Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik was on the bed while teasing Nandini that she can’t stay away from him. She asks him not to value him much. He asks why she has come here, so far away. He says she can’t stay away from him but when he comes close to her she moves away from him. He drags her to his bed, they lay for a while. She asks did he drink what she gave him. He says she was insisting on him, he didn’t intend to but he drank it. He is tolerating her just for Cabir. He apologizes Nandini that he only took one drink. He says he only for her, he can do anything. If she asks him to jump from 120th floor, he will. Nandini goes to walking, worried about what she can do.

Manik stands up and covers Nandini with a blanket. He looks at his face, and tries to retriet. He holds her hands and drags her closer.

She resists and asks Manik what he is doing. She throws the blanket up on the camera.
Soha comes to knock at Manik’s door. Cabir thinks sorry Soha, I have to be a good friend and sleeps again.
Manik says sorry to Nandini, he lies on her lap and asks what if she runs away from him. She assures she isn’t going anywhere. He says today in the car, everyone’s mood was off; he wants the fab 5 to be together always.
Dhruv peeks from the curtain, Aaliya shouts in fear for lizard. Mukti gets afraid, and hides her face in Aaliya’s blanket. Dhruv crawls from the side of the curtain to the door, and goes to washroom. Mukti hears the sound from washroom and is afraid again. Dhruv comes out, Mukti asks what he is doing. He says he was using washroom, as his flush isn’t working. Dhruv leaves the room. Soha scolds him outside, saying why he knocked their door. He says she is his friend, he can knock her door. She goes knocking the door for Manik’s room again.
Manik still lies on Nandini’s lap as she caresses his hair. He tells her that Cabir’s mom came in the college again, he was sad. She isn’t mom, infact she is Neonika.

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He says she doesn’t deserve to be called mom. In the world, everyone is fighting, me Cabir Dhruv, Mukti and Aaliya, we were all fighting and there we all went to be fab5. Then we realized that we can fight with the entire world if we are together. Nandini says she knows how important they are to him. He says he was afraid of losing, but they strived. They started to bully so that no one bully’s them. She begins to talk but he puts finger on her lips. He says she came then, he changed and didn’t care whether he wins of lose. With her he can be himself, just Manik. She kisses his forehead.
Soha comes to the CCTV footage. She looks into Manik’s room and says she wanted to have fun with him but he is sleeping. She says she won’t let him sleep and is coming.
Aaliya lay awake, so did Mukti. Mukti asks why isn’t she asleep. Aaliya says not anymore. She says to Mukti that had Abimanyu not left, they could be in a good relationship. Mukti says they spent just a little time. She tells her they didn’t even kiss, because he only had to talk. Aaliya smiles, but Mukti was saddened. Her phone bell rings, she reads a message, says good night and turns to sleep.
Soha tries to open the lock of Manik’s door with key but it was bolted from inside. She asks Manik to open the door. Cabir says Nandini was right that Soha is pshychotic.
Nandini kisses on Manik’s forehead. He gets up jumping, he finds her second earring is missing. She says it is ok, but he says he has to find it. She tries to stop him, but he leaves. Nandini gets Cabir’s message that Soha is on the prawl. She asks him if he doesn’t want to hug her before leaving. He says he does, they hug each other and fell on the bed.
Soha regrets giving drink to Manik, he is asleep. She asks the maid to get the keys from here.
Manik asks Nandini about her earring, she removes it from one of her ears and says here it is. He takes it and smiles the second isn’t here. She lied to him, and he has to find it. He heads to find one.
The maid asks Soha about the second earring she finds with the keys.

PRECAP: Soha comes to the corridor looking for the earring, so does Manik. Nandini tries to keep him indulge with her in the hall.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Auhona;-)

    Hey guys!! Gud evening all !! Awsm epi ! Loved it ! Manik was looking so so cuteee!! I loved the way he shared all his hapines and pains wid his love,…this is wat we call TRUE LOVE….feeling so warm!….MANAN ROCKZZ!

  2. Kyra

    hey auhona ……u know wat…ur prays worked…..i really went thru a good exam….love u babes….u r mah bestent frnd…love u so much…..

  3. Auhona;-)

    Fairu, cm quick! Ok?? Bye….and ash, i think soha wil try to harm nandu and dis tym shell suceed, and manik will kill her! Lol ! Ha ha ha!

  4. Aisha

    Guys whats the spoiler ??? Aashi di , sanaya di , fairy di , auhona di n every1 hi ! Guys jaldi se koi spoiler bataao !

