Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The o2 manager says that Nyonika is doing everything that she can to bring the fab 5 together and there nothing that he can do because he did not ban them. Nandhani pleads to him to force Nynika to lift the ban but he does not listen to her. He says that if they do not give him the song till the 1 of October then they will pay. He says to her to go and bring back the fab 5.
Aaliya goes to the fashion designer and gets angry. She says to him that why did he not hire her even when she ws working day and night on the designs. He says that she is fired but aalya does not get it . she says that how can he fire her when she wasnot even hired but he is talking to someone else and when he is done with her. He tells aaliya that she is hired and in excitement she hugs him .
Aryaman is

walking and suddenly Madhiam confronts him saying that he knows that Nandhani won the elections using a fake poste. Aryaman gets angry saying but Mdhiam says that Nandhani is not like her and once she knows that she did not win the elections by herself she will get angry and who knows what she will do.
Muti and Naviya are trying to persuade Pumi aunti to not kick them out of the society but she is adamant and sys that it is not only her decision and the others also agree to this. She says that if she made thisdecision alone she might have given her chance but this cannot be done. She tells Naviyathat shee is an unmarried mother and that she has to leave this society nd leaves.
Aryaman gets angry and sys that he wants to kill that Nyonka lady. He says that he will call his dad and ba nyonika. Nandhani says then what she will plot even more and not let the fab 5 reunite again. Her uncle calls and she tells him to not worry and she will figure something out.
Naviya is crying and sys that she is selfish and even when her son was sick instead of taking him to the hospital she went to the elections. Mukti says that she is a strong girl and if she was a weak girl she would have given her son to adoption. Mukti waits and says that she has to give abir for adoption but Naviya says that she does not want to give her son for adoption hearing this Mukti gets angry but Naviya doesnot agree.
Nandhani is walking in the halland id greeted by two youngsters who says that they are waiting for the workshop of austad Mukesh. Nandhani says that it will happen soon then she goes to the music room and finds Madhiam she asks him how did he made Rishab but he says that he will tell her only when she cancels the workshop. Then he says that she won the elections using a wrong slogan but she does not understand.
Mukti has Abir in her laps and is trying to her best to persuade Naviya togive him for adoption then he poops on her lap and she puts him away naviya seeing this comes and without talking to Mukti changes the diapers of her son. Mukti gets angry and leaves.
Aaliya is showing a lot of pictures to Dhruv about the designs that she made and also saysthat she was scared when he told her that she is fired and when she realized that he was not talking to her she was relived. She says that she is happy for herself and also for Dhruv but he does not get happy and says that he does not like this and enjoyed the music more than this.
Nandhani is sitting and thinking that why did Manik left her and she feels lonely without him. She then is walking when she receives a massage from Austad mukesh asking for the schedule. She walks to Madhiam who gives her a disc saying that it has a certain type of music which he designed for music therapy. Nandhani takes it and leaves.

Precap: Nandhani is searching for some files when suddenly Nyonika comes and asks her to come to her office where Harshad is also present.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. thanks thanks a lot for bringing manik back we dont know hw to thank you .we r waiting to see u manik ………

  2. Nice episode…MukYa(mukti navya..hw is it?) part ws emotional…like adoption that too fr a gal of 20 yrs!! Harshad mar jaye toh hi acha hai!! Im vry happy that i got my strength!! That too bohot sara!! Like really..laugh! Innocence dripping outta him!! I love to watch yuvi parth tashan onscreen…i miss it a lot!! Old days!! Bff time!! Hahah..i love them!!

  3. And Manik Malhotra is back

  4. Guyz…that parth samthaan and charlie are our oldies…i think that! I know my family really vry well…all these ws common b4 on this page…mny came as parth,charlie,niti,ayaz,uttkarsh,krissann,vibha n all or d onscreen names…it ws on daily those days…if u guyz check them na toh im sure u’ll go really vry mad…heheh…once mny came as bollywood actors…i guess it ws april or may..may i guess…sallu bhai,srk,rk(it ws me),dp,katrina,kareena n mny more…that ws hilarious!! Guyz…just chill if u see their comments…coz they hav no bad intentions n they are kyyians like us!! So plz dont bash them…if u bash also m sure they wont give damn to it!! They are like that only! All that i said is only if they are oldies!! If they aren’t toh idc!
    N yeah..kyy2 is on 2nd position on chaska meter show ranking on IF!

    1. And no one knows them plump nd they are not oldies on ky2s2 pg they were oldies on s1 pg not here infact nobody knows them in s2 pg

  5. Parth confirmed on insta human??

  6. N u guyz..my dearie oldies! If PS n charlie is u guyz na…toh plz m asking u frm aftrnoon…name bata do! Plz na…i miss those days loads!! U guyz dont come na…velly bad…

  7. @plumpy is right guyzzzz its just funnnn i some one is using ps name or else dont be serious
    epi was good as alwayzzzz ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. @plumpy is right guyzzzz its just funnnn if some one is using ps name or else dont be serious
    epi was good as alwayzzzz ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hyy…guyz z it sure tht manik z gonna cme back in kyy????

