Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Maddy is waiting when Aryaman passes and after seeing him he stops and starts to taunt him but Maddy gets angry and says that he does not understand what Aryaman is saying then Aryaman explains that it seems that Maddy is homeless now and so he is offering him a place to stay. Maddy says that he does not have money now but as soon as he will get it he is going to pay Aryaman so it is going to be on rent basis. Maddy after seeing the Tabbla and Drums asks Aryman if he like both on this Aryaman says that he tried to master the drums but was unable to but he did however master the Tabbla, Maddy sasy that he was never into classical Music it is just in his blood but rock music is in his hearts.
Nandhani is calling Aryaman but he doesnot pick up and while Maddy tells him to pick up he puts

it in his pocket. Manik passes and when he sees Nandhani he asks her to come but she doesnot and then he goes to her and asks what happened but she does not tell him. Then Manik tries to kiss her suddenly the rest of them come and call both of them hearin their call Manik asks if they could not wait five more minutes on this Mukti asks what he was doing and he says that he was going to kiss Nandhani and can they give him some time but she says that they are here to party and so he is going to drop his Love act for a day. Then they drag both of them away.
As they are walking Manik suddenly sees Naviya and goes to meet her he when goes near her he talks to her about the crash site and says that he knows she misses Cabir as they are talking the peon brings her luggage and son. Manik is amazed to see the boy and asks who’s son it is then everyone laughs it is only then he comes to know that he is her son. Naviya places Abir in Manik’s hands even after he rejects saying that he cannot handle it. They all have fun and then he gives him back to her. Then they all play a game which is devised by Nandhani with a twist in which they have to act with a twist in which they cannot say the clue words and have only one minute.
They begin it and then Naviya comes first and is able to perform very well and after her Dhruv comes and on his turn they all get what it is and so on until Aryaman comes and they Nandhani hugs him seeing this Manik gets angry then he devises a game in which they have to pass a Vegetable to the other then they start with Aaliya and Dhruv and when it reaches to Nandhani and Aryaman Manik gets angry and seeing him Nandhani gets afraid.

Precap: Nandhani and Manik both device a plan to fool the police and steal the police. Nandhani is able to distract them but the police man is not fooled and they get caught.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. frndzz……i am also a huge fan of kyy and manan…..i am not new here..but last i commented in 23rd june…since for five months….i didnt commented…bcoz of somany prblmz….but i still remember my some frndZ in tu…sara…rinky…naziya….something smthng…..
    but i dont know did they remember me or not…. But frndz i still read all ur cmntz even now…..
    and can i join here…?……kyy s2 ROCKZZZ♡♥♡♡…

  2. Hlo plumpyy,sara,minnie,adele.nashita

    1. Just get lost yr drama queen v don’t care of u fakers u r not our shifa di, her username is not like this n she calls me, Minnie n Adele by some other name so call us by that names if ur real, I know u will lose this challenge as u r fake n only the real shifa di remembers our nicknames…

  3. M back with new update!

    Nandu says that manik wants to arrange a concert
    Then dhruv says to manik that maddy has already registered that song (parindey)
    Manik tells to maddy that its Fab 5’s song
    Manik and maddy indulge into fight when maddy punches manik… he falls unconscious

    I so badly want to hit maddy..!!how dare he ?

    1. V DON’T KNO U….!!!! JUST DON’T TAKE OUR NAME….!!!!!

      1. Its for fake shifa!!

  4. Punku punku punku!!!
    I just love ur dp!!??its amazing!!!
    Thanks for keeping it….?

  5. sry deary plumpy cant cum at 5
    but msg kar dena i ll reply waise bhi slow cmnt ke karan chat oh impossible hai
    hiiiiiii evryone i m not new an oldie kuch din ayi nhi thi
    ricky aur sana ko bulayo pls aaj 9 pm

  6. sara pls mail evry 1 jo dekhega aa jaega pls saru

  7. Ahaha srsly Minnie u did 1 chap out of 8 N u r being happy as if ur whole syllabus is completed n just revision is left ? chal beta tension le le re ?

    1. Hogaya punku…!! Thoda thoda apne frnd se pucha aur baki ki ka jo kiya vo likh diya…. believe I woke @4:00 not actually alarm 4:00am ka tha but I woke around 4:18 and guess what rather than studying I took 1hour for bathing….. and rest in watching kyy and @6:30 I came in my senses uske k baad ratta mara…….

  8. Its k aadhu! Okay u too comin at 9pm na? Ricky bro n sana r comin??!!!!!! Yayyyy!!!!! Im so so so happyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want this pg to look like d old pages…atleast thoda sa! Aadhu humari saruu nai aati yahan pe…this one other sara..humari nautanki or shud i say fake “sana” who used to come as “sa_a” doesnt come now! Kya maza tha yaar woh!!
    Ricky bro were u der on dat court hearing day?? I cant remember exactly..bt me,RV,sara n ammy di were der i guess… N bro ur fine na? Earthquake occured in pakistan too na… Aadhu wt bout our suhash bhai?! Capital se hai! Oh im just too happy!! Mera family!!!!!!!!!! We mad ppl who loved kyy manan fab 5 became a family of frnz…true! KAISI YEH YAARIAAN??!!!

