Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Maddy is waiting when Aryaman passes and after seeing him he stops and starts to taunt him but Maddy gets angry and says that he does not understand what Aryaman is saying then Aryaman explains that it seems that Maddy is homeless now and so he is offering him a place to stay. Maddy says that he does not have money now but as soon as he will get it he is going to pay Aryaman so it is going to be on rent basis. Maddy after seeing the Tabbla and Drums asks Aryman if he like both on this Aryaman says that he tried to master the drums but was unable to but he did however master the Tabbla, Maddy sasy that he was never into classical Music it is just in his blood but rock music is in his hearts.
Nandhani is calling Aryaman but he doesnot pick up and while Maddy tells him to pick up he puts

it in his pocket. Manik passes and when he sees Nandhani he asks her to come but she doesnot and then he goes to her and asks what happened but she does not tell him. Then Manik tries to kiss her suddenly the rest of them come and call both of them hearin their call Manik asks if they could not wait five more minutes on this Mukti asks what he was doing and he says that he was going to kiss Nandhani and can they give him some time but she says that they are here to party and so he is going to drop his Love act for a day. Then they drag both of them away.
As they are walking Manik suddenly sees Naviya and goes to meet her he when goes near her he talks to her about the crash site and says that he knows she misses Cabir as they are talking the peon brings her luggage and son. Manik is amazed to see the boy and asks who’s son it is then everyone laughs it is only then he comes to know that he is her son. Naviya places Abir in Manik’s hands even after he rejects saying that he cannot handle it. They all have fun and then he gives him back to her. Then they all play a game which is devised by Nandhani with a twist in which they have to act with a twist in which they cannot say the clue words and have only one minute.
They begin it and then Naviya comes first and is able to perform very well and after her Dhruv comes and on his turn they all get what it is and so on until Aryaman comes and they Nandhani hugs him seeing this Manik gets angry then he devises a game in which they have to pass a Vegetable to the other then they start with Aaliya and Dhruv and when it reaches to Nandhani and Aryaman Manik gets angry and seeing him Nandhani gets afraid.

Precap: Nandhani and Manik both device a plan to fool the police and steal the police. Nandhani is able to distract them but the police man is not fooled and they get caught.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Plumpyyy

    Yeah pradi!!! Our old KYY is back!!!! Yayyyiieeeee!!! Yippieeee!!! Hurrah!!! Yuhoooo!!!!!! That masti..partying..chillin..hanging out…aww bt all this is still incmplt widout cabir!! The epi ws awesome until dat bandar came to d party!! Huh! Lesbo!! N wen dhruv ws sayin…usse dikha sakte hai usse chupa bhi sakte hai…my dirty mind ws on n i ws laughin lyk maniac… N manik ws gonna say s*x!! Gosh! They r makin us laugh so much!! N fantasy…manik said to nandu…that’s what i love!! The way he said gosh! Uske peeche ka meaning bhi i undrstood!! Thnx to my one track mind! Maddy…iska character kitna bhi negative kardo he cant stop lookin cute n innocent!! Kabhi nahi!!!

  2. Aur yeh hua ky2s2 MaNan ka dusra kiss miss ??
    Manik ne hi ek baar bola tha na that his frnds never disturb…. see aaj kya hua ??
    Bolo manik….

  3. Plumpyyy

    Pradi i too saw dat dubsmash video of charlie di n doll…god dat ws hilarious!! But that “pagalpan” doll,charlie di n krissann mad dance na…had made my tummy ache badly out of laughin!!! Washing powder…id wanna take that idiot’s name on this pg!
    Btw guyz…9 days more fr our doll niti’s bday!!! N yeah isme dont forget that its my smile..my strength’s bday month too! Arey aur kon…yuvi!! On november 22…its one of my teachers’ bday..huh…its on sunday so m planning to tell mom to make my fav dish n i’ll hav chotu sa party in schl on saturday!! Yayy…doll n yuvi’s bday same month!! Bday se yaad aaya…u kno wt guyz parth n my bro’s bday is same!!! I.e march 11!!! Bt d diff. is parth is just mindblowing n awesome(words r less) n my bro is a kachde ka dabba…bilkul useless!!

    • Their dubsmashes are hilarious tosh ??unse bhi zyada uttu yuvi k videos are!!! Damm they are freaking awsum!! among Uttu and yuvi’s viedeo I love that frndship one…. with the caption “once upon a v were frnds until…. ”
      ?Yuvi: khane mein kya laya hai
      Uttu: chicken
      Yuvi: ??
      Uttu: lekin ?
      ?Yuvi: lekin kya!
      ?uttu: jab tu bahar tha tab maine kha liya
      **yuvi shocked* ??
      Yuvi: dosti khatam!!!!
      This is my most fav among their videos
      BTW do u kno what she wants on her bday….?? if possible she wants a video from shahid wishing her hbd and fans are trying but……hope sk will wish her… m more excited coz parth bhi hoga vaha hope he will wish her….. just hope….

  4. Alya, mukti, dhruv ???tum teeno ko hum fans ki khushi dekhi nahi jati kya

    Jin loge ne trend ki thi unhone fhir se shadow romance or dream sequence dekhne nahi baithe hai…..
    Yaar ek baari unhe thoda time spend karne do…!!
    Kyun MTV walo I thought today they will show MaNan promo wala romance par mila kya……. aur teen din kaun wait karega ???koi pls teen din fast forward kardo ??

  5. Plumpyyy

    Srsly pradi…i bursted out laughin…these fab 3 r no less!! Jab cabira tha toh he used to b d villain of manan romance aur ab fab 3! Manik’s expression ws freakin’ awesome wen fab 3 came to spoil another kiss!! Loved it!! Kiss kar raga tha!! Haha i love manik!! Shy boy dhruv bohot change ho gya hai…what say guyz?

