Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik waits in the car restlessly for Nandini, he wonders should he see or should he not. He looks in the back view mirror, Nandini was standing up on a tree decorating lights. She bucks herself up to reach the last step when her foot slips. She screams but before touching the floor Manik holds her. She asks him? He scolds her that she can’t keep him from trouble. Nandini is frustrated and irritated asking what is going on in his mind, he has spoilt her plan. Manik tries to explain, Nandini says if he hadn’t come this surprise would have stayed a surprise but he never listens to her. She shouts at him to leave her, he drops her on the ground. He smiles on fallen her, that he listned to her. She rubs all the mud away from her arms as she stands up and says what a day it would be when he

will listen to her. He says promise. She asks what? He says blank promise, she can use it whenever she wants him listen to her. She is impressed saying she can use it anywhere, as it is unlimited offer. He nods. She is happy. Manik it is only on one condition, he should be able to see in her eye. She comes closer to him, looking into his eyes asks if he can please go there and stand eyes closed. He isn’t ready, but she insists and pushes him away not listening to him. When he has turned around, she is excited again.
Aaliya was eating chocolate at home; Harshid asks when she started eating chocolates? He says as far as he remembers, his sister has always been a fitness freak. He got her favourite hot chocolate, the way she likes it. Aaliya was silent, she finally speaks that her habits have changed a lot. Harshid says he feels sorry about her, and asks her to forget whatever happened and start it over again. Aaliya asks if he thinks he can forget all what happened, can she bear his three months long vanishing and will forgive him. She says he cannot even justify what he did and just disappear. He didn’t bother to think how she is. Harshid says he knows that it must have been very tough for her. She stands enraged, asking if he has any idea what he did. He ruined a life and ran away. Harshid asks her to trust him he is completely changed. She asks how will he gain his trust back. He says he will do anything that can win it back. She heads to leave. Harshid asks where is she going. She says to the people who have never left her back, whenever she needed them; her friends.
Nandini lights the last candle and calls Manik. He turns around and is mesmerized to see the beauty of the arrangement, he says unbelievable. She comes to him, he says it is like stars have come down. She completes, to shine for us. Both smile, she asks if he knows why he has done all this. He says offcourse. She asks really? He says she want to show to him the real her, she like wild things. He holds her arms, she asks if he really doesn’t remember anything. He asks her to let him think, but he doesn’t. She was eager to hear it. She says she thought he wouldn’t remember, then thought he might; she was irritated he doesn’t remember anything. He says no. Soon it begins to rain, Nandini goes to hide all her candles but each of them go out at once. She looks at the spoilt arrangement.
Manik goes to stand besides the tree, Nandini is upset that her surprise… Manik says he thought this rain was also a part of her plan. She says all the candles went out. He comes to her and says actually not all. He had kept his hand on one of them and it was still burning.
Navya sat upset. Mukti comes to her, Navya says she knows he hurt her as much as she is hurt by him. Cabir says this time she doesn’t need to worry, they are here with him. Navya smiles. Dhruv says there is something going on in his mind, he saved Manik and Dhruv. Mukti says they must make Aaliya understand, she knows how manipulative he is. Aaliya just arrive there, Mukti and Cabir hug her while she and Dhruv only exchange looks.
Manik says to Nandini that she must have a better explanation for such a heavy rain as well. She says it is one of it’s kind, they are here this late in it. Manik comes to her, hold her hands and says so? She moves away from him, and swirls around with hands wide open in the rain. Manik watches her enjoying, then comes to her and holds her waist. Nandini turns to him, Manik holds her up and swirls enjoying the rain shower. They get intimate to each other.
Aaliya tells Mukti that she must try Lotus sunscreen.
Nandini gets away from Manik and watches light coming from a certain point. She moves there, it was a curtain covered date point. She runs to it, manic comes to stand with her and says fireflies never stop glowing even in rain. Manik says he didn’t want to ruin her surprise. Nandini holds his hand and says he remembers this place where we first met. He nods, and says she made him remember. She looks at a bottle filled with fireflies, he says this is fireflies, and this place is connected. Nandini says it will remain, forever. I Love U appears on a wall nearby. Nandini keeps the bottle aside and looks at it in awe, running towards it. Manik says Nandini, I love you. I love you, very very much. Nandini smiles.

