzz…, will missss u all bye n gudnyte 🙂

  3. sanaya

    A guy calls up the radio station

    “Hi, I’d like you play the song ‘Tu hai ke nahi’ from the movie Roy”

    RJ – Nice choice. To whom would you like to dedicate this beautiful song?

    Guy – To my salary

  4. fairy

    Guyz…why u all r gng??
    Bye………ibu, aashi…mny mny bst wishes 4 ur exm….my best wishes ll b always wid u all……..all d bst…….

  5. Guyz feeling vry sry..hamara dosti yehi tak tha..aaj ke baad hum shayed kavi v baat ni kar payenge…plz 4give me..if u can..leaving this site bye bye..(fairy,ammy,niku,carron,auhona,aashi,sanaya,sharmin,neha di,sam,euphie,megha,vaishu,qwert,nutz,megha,aswini,iban,n all)

  6. fairy

    Suhash…u r nt tht senti type na…plz dnt leave 4 my sake….atleast tell d reason..na..plz dnt leave……..

  7. vaishu

    yea fariy,,,its reli sad,,,,,u n suhash was me 1st chat mates,,,he welcome me saying vasihanvi mata jay …sad la

  8. fairy

    Suhash….u cn tk a break frm here 4 ur board exm bt plz dnt say tht u ll nt cm here anymr……plzzz bro……

  9. fairy

    Huh guyz…l hv so bad luck…didnt get any chnce 2 watch 2day’s epsd …n whn l strted 2 watch d repeated epsd…uff sm1 cm at ths momnt…….jst seen 5 or 6min……

  10. fairy

    Suhu….plz cm again aftr ur exm….we ll wait 4 u……mny mny mnybest wishes 4 u n ur exm………u ll do vry gud in ur exm………

  11. carron

    Ugh !!!! This is so not happening !!! He can’t leave like that .. If it was 4 his his exams we would have allowed him 2 take a leave r8 , like we Gave others but y did he take tc nD go ?!!!!!!
    Bhai can’t leave like tht no way that must be someone trying 2 fool us!!!

  12. Nutz

    Hi guys. Bye suhash;-(
    suhash plz atleast tell da reason of ur leaving plz,wat r we gona wdout u, dis family is incomplete wdout u suhash,plz don’t leave na, atleast cum aftr ur xms yar.plz try to cum. We’ll al really miss u.Bye

  13. carron

    I am not gonna tell good bye to bhai , cuz saying good bye means leaving nd leaving means forgetting (nnot my words )
    but bhai best of luck 4 u r exams nd future !!! I am soo sad but I am filled wid hope tht u will come back ….

  14. qwert

    vaishu my debate is postponed to thurs…
    suhash bhai will miss u…though i hv never talked to u but it is fun reading ur comments…hope everything goes gud in ur lyff…n hope destiny makes us meet somewhere..through some point of lyf

  15. Nutz

    Why is suhash leaving like dis?hw can he just leave us like dat? Wat am i even dng! Whom am i askng! da person fr whm al ques r, wonder if he’s seeing it or not.
    Suhash please cum na…please

  16. qwert

    The Perfect Son.
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    B: Does he smoke?
    A: No, he doesn’t.
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    B: I guess you really do have the perfect son. How old is he?
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  17. qwert

    i got jokes fr all of u!!!!!!!!!
    see frndz dis is a very small hapening..v all were attached to someone so much whom we had never met…
    God forbid but this is lyf..n v might hv to face bigger sorrows ahead……i m nt tellin dat dont feel sad but try to overcome it as soon as possible….

  18. carron

    Guys bye , gud n8 nd salt dreams ….. bite the bed bugs nd smile when u wake up …
    bye bye , nutz Di hw r u feeling now ?
    will cm later … otherwise tmrw…
    to freshen up our moods our quote masterto pls would u tell us some gud quotes?
    Bye all bye bye bye

  19. guyss i cant wthstand anymore fites btwn manan hereaftr.. nd soha go to hell.. nd stupid kurrhana r u a dad ?? Doing cheap jobs 4 ur daughter ..

  20. qwert

    v have to let go everything

  21. qwert

    frnds r der to make frndz smile..i dont need thnxx….if u r feeling better…dat will make me more happier

  22. fairy

    Do not promise when u r happy…
    Do not reply whn u r angry..nd….
    Do not decide anythng whn u r sad…….

