Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rishab is listening to the music Nandhani comes and texts Austad Mukesh that they will not have the work shop anymore in space. Rishab asks what the matter is and she says that it is very difficult and they sometimes have to make some difficult decisions. She informs that she will try to come back early so that they can play cricket she thinks that if Manik was here and would see Rishab getting better he would be very happy. Nandhani wishes him goodbye and leaves.
Mukti is applying the d free lotion, Naviya calls her and asks what she is doing Mukti replies that she is trying her lotion because she has invited some guests and when she will come back she will tell her everything.
Nandhani rushes to the administration guy and asks for the keys but he refuses, she insists and

he eventually he gives her the keys saying that if she got caught then he would not be responsible, Nandhani thanks him and leaves.
Naviya is sitting with her boss and he says that he will promote her and knows that she came for singing. He says that she will be lonely but she says that she does not have any problem because her friends always support her. He asks if she has a boyfriend and tries to get in touch with her but she makes some excuses and he says that one must not sop others from helping.
Nandhani says that it is the first time that she is checking some ones files and then gets on to look at work and when she is looking at the drivers files, Nyonika comes and stops her she asks the admin but he says that he does not know how she got them, Nyonika asks Nandhani to come to her office.
Naviya is leaving and she gets calls from people asking for the baby she gets angry and leaves for the house.
Nandhani enters the office where Austad Mukesh is sitting he asks Nandhani that she was preparing for this workshop and then she suddenly cancels it. Nyonika scolds Nandhnai and says that does she know who Austad Mukesh is and how can she do something like this. Harshad comes and tries to tell his version of what Nandhani did but Austad Mukesh gets angry and says that Space has a serious lack of discipline. Harshad leaves and Nyonka follows his advice suspending Nandhani for ten days.
Madhiam is walking and sees Nandhani he goes to her and taunts her, suddenly Aryaman comes and asks him to leave but he says that he is the body guard of Nandhani and they both then leave.
Aryaman calls Naviya and scolds her as to why did she post the ad of selling the baby on the internet and orders them to remove it. Naviya hangs up and asks Mukti to remove and they remove it. There is knock on the door and Mukti goes to find Dhruv looking for the add she pulls him in.
Madhiam is standing there and Austad Mukesh comes who says that he did not listen to him and is still performing Rock music he also says that he will not perform it while he is here and says that he will do Workshops regularly here so will be able to keep an eye on him.

Precap: Nandhani and Aryaman go to the driver which Nyonika hired that day on the blast. He tries to run but Aryaman catches him.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. ?minnie?

    Guys happy news around parth is cmg back shit and I got to kno now…. like seriously but anyways m smiling like a fool now…!!???m sooooo damm happy I hope my hopes won’t shatter this time…. cmg back to point m most happy person in this whole world now regarding this news I bet no one would be happy as much I am…!! “He he over hogaya na… but kya karu m sooooo much happy..!!! M just waiting for a official announcement by PS but anyone knows about โ€œhe will be fabulous new look” something??? I hope he didn’t change…. just want old manik malhotra aka majnu manik..hehehe there’s so much to talk bout him na… leave it for now but m toh out of this world now when I saw article regarding this……

    • Hi Minnie, I want to say you something if you don’t mind, remember, in the weekend, you have posted a comment that ,”who those are believe fakey they are fool than them. And I never believe them. Cuz I am the real Parthian nada big one.”
      You should also remember that I have also posted a comment about fakey cuz for is moment I believe that the fakey is real parth samthaan. And I can understand that you are calling me fool. And now I have to say you something Minnie whatever, is your name…. We all came to know that ps returns ky2 s2. But you came to know about his returning before some hours, now tell me that who is real Parthian we or you??? If you are real Parthian then you should have all his recent news but you didn’t have so serf muk se khehne ki bad he tum real Parthian nahi ban jayoge you have to prove it with your activities. And one more thing we all are happy that parth is coming back and it doesn’t matter that who is most happy about this news. And how can you bet that you are the most happiest person in the world. I am not saying that I am most happiest person in the whole world cuz I know that there are some other people who could be happy than me. But you didn’t. So try to stay in your limits, got that .???

  2. ?minnie?