  5. Auhona;-)

    Hey ash, i m thr na swety! Dont be upset dear! And others mst be in prblms, or dey mst hav cm na…..and hi aswini ! Gud to see u! And new entry is not cute than manik..see his pics!

  6. Auhona;-)

    Wat hapnd vampu? And ash, dont go if psbl.,.and aisha, he vil start liking her, as dhruv did, it was not love na!

  7. Sam

    Read swt cmnt of shq nd then cm. Very enjoyable. When u will cm then u will say the same. Or, u will never cm online again.

  8. fairy

    Sam is r8….itna swt lang zindagi me kabhi nehi dekha…auho mat ja riya jki pyaar save kar ne ki liye….

  9. nisha raj

    hi aashi, u know when a person hates love na he/she oon gonna be fall in love if find smon to love

  10. Auhona;-)

    Fairu and sam, ek baat bolu? Did u guys see aingela thr? Ha ha ha…realy realy sry guys, bt it was meee! And see, i left that yar! Omg! Those cmnts were enuf to kill me!

  11. fairy

    Ha ha..auho..puri kyy family chali gai shq pe…
    Ha ha…final bye..l ll cm aftr 9.30…plz plz b thr…….

  12. carron

    Lauraaaaaaaaa … u dont know how sad I was that I couldn’t talk 2 u ppl yesterday..
    I was more sad cuz I couldn’t tell u bye.:( and u said that it was ur last day !!!

  13. Auhona;-)

    No carru! We r here! I sudnly rmmbrd that day wen me, carru and bhai were singing songs here!swt memries! U guys rmmbr bhai and caron?

  14. Sam

    Kela, last hi tha. Tumse baat karne aaya hu. 2dy i will nt be here after 12. Nd i can vanish anytm. Worst net.

  15. nisha raj

    no,i m from bihar n how r u i think this is 1st line from where v can start our new frndsp @ suhash

  16. carron

    Laura u know what u r talking here just because of my prayer to God !!! I p r aged soo much that I should get a chance again to talk to u !!

  17. Auhona;-)

    Oh guys, me and fairy are opening a parlour named ‘faiona parlour’! Evry girls are wlcmd to our parlour! ! ! Ha ha ha,…

  18. carron

    I will surely cm !!! But b4 that I will make u guys sign a contract that says – if anything happens to me u guys should give me 1 crore ha ha ha …
    After I cm 2 ur parlour i will leave being a billionare ha ha

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    No carru! Sana di had also cm…qwert also said that our remedies work! So, ul be beautiful , not billionare! Ha ha ha!

  20. Auhona;-)

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  21. Nutz

    Oo…wow! This seems to be our lucky day!
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  23. Auhona;-)

    Hi nutzy and sana di !!! Bhai, its my fav song, and carru, its romantic yar! ¤ dil se khus phus kya pharmaya wo!!¤..

  24. Nutz

    Hi sana di ! Take a look at our frnds present here..wow! I’m so happy to see u al here, feel like i’m on da seventh sky now:-)

  25. carron

    I dont know what happened Di , yesterday I was feeling so tired , maybe I learned too much more than what my brain could take….spent the whole n8 in hospital 🙁 Di now I am feeling okay:)

  26. Auhona;-)

    Fairu, wat hpnd frnd? And wlcm back sam! And, gud bhai…stop studing sooo much……aww nutzy, i am here for u!! And wlcm bak fairu!

  27. Auhona;-)

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    God save me…..l dnt want 2 go frm here nw……my all swt frnds hv cm…why u want 2 tk me frm here….ufffff

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    Glad u’re fine nw but plz do take care.

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    Who is Dadabhai naoroji ???

  37. carron

    No cheating samost !! Okay I will give u guys a clue – he is a Indian , he is a person and he is famous !! See, I gave u ppl soo much clues !!

  38. carron

    Ha ha very funny auh !!! but the truth is I got to know abt him now only when I opened my sst text !!

  39. Nutz

    U knw guys i was so sad da whole day, thinkng i won’t b able to talk wd u xmers’ for 2 months, hw m i gna survive widout u al; forget abut laughng,i’ve nt smild once da whole day,i was in such a bad mood. N look at me nw, i can’t stop smiling:-) soo happy to see u al here nw

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    Guys I am a very bad girl !!! I am not learning a thing !!! I have my text book in front of me and I am chatting over here ….none of u never do this r8 ?

