Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Austad Mukesh says to Madhiam that he got ashamed because of him for the first time. Maddy says that Austad Mukesh would not like this but he had a great evening and his performance was also great. Maddy says that he only respects him because he was the one who raised him otherwise because he did not do anything worthy of respect and Maddy says that he even plays music for his reputation. Madhiam tells Austad Mukesh that from now on he will do only what he feels is best for him.
All of them are trying to think as to why Manik not listened to them and went away. Mukti says that they should tell him everything and try to win him back. Dhruv and Mukti go to find Manik at his house and Nandhani and Aryaman search in space for him but both the teams are un successful when Nandhani says that

she knows where he might be and when they go there they find Manik standing there.
She goes to him and tries to talk to hi but he gets angry and when he sees Aryaman asks Nandhani if she has also moved on. Aryaman hearing this goes away and then Nandhani hugs him and does not leave him until she tells him all that has happened in these past four months. When Manik comes to know this he feels guilty and apologizes to Nandhani. He confirms if she has also moved on and when he gets the answer in his favor he gets happy.
Manik then teases Nandhani by saying that he is going back to puna and when Nandhan walsk away he goes to her and starts to throw flowers at her seeing this she comes to him and Manik is about to kiss her when she stops him and says that he has to call his friends.
Manik says that now he will have to explain everything to them and also apologize to them but he says that she will also go with him now that everything is okay and drags her even when she doesnot want to.
Aryaman goes to the gym and two people are discussing about Manik. He starts to punch the bag when suddenly Maddy taunts him. He doesnot listen to him but Maddy comes to him and starts to taunt him and says that he is similar to Nandhani but Aryaman says that he is here to box and then they both start to do it. Maddy after boxing texts Nandhani.

Precap: Manik and everyone arrive at some place where Manik says to Nandhani that they can live in one room. Maddy is sitting on his bike and thinks that Nandhani is not the person she tries to be.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. When Manik said,” ab to smile kar de….. tera hero aa gaya” I was like awwwww…….this is the spirit which was missing in kyy2 when Parth left……@punku( even I’ll call you that )………..you kept aryaman’s new name correct…….he is bandaryaman………psyco bro and sis……..both just f**k………both are psyco…..both want to separate our Manan……..I hope there is no misunderstanding between Manan now…….waiting for today’s epi………btw @prads and anu ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR EXAMS……..WRITE WELL!!!!!

    1. ok ok stop being angry……ill call her sara only…..i dont want you to be angry when manan misunderstandings are cleared and maddy is trying to change……ill call her sara……STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR EXAMS……..best of luck prads!!!

  2. shifa(shakira)

    who watch splitsvilla?.kyy2 rockz

      1. mee 2…… i just love uttu and sana….they both r sooo cute!!!

      2. I also watch spittvilla

    1. Me too but sometimes.

  3. Thank u…. hope anu sees this

  4. shifa(shakira)

    which couple u r fav in splitsvilla prads.kyy2 rockz

  5. shifa(shakira)

    parth’s anthor show ultmate fitness fan2 in mtv.kyy2 rockz

  6. Yes prads sis everything is OK. Bcz… Of my studies i don’t have a much time to visit but now I’m free

  7. shifa(shakira)

