Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pandit says to Nandini that it is a very big opportunity for you so you should better be ready for it. Nandini said yes sir. The principle said to Pandit that Nandini will manage the Indian classic but do u have anyone in mind who can play the other and that who will be Nandini’s partner in the fusion concert. Manik enters the room saying that he will be his partner. Pandit asked Manik that who are you to decide that who are you to decide that who is going to be Nandini’s partner. He said to Pandit that actually , sorry that I forgot to mention that a very decision in this collage is taken by Neonika .
Neonika enter’s in the room. PK said to her that the day when you approached me for this concert that day you lost all the rights to interfere with it .fusion concert s all mine

.Manik says respect for the Pandith . Finally you found your match. Mrs younika leaves the room Manik gazed Nandini and left the room Nandini runs towards Manik. she stops him ad asks that what is wrong with him .Nandin brings hi, to a room and said that what is wrong with you all of a sudden u find yourself interested in fusion concert . Manik replys that you think I will answer you because you have locked the door .Nandini says to Manik that music is the most important thing in your life don’t try to ruin it because of me.
Nandini says to Manik she knows he has joined this concert for her. He asks if she is done, comes to her. She asks what he is doing. He says her voice is beautiful, he now needs to convince the Pandit.
Mukti gives Abimanyu the medicines, he makes face. She gives him chocolates. Mukti gets Aaliya’s call but disconnects. Aaliya is irritated because of her. Abhimanyu asks why she didn’t tell her friends about him. She says yes. He says he knows why, because her friends will stop her from getting on with him. Mukti says everyone is so busy and messed up, they need to know when he won’t remain there they must be here. She asks if he wants to run away. He says that isn’t possible, he is finding the other way out.
Prinicpal asks Pandit why he has a problem when Manik is our star student. Pandit says his students aren’t irrogant. Neonika says this is about that apology that he didn’t get. Manik comes there and says sorry. He was a bit rude, Principal scolds him and asks him to behave. Manik tells Pandit to talk on star basis only and asks him to test him through guitar.
Mukti meets Navya in the hospital. Navya was worried and says she had pain in stomach since morning. The doctor says it isn’t good for her and baby. Mukti says she wanted to abort, it is good it happen naturally. Navya watches Abhimanyu being taken on a stretcher. Navya recognizes him. Mukti stops her and says she wants to tell her something but asks to keep it secret from fav 5 or Nandini.

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Nandini was playing her instrument while Manik enter’s in the room and starts playing his guitar that dieturbed Nandindi . She said that what are you doing her .manik said that I am your partner don’t you remember. Manik was getting himself ready to play the guitar when Nandini takes off the wire .Manik stopes her but she didn’t listened Manik stopped him until she stuked her hairs ito the wire. Nandini trys to take her hairs out . Pandith sir enters the room a said that I thought he doesn’t need any practice. Manik says that according to him those who aren’t unprepared, practice. Pandit says they must begin with the practice. In the meanwhile Nandini had cut the guitar’s strape. Pandit says he is wasting time, as he will now go to library. Manik says actually no, he says thankyou to Nandini and takes safety pins from her bag, joins the strap of guitar and plays.
Dhruv was sitting hearing to Cabir as he practiced his radio show. Dhruv comes and says Aaliya called him on the gate. Cabir says she wanted to meet him alone still she put it on group. Aaliya comes with a decorated car, she says she has a plan to go to jungle for some adventure and fun. Cabir says he has to go on rehearsals. Aaliya says alright, this plan wasn’t only for him but for everyone. Cabir looks at Dhruv and says it means it is for him. Dhruv says he isn’t interested in getting lost in the jungle. Dhruv thinks it is about the memory of getting back to Manik. Aaliya thinks he must understand she wants to recreate the magic when they first met.
Manik sings a song, Nandini looks at him. He sits besides her and looks at her while singing. Nandini gets up, hurt. She wipes her tears when he is done. Pandit says he really thinks that after this song he must train him. Manik says if he is just judging the music not Manik Malhotra. Pandit says he will take him as student, but it isn’t going to be easy. Pandit leaves the room, while Manik looks at Nandini.