  6. Like every time they miss the chance and couldn’t kiss Nandu. And manik should beat arymaan. Then bandaryamaan will come to know that what is the punishment of creating misunderstanding between manan. Anyways vv good epi. Again masti and fun of friends. Missing u cabira

  7. Plumpyyy

    Oops! Shit!! I gtg to IF ASAP!! Okay bye guyz i hav to rush!! Shifa u study well..n nanu ninge IF alli msg madte..do check ur scrapbook! Actually der’s manan ff’s chappy gonna b posted woh bhi my fav! I cant miss manan der too! Bye love u guyz tata c ya

  8. nanik

    wow grt manan scene:)
    finally nandu bhi manik ka saath de rahi hai evil plans mein like fooling police.
    grt job nandu aise hi hona chahiye hamesa apne manik ka saath Dena :p

  9. ?Koi pls maddy ko samjhao varna aryamann k saath vo bhi hatoda khayega ??
    My reaction when nandu was constantly calling aryamann ???lyk srsly nandu! Tere hero idhar hai tujhe side hero ki fikhar hai…. pehle ro rahe thi “kaash mein tumhare saath todha aur time spend kar pate” and now… huh now what..! Navya bhi nahi pochite usse toh call nahi kiya uske saath abber bhi toh tha na!

  10. shifa(shakira)

    @plumpyy bye aytha nanu innu ille barleke hagudilla nange next week exam srt adu end agdu dec 5 .nan ninnanu tumba tumba miss madikoltini bye.tckr all the best u exam make 100% mark barlikd nanu pray maduthe.miss u sis

  11. shifa(shakira)

    plumpyy,prads,anu,pinky,saish,dhanu,nashita.bye guys miss u all.m not come here bcoz m exam strt nxt week.

  12. Nashita(nina) do u remember yesterday someone wanted manik out of the show and see now she’s praising now .. !!got scared by us….. she thought do char din acche se nikalne hai toh inse panga mat lo manik k baare mein bura mat bolo..hehe pakka she’s scared of us… poor girl

    • I knew that it will happen. She is really scared by us.?? I think u r talking about blessy. But I don’t saw any comment of her in today’s pg yet. Did u saw she is praising in today’s pg???

  13. Plumpyyy

    Nanu sa ninnannu tumba miss madtene shifa…olle odu…namgellarige khushi agtade agar ninge olle marks sikkidre…i kno ninge olle marks siktade…nan sa ninge pray madtene k ninge 100% sikli…love u too n miss u too shifa…

  14. When manik said to everyone “yeh kaise hua..??”
    Kyyfans be like: ??
    Manik sahi question pucha tumko kaha se pata hoga after all s1 mein u did shadow romance na…. ???are u listening cv manik doesn’t from where abeer came and how ?

    Manik talking to navya
    Yeh kiska bacha hai, kaha se aaya, kaat ta toh nahi??
    Manik chill chill chill hum samajte hai yeh harshad ka beta haina toh isme sochne mein burai nahi hai…. see he proved usne kaat bhi liya ??
    I was so waiting for this moment….ki when… When will manik will see abeer

  15. When manik said paach minute ruk nahi sakte the
    Koi fayda nahi manik hum toh kabse se bol rahe hai kiss miss maat karao

    *dialogue of the day* dunno if its exact or not
    Dhruv : manik what is does every person need
    Manik :daaru ??
    Dhruv: nahi aage soch..
    Manik:ohh that… .
    Girls: *face palms*
    Aiyyappa aaj bohot crazy karliya maine…. enough for today my favorite one I’ll post tmrw regarding karela scene…. too much excited ??

  16. Plumpyyy

    Hahah right pradi…manik’s like short term memory loss hua i guess…n pradi that ff name is love is MaNan…complete positive ff…n d chappy isnt posted:( nyonika-manik patch up mission hai ab nandu ka usme…n guess wt nyonika is positive! N she has already accepted nandu!!

  17. Plumpyyy

    Haan yaar that topiwala dhruv..shy boy ws soo cute!!! Abhi bhi cute hai uski baat alag hai… Gunnyt..gtg..love ya guyz…night birds aa jao!!

  18. Plumpyyy

    Hhaha gals started their “cheee yuckkk” wen manik almost said s*x!! N i ws half fallen laughin!! Sab kuch acha tha till dat bandar came!! 😑
    pradi waiting fr ur joke

  19. Linz

    Hoi guyz.. i read tiz updates part when i miss the show.. Im from south to be precise from Kerala.. I usually read ur cmnts when i come.. KYY is the only serial i watch regularly.. and I’m addicted to it…

  20. Plumpyyy

    Aadhu!! Aadhu adhu!!! R u really my aadhu??!! Whr were u?? Wt’s ur 10th results?? Arey aadhu i missed u sooo damn much!!! Sachhi na ur my old bhilai wali aadhu?? Im smiling like mad nw! I missed bohot bohot bohot bohot bohot bohot sara!!!!!!!! Aadhu plz come 2day also plzz aadhuuuu!!!!!! Its really u na…i really hope ur my aadhu only…!! Love u millions n billions n zillions!!!
    So nw ur back to kyy?? U didnt watch it on youtube?

      • Nashita(nina) whats ur prob I mean yesterday too u were poking into 2ppls cmt who were just sharing their opinion….. y?? For what?? Is she likes maddy and nandu its completely OK coz she didn’t said to make them as couple or any harsh word to MaNan so pls girl sonali just ignore u can share ur opinion

      • Minnie, I didn’t write any rude or harsh word. I was just telling her that yeah maddy and Nandu’s pair is good but manan is best. And I was telling her but why r u being angry???? I was poking but not in ur comment. Wht’s ur problem in this??? Now u r poking in my matter.
        And sonali if u r hurt then I am sorry.

      • Cozu Cozupoke unnecessary….today too u poked into my talk with sara regarding abeer…. u dont even kno bout what v were talking bout but then also u said he’s not that abeer and all which I hate the most if anyone expect my frnds interrupt my chat….. so I lose my temper thats it!

  21. Varisha saifi

    Waiting for video of latest episodes… Why aryaman is coming between manan ,after all they got together after 4 month ,luv u Parth ,waiting for next episode .bye ?