  23. fairy

    Ha ha…no need 2 tell urself stupid , nutz…it’s ok……
    Guyz heaven is calling me…hv 2 leave….so advance gud n8……

  24. sanaya

    hi laura….n yes vaishu he maintained d distnce n kept his promise..lyk a true gentleman…though it ws tough fr him..since this tym nandu was approachng…

  25. Nutz

    Guys help me,wat to do,don’t feel like studyng nw but hv to study coz i’ve no other option.feel like cryng;-(

  26. laura

    bye fairy
    parents on one side aunty another etc etc
    i cant study because of any1 that is y i m sad i feel terrible

  27. Nutz

    Guys my tmrw routine:
    8:00 general maths xm
    10:00am bangla xm
    11:30am geography xm
    1:00pm biology xm
    5:00pm eng
    6:30pm electric or higher maths xm.
    I really do feel like cryng nw;-(

  28. Nutz

    Laura wat hppnd yar? Wat do u mean by parents on 1side n aunty on da other. Plz tell na yar, i can’t leave wd u in such a terible mood yar,plz share , we may feel better.

  29. fairy

    Nutz….laura’s mom lives in 1 cntry n her dad lives in anthr cntry…they hvnt got divorce bt live sepatedly bt bth care her n her she lives wid her aunty……
    Sry laura…l hd 2 tell it……

  30. laura

    parents r abroad m with my aunt
    parents r separated the house is noisy
    a small noisy girl disturbs my studies aunts daughter actually
    sister learning loudly in my room though she has 1 for herself and displacing my things
    and many more……

  31. Nutz

    Vaishu yar even i thought i wud get it through but at my current condision i’m nt so sure. I’m studyng frm mrng.but since eve my head hs stoppd wrkng yar,can’t concentrate any more. Can u believe frm 6 til nw i’m just passing tym wd book infront of me,maybe read a few words but nothing more. Moreover nw da electricity is gone as well!

  32. laura

    ok fairy just 10% of my prob
    ok nutz next set
    my grandmother arguing with me for no reason very strange, i will be simply sitting nd she will simply argue and shouting at me to study loudly when m doing maths
    i hv another aunt who finds fault with everything i do
    All of them and me in 1 house

  33. laura

    i dont complain bcoz if i start i will hv to complain with everything still they could leave me in peace to study
    i study at n8 bcoz then every1 will sleep

  34. Nutz

    Fairy yar my worst sub r tmrw. Biology nd ba:bi. Ba:bi er jodi sohoj ch hoi tao na hoi mana jai, kintu na, bhugol xm. R biology te na parle sir er warning batch theke ber kre dibe.

  35. laura

    thnx fairy nd fairy mu aunt will kill me if i give her chocolates nd she will take only 2 sec to finish it

  36. Nutz

    Laura don’t mind yar but ur grandma wants u to study loudly wen u’re dng maths was funny yar.sry cudn’t help nt laughng.

  37. fairy

    Laura…l knw u r engh strng 2 hndle d situatn……
    Smtm thngs dnt go as per our wsh….smtmes we feel tht 2 leave evrythng….bt if we cn handle d situatn only thn we cn undrstnd our power………evrythng ll b alr8……

  38. Nutz

    Laura yar currently i can’t find any solution to ur pb yar, but i’m wrkng on it. I’ll try my best to help u, sort it out. I think studyng late n8 is ur best option nw.

  39. laura

    u r r8 fairy that is a nc thought. u should sleep gud n8 my sweet fairy
    u know nutz now when i think of it m laughing but at that time i went mad

  40. laura

    i think so too…. mom phoned me that i should sleep at 11 and wake at 5 but i think i should study coz its the best tm

  41. Nutz

    My dear Laura currently i don’t hv tym to work on any project or homework yar.i’ve to revise dos chptrs nw fr tmrw’s xm.
    I really appreciate ur desire to help yar but if i start workng on any project, it will a lot of tym which i don’t hv r8 nw. Thnx a lot yar:-)

  42. sanaya

    hey shar…i thnk fab5 ll cm to knw abt soha n wat she did to cabir n ll do smthng to teach hr a lesson…or may b they wont..dnt knw yar..bt ab pandit wali story strt ho jayegi…

  43. fairy

    Guyz..final bye…gud n8…..hv a kyy dream…….lol…bye…
    Guyz…ur dream ll strt wid manan scene…ha ha ha

  44. Nutz

    Laura u can try sleepng early by 9 or 10pm n wake up by 3 or 4am n den continue ur study.
    In dis way u can fulfill da provb ‘early to bed, early to rise…’

  45. Nutz

    Shar plz gv tmrw epi’s update coz i won’t b able to c as i’ll b at my tutions den.
    Shar i’ll wait ur updates tmrw.

