Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik waits in the car restlessly for Nandini, he wonders should he see or should he not. He looks in the back view mirror, Nandini was standing up on a tree decorating lights. She bucks herself up to reach the last step when her foot slips. She screams but before touching the floor Manik holds her. She asks him? He scolds her that she can’t keep him from trouble. Nandini is frustrated and irritated asking what is going on in his mind, he has spoilt her plan. Manik tries to explain, Nandini says if he hadn’t come this surprise would have stayed a surprise but he never listens to her. She shouts at him to leave her, he drops her on the ground. He smiles on fallen her, that he listned to her. She rubs all the mud away from her arms as she stands up and says what a day it would be when he

will listen to her. He says promise. She asks what? He says blank promise, she can use it whenever she wants him listen to her. She is impressed saying she can use it anywhere, as it is unlimited offer. He nods. She is happy. Manik it is only on one condition, he should be able to see in her eye. She comes closer to him, looking into his eyes asks if he can please go there and stand eyes closed. He isn’t ready, but she insists and pushes him away not listening to him. When he has turned around, she is excited again.
Aaliya was eating chocolate at home; Harshid asks when she started eating chocolates? He says as far as he remembers, his sister has always been a fitness freak. He got her favourite hot chocolate, the way she likes it. Aaliya was silent, she finally speaks that her habits have changed a lot. Harshid says he feels sorry about her, and asks her to forget whatever happened and start it over again. Aaliya asks if he thinks he can forget all what happened, can she bear his three months long vanishing and will forgive him. She says he cannot even justify what he did and just disappear. He didn’t bother to think how she is. Harshid says he knows that it must have been very tough for her. She stands enraged, asking if he has any idea what he did. He ruined a life and ran away. Harshid asks her to trust him he is completely changed. She asks how will he gain his trust back. He says he will do anything that can win it back. She heads to leave. Harshid asks where is she going. She says to the people who have never left her back, whenever she needed them; her friends.
Nandini lights the last candle and calls Manik. He turns around and is mesmerized to see the beauty of the arrangement, he says unbelievable. She comes to him, he says it is like stars have come down. She completes, to shine for us. Both smile, she asks if he knows why he has done all this. He says offcourse. She asks really? He says she want to show to him the real her, she like wild things. He holds her arms, she asks if he really doesn’t remember anything. He asks her to let him think, but he doesn’t. She was eager to hear it. She says she thought he wouldn’t remember, then thought he might; she was irritated he doesn’t remember anything. He says no. Soon it begins to rain, Nandini goes to hide all her candles but each of them go out at once. She looks at the spoilt arrangement.
Manik goes to stand besides the tree, Nandini is upset that her surprise… Manik says he thought this rain was also a part of her plan. She says all the candles went out. He comes to her and says actually not all. He had kept his hand on one of them and it was still burning.
Navya sat upset. Mukti comes to her, Navya says she knows he hurt her as much as she is hurt by him. Cabir says this time she doesn’t need to worry, they are here with him. Navya smiles. Dhruv says there is something going on in his mind, he saved Manik and Dhruv. Mukti says they must make Aaliya understand, she knows how manipulative he is. Aaliya just arrive there, Mukti and Cabir hug her while she and Dhruv only exchange looks.
Manik says to Nandini that she must have a better explanation for such a heavy rain as well. She says it is one of it’s kind, they are here this late in it. Manik comes to her, hold her hands and says so? She moves away from him, and swirls around with hands wide open in the rain. Manik watches her enjoying, then comes to her and holds her waist. Nandini turns to him, Manik holds her up and swirls enjoying the rain shower. They get intimate to each other.
Aaliya tells Mukti that she must try Lotus sunscreen.
Nandini gets away from Manik and watches light coming from a certain point. She moves there, it was a curtain covered date point. She runs to it, manic comes to stand with her and says fireflies never stop glowing even in rain. Manik says he didn’t want to ruin her surprise. Nandini holds his hand and says he remembers this place where we first met. He nods, and says she made him remember. She looks at a bottle filled with fireflies, he says this is fireflies, and this place is connected. Nandini says it will remain, forever. I Love U appears on a wall nearby. Nandini keeps the bottle aside and looks at it in awe, running towards it. Manik says Nandini, I love you. I love you, very very much. Nandini smiles.

PRECAP: Nandini runs to Manik, they kiss.

Update Credit to: Sona

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