  22. Plumpyyy

    Is it really u shifa?? Coz first of all ur email is changed..d symbol u kno..n y did u say hlo plunpyyy wen i wsnt der at d tym u posted d cmnt…der r others too so speak to them also… But if its really my shifa toh no worries:)
    hmm maddy-nandu pair..they look lyk besties..nt couple…agar couple chahiye toh im der na! Me n maddy will make d best pair!! Haha hw’s it? Fr me its gud..bt i love yuvna more…!! Guyz do u kno that exactly 1 year b4 it ws musicana opening night epi!! Nt d kiss one..d zip romance!! Nazar laaye na!! Bt if day is seen toh…its d kiss epi..the first MaNan Kiss!!! Those best lines epi!!!

  23. My Manan

    OMG, missed kiss..
    Dear Manik, I love u alottt..u r mine manan and happy u are back..got memerized..
    Manik..u r wowwwwwwwwww

  24. My Manan

    Love u manik…what a…
    Hmmm, my manik..u r rocking ..i like manan but love u manik..
    Happy u r back ..

  25. @prads yes he is sweet n genuine n he loves his fans i still like him mere dil mein parth or pearl dono equal hain, Soha ne Insta pe post kra tha k she is coming back to kyys2 she is a wall b/w manan but I love her look kyyrocks

    • Nope punku she is not cmg back she said.. when did she said she’s cmg back?? Coz day before yesterday she did a joke saying whoever wants to meet PaNi manan will contact abhinav something then afterwards she deleted her caption coz abhinav was getting many msgs and she even said soha isn’t cmg back

  26. Punku u remember olive???? My buddy ???today I gone through old cmts and saw our chat and her cmts…….she said she will try to come here but……. I even miss sru….. my dreamy….shab di…. I even miss chinu(ramchin) ……now now even anu isn’t there yaar dhanu di bhi nahi aarahi hai and shifa di busy with her xams ???

  27. Plumpyyy

    Yeah minnie(dat fakey shud nt kno ur nickname so m callin u by ur username)…if u r d shifa toh y didnt u call her by her nick name huh? Same question popped up in my mind too minnie! N yaar no worries..evn my cmnt comes undr some1 else’ cmnt!
    Nash..hey thnx! Bt i want yuvna to b d best:D
    minnie…that ff which i ws talkin bout..ff love is manan…nxt chappy is updated n its completely on friendship n mera dil pyaar se bhara hai fr d writer n fr her n my fav ff!! Gosh! U gotta read it gal! I love Fab 5 bond wid nandu in dat…acha i hav to unres my cmnt..wahan se yahan bhagi aayi…bye

  28. Plumpyyy

    And minnie i cn completely understand ur state yaar… Evn m goin through d same pain…evn i miss my frnz..my sissies..my bhais..i kno hw it feels widout them…aaj subah toh my aadhu came bt she went back…aadhu whr r u?? I want ur 10th results! It’ll b a booster fr me! And kyy is bout friendship n this pg is known fr our love fr kyy n our bond of friendship here! Evry single minute ws filled wid cmnts!! Phirse m sayin…i miss u guyz!! I miss OUR KYY ROXZ FAMILY!! My no no OURS second family!! Awwhoo,aadhu i miss u both lots!! Baki sab bhi…bt yeh dono thoda zyada! Anuu isnt der in d list..ik main kaise uska name miss kar sakti hu bt she’s my bestest sissy n m in touch wid her on IF…so my “A” lovelies love u!!
    8 days to go…niti’s bday!! Our doll’s bday guyz!! November 8 on d way!! Wohooo m soo happy fr this!!

  29. Plumpyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sunnnnn!!!!!!!
    Uttu marnewale hai parth k haato not uttu but may be blame will go on him uk what happened uttu first posted a pic of parth n his which was damm weird then he literally posted the pic of the scene in which they were about to make out but nandu stopped manik that one I mean how he hugged her while lying that pic was posted captioned I love PANI…… but it was not posted by uttu his twitter and insta were hacked even same happened with doll… and uk what parth retwitted pani wale pic saying “wtf is this utkarsh…. this is ridiculous” then uttu said i mean not uttu but hackey twitted I was teasing parth….but v all kno that they kno their limits and can’t tease each other publicly……!! Can u imagine plump how low hackey can stood!!! I and anu very know how down they stood…. lyk srsly… parth is damm angry

  30. Minnie, U r right I didn’t saw that u commented there ur comment was post after my comment and when I saw ur comment then I understand what was she asking so I commented there that I understand and then I wrote about abeer. It is a misunderstanding and I didn’t know that u don’t like it. So,Sorry for my unwanted mistake. People make mistakes so don’t angry wid me. Sorry. ???

  31. @pradishma she said much b4 yr… ofcourse i remember olive, n like them plz u dont go…else i will be alone…n link btao kon se page k comments prhey tumne? even i want to read n revive old memories that jokes n all….kyyrocks

    • Sarraaaaa!!!!!!!! Why the hell u revealed my name uk I didn’t wanted all that prob once again that bimbo aditi all fakey’s so I hidden my identity I changed my everything coz of it i only cmt here just to be away from that horrible stuff!! I Didn’t even talked with chinu coz i would have to reveal my real identity !and u did plumpy ne sense use ki and sara u ruined it….!!! m Disappointed by u sara …!!I srsly don’t want past to repeat

    • Shut up!!!dare if u say this…. anu kaam kya kaam madhubala thi now u too….. punku aap kyun dil pe lete ho see I said all that thinking my right on u…… don’t behave lyk this ……chill maro I was just angry…. frustrated with that girl who was claiming herself as prads …so….

    • before going i wana say k i did by mistake n not intentionally n i m going as i also dont want all dat to repeat n i dont want others to be hurt because of me so bye frnd…

  32. Plumpyyy

    Sara!! Come here plz!! Dont leave!! Minnie..say na! See if u go sara minnie will b saddened! U kno na hw she is! Plz dont go…plzzzzzzz!!!!!! Kyy k lie..parth k lie..manan k lie…tumhare friendship k lie..plz dont go!!