  46. Nutz

    Laura try to write down al of these. U knw all da things dat bother u, disturb u. Try writing them down in paper n nd aftr finishng ur writing burn or tear da page n flush it. Don’t ever (never ever) try to read wat u’ve written. This process helps to reduce mental depression or pressure.
    (scientificaly proven, i’ve read it)

  47. Nutz

    To reduce angry at da moment, try counting backward frm 10 or 20 n take a deep breathe n let it al out wd each numbr. Try to distract ur mind in sumthng dat gives u pleasure.

  48. Nutz

    Nd da most important thing which will help u, is ur mentality, ur thoughts, ur point of view towards evrythng.
    Always try to hv positive mentality.

  49. Nutz

    Laura listen to me wen they trouble u, u’re annoyd,again it hppns, u’re irritated, nd again n again, u’re angry n frustrated. Wenever these irritation, annoyance, anger hppns u keep it to urself only, supress emotions within u, u’re tryng to b tolerant but if it keeps hppng again n again, u really can’t help nt gettng angry.
    Listen while u’re supressng all of dese within urself dis is demagng n harming u indirectly.at sum point of tym dis irritation n anger is gona burst out.

  50. Nutz

    So don’t keep it to urself, try writing dem down n flush dem out of ur life. Or share it wd one who understands u.

  51. remix queen

    Sana i think cabir will go to nandu…nandu will think of sacrifice bt hell realise n do sumtin…n hell tell manik n fab5 will teach her a lesson fr talkin like dat with him…khuranas ka kachumbar honewala hai

  52. Nutz

    Let me warn u aftr writing ur thoughts n pbs never ever luk at wat u’ve written otherwise it wud hv a riverse or opposite effect which won’t b good. Just burn da page or tear in pieces n flush it n tell urself dat wd dos paper u’re burng down dos painful memories too,u’re erasing dem frm ur memory.wd da papers gone, they wud b gone too.

  53. laura

    to whom will i share not….. dad mom sis grandmother aunt who else is left my grand father used to understand me but he is no more nw. i do not have any contact with my dad’s family

  54. Nutz

    Just writng n flushng once won’t do yar, everytime u’re hurt n angry u’ve done it. U hv to convince ur brain dat wd dos paper gne, so r ur thoughts, painful memories n emotions r gone too. U’ve to consider dis as a process to erase dos painful feelings. U’ve to believe in urself, u’ve to believe in ur brain dat yes, wd da pasage of tym my brain wil forget dos painful thoughts n emotions.

  55. Nutz

    Ignoring won’t help u fr long. U can ignore it fr once,twice, thrice n more. But at sum tym it will stand r8 infront of u in such a way,u won’t be able to move ur face away frm dis reality rather u’ll just hit it hard n feel like u hit a solid wall which u hadn’t notice in ur path. N coz more pain to urself only.

  56. Nutz

    Laura u can’t run away frm da reality, it will cum infront of u in one way or other.
    U hv to face it, n accept it in a positive way.

  57. Nutz

    Laura i’m telling u frm experience. I’ve seen a person very close to me, trying to ignore da painful reality n wen da reality again came r8 infront, she just got shatterd,broke down. It took a lot of guts n tym to pull herself back to normal, but u knw as they da mark of scars never leaves.

  58. laura

    thnx a lot nutz ur words gave me a new outlook towards life i feel determined now and full of positive energy

  59. laura

    u can ask fairy she will send u even sana has it carru nd every1 else this is a public site u know we have silent readers like rihan

  60. Nutz

    Dat’s da spirit laura!
    Just remember dat our brain can do wonders. Convince ur brain da bright sides, shw it all da gud parts.tell it ur strong willness to overcum every obstacle, everytym remind ur firm determination to bcum successful n an achiever, outcum as a winner in every stage of life.