PRECAP: Nandini runs to Manik, they kiss.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. wins

    aha… Lovely… This show is making me 2 forget al my sorows.. Im xtremely happy 4 dis episode.. Waiting 4 2morows’ damn eagaerly..

  2. sana

    Sham gazab ki hungama khez h
    iska nasha hi ghera h tez h
    Sham gazab ki hungama khez h
    iska nasha hi ghera h tez h
    zulf khuli h reshm reshm
    saas fuli h madham madham
    ye to ishare h
    Ab ho hosh me danam
    hum h dil h or janam
    bas deewangi deewangi h
    na koi rehsm na rehmr
    ye ilzaam lage iss pal
    bas deewangi deewangi h
    all hot girls put ur hands up n say
    all cool boys come n make sm noise n say

    Gud evening…
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I m late 😉

  3. sana

    Soniyo oh soniyo
    tumhe dekhta hu
    to sochta hu bas yahi
    tum jo mera saath do
    sare gam bhula du
    jeelu muskurake
    tu dede mera saath
    thamle haat
    chahe jo bhi ho baat
    tu bas dede mera sath

  4. sana

    I think m alone agn

    Jane tu saea wo
    dil me jo mere ho
    padhle tu aakhe har dafa
    nakhre se na jee bhi
    hote h razi bhi
    Tujhse hi hote h khafa
    jane tu baatein sari
    katti h rate sari
    jalte diye si ab bhuje
    uth uth k rato ko bhi
    teri wafaein maangi
    paya h mene fir tujhe
    sajde kiye lakho
    lakho duyaein mangi
    paya h mene fir tujhe…

  5. fairy

    Wowowwwwww…….sooo sweeet epsd…it was jst awsm…manan were soooo cute…. precap was sweet too..
    Cnt wsit fr tmrw’s epsd..
    Tnx sona….

  6. carron

    Hey guys ! Not sure if anyone is here, but still hi and I truly hope that you all will surely return my hi 🙂
    So, long time huh ???
    I seriously miss you guys like hell !! recently I have been really busy with my studies and that too with all these sickness it is very hard to get some time for myself.
    I hope you all are doing fine.
    so, have a nice day , always smile …
    and …hmm…ok bye !!

  7. fairy

    Hi max ,adhs nd carruuuuu..
    Carron…missed u sooo mch….gt well soon….take care….gud night… c u vry vry soon…

  8. quboolhai SurVir

    guys guess me actually I gav comnt with this name now got an idea to let you guys guess me

  9. Max

    Everyone praise your brightness!
    All forget the reason of my darkness.
    All praise you as diamond!
    I was being cririzised as coal land.
    I always turn myself darker,
    To make you brighter!
    You reside inmy 6th sense!
    But killed my all 5 senses!
    Every night expresses my passion!
    You are dipped in love potion.
    waving silvery moon.
    Lets meet in dreams soon!!
    GN guyz. sweet dreamz

  10. quboolhai SurVir

    oh fairy u r ryt I m sara bro ur poem is luvly gud nyt u too swt drmz I think it is lng since v hav tlkd sry I m nt getng tym dis days to cm at tu

  11. Sakshi

    finally getting peace after reading ur poems da keep wrting
    Dnt dissapoint ur fans huh 🙂 🙂
    Gd n8

  12. madhurima

    Episode bahut acha the. Luv u Manik
    Episode was highly romantic waiting for tomoro’s episode. Nandinis look to manik cool overall epispde was very sweet enjoyed alot

  13. Ricky

    yes bht maza aya subah sb se mt hui sb frndly h soch raha hu jb m chala jaunga tou bht miss karunga sb ko.

