Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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All of them are waiting for Manik at his house but he has not come back. Dhruv suggests that they can wait for him until he comes suddenly Manik comes rushing in and starts to yell at Nandhani saying to her to go back. When Nandhani tries to go after him he pushes her away seeing this Mukti goes and confronts him in his room asking as to why is he behaving like this. She pleads to him to give them one more chance to explain and he grants them saying that they will not be able to prove anything. Meanwhile he secretly looks at Nandhani and is almost about to laugh seeing after seeing her face.he places some silly deals in front of them and forces them to accept them. When it is all done he says that they will not beat him hearing this the members of fab5 realize that they have been played and

jump on Manik to teach him a lesson. After taking out ther frustration they all have a grup hg where they all miss Cabir and Mukti says that they have to party at first Manik dis agrees but eventually give in and they start to prepare.
Madhiam goes to his house where the peon stops him and sasy that Austad mukesh gave instructions not to let him in. Maddy gets amazed and goes to confront Jd who says that if he does not play classical music then there is no place for him in this house. Maddy gets angry and says that he will play rock music and can survive on his own and after this leaves the house.
The fab 5 arrive at a resort where everyone goes ahead except Manik and Nandhani. They plan to live in one room but the rest of the members plan to not let them stay together as it will destroy their part. Manik comes and ask the receptionist about the rooms when he says that he has only two suites at which point manic gets angry but Mukti says that they can live in pairs of boys and girls and they all head off.
Mukti and Aaliya are selecting their clothes when they decide to tease Nandhani and they start to make plans with Manik. Nandhani controls her hanger but eventually says that they can do it to her now but she will also take revenge when they will be in a position like this.
Dhruv asks Manik as to how is he looking in his new glasses, Manik taunts him saying that he has stopped taking bath and is really stinking Dhruv gets amazed and they play together after which Dhruv goes to take a bath.
Madhiam is walking when he gets a text which says that his credit card has been blocked upon his request seeing this he gets angry and sits on a bike. He says that Nandhani is a fake who turned away after making promises of Friendship whereas he said that he will be at every step she takes even when he was not her friend.
Precap: they ask as to what to do now. MAnik suggests a game in whic they have to place a vegetable on the neck of a friend with their own nwck. when Aryaman goes to Nandhani Manik gets angry and is about to beat him.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Can’t wait to see full epi..!!! Its gonna be so much fun hope MTV uploads early lyk yesterday…… i have lots to cmt…. will do it later now off to wh

  2. Amazing. But they should let MaNan stay in one room??????☺️☺️?? anyways very good epi. And precap is awesome. If manik once beat him then I will be happy. And hate u arymaan sorry bandarymaan???

    • What R u saying? R u mad? No I am damm sure u r sick. Go and treat in mental hospital. And never dare to say this again. I am not being that much rude to u cuz u r sick but when u will release from mental hospital I will tell u who I am. And what I can do when somebody talk rubbish about MaNan. U should be with arymaan. Both of u will make the best couple in the world. And what did u said time for manik’s quit!!! That will never happen. And if u try to say anything rubbish about MaNan then I will become evil with u got that. And listen go to mental hospital immediately else u will again talk rubbish and that time I will not gonna spare u. Praying for ur mental growth.

  3. Nashita(nina) did u saw a joke of the day on today’s comment pg??? See above ??God its so damm funny someone loved arnan convo!!???damm m still laughing…..best joke ever…..

  4. So guys I want to share a NUISANCE JOKE its not mine….. but some ppl want manik out of kyy…. don’t u find that Person psycho…. I find her damm stupid…..I mean what kind of joke was it…… stupidest joke ever! God pardon that poor person who’s suffering from mental disorder……. BTW anyone thinks kya manik should be out..??I don’t think so coz….. wbu guyzz??

  5. Ya minnie i totally agree with u. She is such a fool, stupid. How can she say like that yar.. ppl r mad for parth and she likes aryman omg what a thinking…

  6. Exactly what ‘silly deals’ was Manik placing in front of Fab5? Sona, why won’t you kindly write what he did actually say. These ‘written updates’ are supposed to help us who don’t speak hindi!!

    • Hang on don’t blame sona for it!! FYI written upadates are provided for those… who are not able to watch epi….and u should be thankful that she wrote this much…. it takes lot of time and remembering power…!!!she don’t have only kyy to update but also many others so speak kindly with her

  7. Also, what was it about ‘the look’ of Nandini’s, that Manik was speaking about? You did not translate that. You always omit the things that are most fun. You should really just write what the characters were SAYING. There not that many dialogues in 20-min. episode. You don’t need to write about what was happening so much, as everyone can watch the video.