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    and angel hiiii.. I will keep on saying hi till I don’t get my reply !!

  42. Nutz

    It’s ok nisha.
    Laura all da best fr ur xms. I’m sure u’re gona do great, just keep workng hard n study well. We’re gona miss u soo much. Oreo believe me i was just thinkng abut u 2dy da whole day at schl,really missd u oreo.

  43. carron

    My parents must be thinking ” wow see our daughter !! Always studying !!”
    Ha ha ha little do they know , that their sweet daughter half the time is chatting with her best best friends over here !!!!

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    Auntyyyy, uncleeee…plz plz cm quickly n c ur child’s stdy prgrss….lol

  45. carron

    My parents r in the same room 🙂 they have really a firm faith in :FI that is what is miking me guilty !!!
    Not angel finally I got a hi from u

  46. laura

    guys will really missu
    Thank u nutz fairy my partner and carru and every1 else on kyy i will come back soon time will fly away

  47. fairy

    Auho…kaha hai tu…dinner jaldi finish kar….yaha pe koi mera sath bat nehi kar raha hai…chal parlour chalte hain…cstmers r waitng…….quickly

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    bhai samosa angel auh nisha aashi everyone bye I will cm back hopefully !!
    Going 2 eat dinner bye bye
    guy n8 !!

  49. fairy

    I m f9, qwert….
    Guyz u knw 2day l m feeling so mch happy 2 being a membr of kyy family….u all r vry swt ……

  50. fairy

    Ha ha ha….sam..u knw whn l hd chtted 4 d 1st tm wid suhas n megha….we 3 cht a loot…aftr tht 1 cm nd told 2 stp our prsnal chttng n talk abt kyy n l hd said sry 2 him or her….bt suhash said tht.. ok fairy ..let’s do 1 thng ..1st write kyy rock, manan rock..thn strt 2 cht…ha ha

  51. fairy

    Sam ..u knw suhash is so funny..tht 1day we were chttng thn ashwini cm n say 2 nt share prsnal thngs…..thn suhash said ok let’s talk abt kyy…..1st q wht is d full form of kyy? Wht is gay?…ha ha ha…aftr tht ashwini left wid anger…ha ha ha

  52. fairy

    Anu…l m nt sre tht cn l cm or nt….bt l ll try…
    Whn is ur bday? Tht day l ll cm 4 sre…ha ha….ok ok …l ll cm…..

  53. nisha raj

    gud n8 nutz,fairy,sanaya,aashi,aisha,suash,sam,qwert ,sooorrryyyy again bt very unluckyly cant chat wiith u guys, i don no whats going wrng in nt cnncsn sory again very sweet drmz

  54. Nutz

    It’s okay nisha, we understand, sumtyms we face da same pb too.,don’t worry n no need to say sorry.
    Well den gud n8 nisha, sweet dreams, see u tmrw.bye nishu

  55. Auhona;-)

    Ya anu and guys i vil cm at nite tomoro….busy wid reharsal and studies….so wont cm at day time! And sam my b-day- 23rd sept..

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  59. fairy

    Guyz…jst cm 2 say bye 2 sam 4 d last tm…bye sam…ll miss u a looot…
    all d bst 4 ur exm…n 4gv me if l hv hut u or pie…..always smile n b happy…….pie ll miss u too…..

  60. Sam

    Nutz, when is ur birthday??
    Kela ek mail toh bejha tha ki co…………..tumhari galti hai. Bas tumhari. Agar tum ek pagal ko sikha di hoti toh saab kam ho jata.
    Thanks nutz.

  61. Sam

    Thanks fairy. Phir ka kya hurt. U have never hurt me nd eu…. M syng seriously. Bye, gud n8 fairy.
    Esi tarah presentation bejhte rahena. Aab tak 20 ho gaya hai.

  62. Sam im also gng nw…….al da bst for ur xams….I knw dese r vry imp cuz 10th cls….tc ….gonna mis u soo much &euphie..r ealy hard to say bye…..c u bothin april..

  63. Sam

    Go. Go. Go before 12. Becz euphie want 2 chat wid u all nd u all will go nd then i will make fun of her. Haha

  64. carron

    Have u noticed whenever u r there at 12 n after I find time 2 be there …but when pie is here some or the other things happen like now..

  65. Sam

    Yahoo. She will cm after 12 nd we will go at 11.59. Thennnnnnnnnn i will c her sad face. Wow wonderful. Awsm.