    Cmg to today’s episode…..anyone can explain me y did maddy winked at her…?? can’t over that scene….. Today yuvi again killed me with his looks especially his wink???I mean I used to like him but today even more his looks… damm I was blushing like hell ik it sounds kinda cheesy but still can’t get over him n I don’t even want to ??but seeing yuvi I’ll never ever be a yuvian first… cuz m a parthian…..humesha m again under parth addiction disease…. I was always under it but now a days even more…. hehe cuz everyday my starts n ends wilk kyy but since last two days m watching it from starting how they both used to fight how he used to hurt her…. he means manik huh… sry didn’t realized from kyy train how did I gone on parth n yuvi train…. ?
    But I felt bad for maddy yaar how can his gd force him to learn classical music when his heart is at rock??as far as ik in music v should always do what makes us happy cuz even if maddy starts learning on classical music na then that passion that love for music will never ever come in his performance…… cuz music is only by heart …..dunno if m right or wrong regarding this thing in music but i believe in this only…. anyways hope nyonkika doesn’t does any more nasty plans against nandini

    • Plumpyyy

      U r right pradi..bout music…u saw na in yest epi…dhruv ws sayin that he feels k somethin is missin…n that somethin is his music…music just comes frm heart…if he learns also that passion dedication love wont b der…
      Heheh…i travel in YuvArth(yuvi parth..hw is it?) train frm almost 3 yrs!! These 2 had kidnapped me in their train…heheheee…now im being cheesyyyyy……pradi…yuvi is driving me crazyyyyyy……parth is driving d train now…lol….yep that wink ws damn hot! Like he shaved..he had little subtle…he ws lookin so ravishing in that olive green blazer!!! Im addicted to a disease called “yuvraj thakur” i dont want to b deaddicted!! Acha now gunnyt…i’ll try to come aftrwards…now dinnertime! Foodies…jaker kuch khalo..foodie se kuch yad aaya..nai yad aane k lie usse bhoolna padta jo main bhooli nai! Ofcourse our foodie parth!!!!!!!!!

  3. Plumpyyy

    Okay i loved d epi lots!! I hope maddy gets his drmz fulfilled…nandu toh m always wid her…m worried fr navya…her boss’ sudden change in behaviour is weird..n i always him creepy…

  4. Plumpyyy

    Guyz…any1 of u is nt smiling like a fool? So u donno that parth is comin back!! Hehehhh
    pradi…i can understand exactly wt ur feeling ryt now…infact all parthians,mananholics,pani shippers,kyyians cn understand!! Even im smiling like a fool…srsly…sleeping bhi smiling..wakin up bhi smiling..while writing d exam also smiling!! I ws covering my mouth so that no1 sees me smiling like that! Srsly…pradi..in ur POV ur d happiest..in my POV im d happiest…actually v all think we’re d happiest..!! Gosh! Our happiness has no bounds!! I ws watchin d epis of season 1 in d aftrnoon n ws missing ManBir AyaRth soo much!! I just kuch miracle ho jaye n ayaz also comes back!!! Oh guyzz…its party time!!!!!!! Kuch gaana hai..lyrics type/copy paste karo just spread happiness!!!!!!!!! We’re on top of the world yuhoooo!!!!!!!! Pradi…see i ws like this only yest!! I ws swirling wid my bestie aftr d exam..jumping on d road caring abt no1 n hopping on my frnz all craziness!! I srsly hope that our hopes dont go in drains this time!!

  5. Plumpyyy

    I so hope this b*t*h nyonika n jerkshad rot in hell!!! I cant tolerate their face!! Spclly nyo’s!! Ughhh i hate them!!!

    • ?minnie?

      India forums was saying this only n they even told that PS himself said it yesterday…. but v should wait for official announcement.. Anyways hope for the best… fingers crossed

  6. Plumpyyy

    @pari…did u used to come to TU pages of s1?? In d vry beginning…i ws reading d starting epis…i saw cmnts of “pari”..i wanted to kno if it ws u…
    N i ws smiling n eyes ws thoda moist…awwhoo fairy ammy di sound akka dan nutz aish shar…u guyz’ cmnts were der in those pages…..i miss u guyzzz so so so damn much!! Guyz atleast if parth returns u’ll comd here?? Ek cmnt toh banta hai…
    Uma…dear…idk if it ws a fake account or nt..bt “parth samthaan” had posted that he’s comin back on d show…donno if he’s real parth or not…n d articles r sayin it…so v just hope that they’re true!!

  7. Plumpyyy

    Things that i dont like about nyonika-her voice,her wicked smile,her eyes,her behaviour,self obssession…in short the whole of her!!
    Harshad…pehle toh he’s a jerk!! So damn big jerk!! His irritating voice,his eyes,his way of speakin…agn..in short whole of him!! Biggest reason i hate them….they are the reason fr manik’s darkness…fab 5 probs…the blast…MaNan probs…arghhh…i so hate them!!

  8. Plumpyyy

    HIS heart is in rock…MY heart is in HIM…love u yuvi…u always are d best fr me…TY fr ur alltime lovely adorable cute honest innocent smile…TY=thank you…but fr me..TY= u n me…YuvNa…love ya soo much love!