  61. Nutz

    Well laura u c i can’t open my mailbox currently,dunno wat’s da pb. So i’m waiting fr my big bro to cum home n fix it.
    As song as my mail’s start wrkng, i’ll mail u. But u’ll hv to wait till march.

  62. Nutz

    No laura, i don’t think u’ll find my id, anyway even if u do find it n mail, i won’t b able to see coz i can’t open my mail box currently,don’t knw wat’s da pb but it’s nt wrkng. So laura it’s of no use.
    My name is nusrat, plz don’t try to find my id nw, i’m planning on opening a new id, i’ll sent a mail wen i can. Till den,u’ll hv to wait.

  63. Nutz

    Suhash we al do love u. Don’t ever think abut leaving. This family is incomplete wdout u, so plz always wd us, be here wd ur lovely sisters who al love u very much.

  64. laura

    suhash……………………….. dont say alone we r all der
    nutz i will try to find anyway……………….

  65. Nutz

    Suhash since u’re reading, i won’t disturb u any further coz u’ve xms ahead.
    All da best fr ur xms bhai, study well:-)

  66. Nutz

    Laura my request plz stop searching coz u won’t find it by dat name,u’re simply wasting ur tym at dis. Plz stop yar

  67. laura

    bye nutz i m also gng see u today but nw should sleep eyes r paining coz i cried a lot
    thank u nutz for u support

  68. Nutz

    Suhash i’m really sorry fr nt talkng properly wd u 2dy….plz forgive ur sister suhash. Bye, take care.

  69. 2 sardar were fixing a
    bomb in a car.
    Sardar 1: What would
    you do if the bomb
    explodes while fixing.
    Sardar 2: Dont worry, I
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  70. aashi plzz do it 4r me…………….if x +2/y=4/3…………….nd y + 1/x=9/2……………………find value of xycube +8/xycube

  71. Daya: My god, he is dead.
    ACP: Lagta hai iski maut
    marne se hui hai.
    Dr. Salunkhe: Nahi boss,
    iski maut marne se nahi,
    jaan jane se hui hai.

  72. x+2/y:4/3……….(1)
    put (3)in(2)..
    put (4)in(1)

  73. Nutz

    Maths xm ques was easy,hvn’t gt results yet. In bangla i gt 92%, in geography just fr only 1 mark cudn’t make highest mrk, it’s 2nd highst. Biology also went really well 🙂

  74. hii sanadi..i mean they start the shw 5-7 mins earlier……congratulation nutz……………..actually theyt want a romantic story 4r vday………..college romance

  75. Modern…
    Thats ME.
    Dont feel sad… Ur name is
    also there… read d 1st
    letter of every word.
    Tum Bhi Likha Karo Shayri
    Tumhara Bhi Meri tarah
    Naam Ho Jayega,
    Jab Tum Par Bhi Padenge
    Ande Aur Tamatar
    To Sham Ki SABJI Ka
    Intezam Ho Jayega….

  76. HELLO meri aavaj aa rahi
    hai.. Hello hello..?
    kya aavaj nhi aa rhi hai?
    ab.. ab bhi nahi.
    abe dhaKKan ye SMS hai
    awaz kaha se aayegi.

  77. Nutz

    Ammy yar i was kidding, sry, didn’t evn seriously ya. Anyway my head isn’t too well nw. Moreovr i hv really less experience in luv stories coz i like readng adventure, mystery, detective stories. I hv hardly read luv story, maybe only 2 or 3 which r already vanishd frm my head.

  78. i 2 dnt lyk the luv story topic…..bt kya kare….majboori………………..anyway suggest me 2 names 4r thre leadas……..4r the girl name shld be a mix of cuteness which will reflect inner strenght at the same time

  79. Samundar Se Keh Do Apni
    Lehre Samhaal ke Rakhe,
    Zindgi me Tufan Laane k
    Liye Hmara”Result”Hi Kaafi
    Science vala Sochta hai k
    Rose kaise bana?
    Arts vala Sochta hai k Rose
    kaise Draw karu.?
    Commerce vala Sochta hai
    k Rose kise Du.?
    Dat’s marketing…

  80. Nutz

    Nice one ash:-D
    Hi princess! Hw r u yar? I’m talkng wd u aftr a looong tym,whr wr u yar?hume bhulto nehi gayi thi yar?

