Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Cabir comes to the room and asks them how was the night. Manik says it was so awesome he doesn’t remember what happened. Cabir says all night they were being shameless and now he doesn’t remember. Manik was frustrated and says Soha mixed something in his drink and he has to sort it out. Nandini stops him from talking to Soha and says she didn’t spike his drink but it was her (Nandini). He asks how she did it, but she says with the help of Cabir. She wanted him to sleep and in the morning he can focus. He teases that she wanted him to focus on her. She asks to go for practice.
Aaliya comes to Dhruv’s room. He was avoiding her, she asks why didn’t he reply to her message last night. He says he was asleep, she asks him to be honest. He says he didn’t feel like, she says he

is still stuck on this. He says she doesn’t want to tell anyone and he doesn’t want to tell her.
Cabir and Nandini were in the room, Nandini says she is sorry she named him. He says he feels something weird about it. Nandini says it is just a thing for two days, he has to keep Soha away from Manik. He asks besides all his business, he has to baby sit Manik as well. But he will do it as it is his favorite thing and stopping Soha won’t be easy. Manik asks what won’t be easy, Cabir makes up that music isn’t easy. Manik tells him to relax, as they will do it. Nandini gets a call and says her cab is here. She asks Cabir for her bag, Manik comes out to leave.
Manik tells Nandini she is just looking like a potato face, she says he didn’t say this last night. He wonders what happened last night. He asks why Soha made her drink what she had spiked, did something happen between them last night. Nandini asks how he thinks so. She goes to sit in the cab. Her phone rings, she asks why he is calling. He says she must remain on the call, the driver assures her to drive slow as for in his life this single piece is enough. She hit him in the stomach and they play together. Mr. Khurana watches them there.

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The maid tells Mr. Khurana that they had to give Soha injection. He says she is a trained nurse. She says she needs a doctor but Mr. Khurana isn’t ready to do so. Soha wakes up calling Manik, she watches dad and says Nandini came here though he had expelled her. She still came here, and spoiled her every planning. Mr. Khurana says he will take care from tonight Nandini is even out of Manik’s life. He asks her to stop crying.
They were all practicing out door. Manik smilingly chats with Nandini. She informs she reached safely. Mukti gets a call and asks is there a parcel for her, from whom Soha comes to invite them for breakfast rudely. Cabir stops him from eating what Soha serves him, he asks why he can’t. Cabir says he must stay in form this way, he has to take fruits only.
Nandini comes to Navya sitting on stairs. She asks why she didn’t text her back, and called her last night. Navya says she didn’t have balance to call back. Nandini asks if everything in her hostel is finel She smiles and says it is. Nandini observes her and asks did she talk to her mom. Navya asks if she is crazy.
Nandini listens to Manik’s tone on call, he asks how was it. Soha thinks he is talking to her and says it was mesmerizing. Nandini suggests about making the beat heavier. Manik suggests the gang, Cabir appreciates it. Nandini says with his sound added, it will be a best track. He says thankyou. Soha also appreciates him. He nods.
Manik asks them to pack up, and says he is going to a doctor. Soha asks is it the same doctor who he went to meet in new year. Cabir agrees that this is the same. Soha asks him to return soon, Cabir asks him to go along. Mukti says she has to collect a parcel from college. Soha asks Aaliya and Dhruv if they have to go somewhere, but they say no. Soha says she holds them ransom until their friends come back.
Nandini comes to meet Pandit. She meets a man and asks if he is his student. He stops her and was serious. He says he is the Pandit, and gives her watch to be punctual the next time. As time is precious and can’t be returned to someone. He will decide tomorrow if she is worth it or not.

PRECAP: Nandini cries in front of Manik that no one has been this rude to her ever.

Update Credit to: Sona


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  3. Kavya

    In the precap someone else was there looking at manik and nandhini while they were talking…Seems like a goon…I think Mr.Khurana has sent that person to hurt nandhini….