  9. pari

    if parth will b back na than my happiness will b out of the world hope this news is true fingers cross luv u parth and thora luv for uv but thora han becoz my heart is parth ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. standsa

    Part aka manik is CMG back .that’s great. He is a great actor. But I think he need some ppsychologist.sometimes he is moving off and sometimes moving in..tried with parth drama.
    And please when ever you leave again don’t blame to your co partner. That you part who is not able to adjust …
    Now plz don’t come .I really looking forward to see nandhini and manddy.and chemeistery .he is not a derma king Luke u.

    • nashita(nina)

      Hello miss whatever, never blamed anyone’s character specially parth’ character cuz he never said anything about his co-star niti Taylor. And we all love manan and will always love this couple. So never ever do this again and specially not here cuz this is the comment box of Parthians and we will never bear that person here who blame our parth.

  11. Plumpyyy

    Ur highly mistaken babes! Parth hadn’t blamed niti or any1 of d show!! Its completely his choice!! He doesnt need psychologist…And and and…MaNan(manik nandini) are the best!!! Humesha!! Offscreen..i love YuvNi more!! They r hilarious!! Karan too…in short d whole gang of ky2s2 ky2 is awesome!!

    Comment edited.

  12. Plumpyyy

    Uv…ultraviolet rays…dont think its always harmful…its essential…uv is vry good..uv is d best…coz of “uv” i didnt loose my marks..heheh…somethin…parth_______ idk d other half of that bilogy word…..srsly these also distract me!! Uv n parth…u guyz are a drug fr me!!

    • Plumpyyy

      Aish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U think i’ll forget u????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U n our family are always in my heart!!!!!!!!!!! Evrytym i ask u guyz to come over here!!!!!!!!!! I missed u soooooooo soooooo damn much u knoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im soooo happy aish!!!!!!!! How are u????? Hw’s 11th goin?????????? Hw’re others(our family members)?????? U in touch wid them?????????? Gosh! Im sooo happy!!!! Love u lots aish!!!!!!!!!!! U changed ur mail id??? Coz d symbol is different…n it ws i guess somewhat pink na…??? Plzz come!! If u cn come 2mrrw eve…coz 2day i’ve learn 20 chapters of social science d exm is 2mrw!!!! I need ur wishes aish!!! Koi toh ho mere pyaare always mastiikhor family ka jo mujhe wish kare!!!!!!
      Guyz u too hav to give ur wishes!!
      Aish u watchin kyy2??? N i kno its nt any fakey…i feel so…i cn remember ur writing..like d spellings u used fr certain words…love u tonz

    • Plumpyyy

      Aish…u wished auhona on her bday?? U in touch wid others??
      Pradi..she’s one of d lovely oldies of s1…but kyy is kyy… she’s vry sweet…

  13. Guys listen, parth has recently officially confirmed that he is coming back. Can’t believe, okay then check on kaisi yeh yaariyan news today’s articles. Parth samthaan said that “I am extremely elated to return to kaisi yeh yaariyan.”

  14. ?minnie?

    Girl don’t worry I can understand ur mental problem that u need serious help but pls girl in fit don’t blame parth for anything โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บalready there’s a lot happening around so keep ur hatred to urself cuz PS will not see ur hatred n all cuz u kno what even if he reads ur comment on him na then also it won’t effect him neither us(parthians) cuz v kno how down to earth and nice guy he is….in physical terms also n in mental terms also v kno how good he is n u have no right to give comments on anyones character, anyone’s personality in fact no one among has that right and cuz u kno what… no no I’ll give u a not so friendly advice that u messed with wrong person…. cuz I won’t leave anyone who even says parth is this that n all… never if u want proff check old pgs u ll kno how bad I am when it comes to anyone among kyy cast especially PaNi…. then u toh said bout parth…. but still m talking cuz of parth’s one of iv otherwise u would have lots n lots of abuses on u from me ???trust me I can do that very well when it comes to him…. very well….hope u understand this much English as in whatever u wrote have a lot of spelling mistakes which is damm horrible.. but anyways…..hope u get it… cuz m ready to show my bad side if u again say anything on parth’s character…. ??and did he ever said NITI IS THE REASON BEHIND HIS EXIT…..??NO NA THEN Y ASSUMING THINGS HE SAID MANY DAMM TIMES THAT โ€œNITI IS NOT THE REASONโ€ HE SAID IT NEARLY HUNDRED TIMES BUT STILL FOOLS LIKE U TRUST STUPID SITES LIKE TELLY CHAKKAR CUZ THEY ARE FAKE N ITS PROVED….. do u even kno him personally that u are saying hes drama king n all..?? M sure u haven’t then y to make urself a fool in front of others ??? For what u wanted to make fool out of u??? Dunno it but still never ever say anything on anyone’s character….how would u feel huh when anyone will go on ur character n saw things which will hurt u a lot?? M sure u will feel bad in fact anyone will feel bad…so y to do that….. just chuck it if u hate him… keep it to urself…

    P’s: if anyone replies understand this then pls make sure u won’t be rude at all n without any abusive language cuz u will get same in return n that to with interest ??

