Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik says I love you to Nandini, forever. Nandini runs to him, both kiss each other and have intimate moments together.
Neonika finds Pandit ji running to corridor and asks what is he doing here. Pandit ji says Manik reached before him. Neonika says she arranged Nandini alone for him. Pandit ji says it is his problem, he will handle. Neonika says she just want to help him because he is in such problem because of her son today. She says if they are together she knows where they are, because every car she owns has a tracking device.
Nandini goes away from Manik, smiling. She watches snacks on the table and asks what is this all. She goes to pick up and egg, she asks what this is for? Manik says this… actually… if she hadn’t distracted him this is how he would have done this.

He kneels, holds it to her and asks can she believe they are connected by destiny and he wants to give name to that destiny because he can’t imagine his life without her, not even for a moment. So, he really wants a new journey to begin as them. They remember their first encounter when he threw and egg on Nandini’s head. He asks Nandini to throw it from anywhere, with any speed she would want to. He says if she misses it, they have more as well. He says there is another option, does she remember that soy, ketchup sauce he made or that ice-cream. He tells her not ask anything more precious than this, because it would be her and he won’t be able to give it to her. Nandini takes the egg, Manik sat ready as Nandini moves away. She was about to throw it then stops looking at him.
Mukti goes from Cabir and Navya. Navya says to Cabir that they must go home. Cabir was drunk and says Navya can’t go. She says they are going, Cabir says neither she nor him can go there. Navya says it is his home. Cabir says her mother will marry them if they go home. Navya was angry at her mom, Cabir tells her he promised her mother this time to marry her. Navya is angry that in quest of helping he increased her problem even more. Cabir says she was about to do fake marriage to Sunny, so they can even have a fake marriage. Navya asks how will he handle his and her moms then, Cabir asks her to handle one problem at a time.
Nandini comes smiling to Manik, she holds his cheeks and says he is so cute. They can’t get better by repeating each others mistakes, they can learn from them. She holds his hand and says they both have some weaknesses but they are perfect when together. Manik says yes, just like… and brings about a box from his pocket. There was a bracelet from it, Nandini says she thought she lost it. He says he found it, and puts it around her arm. He asks her not to miss it again. He kisses her hand, both look at each other.
Dhruv comes near Aaliya and says he knows how she feels, Harshid’s return has been as disturbing as his disappearance has been. He also knows she loves Harshid a lot. Aaliya says he doesn’t know her, he has been back in Fab5 just as a friend, nothing more.
Nandini lie on Manik’s chest in the curtain setting, fireflies burnt in the bottles hanging in front of them. Manik asks Nandini why these fireflies fascinate her. Nandini says her mom always said, fireflies celebrate true love; when they are in love they glow and see, they are all glowing. Manik asks did she know about it from day one. He says he is reminding her that what she was writing on his hand, she hasn’t expressed it officially. This time he has the right to know, he can help her out to set her into the moment. Nandini sits up, Manik holds her back. They get cozy together. Nandini straightens, pushes him away and runs. He runs behind her. Nandini disappears at once, Manik goes calling her and says she is annoying him. He comes away from his setting, Nandini was hiding behind a tree. Someone approach Nandini and keep a hand on her mouth. Their shadows appear on the ground, but Manik was standing turned around. He calls Nandini’s phone but it rings on the floor. Manik is worried and looks around finding Nandini.

PRECAP: Dhruv tells Fab5 that Nandini has disappeared. Pandit ji drove Nandini tied in his car, her bracelet fell down. A man stops Pandit ji’s car. Manik shouts at Neonika on phone where Nandini is, Neonika says she doesn’t know as he has not any single enemy right now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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