  14. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    bhai ek aur baat maine kalaapse ye nahi kaha tha ke max bro aap ki age ke hai maine kaha max bro aur rv bro aap se badhe hai par sam bro suhash bro aap k age ke hai

  15. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    I think aap is liye confuse hue kyunki sara aur bro ek saath hai actually bro ws anothr sentence

  16. Ricky

    daikha lagta h exams ki tension sir charh gai h sb kch ulta ho raha h aj siri par se b gir gaya pain isliye zyada hoga.yar y sb mere sath kyn horaha h

  17. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    plz sry mat bolo aap awkward si feeling aati hai frnds kabhi ek dusre ko sry aur thnk u nahi bola karte

  18. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    oh aap thik to hai naa zyada chot to nahi aayi? aur readng me galtiyan sab se hoti hai nothng to worry aur xms ka itna tensn mat lo aap to ek bhi class bunk nahi jarte naa to aap ko sab kuch revise hoga

  19. Ricky

    han zyada chot nahi lagi bs kamar ki side par gira hu wahi pain ho raha h bt maine balm lagwaya h tek ho jayega.

  20. sana

    Hi evryone
    Ricky n aadhya take care
    hi carron missed u hw r u??? I hope u r fyn u too take care cm soon
    fairy ammy aadhya max naima evryone bye gud night
    bye guyz
    gud night 🙂

  21. Ricky

    yar exms m sb yaad b ho tb bi tension hoti h pata nahi shayad mujhe lgta h baqi sb ko nai lgta hoga

  22. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    sana ab itna gussa ho gayi ki apne cmnt me mera naam bhi include nahi kiya sry to bola tha naa

  23. sana

    Ricky tum 16 k hona?? Yaha bht sare h tmhare age k
    Me aadhya(shayad) sam auhona ammy or bhi hinge name yaad nhi aarhe h

    • sana

      Zabardasti sara ko take care Q kahu?? Uski tabiyat kharab thodi h
      tumhri n aadhya ki kharab thi isliye kaha take xare
      or mene bye jab laha tab tum dono ka name nhi tha ye bol rhi thi me

  24. sana

    Gud question
    mera mood off h do teen dinse isliye
    or ghussa jaldi bhi aata h bt chala bhi jata
    h par tmhe kab ghussa kiya??

  25. sana

    Lagta h notebook kal hi dhundni padegi tum log kuch na kuch puch rhe ho or me answr dene k liye ruk ja rhi hu
    Ok so m here nw…

  26. sana

    Sorry yaar bt mene kya kaha?? Itna bura kya lag rha h?? Mera mood thik nhi h ricky isliye shayad tmhe laga hoga sorry mene intntnlly kch nhi kaha

  27. Ricky

    yar m bht cool insan h kch bura nahi lagta mujhe bt sana dnt mind mgr aaj subha b apne aik do bar ghusse m bt ki nd ab b mujhe feel huwa.mujhe laga apko mere se prblm h.ajnabi pan mehsus hota h.

  28. Hi sorry light chali gayi Thi so no WiFi
    Ricky I remember u from today’s game bt me pehle yaha at I Thi tab tum nahi they so I was asking wen u joined Kyu family now I know

  29. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

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  30. sana

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    mjhe kisi se koi prbkm nhi h chill bas mera mood kahrab h isilye tmhe lag rha h
    abhi bhi lag rha h me ghusse me hu??
    Am calm nw sorry sorry ok?
    Nd kya ajnabi kuch bhi??

  31. Ricky

    sorry mt bolo mujhe acha nahi lagta nd ajnabi yu k jb koi ghusse m bt krta h mjhse tou mujhe lgta h jaise m paraya hu

  32. sana

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    uske alawa kuch ingnlly nhi kaha
    tmhe bura laga to srry
    lachu is lachu ir real name??