    Love parth till eternity…
    Always a parthian n will be…….humesha
    Ok thanks bye

  15. Minnie, For the first time iam agreeing with you. But that doesn’t mean that I am scared of you, iam agreeing with you cuz I am also a Parthian. And standsa always remember what Minnie has said recently and I will also not bear if anyone say something about my parth’s character. So be careful all of you including standsa.

  16. Plumpyyy

    Im outta all fights or whatever u guyz call!! Ik u dont want me in d fights or better u dont expect some1 else to come in b/w coz ik vry well hw it feels wen some1 comes in b/w our fights!! Btw…im not comin aftr 4:30 pm here…i gotta learn a lot…i cn just imagine my halat..its dreadful!!! Help come outta my nightmare soon guyz!!! Enjoy 2day’z epi…keep lovin ky2s2!! Ik u’ll love it…!! No doubt!!

  17. Plumpyyy

    For a person like me…kyy is inspirational…im inspired…!! Thanks a zillion fr this wonderful show!! Ik a thanks aint enough to thank!! Coz it has made a permanent place in our hearts which cannot be replaced anythin or any1 ever!! Love KYY KY2S2!!!!!! HUMESHA!!

  18. this is a very good news for all parthians and kyy fans that parth is back on the show…..let’s just not spoil it fighting…..lets stay happy ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ……….like u remember abhimanyu used to say…..always smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Minnie, you have very poor memory, I always comment in ky2 updates. And I should remind you that you have said yourself that if anyone will talk rudely then he/she will get same in return. So, I have post my comment in very good language. And I was trying to tell in my comment, that isn’t for I am scared of you I use good languages for my own wish. And now you are being rude. Anyways, I am also a great fan of PS. So, when you said that you are real Parthian, then I feel a little bad, and I couldn’t control my temper. You can be the best parthian but that time I was out of control but that doesn’t mean that I want you become my enimy.
    So if my any word or sentence hurt you then I am sorry. Don’t feel bad. We all here are friends. And please don’t be rude. ???

  20. pari

    be in ur limitssss ok

    dont u dare to talk rubish abt parth
    i think ur sycho
    got to any siecetrist
    not a word aginst parth
    and for u r kind information he didnt blame any one
    we will not tolerate a word abt parth
    this in ur
    sycho brain :/

  21. pari

    no more fights at kyy page
    becoz itz yarriyan
    not fighting page na ๐Ÿ™‚
    so plzzzzzzzzzz

  22. swapna

    Yeah guys……parth is back on show…..he posted a comment on instagram…..just nw i rwad in news……im extremely happy….since parth were not in d show……i was nt watchng frm month……bt nw…..i hav to stick to tv daily at 6.30….its party news guys……

  23. swapna

    Please guys dont fight…..parth has took his decission….don blame to any1 even he said this……..n….plz plz…..don fight guys.,,,.v r like a kyy2s2 family,,,,,

  24. Plumpyyy

    Okay i said i wont come m addicted so much to kyy!! Nash!! Good that u said srry!! Coz sayin srry doesnt make any1 loose or win!! It feels better!! Trust me! Yeah guyzzz…its yaariaan…our happy familyyy

  25. Plumpyyy

    And swapna…dear…were u commenting on the TU pages of s1 in d vry beginning of d show?? As in..last yrs’ august september…i saw mny comments of ur name there…i ws reading d older cmnts…
    Arre i’ve read a lot!! Any1 come n scold me to leave!! Im impossible!! Ughhh…irritated wid this terrible txtbook!! Okay bye guyzz…enjoy 2day’s update…

  26. Plumpyyy

    Hey strawberry!!! I second u! Our best show itself gives the best suggestion!! Abhimanyu!!! Arre i miss him soooooo much!!! His smile…awww….i miss MukBhi…i loved hw he made mukti smile freely on that photoshoot…he ws just to make us happy…n his character ended like that…y do all these happen to good ppl?? Not only in real bt in shows also they do d same…not shows…show…kyy…i remember parth’s 1st show that ws bff…even there it ws like that!! Ughhhh…evrywhr my fav shows fav characters has to face this!!! But always love MukBhi…abhi..!!

  27. Plumpyyy

    Idk wt comment…but parth(might b a fakey) had commented that he’s gonna come back on d show n he’ll start shooting frm sep 30 which is 2day!!! If its true na…parth has started his shoot!!! Yuhoooo…fingers crossed!

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