  9. Pradi…! Okay idk whether u trust me on this or not…im supah happy by the latest news u gave!!!!!!! So damn happy!!! So i just hope mera wish poora hoga! Yayyyiieeeee!!!! Maddy-manik fight!! Kabse intezaar kiya tha iske liye! I want it to be true! Its true?? I so want maddy n manik’s face to face scene!! Wow! Im lovin it!! Yayyy!!!
    #ReliveVarunPrithvi #BFF

    1. Same pinch i was so badly waiting for manik and maddy’s face off….!!! Its gonna be freaking awsum!!

  10. Aadhu…frm wen did u start commenting here?? Were u der at d new year tym?? Arey if u were der toh im sure u too loved those days!! Fairy’s bday..new year…plus the MaNan Reunion!! And shar’s prediction..which ws true..bt fairy wanted it to b on her bday…sam bro,nutz n euphie’s dec 31 chat..night birds of our family!! God! Ours toh bundles of happiness…that MaNan epi…n all dat had happened…5 days aftr d new year ur bday aadhu..yeah yeah i remember ur bday… N jan 11…the day i fr d 1st tym commented here…fairy had welcomed me n she’s my first frnd..sam bro made me laugh crazily..reason-(ik NO ONE is interested in this bt phir bhi i wanna share it) aftr a while somebdy came n i guess d username ws weird n wsnt some proper word..so sam bro toh u kno na aadhu..he said “hi jo bhi hai”..gosh! Jo bhi hai!! Ik hw much i had laughed d 1st day i commented here!! N dat jo bhi hai said v cn call her as queen…so aisa tha humari queen di cum bhabhi ki entry… I miss those days alot a lot alot alot alot into infinite times!!!

  11. Oops! Srry aadhu!! In excitement i didnt read ur cmnt properly..u asked to call ricky bro n sana n i thot that they gonna come at 9pm n u called them…main na kuch nai nai bohot zyada khush ho rahi hu!!
    Okay nashhhh…srry dear it just slipped outta my mind..here’s d link…fr filling in the blanks..yuvi’s first short film which ws loved by its viewers..bt idk who those 7 dumbheads are who disliked it…acha link- http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=42K8l20CvE

    1. That is amazing plump. How emotional and nice story creat by yuvi. Really fantastic and mind blowing. Ur so lucky that u like such a great man.

  12. @minnie do u have the song “khoyi khoyi si hoon main”? kyyrocks

    1. Lehrein yup i have I have all manan songs including their bg actually almost all songs…. #musiclover
      And guess what…??i got my guitar.???
      Damm happy….. its outer covering is black and blue inner…. inner matlab beech mein blue… can’t believe i got it!! And unfortunately my I don’t kno how to play it.

  13. Yei suhash toh hai ey easaa kyyrocks

    1. ali yr do u even know who is suhash ? kyyrocks

  14. @aadhya i have talked to other sara n she said she have told sana n ricky bhai to cum here n she cant comment on t u as they r not accepting her comment….kyyrocks

  15. Yeah nash..its really vry emotional n a touching story!! I’ve watched mny heart touching stories bt those r by experienced ppl who hav created those kinda stories b4 n NOT youngsters! N yuvi being just of 25 has managed to shake d viewers n that’s incredible!! I feel so proud to b his fan!! Just so proud!

  16. @minnie or should i say munchkin as punkin n munchkin will match? 😀 kyyrocks

    1. Fabulous so from now m munchkin… haha i read this name in a ff where I guess dhruvlya or mukbhi call each other lyk this.!awsum name punkin but only u will call me lyk that.. ??

  17. Yayyyy!!! 2day’s epi!!! Awesome!!!! MaNan!!! DhruLya!!! The precappp!!! The song!!!
    I saw d promo…n as much as i kno all of u wud b damn angry on maddy fr punching our i mean nandu’s manik… But i toh ws smiling like a fool!! Yaar watchin my favs fighting ya watevr onscreen is a treat!! Aww…aftr ages m watchin these 2 back dat too fighting!! Haha i guess mujhe kabhi inki onscreen dosti dekhne ko milne se rahi! Bff mein bhi fight bt change yeh tha ki parth’s character prithvi ws vry calm n positive which is opposite here! Yuvi’s char ws of a casanova varun..haye naam sunte hi i go madd!! My first love..Mr.Varun Mittal! My destiny repeated itself wen parth ws in kyy…he had walked outta bff..he had walked outta kyy..bt he’s back here n dat’s d difference…hw i wish prithvi wud hav returned:( i so loved his character!! Obvio more than yuvi’s! Actually more of bff fans loved parth’s character on d show! That’s called Parth Magic!! Jo chaaye tera jaadoo koi bachna paaye! The song which came immediate aftr i wrote that line!
    Guyz ek question…how would we stay widout kyy?? Haan youtube’s der MTV app’s der bt phir bhi…!!

    1. i luv kyy to eternity its my life kyyrocks

  18. Oh gosh prads!!! U r sooo free yaar!!!!???
    Tum itna tension free kaise reh leti ho yaar???????
    Lyk srsly!!!!
    U knw……mera ek answer nhi hota toh m lyk………..omg….m gonna die…….n all!!

    Anyways!!! Yeh bhi tumhi se seekhna padega……!!

    I hope tumhaara xam achcha gaya ho!!
    2day was my maths!!!!! My enemy!!!!! ???
    Literally!!! I n maths can neva go hand in hand!!!!!! Kabhi nhiiii!!!! Bht bakwaas paper tha!!! I lost 5 marks!!! Getting only 55 out of 60……….!!!

    Achcha prads…..y is da word “laghate” used for parth??
    Kyys2 rockkz

    1. Anuuuuu…. that trick is simple don’t pressurize urself if u can’t do it… try it but only if our heart wants to…… yep anu it’s used for parth before his surname was parth laghate

  19. Itne games ka naam suna hai par yeh karela game hi kyun khelna tha!!!! Dekha manik aryamann ne tere hi ball se tujhe cleanbold kar diya…!!!

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