    1. Articles are saying that only but v should wait for official announcement

  10. Hyyy….guyz z it sure dat manik z gonna cme back in kyy??????

  11. I saw parth’s post on instagram……idk if any1 is happy as much as i am!!! Im over d universe!!!! This feeling!! MaNan again!!! Moist eyes phirse..bt khushi k!! My gems 2gthr once again!! This feeling is just beyond contentment!! I just cant express how much contented n happy i feel!!! I love u yuvi n parth!!!!!!!! Bohot sara!!!!!!! Thank u to d umpteenth time!!! U both are just lovely…!!! U guyz gimme so much happiness!!! I i just cqnt say how much these 2 hav made me happy!! Right now…sorry yuvi! Its parth who made this happy..as in more credits goes to him!! He returned!! Im d messenger of my frnz..i give d news abt parth all d time!! Kal toh i hav an exam…give a damn to it n just dance sing go insane be mad be an idiot stupid just enjoy!!!
    Gunnyt guyzzz…i need ur prayers fr my exam!! N u both too! Mr.Thakur and Mr.Samthaan!!

    1. i am also excited to see manik in the new season

      1. Me tooooo…… soooooooo…..happy that manik is back . thank god for that!!

    2. M having goose bumps yaar!!! Can’t wait!!

  12. luv u manik…just can’t wait to see ur grand entry…. thanks a lot for bringing manik aka Parth back…..

  13. Feeling sad for Navya!
    N mukthi too!

  14. Precap was amazing! hope nandini will find out the culprit behind bomb blast.

  15. Nashita (nina)

    Best wishes for your exam and sure I think if by chance Mr thakur and Mr samthaan see your comment then they will also start praying for your exam cuz you are their die heart fan.

  16. where is Soha gone? she is alive right!

    1. Yep she’s alive I guess mr khuranna has grounded her or maybe she’s in asylum

      1. Her best place…asylum…lol

  17. Aww thnx a lot nash! I hope i cn call u that:)
    n yeah..i wish they see my cmnt…if they dont see also m fine wid it…as i slept smiling n woke up smiling coz of them…they onscreen 2gthr…im super excited!!! Okay thnx bye ๐Ÿ™‚
    dont kick fr this line…which is solely parth’s…
    Yuvi had posted a video on insta…he shared d link on twitter…”somebody had asked me the dufference between madhyam and YUVRAJ. This video is the answer”…i wanna watch d video…if any1 watches it jaldi say what’s in dat video…otherwise i’ll watch it in d aftrnoon…love y’ll guyz…
    Pari they r just havin fun..that’s it!

    1. Plump calm down cuz its not confirmed that PS is cmg back or not… so stop assuming cuz ik how it feels when ur high hopes are crushed

      1. Yep…ik it well…but its just k if im hurt also by seeing any1’s pic(yuvi or parth) i smile like an idiot…they are d reason of my smile…parth aye ya na aye…i’ll b wid him..humesha! N smile karane k lie yuvi is onscreen..bas woh smile kare toh dil kush ho jata hai!! Uk im a die hard fan of d KING OF POSITIVITY!! Atleast thoda positive hona padta hai…

  18. Yep that psycho soha is alive…donno whr is she

  19. Good morning all

  20. Guyz u all are awesome!!! Im soo happy 2day!! I rocked my exm!! That ws too good!! I love u all soo much!!
    Double happiness…ek toh exm acha gaya n parth is back!!! My happiness knows no bounds now…!! English tha aaj..there ws a question askin us to write an invitation to our frnd fr our bday party…i ws still in kyy world that widout thinking i just wrote “my dear frnd niti”…i so wanted to write niti taylor bt to b in d safe zone i wrote only niti coz our principal is our english teacher…
    Im totally outta my mind…i ws literally jumping on d road n d corridors!! Love kyy kyy2 to infinity!!!

  21. Plump which post of parth are u talking on insta….?? Cuz he didn’t posted that he’s cmg back…

  22. Plump sry to say but now this is s2 pg so now they are not anymore oldies here they were oldies once upon a time in s1 not in s2

  23. Wahi toh!! I said all that only if they d oldies!! V dont even kno if they r oldies or not!! Bt their behaviour is just of them!! Spclly these-sam bro,ammy di,sara…they loved playin d characters here!! They were like just commenting widout any planning..manan romance frndship evrythin apne aap ata tha…
    But d thing is v donno who are they!! Arre jo bhi apna naam bata do!!

  24. I dont remember…okay yeah that’s nt true…coz my IF frnd ws also sayin it!! Usse yaad aaya i left her there n came here!! Acha i need to go!
    Arre u dont need to b sorry pradi…yep its ky2s2 page…bt unko kuch aur kaise bulae…v hav to call them wid specific word na..poora list hoga toh it will b huge!! Chill…i hav no worries wid it…n parth hasnt posted anythin…bt jo bhi hai..coz of that i rocked my exam na…so fayda mera hua…heheh

  25. I wanna kno bout that psycho..ofcourse soha…n 2day’s epi…first step!! Come on nanduu!! U cn do it!!

  26. Guyz any1 here watches splitsvilla 8?? Liking uttu n sana?? Bt they aren’t in any relationship…they’re jusy frnz uttu has said it…he’s tooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 6:30!! Kyy 2 time!! Yayy!!

  28. What is navya’z boss upto?? Y m i sensing somethin dangerous??? Shit! He touched navya!! Damn! Its gonna b horrible!! That extra sweet smile…which looks damn creepy!!

    1. Me too! M having a very bad feeling yaar!! Coz first he asked her for a tea…..
      N now he touched her! Will Pray for navya’s safety!!

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