  8. Plumpyyy

    Srsly pradi…that’s hilarious yaar!! I bursted into laughter as i read it!! Hahahaha…kyy track is goin vry interesting n its nuisance fr whoevr dat person is!! Oh god..plz make her normal soon!! He/she is abnormal!! Like srsly..ArNan!!?? Man maddy-nandu r better i guess!! Evn DhruNi!! ArNan sirf bro-sis hai!! MaNan best!! Manik outta kyy?? R u kidding me?! Like srsly i cant stop my laughter!! I pity u blessy or whoevr u are! U say its tym to leave kyy fr manik..hav u got brains? He left d show n he has returned!! Where do u stay?? Wid aliens?? Some other galaxy?? Gosh! Ur hilarious!! Srsly d best joke of d day!!! Lolzzzz

    • Yeah actually aranan looks nice as bro sis on screen n off screen too….. I wanted to talk bout this remember ur frnd from if who came here and asked bout u and I replied rudely ….sry for that also I thought some stalker was asking… so…

  9. Plumpyyy

    And pradi in yest’s pg…u need nt say srry gal..evn it happens wid me…my cmnt gets posted under some othr cmnt fr whom i dont reply… N yeah…u hav to watch d epi if u didnt!! Gosh it ws really hilarious!! ManRuv aftr long long long time!!! Missed them!! Awesome epi!! Gtg gunnyt lovelies…kisike bhi dreams xcept yuvi…u kno y..haha

  10. Mubashira

    Loved the episode.it was awesome.love you MaNan.and who the hell is asking parth to quit the show.itni duao ke baad wo wapas aaya hai.usi ke liye to serial dekhti hoon.

  11. TK

    Manik should never leave Kaisi yeh yaariyaan …just love him he is so cute and manan rock when they are together i hope they never get separated. Love u guys…manan

    • sangee

      episode was rocking but wat about cabir……….fab 5 is still incomplete without him miss him a lot.

  12. Where is Sara and shifa??? They had asked me in the previous pg that “can v be friends???'” I replied but I think both of them didn’t saw that. So I am again telling yup of course. We were friends.

  13. Dhruv, mukti, alya playing their evil game???
    Le manik aur khel pranks Fab 3 k saath ?mili iski punishment ??now share the room with ur buddy ?
    Manik don’t underestimate the power of Fab 3??

  14. When dhruv dikhaying more style n action in front of manik ??
    Bas kar bhai woh manik hai aur tu topiwala dhruv ?zara k glasses leke tu manik nahi ban sakta…. then
    Manik said u stink ??manik k samne style mat maar bhai he’s manik he doesn’t care……. m still laughing imagining it dunno what will happen when I’ll see it….
    More jokes on the way…. traffic mein stuck hu…. kal milenge
    Sighning off ?✋

  15. Hahahaha prads so funny yr, topi wala dhruv ? or yeh pagal kon hai Jo kehrahi hai k manik ko show se bahar hona chahye or aryaman n nandini’s convo is awesome, pehli baar heard it huh mad ppl….nashita so do u use any other social sites? Kyyrocks

  16. Manik ko to nhi hi show chodna chahiye kyunki vo to is show Ki Jan h per h jise ye lagta h Ki Manik ko show m nhi hona chahiye use ye show dekhana hi chod dena chahiye .khan vo bander khan mera Manik.sab n kitni pray Ki h Ki vo vapas show m a jaye. Finally vo vapas aa gya.please blessy apna suggestions apne pas hi rakho.aj ka episode bhut hi achha Tha .miss you kabir???

  17. I so wanted to say this……but I couldn’t laziness hehehe…… pehle manik k dad gayab the aur ab manik…. ek naari sab pe bhaari Z!
    This ones are my favorite…..
    When manik said ab toh smile karde tera hero aagaya ????
    Many girls were like
    Amme ab toh ye maar dalega RIP to us….OK ik m sounding too much but currently my mood is so damm bad….so cheering myself

  18. ?#MananFever?……….. when manik said lets be in the same room i was like next shadow make out scene is on its way………and dhruv was looking so cute when alia was telling the evil ? plan…………..the precap seems interesting…..beta banaryaman aur lo manan se panga……..when manik ka ek punch face pe lagege saari feelings bhahr aa jayengi……..lets see now what maddy will do…….going on nice track kyy2……keep it up!!!