  33. Plumpyyy

    Jitna bhi try karlo past ko bhoolne k liye…but it does haunt us! Fakies are increasing day by day i kno hw mny frnz i hav missed..mny here too left coz of same reason! N some toh abusing others! Plus kutton jaise pade the kuch logon k peeche! I wont reveal those morons’ name! They’re disgusting!! Uske baad se mny left d page…!! They just take advantage of these WU pages n v cmnt here n they hav fun…blo*dy cowards!! Here v come to share our opinion fr d show i.e kyy..our love fr it..n these donkeys dare to hurt us!! Hw i wish they die a vry painful death!!

  34. Shifa, if u r real then u should also write my name but u didn’t. And u r calling minnie in minnie name not in her real name. And real shift told us before going that she will not come here as her xams in knocking at the door. That’s means u r a fakey. Now stop fooling us and stay away.

    • stop it!!! Don’t u dare call me!!!! Whats ur prob man don’t drag me in ur cmts!!!!I hate it to the core when a mere stranger uses my name!!! Get it staright !!!do u even kno what and how fakey’s are!!behave lyk a newbie in this category

      • So u stop it!!! Who the hell gave u right to involve my user name in ur blo*dy cmt!!!!so u stop m controlling this must just coz u started commenting on kyy and on top of that us are plump’s frnd…. and fyi I just paying u back for ur poking…. simple is that

    remember this day?? Zehnasseb……
    That day fireflies and stars made MaNan…. she said she will shine for him…. and shes is doing her promise very well…….. OMG i can’t believe its their first kisss anniversary!!!
    ehnaseeb, Zehanaseeb
    Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
    Mere kareeb, mere habeeb
    Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb (someone who is destined to be yours)

    Tere sang beete har lamhe pe humko naaz hai
    Tere sang jo na beete uspe aitraaz hai
    Iss kadar hum dono ka milna ek raaz hai

    Huaa ameer dil ghareeb
    Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
    Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
    Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb


  36. Ruhi

    Hi Minnie, Sara…!!! How are you both?? Hope u remember me!! Sara I msged u n Skype too.. But unfortunately u were not online. So how is your studies Minnie?? N where is anu,liya n all? Sometimes I see anu’s comments but wat happened to liya? Don’t she comment?

    • Shabbuuuuu diiii!!!!!!!! How are u di???OMG m sooo damm happy!!! Uk yesterday only I said bout u… I miss u and today u came..!???my exams are going on di even anu’s and v all kno how hard is her std so she will come after her xams liya cmts sometimes on swargini and that too she started it now…..nothing is same everyone is busy in their owm lifes…..chuck it… how’d u identify me di??? I Love u lot di..??pls keep cmg lyk this only… pls

  37. How can i forget…. happy manan kiss day… I came here today only for wish manan.. I am very busy in my study… Now i’ll come on monday…bye guys…

  38. ADELE

    Hii all!! Pradsssssssss!!!! Patah nhi tumme aisa kya hain that I literally get attracted towards u!!! Myshishhyyyy!!!?????? my cutieeee piee!!!

    Mujhe bht yaad aarhi thi so…….I came?

    Dear….ek baar prads ki baat toh sunn lo….usse bass WO sab repeat nhi chahiye issliye she said dear……
    WO kya……..hum mei se kissi ko bhi wo sab waapas nhi chaahiye…….
    Tumhaari koi galti nhi thi dear…..prads bass itna bolri hain ki usska full name reveal mat karo…….thatz it!!

    Ab plz waapas aabhi jaao na!!!

  39. ADELE

    ? LUV. ?
    ? MANAN?
    ? HUMESHA!!?

  40. Ruhi

    I’m fine Minnie. I know u r MANAN fan n I do read your comments sometimes but wasn’t able to comment. This tu is irritating, it takes time to post our comment! Tats the reason i comment on tu rarely.

    N of course all the best for your exams.. N best wishes for anu too. N punkin(Sara) πŸ˜‰ hope she is out of abheers dream.. When ever I see her gravatar image I always find mehbeer.. Long back I saw her what’s app dp is also mehbeer.. But lost her contact since back up πŸ™

    N who is this misusing shifa name.. Oh god fed up with this fakers.. Still roaming around.. K yah take care..u have manan dreams n Sara with mehbeers.. πŸ˜€

    • ruhi u can send ur whatsapp number on skype so v can chat there…i know u r irritated by this moderation…i like mehbeer alot yr or pearl(abeer) to stunning hai so uska bhoot itne aasani se utarne wala nahi :p kyyrocks

    • Good to kno shab di…. I toh thought u won’t recognize me…… but u did ….yeyyy??this moderation prob na…….. its hell annoying uk sometimes it takes hours for my cmt to get posted………..I wished they couldn’t have changed tu…… leave this….thank u for ur wishes dida…….?

      No na di she’s still in his dreams dunno what magic he did on her… she loves him to core yeah her dp are always of mehbeer only……. OK punku ik u will be thinking that “khudke bhi toh MaNam k hi hote hai and u are accusing me”sholly….. she’s is so much addicted and loves mehbeer that she runs a mehbeer fc on insta and even writes mehbeer ff’s…………
      These fakey’s are still the same…….. I wish v could again do pranks on them…… but this moderation !!!???

      • v can still do pranks on them…i did it last time with dat sid khurana n it got posted…n yeah i love pearl to core uske style ka magic hogaya hai mujhpe u know what uski yaad na aye na isliye raat ko pillow ko hug kr k sona prta hai so dat i have a gud ni8 sleep πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ kyy rocks

  41. Plumpyyy

    Hey minnie!! Still same reason fr callin u by ur username! Okay so wen u posted d cmnt of MaNan First Kiss Anniversary i ws watchin dat epi agn n agn!! Awww dat epi!!! Manik n nandini became MaNan!! Bt still d end of dat epi had d same effects as last year!! I cried agn!! N that epi 69 bhi dekh liya..coz if i watch d kiss epi toh i surely watch that one too…coz of that hug!! I just love that hug to d core!! One of my fav MaNan hugs!!! The song zehnaseeb..i just liked it wen it ws released..bt wen it ws played on MaNan i loved it!! That smile..nandu didnt say bout d fireflies theory n here manik so wanted to kno bout it..nandu knew it…TRUE LOVE…glowing fireflies symbolizes true love n thats our MaNan!!! Those lines…best ever!! I cant get to hear so intense n loving line ever!! N i dont want to! MaNan humesha!! This mere word has become so damn speacial aftr MaNan fever happened to us!! I dont wanna recover frm this fever ever!! Love is MaNan!!