    who is u fav in spvla dhanu?.kyy2 rockz

  8. Huh! I cant believe k this is d same page! Wen i saw der were 64 cmnts i re checked d page n yeah its d same one and d credit goes to d epi n u guyz!! But…u guyz made so mny cmnts dat too wen i ws nt der…aww u guys missed me…i too missed u all,d epi…ws fully pissed off..1 coz i cudnt watch d epi n 2nd..assignments!! The f**ked up assignmente gosh! Hell irritating!! Bt got to kno bout d epi frm my frnd…n dat line too…ab toh smile karde..tero hero wapas aa gaya…awwwww kinna cute hai manan!!! I donno d line exaxtly…..that manik manaofying nandu ws sooooo adorable!!! N manik teasing nandu!!! Haye i missed this soo much!!! Just wish dat cabira ws here…n aryamann goes to hell!! Like srsly..sara…awesome name re! Bandaryamann!! Kudos to u! Bandar!! Tujhe main bandar bulana chodi thi coz u made nandu happy..u tried to make her smile u supported her u were wid her..bt tu na tera prob kya hai huh manik k aane se! Chup chap frnd nai reh sakta kya tu?? Idiot! Beqaar humara gussa jhelna hai tujhe ab!! See kitna boli main! Acha khasa tha tu..teri psycho soha thi na usse okay tha..ab tu bhi wahi hai..kya tum dono k destiny mein yahi likha hai k manan k beech misunderstandings create kare? Dammit!! Upar se woh ek mystery abhi bhi hai..teri woh psycho behen zinda hai..boli na woh nyonika..lekin tujhe toh woh pata nai!! Agar woh aajayegi toh humara toh koi control nahi!! See phirse continue ki main tujhe daantne ka!!
    Maddy…woh uska GD buddhe ko kya pata hai huh rock music k bare mein? Sachii if love is forcing na toh its nt love its emotional blackmail…atleast iss side nandu,fab 3 hav each other n now manik bhi hai..harshad ka bhi koi nai hai coz he’s d cause fr dat…bt maddy..uska kya galti hai?? On that these r nt even showin him much onscreen! Matlab its 2-3 mins of d epi…arey yaar yuvi show chodne wala hai ab toh kuch importance do!! Sirf ek do line bulvate ho n his kaam khatm?? Yaar iske liye usse show mein bulana tha toh kyu bulaya? He wud hav got somethin better! But watever..in my list of fav shows..der r 4 shows..yeah kyy isnt alone…its HHL,BFF,D3 and KYY..n m happy dat in 3 shows yuvi hai..2 shows parth hai… Now they’re gonna show his good side?! Arey yuvi ko hi dikhao nai toh i’ll b least interested in watchin maddy! Acha chalo..i gtg…bye…bohot bada cmnt ho gaya… Gonna come donno wen..bt aaj aungi dont worry… Te Amo Yuvi…

  9. I too watch splitsvilla! Ofcourse uttu n sana r my fav! Zaan is vry smart!! Yash-sophiya are dumbos..atleast i think dat!! I srsly dont like them!! Paras went..didnt want this…subuhi shud go..!! Ishaan..no wishes! Karishma queen ki throne se utar jaye!! I dont like this season’s book of fortune…last season’s ws awesome!! N that partner swapping thing in which ayaz ws eliminated…i love AyaNka! Gosh i miss them! But ayaz more!! Ayaz!! Kuch toh karke wapas aa jaa!! Atleast as ranvir! Plz kyy is still incomplete widout u as i cn still find dat emptiness on d show…yeah i love s2 a lot bt still i miss ayaz lots!!

  10. shifa(shakira)

    plumpyy come back.how r u?.ivattu schl strt ha .kyy2 rockz

  11. shifa(shakira)

    m too like uttu and sana.

  12. I like sana and uttu…. Uttu so cute ….and sana she is good girl…not like othere change connection…. On by one…

  13. Dear prena…i know malyalam …..your language is so rude and shameless.how could comment this.

    1. yes you are right. I too know Malayalam. she thinks that no one here knows Malayalam but she is wrong ,as I know many malayalis are reading this. and the language she used was very bad. she shouldn’t have posted such a thing. its a shame for malayalis. @prena for your kind information please don’t use such words here as it is very bad.

      1. ye dirties , who said i am thinking no one knows malayalam here..i think u dogs are new here… i know very well here are some shameless people like u..dont point fingers at me..i will say what i think..u just support whom u like,dont use my name..manasillayo para naarihalae

  14. Maddy is cute ?

  15. shifa(shakira)

    Nashita can v be frnds?.kyy2 rockz

  16. Hey prads r u here? If yes then can u send me all manan songs u have? Kyyrocks

  17. shifa(shakira)

    how to create if account.ply any1 tell me.kyy2 rockz

  18. Hey Sasha u can call me punku n I hate aryaman a lot, do u use whtsapp? Kyyrocks

    1. No I don’t use whatsapp

  19. shifa(shakira)

    hlo pinky.how r u ?.kyy2 rockz

  20. shifa(shakira)

    who is sasha pinky,kyy2 rockz

  21. shifa(shakira)

    hlo saisha.how r u?.kyy2 rockz

  22. why it is not uploading on youtube?