      • The most yuckiest comment of the day award goes to MEENA MAM yesterday it was a psycho blessy vessy and today its u…. have it ?
        Miss meena veena beena if its yuck show according to ur smart brain then y are u stalking ky2 huh!!! Just mind ur own business!!!! Just get the hell out of here coz for me ky2 isn’t just a mere show!!!! It really means a lot to me!!! So take it to ur grave one word more Then.!!!!!!! BTW TOSH u kno what charlie di and doll made a dubsmash days back on washing powder Nirma…..this moron’s name name reminded me of it…..special thanks to Google baba for lyrics huh so…here v go
        Washing powder meena
        Washing powder meena
        Doodh si safedi
        Meena se aaye….
        Rangeen kapde bhi
        Khil khil jaaye
        Sabki pasand meena
        Washing powder meena
        How’s it… nice na ?ik it is
        So I guess its enough of humiliation for u…… I didn’t started yet yep u saw right… I didn’t started yet… coz ik how extreme i go and I don’t wanna spoil my mood…..infact no one on kyy pg knows even my bad side leave worst side…!!!! So never say that again miss whatever!!!

    • Plumpyyy

      Hawww….y do u waste ur time in these yuck serials gal…just stay outta it na..y wasting tym in these serials…hai na? Gadhi! Agar nai dekhna toh mat dekh na!! Badi aayi yuck bolne wali!! Time is very precious so dont waste it on these yuck shows ok!! N u b*t*h its yuck fr u!! Not for me! Yeah u heard it right…i ws just giving some gud advice to u…idiot!! Go sit wid ur books…dont say d same to me coz i watch ONLY kyy on tv nothin else n dont say about my studies also..ik hw much aware im bout it…go piss off!!

    • Who told u to watch this??? If u don’t like then don’t watch. And meena or Leena I don’t care whatever ur stupid name is!!! D only thing is stop spoil our beautiful pg. really don’t know where they come from. U should be with sid. And yeah yuck name really, trust me. Change it.???

    • Plumpyyy

      Shifa u joined IF?? see fast n reply!! I’ll get another TU frnd on IF! N i guess im gonna come here nt more than twice a day…my schl is on mode to get 100% result atleast this year..so v all hav to study lyk hard vry hard!! I dont wanna waste my time so plz encourage me guyz! I really need it!! I anyhow hav to get 95%!! So im just gonna watch kyy on tv n baki tym tv se dur…wtevr bt i’ve decided k i wont stop watchin kyy!! No way!! Otherwise i cant read…i’ll b lyk..kya hua hoga epi mein?? If i had read d update toh wen will i watch d epi? Time milega ki nai?? I’ll b in these thoughts+frustration! So yeah m goin now…comin aftr 10 or b4 dat… Kyy roxz!! N pradi u need nt say srry!! Ik hw protective u r to bout ur frnz..any1 wud hav reacted like dat..even me! So no worries..n i had called her here to irritate her:P i love doin that:P

  19. @nashita OK I will add u…
    @shifa I m on IF my name is salley145 no pic
    @prads gud luck for exams n yeah if u can then send me ur new email somewhere private
    @plumpyyy gud luck for ur exams kaheen diagrams mein galti se parth ki shakal na bna dena ??

  20. Guys today is 300epi celebration party yayyy!!! ???????I just hope bae will also go…last time toh he didn’t gone only!! Doll was looking so hot….! Hope he’ll today…..! Congrasts guys!!!for me I completed watching 100epi on tv…… and ofcourse on YouTube.. !I still can’t believe I watched 100 epi on tv..!! In starting i was sooo damm curious OMG!! Still I am… but u used to think will I be able to watch as suspense used to kill me!… sry wrong train pe chad gaye…. anyways congo!!!

  21. Plumpyyy

    Congrats to d whole team of ky2!! U guyz rock!! All will b in our hearts forever n ever!! Kyy has made a permanant place in our heart n its so strong k woh khud kya i will nt give dat place to anythin!!! I love kyy humesha!!

  22. Plumpyyy

    U guyz na…gosh! Yeh yuvi ek lauta insaan hai who can make me blush d darkest shades of red!! *blushing* thnx nash n sara fr ur wishes..who knows diagram almost 10-12 marks k aate hai so i may draw parth’s face also! But yeah yuvi pehle! U guyz na..srsly…yuvi yuvna…uske wajah se i lost my marks this tym..answers bhool gyi thi main..on that college mein kuch fest tha n romantics songs were played…woh bhi TE AMO which i solely dedicate to yuvi!! Gosh! Im blushing hard!! Im seeing kya correction ho sakta hai wen i saw aisha ur cmnt only..bt wen i read d nxt words tab i ws lyk…these kno me vry well! Aww…i love u guyz soo much!! N 2day’s epi mein they showed maddy-aryamann bond! Aww he’s such a cutie pie!! Bandar nai maddy re baba!! Woh toh u all kno na!

  23. Plumpyyy

    Im smiling my widest smile now!! Acha okay sara! Nai banaungi yuvi ki shakal!! Btw..im on IF too! Username u’ll get to kno on IF only..i’ll scrap u..

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