Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

All of them are waiting for Manik at his house but he has not come back. Dhruv suggests that they can wait for him until he comes suddenly Manik comes rushing in and starts to yell at Nandhani saying to her to go back. When Nandhani tries to go after him he pushes her away seeing this Mukti goes and confronts him in his room asking as to why is he behaving like this. She pleads to him to give them one more chance to explain and he grants them saying that they will not be able to prove anything. Meanwhile he secretly looks at Nandhani and is almost about to laugh seeing after seeing her face.he places some silly deals in front of them and forces them to accept them. When it is all done he says that they will not beat him hearing this the members of fab5 realize that they have been played and

jump on Manik to teach him a lesson. After taking out ther frustration they all have a grup hg where they all miss Cabir and Mukti says that they have to party at first Manik dis agrees but eventually give in and they start to prepare.
Madhiam goes to his house where the peon stops him and sasy that Austad mukesh gave instructions not to let him in. Maddy gets amazed and goes to confront Jd who says that if he does not play classical music then there is no place for him in this house. Maddy gets angry and says that he will play rock music and can survive on his own and after this leaves the house.
The fab 5 arrive at a resort where everyone goes ahead except Manik and Nandhani. They plan to live in one room but the rest of the members plan to not let them stay together as it will destroy their part. Manik comes and ask the receptionist about the rooms when he says that he has only two suites at which point manic gets angry but Mukti says that they can live in pairs of boys and girls and they all head off.
Mukti and Aaliya are selecting their clothes when they decide to tease Nandhani and they start to make plans with Manik. Nandhani controls her hanger but eventually says that they can do it to her now but she will also take revenge when they will be in a position like this.
Dhruv asks Manik as to how is he looking in his new glasses, Manik taunts him saying that he has stopped taking bath and is really stinking Dhruv gets amazed and they play together after which Dhruv goes to take a bath.
Madhiam is walking when he gets a text which says that his credit card has been blocked upon his request seeing this he gets angry and sits on a bike. He says that Nandhani is a fake who turned away after making promises of Friendship whereas he said that he will be at every step she takes even when he was not her friend.
Precap: they ask as to what to do now. MAnik suggests a game in whic they have to place a vegetable on the neck of a friend with their own nwck. when Aryaman goes to Nandhani Manik gets angry and is about to beat him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Really eagerly waiting for this day. Congratulation Kyy. Hope u will entertain us all life.

  3. Congrats to d whole team of ky2!! U guyz rock!! All will b in our hearts forever n ever!! Kyy has made a permanant place in our heart n its so strong k woh khud kya i will nt give dat place to anythin!!! I love kyy humesha!!

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  5. anyone see today’s episode

  6. U guyz na…gosh! Yeh yuvi ek lauta insaan hai who can make me blush d darkest shades of red!! *blushing* thnx nash n sara fr ur wishes..who knows diagram almost 10-12 marks k aate hai so i may draw parth’s face also! But yeah yuvi pehle! U guyz na..srsly…yuvi yuvna…uske wajah se i lost my marks this tym..answers bhool gyi thi main..on that college mein kuch fest tha n romantics songs were played…woh bhi TE AMO which i solely dedicate to yuvi!! Gosh! Im blushing hard!! Im seeing kya correction ho sakta hai wen i saw aisha ur cmnt only..bt wen i read d nxt words tab i ws lyk…these kno me vry well! Aww…i love u guyz soo much!! N 2day’s epi mein they showed maddy-aryamann bond! Aww he’s such a cutie pie!! Bandar nai maddy re baba!! Woh toh u all kno na!

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