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Pandit says to Nandini that it is a very big opportunity for you so you should better be ready for it. Nandini said yes sir. The principle said to Pandit that Nandini will manage the Indian classic but do u have anyone in mind who can play the other and that who will be Nandini’s partner in the fusion concert. Manik enters the room saying that he will be his partner. Pandit asked Manik that who are you to decide that who are you to decide that who is going to be Nandini’s partner. He said to Pandit that actually , sorry that I forgot to mention that a very decision in this collage is taken by Neonika .
Neonika enter’s in the room. PK said to her that the day when you approached me for this concert that day you lost all the rights to interfere with it .fusion concert s all mine

.Manik says respect for the Pandith . Finally you found your match. Mrs younika leaves the room Manik gazed Nandini and left the room Nandini runs towards Manik. she stops him ad asks that what is wrong with him .Nandin brings hi, to a room and said that what is wrong with you all of a sudden u find yourself interested in fusion concert . Manik replys that you think I will answer you because you have locked the door .Nandini says to Manik that music is the most important thing in your life don’t try to ruin it because of me.
Nandini says to Manik she knows he has joined this concert for her. He asks if she is done, comes to her. She asks what he is doing. He says her voice is beautiful, he now needs to convince the Pandit.
Mukti gives Abimanyu the medicines, he makes face. She gives him chocolates. Mukti gets Aaliya’s call but disconnects. Aaliya is irritated because of her. Abhimanyu asks why she didn’t tell her friends about him. She says yes. He says he knows why, because her friends will stop her from getting on with him. Mukti says everyone is so busy and messed up, they need to know when he won’t remain there they must be here. She asks if he wants to run away. He says that isn’t possible, he is finding the other way out.
Prinicpal asks Pandit why he has a problem when Manik is our star student. Pandit says his students aren’t irrogant. Neonika says this is about that apology that he didn’t get. Manik comes there and says sorry. He was a bit rude, Principal scolds him and asks him to behave. Manik tells Pandit to talk on star basis only and asks him to test him through guitar.
Mukti meets Navya in the hospital. Navya was worried and says she had pain in stomach since morning. The doctor says it isn’t good for her and baby. Mukti says she wanted to abort, it is good it happen naturally. Navya watches Abhimanyu being taken on a stretcher. Navya recognizes him. Mukti stops her and says she wants to tell her something but asks to keep it secret from fav 5 or Nandini.

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Nandini was playing her instrument while Manik enter’s in the room and starts playing his guitar that dieturbed Nandindi . She said that what are you doing her .manik said that I am your partner don’t you remember. Manik was getting himself ready to play the guitar when Nandini takes off the wire .Manik stopes her but she didn’t listened Manik stopped him until she stuked her hairs ito the wire. Nandini trys to take her hairs out . Pandith sir enters the room a said that I thought he doesn’t need any practice. Manik says that according to him those who aren’t unprepared, practice. Pandit says they must begin with the practice. In the meanwhile Nandini had cut the guitar’s strape. Pandit says he is wasting time, as he will now go to library. Manik says actually no, he says thankyou to Nandini and takes safety pins from her bag, joins the strap of guitar and plays.
Dhruv was sitting hearing to Cabir as he practiced his radio show. Dhruv comes and says Aaliya called him on the gate. Cabir says she wanted to meet him alone still she put it on group. Aaliya comes with a decorated car, she says she has a plan to go to jungle for some adventure and fun. Cabir says he has to go on rehearsals. Aaliya says alright, this plan wasn’t only for him but for everyone. Cabir looks at Dhruv and says it means it is for him. Dhruv says he isn’t interested in getting lost in the jungle. Dhruv thinks it is about the memory of getting back to Manik. Aaliya thinks he must understand she wants to recreate the magic when they first met.
Manik sings a song, Nandini looks at him. He sits besides her and looks at her while singing. Nandini gets up, hurt. She wipes her tears when he is done. Pandit says he really thinks that after this song he must train him. Manik says if he is just judging the music not Manik Malhotra. Pandit says he will take him as student, but it isn’t going to be easy. Pandit leaves the room, while Manik looks at Nandini.

PRECAP: Manik says to Nandini that he can’t live with her, or without her as well. He will make her life hell. She asks to bring it on, they will see who will win, her hope or his hatred.

Update Credit to: Sona

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