    • That epi na aiyyappa it was so damm emotional…… uk yesterday I was watching it…. the way she innocently asked”manik yeh tum kya bol rahe ho” from that line tears welled up in my eyes after that even manik was in the verge of crying…….. so damm emotional epi until 100epi of s1…… that hug na awwwwweeee bone crashing hug ……didn’t u noticed it was dp before this ?????I too love that scene so I had kept it as my dp and after this anniversary I’ll again put it uk on IF i saw that pic and I loved it so much that I literally saved that pic even though it was quite blurry blurry………anyways y didn’t u came since morning??? YuvNa land mein khoye the kyaa…..???

    • Adele(anu)

      Plumpyy!!! Hii dear!!! Wassup??!!!
      Yuvna k dreamland se bahaar bhi aajao!!
      Thoda humse bhi baat karr liya karo!!?

  42. ADELE

    Btw prads…..utkarsh’s acc got hacked??? Lyk srslyyy????!!!! Pehle nandu n now uttu……!! Logon ko koi kaam hi nhi hota sivay dussron ko pareshaan karne ka! Huhhh!!?

  43. ADELE

    N I saw that pic……Parth n utkarsh were in a very awkward pose!!!!???

    How can ppl be soooo cheap??!!! Lyk srslyyy!!!!!

  44. That only na anu bina kaam k behte hote hai….. use less morons???………. v both know how it feels when someone uses ur account………half are saying its hacked and half are saying its not…..but I think it is hacked coz they all know what what things needed to be b/w them only……. in one of their ivs when they asked them to reveal each others secret that time only uttu said “dosto k secrets close hote hai” something…… coz pakka was a hakey….. BTW least once in a day till ur xams get over cmt here for once pls……

    • Adele(anu)

      Ohkk prads…….promise I’ll cum……although mom wonn allow….. But chupke se toh I can!!!??
      Kyy rockkzzzz

    • Adele(anu)

      Obviously yaar…..utkarsh aisa karr hi nhi sakta!!! He can’t even think lyk this!!!! I juzzzzz hateee suchh ppl!!

      But their pose?????

  45. Plumpyyy

    Nah re…these days i ws just jumping frm TU to IF..IF to TU…aaj bhi wahi karrahi hu… Yeah that epi is so heart wrenching!!! Manik aftr he turned about…godd!! Nandu ws broken..manik pushed into darkness again!! N that hurts us even now n evn wen v turn old n watch kyy na..our reactions will b same!!
    No MaNan day pe MaNan land:) bt i ws adoring n staring at yuvi n uttu’s edit fr minutes!! Yuvi is just sooooooo full of cuteness!!! Nautanki! Bt i cant believe that its d same yuvi who writes those philosophical lines and d short film filling in the blanks!! He’s a great writer uk!! I love his writing skills!! Did u watch filling in the blanks btw?? Its his short film…actors r lavin and abigail..his close frnz..bestie actually yuvi n abi…yuvi had a small character in it..cameo…but written n directed by yuvi:)…if u didnt watch toh just watch fr once…but aftr ur exams!! Let ur exms get over first!! Study well minnieeee n anu!! All the best gals!!

    • Plump, Be happy in ur yuvi land. U always see all of his best sides. Ur this thing I lyk most. One day u will surely meet with yuvi. Ur this comment is amazing. Bye.

    • Adele(anu)

      Awwwee plumpyy!!! I’ll surely watch dear….. Pucca!!! U r really shoo cute dear!!!
      N once again thanks for ur wishes!!!
      Luv u!?

      • Plumpyyy

        ‘kay anu…but aftr ur exams get over! Usse pehle not allowed!! Ik if v neglect studies even a little in 9th toh wt happens in 10th..n here m in my 2nd semester of 10th:( i dont wanna leave my schl! Love u too anu!

    • Yeah actually…. his thoughts are amazing that he posts on insta……firstly i thought he must have copy pasted but no…….
      Uk today I came across a ff and i swear I couldn’t stop laughing….???it was damm funny!! Uk manik, cabir, dhruv and navni were late for their first lecture and they were scolded by proff later they became frnds and they went for a cruise party together in which they spiked proff’s drink and he started behaving lyk small kid saying he wants to dance and alya who got emotional said not to be upset then he pleaded her to dance with her to which she agreed…….. then cabir asked dj to play munni badnam hui but nandu stopped them saying evev alya is with him but he assured her then alya started doing all fadu s*xy steps according to dance and even proff was doing lyk her then they all were satisfied…….proff said “mumma mujhe ghar jana hai” and everyone started laughing….. but then our cabiraa asked him who is his papa then proff pointed towards manik and everyone again bursted out laughing…… situation was going out of control so cabir suggested to make him drink lemon water… so they went in car cavya were at front seat and proff was sitting behind with his so called parents in car he was irritating them showing trees n all…… so when he asked for ice cream manik scoled him and proff started crying keeping his head on nandu’s shoulder saying papa daat rahe hai… so when they reached to some shop he said he wants to (uk what I mean) so he shyly went towards nandu saying her to open his pant but manik dragged him ………i was literally laughing lyk anything…….. I guess u must have read this ff na “the rivals” ??