  81. Universal truth we learnt:-
    “sun rises in the east”
    Fact:- “sun neither rises
    nor sets, only earth
    Moral 🙂
    “Educatn spoils our
    Love affair in school:
    A girl sitting on D 1st
    bench turns her back &
    Sees D boy Sitting on D
    last bench & says- “Thank
    God !!!
    Stupid Aaya Hai!”
    Be4 D boy could see his
    girl entering in D class
    all his friends start

  82. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @Stinky chinky came 2 make enemity
    bt dis cute princess came 2 make frienship.
    @blo*dy chinky listn 1 thin
    its easy 2make frndshp
    nd also vry easy to break it.
    bt its vry difficlt to maintain it.
    Stinky chinky lyk u wil nvr undrstnd

  83. Evry girl wants a guy..
    Who hugs her wen tey r
    watching a scary movie,
    Who will always b D 1 2
    make her laugh,
    Who will never complain,
    never stare at other girls,
    Who will b romantic & nt
    scared 2 say “I love U”,
    & he will love her 4 who
    she is…
    & tat guy is wat Google
    calls No Results Found’!

  84. Nutz

    Ammy u’re askng fr charactr names na, dat means u hv already sumthng in ur mind. Arre yar hume bhi kuch batao abut ur storyline

  85. fairy

    Guyz…telling it 2 evry1……
    Whn u r angry ur mouth wrks mre faster thn ur mind…..so dnt get angry cz u cnt tk back ur wrds……..

  86. GIRL- Mujhe Kyu Dekh
    Rahe Ho? Tumhari Koi
    Behen Nahi Hai Kya?
    BOY – Hai IsiLiye To Dekh
    Raha Hu.
    GIRL- Kyu?
    BOY – Meri Behen Ko
    BHABHI Chahiye.

  87. it was in the morning of my eighteen birthday,i looked out of my window …the glass pane scintillated as the first rays of sun fell on them….”beautiful”……i murmured..

  88. as the darkness of the night seem to be playing hide and seek with the soft light of rising sun. In all my eighteen years i have never seen a morning as beautiful as this. “how can I ” my breathe whistled as I said”may be its the first time i am noticing “

  89. as i looked back my eighteen years i could see myself enmeshed in a tangle of physics formula, probability permutations combination…………………….i sighed……..all these years i have hardly left the house, spent quite a long time in bed,read the same physics nd chemistry over nd over…..memorised the same laws nd hypothesis innumerable time …..nd devoted quite a bit of my time thinking hw lif ewould be in a college………

  90. maybe wat i felt 2day was the dubious felicity of being aditted in one of indias….probably the worlds….most respected nd posh instituition..all i could manage was a crooked smile “{cmon ” i said2 myself..”its nt the way u start ur bday speciaaly when it coincides wid the 1st day of ur collg” i woke up frm a trance nd reassured myself vaguely”mukti(m nt sure wid the name) dnt wrry…..maybe ur cllg will be ur long cherished freedom”

  91. and there i was standing infrnt of iit nw delhi..i fied my glasses……ran my hand throughout my hair (i felt a certain confidence doing so)000 nd stepped inside the cllg campus……..”i luv u dear” my mom bade me goodbye..”make nw frnd”……..her parting shot really irked me…….i suck at making frnd
    ……………….this much guys

  92. sanaya

    ammy strt wid 1st day of ur college….unaware of the thngs that is headng towards u…yet a wondrful lyf

  93. Nutz

    Guys 2dy i won’t b able to watch kyy.hv tutions which will end aftr 7:45pm, so i’ll join u al around 8pm.

  94. Nutz

    I’m really tired nw. I think i shud get sum sleep, still hv highr math xms ahead.
    Bye..i’ll join u in da eve.

  95. fairy

    Hi guyz……guests didnt get any tm 2 cm….they cm nw…….plz any1 cn help me??…l want 2 watch kyy……

  96. fairy

    Why all d guest cm 2 ths specific tm…at 6.30….n l m sre they ll go aftr kyy ends……l feel like cryng 4 their arrival……….:(

  97. fairy

    Shar…nw no chnce …u r my last hope…plz my sweety sis….gv us d updt…n plz gv d updt in detail whn manan scene ll cm………

  98. maira

    Hey guys…
    I didnt understand one thing can sumone tell me wat maniks mothers name is and wat cabirs mothers name is i keep getting confused