  66. carron

    My head is paining very badly otherwise I would have stayed ..It is okay , I will talk 2 her also ..its not gud she will feel bad

  67. Sam

    Aaise bhi tum bhul jaogi 3 mon mein.
    Aur kitne der rahogi??
    Ok aab ause baat karo. Warne bechari 3 mon tak dukhi rahegi.
    Mujhe ause dukhi dekhne mein maja aata hai par kuch tm tak. So, bye, gud n8 4 3 mon. I will miss u. Same 2 u 2o nutz.

  68. Euphie

    Hi carron…nd carron if u r not feeling well my frnd then pls go to sleep as u have to go to hospital last night nd i don’t want the same today also…

  69. Auhona;-)

    Hey guys! Sry had gn…and nutzy, lots lots of thnx for ur wishes dear! N gud n8 to all my frnds who hav gone to sleep…hav colourful drmz! So, who r here nw??

  70. carron

    Pie could u convey my best of luck 4 exams to samy pls …tell him to study well Nd do well for his broad exams!!! Tell him my bye nd gud n8 not also tell him that I will miss him 🙂

  71. Euphie

    Leave sammy let him go to hell…anyways i will convey ur message carron nd u pls nw stop chatting carron it is a command frm ur frnd nd u have to follow..

  72. Auhona;-)

    Guys really feeling so sad as sam has gone…our family is getting smaller…..megha,ammy,niks,dan,sound and now sam…i am really crying yar..

  73. Nutz

    Hi phie! Hw r u dear? N hw’s ur studies gng? All set fr xms?
    Gud n8 suhash, hope to see again soon.
    Ur most welcome auho:-)

  74. Euphie

    Carron haven’t u read my comment…u have to go to sleep ryt nw..nd i’m comming in 5 mins going to check the mail..

  75. carron

    K guys as per my friend’s command I am going now ..
    bye bye pie really gonna miss u need samosa veryy very very very much ….both of u take care !!! plus come soon !!! Pie best of luck 4 u r exams !!! Luv u pie see more of my dreams 🙂 miss u my friend ..bye gud n8 (tell Sammy too)

  76. Nutz

    Phie i really wanted to talk wd u dear but da connection is disturbng too much nw.i think i hv to give it a lil rest nw.
    Guys i’ll take ur leave nw, don’t worry i’ll try to cum soon dat is if dis stupid connectn allows me.
    All da best fr ur xms phie,do ur best pie. BYE

  77. Euphie

    Gud n8 nutzdi auhodi nd my sweet frnd carron plus my cool suhash bro..have manan dreams..nd meet u guys in march again bye..best of luck to all my kyy family member…be happy always..

  78. Auhona;-)

    Aww phie. U are also gng! Now my crying will not stop….best of luck my sweet sister….take care and give awsm xms dear….will miss u more than anything, our mad alya….lots of luv..

  79. Euphie

    Nw final one bye to my kyy family…i will surely come back in march wid my mad alya wala style ke saath…

  80. Auhona;-)

    Sam and phie,
    bst wishes frm me.
    cm back soon,
    shine lyk da moon.
    Final bye sam and pie…wil miss u guys more than anything.. :-)..

  81. Auhona;-)

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  82. Auhona;-)

    Hey guys! Gud mrng! Wake up birds! May u all have a rocking day!! And bye aashi, all the best! Ok,bye,i’l cum at nite…..bye sweeties.

  83. Sam

    Fairy i told u abt deal btween me nd eu…..2dy is her day so i told yest was my last dy. She is in schl so m here.

  84. remix queen

    Yup fairy…so cute n innocent..next week se mostly kyy is of 1 hr aise parth ne interview mein bola…n ders a new entry again

  85. Nutz

    Hi every1! Hi samosa..so happy to see u:-)
    yap shar i watchd yestrdy’s epi.manik was lukng soo cute n adorable!

  86. fairy

    Shar…jst thnk manik’s mom’s bf wll fallen 4 his gf nand….means father in law would fallen 4 his daugt in law…ha ha hs ha

  87. remix queen

    Kahan pada tum logon ne? Dis is nice now..maniks jealousy will b better than nandus..more fun…monster manik will b bck i think…wow!!