      • Plumpyyy

        I love d philosopher side of yuvi!
        N i’ve not read dat ff yet..actually i saw dat bt no tym to read..presently i read these..all r manan ff:
        love is MaNan.
        Coz all of mee loves all of you.
        Best friends forever(completed)
        its complicated
        my world’s king
        irrevocably in love with you(completed long back n d 1st ff which i read)
        the pleasurable intoxication
        fascinate me
        reflection of love
        because i love my best friend
        you become my story
        love..selfish and selfless
        turn the night up
        just married
        jab miley hum tum
        life with nandini
        she is my fan or i am her fan?
        Holds the key to my heart??
        You brighten up my life
        can love happen twice
        humari adhuri kahani(completed)
        that’s it i guess! N i’ve got some PMz of new stories too so i gotta add them in my list!
        Gosh! Shud i call u by ur name ya username? That’s hilarious man! Im gonna read dat ff!

  46. Well, I’m glad both Maddy and Aryaman stayed on the show, even if Manik is definitely back, now. I’ll be also glad if the creators of the show will NOT turn either of them into negative character. I had really enough of that in the season 1, and so far I am pleased with the atmosphere now in season 2, WITHOUT characters like Nyonika, Harshad, Sona or Pandit. If there is some improvement in the show, it’s this. More importantly, I think both Aryaman and Maddy are interesting enough as they are. Only worry is, whether the scriptwriters who in the past did write a lot of ‘evil/scheming/psycho supporting character drama’ will prove equally creative in writing some relationship drama? In this episode, they stacked all the other characters on one side (the hotel), and Maddy&Aryaman on the other: it looks like they don’t know what to do with them. Let’s hope it’s temporary, and someone is writing something good. And I mean something that’s NOT another ‘badass enemy keeping the team/Manan busy’ track. We have enough characters to keep this going, without using any new/old outsider to fuel the plot. May they keep the relationship spark too, without someone suddenly appearing and dissappearing like Abhimanyu:)

  47. Plumpyyy

    Awww thnx a lot nash! That’s my only dream..to meet yuvi..im just not giving up on that! I donno hw he became so damn imp for me dat i pray to him fr good marks!! N my frnz say..lo yeh shuru ho gayi apne yuvi ko pray karne mein! Im impossible!! Thnx again nash!

      • Plumpyyy

        Hmm..so u read we belong! Great!! That’s vry close to me! If u’ve read it completely toh i guess u kno d reason y i love it so much!!
        My favs is love is manan,coz all of me,we belong,its complicated,just married,the pkeasurable intoxication,you become my story,because i love my best friend and life with nandini and irrevocably in love wid u!! Firstly i started reading sandhir stories..n aftrwards u kno na karishma ruined SH..i skipped to fanaah..s1..my first post ws on SaYa ss..filling in the blanks..then i came across irrevocably in love wid u..n aftr reading all d 30 chaps i ws irrevocably in love wid it! So this made me to read MaNan ffs n join IF too! I read nandini’s lifeline,manan reunion too bt they are on hold…evn love keeps us together is at hold…+i’ve read hundreds of MaNan OS,TS…addicted to MaNan!

      • Not completely I read 3-4 parts …there are few ff’s to which I get hooked up otherwise after reading few parts I ignore them….. I’ve read few of them u mentioned……. plump read MaNan ss barfi…… usually i don’t read ss but this is amazing…. look once

  48. ???Oh Yeah rads said that her bday is on 1st nov. Happy bday rads??????( if u don’t mind that I am calling u in this name). Be happy and stay blessed. ??Hope God give u all d happiness of world. ??????Best wish for u from me.??? Again happy bday.????

  49. Plumpyyy

    U kno wt nash!? I love you!! Ur cmnt just boosted me like a energy drink! Thnx a ton for the assurance nash!! I wait for THAT DAY each n evry second of my life…btw..if ur free..ONLY if ur free…watch filling in the blanks…d number of times i’ve watched it n read the cmnts na..i feel so damn proud to b a true yuvian!! That feeling’s amazing!!

  50. To radhika aka rads
    On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!???( lines are from Google baba)
    just be the way u are……….well understanding Mature I luv this side of urs…… stay blessed rads be happy always keep shining may u get whatever up desired for….??
    Take care party hard!

  51. Plumpyyy

    Guyz..m thinkin this frm mny days..or shud i say months?! Which is the first MaNan song?? Ishq bulava nazar laye na or somethin else?? I think its ishq bulava…nazar laye na ws first played on MaNan mud fight scene…ishq bulava idk correctly bt i remember it ws played on that paint scene..der ws paint on a chart n d chart falls on nandu’s face..manik removes d chart frm her face n starts wiping her face by his hands…idk d scene properly…ishq bulava starting music ws played on dat scene…latest MaNan song is? Sapna jahan?? Yeah sapna jahan…excluding the title track…only bollywood songs r counted…

    • Latest MaNan toh Monday k epi k baad pata chalega coz I saw promo in which they were damm close….. so they may show it on Tuesday or monday

  52. First they performed on meethi boliyan together…..so for me its first MaNan song then ishq bulava then nazar layna …..bout that scene toh when nandu’s for head started bleading coz of manik he felt guilty but didn’t showed in front of anyone so afterwards when she started giving him lecture his whole attention was only on her bruise he called the girls who were painting something behind nandu and when she turned her face got coloured then manik started cleaning it by his hanky including when she got injured…..

  53. aadhya

    plumpyy and sara misssssssssssssed u soooooooooooooo much
    nd sana nd ammy nd sammy nd auho nd evryone too
    whrs my suhu bhai he forget his sis na
    love kyy forevr
    ll cum 2day at 9 pls cum

  54. aadhya

    damn damn damn busy didnt got tym to watch a single epi
    missed kyy vry much
    thnks sona for udates
    will cum at 9

  55. ADELE

    Yepp!! Six dayssss left for doll’s b’day!!! N my toh even cams wud be over!!!!

    Wbu prads????? Kab khatam ho the hain tumhaare??!

    N tumne wo gifts toh dekhe hi honge…..niti k……..they’re sooo luvly na!!