  99. remix queen

    Epi starts with manik n nandu standin outside her hse door wen shes lukin at him wen he says i shud wear this jacket more often…dey r abt to kiss n chachi opens door…manik hides n nandu goes in…chachi tells her if u wanna tell me sumtin tell…she says notin..chachi says let me know wen u wanna talk bout ur shahrukh…n says sharukhs name can b murthy or maaa n stops…n chachi says chupana mat as chupane se baat bigadti hai so speak it out…n chachi goes…nandu talks to the flies n says wen manik walked away it hurt so i wnt ill tell him everytin n den he can decide…she calls him n asks him to come bck…bt den says chachi is away n has gt suspicion so well talk tomm…n he goes away…

  100. remix queen

    Navya goes out to fill water n peon sees him n calls the warden…dey throw her out.its mrnin..manik tells every1 lets start practice…manik tells dhruv to call cabir he cnt find him…soha comes n says lets find sum1 else as he cnt focus due to job and manik gets bugged n says we r doin dis fr cabir…n says lets search…kal ka precap nw all searchin

  101. remix queen

    Nandu has gne fr the pundits class n pundit shouts at her again dat u havent been practicing so go hone do ur revision n come tomm otherwise dnt come tomm get out…so she goes away…soha is in tension seein manik tellin every1 to search fr cabir…break

  102. remix queen

    Coming up mein manik is replyin to nandus msg wen soha comes n hugs him frm behind he turns round n pushes her away n she falls on floor…next to the sim card…

  103. remix queen

    Yup chachi is…navya msgs mukti sayin dat she needs help n a favour…nandu is msgin manik…manik goes to the bar n the manager tells him he fires him n everytin…mukti goes to his hse to search all chair n all is fallen thrown types aliya goes to his moms hse wen aliya says hes missin since last nite…mom tells her wat happens n says tell cabir dat hes nt my son n never to come bck…n shes shuts the door…

  104. remix queen

    Dhruv is searchin in colg..nandu is sittin on stairs n mukti passes n asks her have u seen cabir…she says no…mukti says hes missin n nandu says manik didnt tell me nytin n mukti says dat dis is fab5s prob…manik n nandu meet in colg n hes very hyper…nandu makes him calm down…nandu says sum1 shud stay at farmhse as hell come der only…manan go to farmhse…nandu is out n manik goes to his room to charge phne n soha comes in his room n says ur bck shall we begin n shuts door…n dat we shud have a goix time togwther u n me n manik says stay away dnt force me to show my bad side…n he asks her to call the caretaker to ask she says i askd n he moves away n she hugs him him frm behind n he throws her away n says leave n stay away…manik found cabirs sim card

  105. remix queen

    Nandu is hidin in farmhse wen soha calls her dad n says come to farmhse nw…nañdu is scared n is gonna go away she tells manik pundit is callin i have to go n manik is bugged…mukti finds navya with bag n says il msg u adrress u go atay der…cabirs hse…

  106. remix queen

    Manik calls mukti frm the other sim…n says dat i found it in my room…n tells dat soha is lyin

  107. remix queen

    Break aaya..awesome coming up…manik finds sohas canera room n sees last nites recordin of his room…her imaginin dat shes with manik n dat if u go near nandu ill kill her…n hes pissed off

  108. remix queen

    Abhis mom calls mukti…she asks u wrote abhi is in heaven n says after 6m too its tough to frget him n mukti says i met him 2 days bck n she says shut up n puts dwn…fab5 goin to farmhse…manik is searchin fr soha goes to her room sees cameras

  109. remix queen

    He sees the spiked drink part n da dream of soha whr shes dreamin n he hears her say ill kill her…n realises everytin the rope gift blastin everytin n cabirs part with soha n hes fuming!!!

  110. remix queen

    Precap mein soha tells manik nw u know hw much i love u n manik says uve been spyin on us n if nytin happens to cabir i wbt leave u…she says y wud i do nytin to him n i jus have a prob with nandu n he gets angry pushes her n leavez…hes drivin n calls nandu n is panicked n asks whr r u she says in colg..he says stay der dnt get out ill come der n talk to u dnt get out nywhr widout me…n nandu is like wat happened n is worried n he says dnt ask so many qs im comin

  111. Nutz

    I’m leaving nw as none of my sisters are currently interested in talkng wd,so wd a heavy heart i’m leaving. Alvida my sisters;-(
    i’m just kidding, i’ll cum again later. Bye

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.