  33. sana

    Kya acha nhi lagta??
    Or ajnabi?? Dekho frnds hi ghussa hote(me ghussa nhi thi bt) formal sirf strngrs hi baat krte h… ok chill
    Or kya nhi batau kya acha nhi lagta

  34. LaChu

    veer brother missed u soooooooooooo much
    I am sorry Tat I went today without telling u sorry maaph Kar do ?

  35. sana

    Ricky sanyu ko laga ki tmhre kou frnds nhi h isliye tum sad rehte ho bt ab hum log tmhre frnds to tim ab sad mat rehna ok?

  36. sana

    Am preparing fr medical entrance xam
    nd nw m dng nthng listening sngs
    wht abt u??
    nd luv u too 🙂

  37. Ricky

    mere jb frnds nahi thay tb b apne ap m khush rehta ta.ha thora sad hota ta kyun k m single hu no sis no bro mom dad alwys busy n buisnes but now i hv frnds nd m not sad

  38. Ricky

    m not n medical clg sanyu edctn k lehaz se m 17 ka hu ab 18 ka ho jaunga coz jaldi dakhil kr dia ta parnts ne schl me thats why.
    mujhe abhi entry test dena h exams k bd then ll join medcl clg

  39. sana

    Aamchya gharat marathi nhi chalte
    Skool madhe fakt marathichya period madhe marathi… rest of d tym hindi or eng thtsy my amrathi is ntt tht gud

  40. I like Urdu bat kabhi kabhi galti ho jati hai isiliye language ki. Tauhin na ho isiliye nahi bolti
    Will u teach me Ricky plzzz
    All d best lachu

  41. Ricky

    ofcourse tlk wid me in urdu.hindi r urdu m zyada farq h hi nahi ap bolo jahan hindi m wo lafz aye jo urdu m nahi ho tou me apko bataunga k waha hm kya bolte h

  42. Ders a situation I always go thru on my college hamare head of department they unhe mene bataya tha k me ek saal choti hu jaldi admission liya tha to vo har baat mujhe bolte the assignments checking k time peTUM NEXT YEAR ANA so irritating it was bt sir ko bohot maja ata tha aur vo nor for we haste the

  43. Ricky

    main apna intro krta hu urdu m k.
    Assalam-o-Alaikum Sanyukta!
    mera naam ramal baig hai,main Pakistan pyarey shehr islamabad main rehta hu.main 16 saal ka hu aur mdcl parhne ja raha hoon.
    apse baath kar ke bohat khushi hui.sada khush raho aur hansti muskurati raho.

  44. I hv only few friends in college bt mera ek friend hai use ek sal late dala tha usko me Dada(big bro ) karke chidati Thi n he used to calle choti so der are many ppl wid diff ages in my class

  45. U know wat is irony lachu is from kerela Ricky from pak they call each other veer n veers which is Punjabi words v have so much diversity here 🙂

  46. Ricky

    sanyukta i luv dis word veer nd veera also.
    my mom frm punjab wahanb mujhe sb cusns veer ji bolte h

  47. Ricky

    apna email do mujhe veera ya phir mera ly lo mujhe mail kr daina then jb free hunga tou bata dunga

  48. sana

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    Kabhi bhi notify kar rha h jab me chk krti hu tab ek bhi nhi batata or abhi ek sath 6-7 mails… mjhe baat krni thi abhi sab so rhe homge 🙁

  49. sana

    Chahat k kajal se
    kismat k kagaz pe
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    chahat k kajal se
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    bole zamana u
    me teri jaisi hu
    tu bhi to mjhsa dikh zara
    Mera hi saya tu h
    mjh me hi samaya tu h
    har pal ye lagta h mjhe
    khudko mitaya mene
    teri balaye mangi
    paya h mene fir tujhe
    chahe tu chahe mjhko
    esi adaayin mangi
    Paya h mene fir tujhe

  50. sana

    Aadhya carron ricky take care
    Sara u too
    nutz today u also din came i knw u wer busy kal aana par
    bye final one

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    Dabi dabi saas me
    suna h mene
    bole bina tera naam aaya
    palke jhuki or uthne lagi to
    haule se uska salaam aaya… 🙂

    Gud morning 🙂

  52. ammy

    Mera mann kehne laga…. ??
    Paas aake na tu door ja….
    Chune de ?? hooth tere…
    Zara saanson mein aane basa ?

