Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Navya takes Nandini away from Manik, Manik comes near her and asks isn’t she afraid of him. Navya says she is, but breaking Mata Rani’s promise is more frightening. Nandini agrees that she won’t even see Manik, should they leave now. Manik is irked, but they leave.
Nandini enters the class, Pandit ji was talking to Amb’s and gives the phone to Nandini. Amb’s complain to Nandini that her teacher is my brightest student and is a better teacher than me. She asks Nandini to invite Pandit ji for dinner at home, and practice well and take care. Pandit ji says he thought he made her a bit more scared, she would feel better talking to her Amb. He says he isn’t her enemy. She asks if they should start practice.
Cabir denies to Manik about believing Dhruv can do this. Manik was

still lost in Nandini and Pandit’s intimacy. Cabir asks what is Dhruv thinking, what is going in his mind that he sided Pandit. Cabir rejects the idea, Manik says he is angry with me not you, may be he responds and everything might get better.
Dhruv comes to the class, he says to Pandit ji that he had asked for strings. Pandit ji sits for practice. He closes his eyes, Nandini gets confused at their beats. Pandit ji tells Dhruv it is his mistake, Nandini couldn’t match his last note as it was really high. He tells them to decide the rhythm, he will listen to it in a while and leaves.
Mukti sat in the café, waiting for Aaliya. She gets Abhimanyu’s dad’s call, is worried and attends the call. She listens to him and is shocked hearing he has stopped withdrawing money from back. She says she has no idea but will inquire about it from bank.
Nandini looks at Dhruv, then asks there was so much smoke in the room; did he do this to defeat Manik. Dhruv says there were only 4 agar-batti in the room. A peon announces to him that someone has come to meet him. Navya comes there, takes Manik’s name by accident then regrets it. Manik opens the door behind and through action tells Nandini to come out. Navya notices Nandini’s movement, Nandini says she was stretching her hand to make it relax. She asks Navya to wait in the class for Pandit ji, she will just come back from washroom. Navya warns her not to see Manik even, Nandini asks why would she even look at Manik and goes out.
Manik was making a call when Nandini comes to the hall. She turns back and asks him not to turn. She says it is Navya’s promise. Manik asks what rubbish is this. Nandini says there is a loop hole, they can’t see each other but atleast meet one another. She joins her back with Manik, he says he doesn’t believe in this promise, she says she even doesn’t. She says she wants to sing for him, but everytime something wrong happens. Manik says he doesn’t think so, Nandini says whenever they are happy something bad happens and it makes her scared. She closes her eyes and calls Manik as he straightens up. She opens her eyes to see him, his eyes were shut. She also shuts her eyes, he feels her face with his hand. He assures her nothing wrong will happen, he is working on it. He tells her Cabir has gone to meet Dhruv, he takes her along saying he has to show her something.
Mukti takes letters from nurses. Abhimanyu wrotes, ‘This time he just want to say sorry, he wanted to live the six months freely then she came and made his life so beautiful in just a few days. He asks her to stop crying, as if she cries it will become even difficult for him leave this world, he won’t get Mukti then. He reminds her that he always wanted her signature smile on her face. He has left something in canteen for her. ’
Nandini is shocked to see Cabir, Dhruv comes and asks him what he wants from him. He introduces himself as Cabir’s uncle. He tells Dhruv that he wants to leave everything to Cabir but when he got to know that Cabir isn’ a man. Dhruv says he knows he is a gay. Cabir’s uncle gets enraged, but his moustache comes down. Dhruv removes his moustache and his glasses and turns back to leave. Cabir asks him for a hug as he can’t remain without defending them. Dhruv turns and says he now know how people would feel their pranks. He says it must be Manik’s idea. Cabir asks where does Manik come in between. Dhruv says because Manik feels jealous about his participation in concert, that is why he wants to divert his attention so that he can’t practice. He tells Cabir to give his message as he isn’t anything but a messenger.

PRECAP: Manik was shocked if Dhruv is really not coming.

Update Credit to: Sona


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  48. ♥♔sara♔♥

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    OK I think it is not in Bengal not Bangladesh its in between I think dere is no logic in it. Sry can’t answer.

  50. Nutz

    Srryyyyy $ fr interfrng wen u wr answrng, sryyy dat bay of bengal ws circlng in my head den

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    And oldies mean senior citizens…..haha….it was the funniest thng ve ever heard
    Goooodddd morning sweethearts

  63. fairy

    Btw epsd was gud……navya was funny….cabir nd navya =cavya ll b a nc pair….
    Whr is abhi? Is he alive or not??
    Manik ll perfrm wd nand in d fusion concert..

  64. fairy

    Dhruv to opt out from the Fusion Concert in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

    The upcoming episode of highly popular series Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is set to bring some relief and happiness for the fans of Manik (Parth Samthaan) and Nandini (Niti Taylor) as the lovebirds will be seen singing together in the Fusion Concert.
    Dhruv (Utkarsh Gupta) has taken the place of Manik for the fusion concert, and is going to sing in the concert along with Nandini.
    Nandini will be seen under pressure for the concert performance to go well and Manik will notice her tension.
    Manik will present Nandini with some seeds and will tell her that the seeds will grow in a matter of two days.
    Manik will assure Nandini that like the seeds, her performance also will dazzle in the concert

    On the other hand Dhruv will finally realize the deep connection shared by Manik and Nandini, and will opt out of the concert.
    At the last moment Manik will perform with Nandini and the concert will be a huge hit.

  65. Navya

    Waise yeh toh hona hi tha……dhruv will opt out fr sure…..he nd nandu nt matchi g anyway

  66. fairy

    Physical fights between panditji and Manik for Nandini in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

    Fusion concert track of Manik (Parth Samthaan), Nandini (Niti Tylor) and Pandit (Dishank Arora) is getting interesting day by day in Kaisi Yeh yaariyan.

    Pandit ji forces Nandini to sing in smoke which makes Nandini unconscious.

    Manik loses his cool to see Pandit ji behavior for Nandini and beats her.

    However, Dhruv supports Pandit ji by telling that he was also practice in smoke and he was fine.

    Pandit ji tells Nandini that if she will be with Manik anymore then concert will be cancelled.

    Navya is get tensed to hear this and promises to Pandit ji that Nandini will not be with Manik anymore.

    Manik angrily tells Nandini that Pandit ji’s intension is not good for her.

    Nandini also get angry on Manik of his behavior towards Pandit ji.

    Navya to separate Nandini from Manik

    It will now be seen that Nandini tells Manik that she wants no misunderstanding between them anymore due to Pandit ji.
    Navya gets angry on Manik and Nandini to be together.
    Navya takes Nandini away from Manik forcibly.

  67. fairy

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