  23. why dis episode is not uploading on youtube?

  24. shifa(shakira)

    fast updating sona

  25. Hey guys how r u all actually guys i was very busy in my studies. So i could not comment.. Finally manan scene i am very happy…. Did anyone see today epi…

    1. Yup it was hilarious rads u should watch it… I gave precap bakki ka sona will update damm soon… even I want to watch fully

  26. Shifa..howdu..ivattinda schl start aithu..tumba work ide 1st day se hi! Nange IF comment sa post madlikke ide adre nange agudilla anisuttade…kyy ninne epi matte ivattina epi nodide back to back!! Aww aaj ka epi awesome ittu!! Nanu nonstop nagadtidde…manik na last condition hilarious ittu…aur iske baad mujhe mat maarna!! Bt all missed cabir…dhruv ka bye fr alya ws sooooooo cute!!! Nanna board exms 30 march inda start agudu..adakke nange kuch bhi karke 95% beku exam alli…!!! Sirf kyy nodudu tv yalli…kyy k alawa i dont watch anythin much! So kyy dekhna,yahan aana,IF pe jaana is my free time ka work…i feel relaxed n fresh wen i come to these sites!! So to create IF account… Just type http://www.india-forums.com n watevr link u get click on it n on d top left corner u’ll get a 3 horizontal line symbol click it n there r 2 options..one is sign up and d other one log in..so u got to click sign up n create ur account… And and and…aftr creating ur account go to ur buddy list..u cn find it in ur dashboard…buddy list>search> my username…srry bt der r stalkers n i dont wanna disclose my username here…u cn tell ur username in kannada… Bt frst create ur account… N manik’s condition alya will come widout make up fr rehearsals!! Lol..btw do u watch kyy on tv or online?? Or u just read d update? Renovation agta ide ala ninna maneyalli…

    1. Today’s epi showed that MaNan plays a prank on Fab 3 of manik still being angry when they came to kno bout it they started hitting him (awwwwe that scene.. old days are back but missing cabiraaa a lot)

      1. Sry tosh bt miatakely it got posted here

      2. Thanks.. minnie…fr….I wish to watch the show asap….hey can I call u prads..as ur rest frnds call u

  27. I saw d epi rads…bt i guess u hav to read d update only…srry i cant give d update as i hav to go back to my books..im nt free bt still i came here fr u guyz n kyy..haha i kno wen my boards start also upar se im chillin out here! Btw in which class do u read rads? I gtg…manan acted dat nothin sorted out n nandu ws cryin n manik ws still angry..n dat promo wala part of manik pushin nandu ws part of manan drama…i ws ROFLing all d while…u hav to watch d epi rads..it ws freakin’ awesome!!

  28. So many of us didn’t saw the epi (unfortunately me too) but I got update @7:05 only I’ll only tell precap…. it showed that manik said they will have to pass karela by their neck and unfortunately the task was given to aryamann and he was getting close to nandu and manik got jealous

  29. guys any1 saw 2days episode?…. pls give a brief summary…. pls

  30. I heard parth is hosting new mtv show…. And i also heard that soha is back…

    1. Soha yup I didn’t heard but i saw a post hope its not true…. bata nahi dono bhai behen MaNan ka kya karenge yup he’s hosting ultimate fitness fan with anusha….

  31. Thanks minnie and all the best for ur exams..

  32. Hey plump its ur board me too and i am in 12 standard.. And u… I think i am elder..

  33. shifa(shakira)

    @plumpyx if ninda anadru problem agthada andre

  34. @shakira I call Saisha as Sasha kyyrocks

  35. @prena you are calling us dirties!! it sounds very funny because you just think who is dirty. you or we? using bad words is not all good especially in public pages like this. that shows how cultured you are!! I studied to react whenever I see bad things I did the same here. and one more thing I am not new here. you may be new here that’s why you don’t know me.
    mansilayo you shameless fellow!!

  36. Premi i am not a cultureless.because i can’t say the rude language.

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