  53. ammy

    Saanson ko jeene ka ?? ishara mil gaya….
    Duba mein ?? tjh mein toh ??? kinara mil gaya
    Tu Mila ?? toh khuda ….ka Sahara mil Gaya….
    Gumshuda gumshada ? dil ye tha gum shuda
    Bin tere bin tere……. ???

  54. sana

    Saaso ko saaso me dhalne do zara
    Dhimi si dhdkn ko bdhne do xara
    lmho ki guzarish h yr pAAS AAJAYE

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    khamoshi me baato me
    baadal k hato me bheju
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    meri saso me basa h tera hi ek naam
    teri yaad humsfr subh sham… ♡♥ <3

  56. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    ?dil sambhal jaa zara phir mohabbat? karne chala hai tu…. ?dil wahin ruk jaa zara phir mohabbat?……

  57. ammy

    Aap iqraar karo ? na karo ? yahi haqueeqat hai ?
    Ki zindagi Mein ? mohabbat insaan Ki zaroorat hai ??

  58. Ricky

    Dehleez pe mere dil ke jo rakhay hai tu ne qadam,
    tere naam pe meri zindagi likh di mere humdum,
    ha seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena jeena

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    kal mera first paper h pak.std ka pray 4 me.
    na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

  59. SS

    jeene laga hu pahle se jayda pahle se 😉 jayda tumpe marne laga hu ……………………………….mai mera dil aur tum ho 😛 yaahan phir kyun ho palke jhukaye vahaan 😉 tumsa hanse pahle dekha na tha ;-D tum isse pahle jane kahaan

  60. aish

    ricky I can’t understand what u told but frm ammy’s wish I think u ve ur examz

  61. ammy

    Mein ? mera dil ? aur tm ho yaha ?
    Phir q ho palke jhukaye waha ??
    Tm Sa haseen pehle dkha nhi
    Tm iss se pehle le the Jane kaha ??

  62. ammy

    Tjhe dkha toh ye Jana sanam
    Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam
    Aab yaha se kaha jaye hum
    Tere baahon Mein mar jaye hum

  63. Aadhya

    Hi aadhs. I’m your inner soul?. I feel you are sad??? Pls dear if you are sad then can share with me. ?You don’t need to take tension i’m god’s messenger. I work for god’s child.? i know u will say you are alright, but i know your in some problem?….
    by love☺????

  64. Sana

    This soul is dosn’t keep anything in heart. Speaks out whatever she feels. ? and says a lot of sorry. ?

  65. Anonymous

    You all are very nice 🙂 everyone needs improvement
    aadhya u need to be relaxed. Ammy u have accept the truth. Fairy u r too emotional. Sana don’t say sorry; frends never say sorry. Nutz u have to take care of ur frnds all are very innocent. Laura, no change needed. Samridh give some time to ur frends also.