    • Mere Wednesday ko khatam ho rahe hai…….all the best anu once again…!!
      Tmrw is science total 8chappy’s are there and I have learned only one…. how cool na ???yep i saw.. did u saw parth’s Diwali look…. damm its sooo hot…… m dead….. he was looking so damm handsome…. though he is but in THAT outfit….??????even nandu’s diwali outfit is damm good but now that post is deleted coz doll said if channel will come to kno they will kill her…….take care shissy

  56. Plumpyyy

    I dont care a f**k bout u fakey shifa!! Go to hell.
    All i care bout is my aadhu is back!!! Aadhu hw r u?? Are u here?? Aadhu its d other sara..humari pagal nautanki sara comes here rarely..nutz comes sometimes..nutz n fairy r nearing their boards actually aadhu..baki sab nt comin! Thnq u came!! My aadhuuuu is here!!!!! Yayyyy!!!! I missed u so damn much u kno aadhu!! What ws ur results in ur 10th??

  57. Plumpyyy

    U kno aadhu..in my s.science chappy..there’s ur place name..in two chappies..i ws remembering u n our talks…hw much i miss those old days!? Gosh! I want those days back aadhu!! Evry1 were there…until those morons came evrythin ws so good!!

  58. Plumpyyy

    Aadhu i dont hav any1’s mail id:(..u had na? Aadhu cn u plz join india forums?? V cn b in touch der if u dont come here aadhu…plzz join IF:)

  59. Plumpyyy

    Aadhu!! Who d hell said ur forgotten huh? No way!! I can never ever forget u haan!! Almost all here donno u so they cant remember/forget u! But i toh kno u na aadhu! That too hw cn i ever in thiz god damn earth forget my dearie bestie haan?? Ur my bestiee na? U n my awwhoooo

  60. Plumpyyy

    Okaye im backkk…this line! Im sayin it aftr ages here! Gosh! Kitna im backkk cmnts hote the pehle!! The amount i miss d old kyy n d page n my lovelies can never b written in words!! I just love those days to d power infinity!!

  61. aadhya

    sryyyyyyyyyyyyyy plumpy told u na deary
    busy jyada hu
    i m here till 11 pls cum
    ll chk pg in evry 5 mins so reply soon

  62. Plumpyyy

    Aadhu its 10!! I gotta go now πŸ™
    come 2mrrw also plzzz…in d evening..same time as b4..5pm:) love u aadhu…gunnyt..c ya 2mrrw..hope so!

  63. Adele(anu)

    Awwwee prads!!! Thankuuuuuuu dear!!!tumhaare iss Wed ko khatam ho rhe hainn??? Humaare Fri ko…….
    Thankuuuuuuu so much for wishes dear!!
    N u toh knw….u always have me beside u!! ?????
    Haan..dekha main…..wahi blue suit na??? He was really lukin verryyyyy hotty n hanshomeeee!!!!??

    Wat???!! 8chappys n tumne ek Hi kiya??? Hw r u gonna manage sis????? 7 more!!!!?

  64. Plumpyyy

    Gud mornin!
    Mujhe bhi 10pm ko hi jana tha jab my aadhu came!! So bad me!! 😑 aadhu u dont need to say srry..main hi thi jo chali gyi nt u na…acha no worries..i’ll anuu..remember choti ananya?? Nt kyy(ananya)…lil sissy ours…v used to pamper her a lot here…im in touch wid her on IF…if possible i’ll ask her msg all aadhu…she’s also der…u join IF wen ur thoda free…missed u bohot sara aadhu!! Family wali feelingbaa rahi hai…our KYY ROXZ FAMILY!! Love u dearieeee

  65. Plumpyyy

    Aadhu TU has changed…they check our cmnts n then if they think it shud b posted only then our cmnt will b published…mostly our cmnts shud b on d topic i.e kyy…some cmnts r rejected or deleted… So v just add kyy roxz at d end of our cmnt to let our cmnt b posted…u read d updates aadhu?? Maddy’s role is played by d one n only yuvraj thakur…mera pyaarrrr…………bt he’s gonna leave d show..actually left already:(

  66. frndzz……i am also a huge fan of kyy and manan…..i am not new here..but last i commented in 23rd june…since for five months….i didnt commented…bcoz of somany prblmz….but i still remember my some frndZ in tu…sara…rinky…something smthng…..
    but i dont know did they remember me or not…. But frndz i still read all ur cmntz even now…..
    and can i join here…?……kyy s2 ROCKZZZβ™‘β™₯β™‘β™‘…

  67. frndzz……i am also a huge fan of kyy and manan…..i am not new here..but last i commented in 23rd june…since for five months….i didnt commented…bcoz of somany prblmz….but i still remember my some frndZ in tu…sara…rinky…naziya….something smthng…..
    but i dont know did they remember me or not…. But frndz i still read all ur cmntz even now…..
    and can i join here…?……kyy s2 ROCKZZZβ™‘β™₯β™‘β™‘…

    • Just get lost yr drama queen v don’t care of u fakers u r not our shifa di, her username is not like this n she calls me, Minnie n Adele by some other name so call us by that names if ur real, I know u will lose this challenge as u r fake n only the real shifa di remembers our nicknames…

  68. M back with new update!

    Nandu says that manik wants to arrange a concert
    Then dhruv says to manik that maddy has already registered that song (parindey)
    Manik tells to maddy that its Fab 5’s song
    Manik and maddy indulge into fight when maddy punches manik… he falls unconscious

    I so badly want to hit maddy..!!how dare he ?

  69. aadhya

    sry deary plumpy cant cum at 5
    but msg kar dena i ll reply waise bhi slow cmnt ke karan chat oh impossible hai
    hiiiiiii evryone i m not new an oldie kuch din ayi nhi thi
    ricky aur sana ko bulayo pls aaj 9 pm

    • Hogaya punku…!! Thoda thoda apne frnd se pucha aur baki ki ka jo kiya vo likh diya…. believe I woke @4:00 not actually alarm 4:00am ka tha but I woke around 4:18 and guess what rather than studying I took 1hour for bathing….. and rest in watching kyy and @6:30 I came in my senses uske k baad ratta mara…….

