Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani and Naviya are walking and Naviya says that she could not sleep all night and is not feeling well Nandhani also says that that she could not also sleep. Naviya says that was she also having gases then Nandahani says no she was not having and then tries to leave but Naviya stops her and asks what the matter is and Nandhani says that she met Manik and they both talked a lot and stayed with eachother.
Nandhani sees Manik in the hallway and goes to him and wishes himaMorning and they start talking and Manik holds her hand then as they walk everyone sees them. Manik calls Nandhani at the staircase and asks her what the matter is and why is she not like before then he says that he was thinking that they were like before as friends but then Nandhani says that they are not like before

.Manik praises that what he thought was wrong.
Suddenly they hear Cabir’s voice on the speaker saying that Manik is lost and that everyone should help him find him because it is crucial that they get him as they have to win the treasure hunt. Cabir also tells Nandhani to stop laughing.
Manik gets angry at him saying that he is very cheesy and then Manik shouts at Nandhani and then goes off to catch Cabir.
Manik rushes into the room and asks everyone where Cabir is and then when they donot answer him he gets angry.
Nandhani goes into the room to find aryaman playing the tabbla. Nandhani is shocked to see the way Aryaman is playing the instrument with such pressure and after some time Aryaman breaks the sheet on the tabbla.
There is an announcement asking everyone to come to the hall and Manik says that this is the real announcement and this is what the speakers are for then Dhruv packs his guitar and asks everyone that they should leave.
Mukti pinches Manik who is busy with his mobile to listen to the announcement but he snatches it from her hands and. Dhruv sees aaliya coming and believes that she is not well. The Principal introduces the Manager of FM 89 who has come to listen to all the group to judge their progress. Naviya crosses Aryaman sayng that she wants to go in first and as soon as she enters the Manager sees her and says that she is who claimed to be the best folk singer and her name is what and after a while says Naviya and asks about Cabir. He then says that she will perform first and when they are sitting Manik and Nandhani talk in singals and when they are about to sing Aaliya passes out and everyone rushes to help her.

Precap: Aryaman is standing at the construction site and says that he does not want to kill Manik just yet but a small accident should be okay like a few broken bones and thanks Nandhani that she really helped him.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. princess

    i read smwhere that parth and niti who r made for each other couple on screen r dsnt even frnds off screen:(

  2. ?pradishma?

    U kno what guys our kyy is always on top but some ppl on sns says that their sns is on top…… i feel pity on them for thinking that a boring show is on top…

  3. Plumpyyy

    Hiii….whr am i?????? Is this d old kyy tu page???????????? Missin oldies badly!!!!!!!! Am watchin d repeat of thursday epi…wat romance man!!!!!!!! Just loved manan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was mindblowing amazing awesome incredible!!!!!!!!!!! N dat song!!!!! Sapna jahan!!!!!! Mere dil mein jagah khuda ki khaali thi…dekha waha pe aaj tera chehra hai…main bhatakta hua sa ek baadal hu..jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai….!!!!!! Lovely!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah pradi is ryt…! Idk frm which angle sns is good!! blo*dy crappy show!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nandu’s puffy doe eyes grew big!!!!!!!! Hahaha…guyzzzz i hav gone insane…

  4. Plumpyyy

    Wat is spcl abt this day-august 09. Come what may…i will not tell the answer!!!!!! Yuvi promise!!! I’ve never broken my yuvi promise in my life…so i wont break it now too…so dont ask me fr answers…hint is..its related one member of this site…n a precious part of me…!!!!!

  5. Plumpyyy

    Cabir’s announcement ws hilarious!!!!!! I ws laughin lyk maniac!!!!!!! Ppl..any1 here??? Or else i’ll go to IF to talk wid my candyyy

  6. Plumpyyy

    Me,fairy,nutz,anju,samyukta kya 10th std aagaye..all r vanished frm this site!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Plumpyyy

    Bye guyzzz…goin to talk wid my candyyy…or i’ll call her here…love u all…wait karrahi hogi woh..byee

  8. Plumpyyy

    Oh ok…bt hey! Ur username is fairy!! Keep it princess na!! As der is already a fairy here!! Btw..princess..d name too lovelyyy!!! U silent reader b4?????

  9. Plumpyyy

    Smiling like a fool!!!!! Isse kehte hai kyy k side effects!!!!!!! Like seriously…! M smiling blushing n wt nt all d time!!!! Gosh..! MaNan has an impact on me!!

  10. Plumpyyy

    Manik..lets b frnz first…lets go step by step…d way manik imitated nandu ws sooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Plumpyyy

    V r gettin ek k baad ek romantic epis…gosh! M blushing agn!! These two bodies n one soul…they make me go really vry crazyyy nowadays!!!!!!!

  12. Plumpyyy

    This cabir is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N nandini u stop smiling coz manik is definitely not finding it funny…hahahahahhaaha….

  13. Plumpyyy

    I dont think anyone will come here…so am going…lunchtime…i’ll be back here..and if noone comes then i’ll leave…bye

  14. princess

    ok me going no 1 there byeee n hey plumpy which class u study nd did u watch kyy frm 1st epi

    • Plumpyyy

      Hey princess!! Ur cmnt ws not published wen i came at 2:15…am studying in 10th std dear…wbu?
      Yeah i’ve been watchin kyy frm d beginning:)
      any1 der on IF except ananya,sara n pradi..pradi m still waiting fr ur buddy request…

  15. Plumpyyy

    Oops srry princess saw ur cmnt just now! Ohh do u kno till wen like which month u were a silent reader???

  16. ariel

    Kyy has lost its charm I feel
    its no more leaving n impact on me..
    badtameez dil is d best I think

    • Plumpyyy

      This is my POV..no intention of hurting anyone
      i dont agree wid u dear…bt yeah kyy has lost some of its viewers..am damn sure of dat! In dat some ppl..my classmates hav lost their interest in d show…BD is goin good..mehbeer r also good…
      But am still a true kyy fan:D. Will never stop lovin it..lovin it more n more by each passing second.

  17. princess

    ok plumpy hey can i call u plumpss it was really nyc meeting u see u on kyy new page have to go for study bye bye

  18. Plumpyyy

    Hamari adhuri kahani x 4…
    Pyaas ka yeh safar khatm ho jayega
    kuch adhura sa jo tha poora ho jayega
    jhuk gaya aasmaan
    mil gaye do jahan
    har taraf hai ka samaa
    doliyan hai sajii
    khusbuein har kayi
    padhne aaya khuda khud yahan…
    Hamari adhuri kahani… X 4

  19. princess

    me going yar bczz cmnts r taking toooo much time shifa c u at kyy new page after telecast

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