  66. Anonymous

    Vaishu, always take your family together. Make ur frends a union. Don’t let this beautiful relation to end 🙂 this is sign that now also frends can give everything for frendship 🙂

  67. a small question

    My lord ultimate soul why didn’t you mention about suhash he was a fulltime member here

  68. a small question

    Hv u all ever read Chetan bhagat? One night @ call centre? Suddenly god calls there too..like today…

  69. ooo me?? dnt ask

    uske xms studies sab khatam ho gaye ab tak nahi aaya par agar entrance ke baad aaya to mai sach me apna naam badal lungi tu par

  70. a small question

    Tum ne mail kabhie kiya kya question? Nhi kiya na? Ye kaise baat hui… Suhash sam euphie bhi toh eek hi tarah dukhi ho sakte hai

  71. ooo me?? dnt ask

    a small ques = ammy guys I m sara & ammy ys I maild him bt nt nw I dint get reply in mail & fb mny tyms I tried to tlk vd him bt if he dsnt wnt to tlk den wat shd v do

  72. a small question

    Dkho dosto mein kaun hun…insaan hun ya bandar hun….bhagwan toh hun nhi….mjhe dhundhana chodo

  73. a small question

    Mein ve chahti hun ki suhash aajaye….kasam se aaj 2 mahine ya 3 mahine ho gaye unhone cmnt nhi ki ….na jane kyu lagta hai ki woh ayenge zaroor

  74. ooo me?? dnt ask

    I knw suhash nt online bt if he read abt my accusations cmnts den he vl read d sry too datsall & ammy agar insaan khud chahkar apni mehnat aur lagan se kaam kare to wo kou bhi kaam karsakta hai

  75. a small question

    Ye ladki mjhe ammy Ammy q bula rhi hai mein woh hun toh nhi last cmnt frm ammy ki woh bag pack karke Bahamas mein chutti pe gayi hain. Mjhe koi matlaab nhi sachh mein usse par mein yaha pe ayi thi bhagwan ke doot yani gods messenger se baat karne ke liye

  76. a small question

    Aur baat karne ke liye kuch din aur ruk jao guyz entrance kafi tough hoti hai….sara tm kaha ja rhi ho? Ja ve q rahe ho?

  77. a small question

    Chahe woh suhash ho ya euphie jo ve ho eek parivaar kabhie sukhi nhi ho sakti agar koi ve member absent ho

  78. Nutz

    Oreo i busy n ws out, so cudnt cum. Nw m gng to coachng, test on history, i wnt b able to cum at 8pm (sana) ; i’ll try cmng arnd 11pm.
    Bye nw.

  79. Nutz

    Oren m nt f9,da busy schdule’s killng me; aftr smtym mayb u’ll al hv to visit me in mental assylum….lol
    Bye nw, c u al at n8

  80. Nutz

    Final bye, guys plz do pray fr me, 2dy m vry tired,hvnt study anythng,m scard wats gna hppn to me 2dy:-|

  81. fairy

    Love confession sequence of Manik and Nandini is getting spicy day by day in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.
    Both Manik and Nandini plan a surprise for each other where Nandini makes Manik surprised by decorating place with candle lights.
    However, rain spoils Nandini’s surprise but Manik brings smile on her face by saving a candle.
    On the other hand, Manik gives a surprise to Nandini by showing lighten I Love U on a wall.
    Nandini is about to say something but Manik stops her saying I love you.
    Passionate lip locks between Manik and Nandini

    It will now be seen that Nandini fails to stop herself getting closer to Manik and admits her love while having a passionate lip lock with Manik.
    Both Manik and Nandini will open a new chapter of their love life after this romantic night.
    Let’s see if Manik and Nandini get successful to continue their love life in spite of having an evil like Nyonika.

  82. ammy

    Matlabi ✌
    Ho ja zara matlabi….??
    Duniya ki sunta hai q…..khud ki ve sun le kabhi ???
    Kch baat galat ve ho jaye….kch der ye dil ve kho jaye ….. Shor gunje yaha se waha…. ??????

  83. ammy

    C’mon guys sure no one wanna learn the language wid me….. C’mon we will go to language centre hand in hand …. tail in tail ???

  84. ammy

    Ohk bye ??? itna roungi ki yaha pe Pacific ocean ho jayega… lol…..i vil try to cm at n8 tc thn we all go to monkey language centre ?????

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