  88. remix queen

    Sam nutz while readin past comments dis week or last did ull come across dis update? M searchin on fb mil nai rha

  89. Nutz

    Shar yestrdy i heard frm auho dat suyash roy is gng to make entry in kyy n he’s gna fall fr nandu. Just’s al i knw, i hv nt seen da spoiler myself

  90. remix queen

    Spoiler is good…but jitne bhi new entrants ho no1 can beat parth in cuteness n hotness…kyy is gonna b super fun

  91. sanaya

    yest ep was superb guys….wen cabir said nandu ws ryt soha z psycotic puri ki puri pagal h..kisi na kisi ki baja k jayegi..n he strtd laughng

  92. fairy

    To all my frnds….
    a frnd is 1 who…
    sees ur 1st drop of tear…
    catches d 2nd….
    stops d 3rd….
    and turns d 4th into a smile…..

  93. remix queen

    I loved maniks reaction wen hes sleepin n suddenly jumps up sayin oh freak tumhari earring…haha dat was so damn cute…n even the catching ears wala…hes so cute!!

  94. sanaya

    the best part ws wen manik strtd searchng fr earrng and nandu said u wont hug me b4 goin n he came n told hr ofcourse i wanna hug u…n wen nandu showed him anothr earng n he said ye to ek hi hai dusra nai hai nw i ll find it….

  95. remix queen

    Ab 1 ghante ke epi pata nai kya honewala hai…i think 1 hr is too long yaar…matlab repeat bhi dekhna ho toh 1 hr dekhna padega

  96. sanaya

    as d precap showed manik ll cm out of d rum n nandu ll bring him to the rum again…n may b we cud get mre funny scenes today

  97. remix queen

    Yup..i hope manik remembers watever happened at nite which i highly doubt…yaar abhi half hr ke epi mein dhrulya n soha ko itna drag kar rhe hai 1 ghante ke epis mein kya hoga??

  98. fairy

    7 colours mkes a rainbow….
    7 chords mkes a music….
    7 days mkes a week…
    7 continents mkes d wrld…and..
    7 beautiful letters mkes us …
    F R I E N D S

  99. remix queen

    Bt sana in the latest interview of manik n nandu manik says dat in sumtime the epis r gnna b fr 1 hour so more work for us n more entertainment fr ull…so plss tolerate us fr 1 hr

  100. remix queen

    Yaa fairy waise bhi my parents think kyy is a distraction fr me bt phir bhi dey allow half hr nw if i tell dem its fr 1 hr god knows wat will happen

  101. sanaya

    if dat happns den it is gud na..atlst we cn spend mre tym watchng kyy aka manan..excludng drulya n sohas scene.

  102. remix queen

    Agar 1 hr ka hua toh den i think ill have to see kyy in parts..1st half at 6 30 n remainin in repeat…lol…isse acha weekend pe 1 hr ka kar lete

  103. fairy

    shar…mom dnt knw tht l m a gr8 fan of kyy…if l sit in front of tv 4 1 hr cntnously …oooo they ll nt spare me…lol..

  104. Nutz

    Yestrdy Manik was sooo cute! His expressions were simply too adorable, can’t chose part, just luvd da whole manan part:-)

  105. fairy

    yes, shar u r r8……mrevr kyy shown in my stdy tm…if l leave my stdy n ll watch kyy 4 1 hr…l dnt knw wht miracle ll happen wid me….

  106. Nutz

    Wen nandu pretend dat she has found da earring n shwd him, da way he said ye to ek he, dusra nehi he, caught u n nw i’ll find it…wow!

  107. remix queen

    I doubt positive hoga…ek villain harshad gya toh ab doosra aaya…waise y cant dey even out the story..y probs revolve arnd manan only der r others alao dey can bring some serious twists der naa

  108. Aisha

    I liked the epi but why kyy episodes r too short ! I m waiting for the day when its timing will be 1 hour ….

  109. fairy

    sam..u r my prestatn fan…so l m gvng it 2 my biggest fan….
    frnd is 1 who tolerates ur wrst mood….
    manage 2 smile on ur silly jokes..
    tries 2 undrstnd ur craziest dream…….and..
    knows d biggest reason bhnd ur smallest tear……

  110. remix queen

    As wat ive seen wen pple get drunk either dey laugh like mad or get emotiinal…both sides r shown in kyy with manik n nandu…nandu was more on drunk side manik more on cute side…bt nyways with nandu gettin drunk it was kinda a start fr manan

  111. sanaya

    yeah bt imagne shar..wen new entry ll roam around nandu n manik scoldng nandu to stay away frm him..both gettng possesve fr nandu..n manik infrnt of evry1 confesses dat he loves nandu n she z his lyf….