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    Shar…hv u ntced whn manik was recitng poem thn he was looking like a 5 yr chld…thn me san n auho strt 2 imgn tht we 4 includng manik r sttng 2gthr n readng loudly in baby’s schl….do u want 2 join in our schl?? Thn we 5 wll sit 2gthr……

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  38. kyy rox

    About the new entries, a possibility:
    I guess There will be two entries. we have got Dishank Arora as Pandit Trilok Chaurasiya and his role in story is yet to be seen..
    Another one will be of Suyyash Rai, who may make an entry after this Soha track. As articles reported that Suyyash will play a new student. So yes, there are chances that we are getting him in upcoming episodes!
    Well, it’s just a guess, let’s wait and watch!

  39. Nutz

    Vaishu yar u knw as they say slow n steady wins da race,so don’t worry plus ur schl frnds r also helpng dat’s really nyc of dem,must say vaishi u’re lucky to hv such nyc frnds:-)

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  44. sanaya

    hi anu n vaishu n to all,.jst saw d ep…..m sure coz the way his entry was emphasizing..showed dat he z d new entry

  45. vaishu

    but that pandit look so strict,,in da precap nandu mentioned dat no one treated her rudely ,,sadly she was complaining to manik:)

  46. sanaya

    we all knw ryt….wherevr dere z hatred…love blossoms.,…..m sure he ll fall fr nandu……
    bt i was waitng fr suyash

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  48. Nutz

    Guys is dis pandit da new entry dat we’re hearing who’s gona fall fr nandu? I thought da new entry was a new student who wud fall fr nandu.is dis pandit da same guy or is der anothr charactr cmng? I’m confused,help me

  49. Nutz

    Pandit n da new student is it da same character? I’m confusd. Is der anothr charactr cmng or is dis pandit da one? Wat’s pandit’s gna do,wat’s da current track of da shw?

  50. sanaya

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  52. Auhona;-)

    Ya nutzy, a mysterious bond, and for all cnfusns- another entry is yet to cm, bt nt sure it wil or not, and i dont think pandit is an imprtnt entry…he vil not nt fal for nandu….and the prsnt track is about hw manik vil be jealous….happy guys?

  53. sanaya

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    gud nyt fairy

  54. fairy

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  55. Nutz

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  56. sanaya

    soha is psycho..y khurana is nt sendng hr to d asylum…i feel hr whole family is psycho…hw cn he force manik to b wid hr psycho daughtr

  57. Nutz

    I’m seriously gettng real angry at mr.khurana’s work. He’s dng so wrong. I get it dat he loves his daughter but he must hv da sense btw da right n da wrong.

  58. Auhona;-)

    Fairu, the last cmnt is also for u…mai to ja rahi hu,..tu sath ayegi? And guys, pandit is pandit, jise tym ki itni fikar hai, wo nandini ko bachaneka tym kaha se layega? Ha ha ha!

  59. Nutz

    Guys hope dat pandit saves nandu. Coz if he doesn’t den he’ll nt knw wat hppnd wd nandu n get more angry if she gets late again bcoz of dos goons

  60. Auhona;-)

    Khurana bhi thoda syco hii hai guys, varna hw can he even think a rockstar lyk manik to stay wid his syco dauter!!

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  63. remix queen

    I think wat we all r thinking is wrong…it usually happens like dat…mayb dey showed the precap like to excite the audience bt mayb that guy was nt meant to kidnap…bt dnt know coz kidnap ka spoiler bhi aaya tha n plus precap mein nandu is bugged at manik so mayb she walks away n gets kidnapped n manik thinks shes gone away cox shes angry..i hate fridays…humesha suspense pe chodte hai

  64. sanaya

    shar n vaishu may b u both r rite bt he shud undrstand na dat manik hs only 1 hrt n it wid nandu….nw hw cn he evn thnk of soha…lol

  65. Auhona;-)

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  69. Nutz

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    suhash….mai tumhara koi gf nehi hoon jo tumhe smart smjhu…tum to ovr smart ho…l hate oovr smart ppl……

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    aashi..dw me n suhu r dng false f8..

  105. sanaya

    it hd to happn shar…..navya cnt b alone in d shw…atlst cabir n navya both cn b a bettr partnr to each othr

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  107. Nutz

    Aashi i think u’re regular watchr of kyy, remember wat nandu told cabir dat if it doesn’t give pain den it’s nt love.