  70. Plumpyyy

    Its k aadhu! Okay u too comin at 9pm na? Ricky bro n sana r comin??!!!!!! Yayyyy!!!!! Im so so so happyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want this pg to look like d old pages…atleast thoda sa! Aadhu humari saruu nai aati yahan pe…this one other sara..humari nautanki or shud i say fake “sana” who used to come as “sa_a” doesnt come now! Kya maza tha yaar woh!!
    Ricky bro were u der on dat court hearing day?? I cant remember exactly..bt me,RV,sara n ammy di were der i guess… N bro ur fine na? Earthquake occured in pakistan too na… Aadhu wt bout our suhash bhai?! Capital se hai! Oh im just too happy!! Mera family!!!!!!!!!! We mad ppl who loved kyy manan fab 5 became a family of frnz…true! KAISI YEH YAARIAAN??!!!

  71. Plumpyyy

    Pradi…! Okay idk whether u trust me on this or not…im supah happy by the latest news u gave!!!!!!! So damn happy!!! So i just hope mera wish poora hoga! Yayyyiieeeee!!!! Maddy-manik fight!! Kabse intezaar kiya tha iske liye! I want it to be true! Its true?? I so want maddy n manik’s face to face scene!! Wow! Im lovin it!! Yayyy!!!
    #ReliveVarunPrithvi #BFF

  72. Plumpyyy

    Aadhu…frm wen did u start commenting here?? Were u der at d new year tym?? Arey if u were der toh im sure u too loved those days!! Fairy’s bday..new year…plus the MaNan Reunion!! And shar’s prediction..which ws true..bt fairy wanted it to b on her bday…sam bro,nutz n euphie’s dec 31 chat..night birds of our family!! God! Ours toh bundles of happiness…that MaNan epi…n all dat had happened…5 days aftr d new year ur bday aadhu..yeah yeah i remember ur bday… N jan 11…the day i fr d 1st tym commented here…fairy had welcomed me n she’s my first frnd..sam bro made me laugh crazily..reason-(ik NO ONE is interested in this bt phir bhi i wanna share it) aftr a while somebdy came n i guess d username ws weird n wsnt some proper word..so sam bro toh u kno na aadhu..he said “hi jo bhi hai”..gosh! Jo bhi hai!! Ik hw much i had laughed d 1st day i commented here!! N dat jo bhi hai said v cn call her as queen…so aisa tha humari queen di cum bhabhi ki entry… I miss those days alot a lot alot alot alot into infinite times!!!

  73. Plumpyyy

    Oops! Srry aadhu!! In excitement i didnt read ur cmnt properly..u asked to call ricky bro n sana n i thot that they gonna come at 9pm n u called them…main na kuch nai nai bohot zyada khush ho rahi hu!!
    Okay nashhhh…srry dear it just slipped outta my mind..here’s d link…fr filling in the blanks..yuvi’s first short film which ws loved by its viewers..bt idk who those 7 dumbheads are who disliked it…acha link- http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=42K8l20CvE

    • Lehrein yup i have I have all manan songs including their bg actually almost all songs…. #musiclover
      And guess what…??i got my guitar.???
      Damm happy….. its outer covering is black and blue inner…. inner matlab beech mein blue… can’t believe i got it!! And unfortunately my I don’t kno how to play it.

  74. Plumpyyy

    Yeah nash..its really vry emotional n a touching story!! I’ve watched mny heart touching stories bt those r by experienced ppl who hav created those kinda stories b4 n NOT youngsters! N yuvi being just of 25 has managed to shake d viewers n that’s incredible!! I feel so proud to b his fan!! Just so proud!

    • Fabulous so from now m munchkin… haha i read this name in a ff where I guess dhruvlya or mukbhi call each other lyk this.!awsum name punkin but only u will call me lyk that.. ??

  75. Plumpyyy

    Yayyyy!!! 2day’s epi!!! Awesome!!!! MaNan!!! DhruLya!!! The precappp!!! The song!!!
    I saw d promo…n as much as i kno all of u wud b damn angry on maddy fr punching our i mean nandu’s manik… But i toh ws smiling like a fool!! Yaar watchin my favs fighting ya watevr onscreen is a treat!! Aww…aftr ages m watchin these 2 back dat too fighting!! Haha i guess mujhe kabhi inki onscreen dosti dekhne ko milne se rahi! Bff mein bhi fight bt change yeh tha ki parth’s character prithvi ws vry calm n positive which is opposite here! Yuvi’s char ws of a casanova varun..haye naam sunte hi i go madd!! My first love..Mr.Varun Mittal! My destiny repeated itself wen parth ws in kyy…he had walked outta bff..he had walked outta kyy..bt he’s back here n dat’s d difference…hw i wish prithvi wud hav returned:( i so loved his character!! Obvio more than yuvi’s! Actually more of bff fans loved parth’s character on d show! That’s called Parth Magic!! Jo chaaye tera jaadoo koi bachna paaye! The song which came immediate aftr i wrote that line!
    Guyz ek question…how would we stay widout kyy?? Haan youtube’s der MTV app’s der bt phir bhi…!!

  76. Adele(anu)

    Oh gosh prads!!! U r sooo free yaar!!!!???
    Tum itna tension free kaise reh leti ho yaar???????
    Lyk srsly!!!!
    U knw……mera ek answer nhi hota toh m lyk………..omg….m gonna die…….n all!!

    Anyways!!! Yeh bhi tumhi se seekhna padega……!!

    I hope tumhaara xam achcha gaya ho!!
    2day was my maths!!!!! My enemy!!!!! ???
    Literally!!! I n maths can neva go hand in hand!!!!!! Kabhi nhiiii!!!! Bht bakwaas paper tha!!! I lost 5 marks!!! Getting only 55 out of 60……….!!!

    Achcha prads…..y is da word “laghate” used for parth??
    Kyys2 rockkz

    • Anuuuuu…. that trick is simple don’t pressurize urself if u can’t do it… try it but only if our heart wants to…… yep anu it’s used for parth before his surname was parth laghate

  77. Itne games ka naam suna hai par yeh karela game hi kyun khelna tha!!!! Dekha manik aryamann ne tere hi ball se tujhe cleanbold kar diya…!!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.