  112. fairy

    shar..yes evry drctrs cmn job…they dnt keep main actr n actrss 2gthr 4 long….dey always add villain 1 by 1 2 pull show n increase trp….

  113. fairy

    yes yes, san…4 d 1st tm l m watchng in any serial tht hero heoine dnt cnfess thr luv bt did all couple thngs….ha ha bt 4 ds magic of kyy md it unique

  114. remix queen

    Oh my god sana…m waitin fr the confession day bt imagine in like such little time we r irritated with soha fr comin between manan n nw wen she leaves another villain enters their life pple r nt gnna take it well

  115. remix queen

    Haha ya sana…bt i think it will come out in a bad way..as in dey will b xposed rather than them sayin it

  116. sanaya

    i thnk sohas chptr is nt goin to finish so soon…she ll also remain in d shw……or may b hr part ll end dis wk only

  117. fairy

    4 my biggest fan…
    l m nt wealthy bt l hv a rich heart..
    l m nt prfect l mk lots of mstkes..
    bt l m sre l hvnt done any mstk in chhosng u my bst frnd…

  118. Nutz

    Guys wen r they gona complete their album? Just want them to complete da album quickly n say tata-bye-bye to cipkali forever

  119. remix queen

    Yup i agree…each day will b 1 week luks like..1 nite at the farmhouse was on 2 days so baaki 3 days will b the day at the farmhouse…haha

  120. Nutz

    Even i’m getting da same feelng fairy, but i’m okay wd it coz manan r 2gethr,so it hardly matters 3dys or 13dys as long as we’ve manan 2gethr

  121. remix queen

    Haha dw m here only..i wonder out of all the hot girls of fab5 why will the new guy be interested in nandu…n y is manans life so interesting…baaki logon ke life mein kuch ho hi nai rha

  122. remix queen

    Ya sanaya pakka will give update…actually i get confused whether sum1 else is givin or do i have to give

  123. remix queen

    Dey shud bring more twists other than relatd to manan…bcoz the show is selfcentered towards dem nw

  124. remix queen

    I think jab 1 ghante ka epi hoga tab deyll drag abhi n muktis scene…now mukti will go searchin fr him n fibd him in hosp i think

  125. sanaya

    dirctrs r jst balancng btwn manan..manik alya….dhruv nandini
    den again manik soha…..nandu new entry…..
    hw cn b they biased yar.. bs manik k lyf me hi entrys hogi kya….hahaha

  126. Sam

    Bye guyz m gng nw. I ll miss u all. Best of luck 4 ur exam who have nd rest enjoy.
    C u all soon. Hope u all will nt forget me. Bye. Adv gud mrng nd gud n8 2 all. Bye.

  127. fairy

    bye sam…l ll miss u d mst….bst of luck 4 ur exm…l ll nt 4get my devil so easily…..n dnt 4get d witch…..

  128. Nutz

    Guys if kyy is fr 1hr den da shw will finish more quickly n i don’t want dat to hppn. I want kyy to hppn fr long,more like forever,don’t want it finish ever

  129. Nutz

    Guys i’m workng on my phys practical file,so i need to put my ful concentration here.
    I’ll catch u al later.

  130. fairy

    ashi…he jst cm here 4 lill tm n if he cm thn he said hi nd bye 2 evry1…he is tooo bg wid his stdy….

  131. remix queen

    Copy paste nai hua toh memorised the link..haha…fairy jhatkas means fits…as in phne was acting weird

  132. remix queen

    Arre isse pehle kyy rox ne link bheji aaj subah usme hai…see todays comments upar arnd 11 baje ke

  133. Nutz

    Hi suhash bhai ! Hw r u?
    Hi riya!
    Nw whr is aashi? She was lukng fr suhash n nw he’s here but whr is she?

  134. remix queen

    Guys parth jus put up on insta dat hes bck on fb…and he said i hope ull njoyd yest epi on drunk manik n heard that the epi was good…ull get to see a lot of scenes today as drunk manik continues today too

  135. fairy

    ha ha ha..riya..bware suhash hs dn PHD in flrtng……kitni sari girl yaha pe suhu ki liye pagal hai….r8,suhu?????

  136. Nutz

    Aashi stop,don’t leave na plz….suhash is not like dat,he’s really nice n sweet,he was just hvng fun only nothing else,plz try to understand

  137. Nutz

    Happy to see u aashi, really glad u understood. Plz join us n don’t worry to much abut ur practical,i’m sure u’ll do great.
    Fairy sry bola bondho kor plz