PRECAP: Manik says to Nandini that he can’t live with her, or without her as well. He will make her life hell. She asks to bring it on, they will see who will win, her hope or his hatred.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Plumpyyy

    Hii..i luvd manan<3 dialogues r nt needed 4 manik..his xprsns says evrythng!!<3 <3 i think cabir vil hlp in makin dhruliya..:-)

  2. I think wo bohot zyada tnsd hai ki ”ab kya karu?” ha ha ha! Boht confusd hoga and dar vi gaya hoga! Ha ha ha! Lov u yar! Aj tune ek awsm kam kia!;-)

  3. rv

    auhona sry 4 dat ki tunhar ek frend meri vajh se yahan nii asaka ….n auhona tumhe yahan sab auho yaaa auho diii kahte h naaaa

  4. laura

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii auhona so many new faces
    sanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa missed u a lottttttttttttt

  5. rv

    auhona i know generally nothng else……n all guess who m i n Fairy,nutz,carron,sam ,euphie n suhash dey all knows abut me……n mera bday Christmas ko aata h….dat it i think dis hint is enough…… nw u all guess

  6. rv

    Laura ur hint is m frm Rajasthan n my b’day cms on 25th dec. n u know me well bt Fairy,Vaishu,sam ,euphie,suhash knows me vvv.well

  7. rv

    noo Laura ranbir n suhash both r same guy’s it’s suhash came here wid d name of ranbir go n ask him dat i m ri8 or wrong……

  8. rv

    okk i m telling becoz i hav to leave m d bf of ur nikki aka niku aka niks m raj aka rajvir aka rv n m using niks id n she is nearby me n nw m going n she ll cm ……………………

  9. rv

    Gio i called u stpid becoz tum bina baat k vishu k piche padhe hoo leave her alone der r many frends 4 har here so tumhari yahan koi jarurat niii h…..

  10. hii guyz n rv is nw nt here he has gone to his home……….. n Gio bhai whtever rv tells u bhai m sry on behalf of him…….ussey to m kal schl me dekh lungi bhai aapka badla m lelungi bhai soo nt to worry bhai

  11. gio

    going behind vaishu is not the stupidest thing iv done
    but falling for a girl like nikks,you must be so stupid……….

  12. ashwini mere pichle janam ki sis etne din kahan thi hm dono ko kafi time ho gaya h naa baat kiye hue n nt fair ashwini pahle badi bhan kiii shadi baad me tumhari soo manik ke saath saadi m karungiii n he is ur jiju ……. my sis. 😉

  13. Gio bhai smtime ur gud in gud n sm times gud in bad n smtime bad in bad n sm time bad in gud bhai exactly i can’t understand u who r u d gud 1 Gio or d bad 1 Gio…….m tooo confused still nw

  14. fairy

    hi guyz….missed u soo mch tht’s why cm n also cm 2 read d updt…
    gud n8 ..hv a swt dream….l m too mch tired nw…jst nw returned frm d venue….1 mr functn left tmrw….

  15. laura

    dont speak so bad gio especially not about my partner he never even talks with girl

  16. Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura plz cnrtrl urself n don’t feel bad dear…… n Gio bhai u cant say like dis abut sam bhai n sana………….

  17. gio

    laura i have a doubt……
    sam like sana..sana likes sam too
    carron sis likes sam or vise versa..b’cos in one of carron sis’s comment she asked sam wthrr he like being called “bhai” ,usually grils ask these stuffs if they had other interest ………?its my doubt

  18. gio

    laura calm down,carron sis did ask sam on one of her previous comment,long ago!!
    but i know carron sis call him bhai…………sorry

  19. bye guy’s too tired i ll cm tmrrw i hav lotz of stuff nw soo jav to leave bye gud ni8 cu all soon tc hav swt manan dreamz bye bye

  20. laura

    carron is younger than sam so she should call him bhai actually but friends dont hv to so she is not calling him bhai now

  21. gio

    but laura just tell me the logic…lets say you been calling me ‘bhai’ then out of sudden if you ask me gio do you want me to call you “bhai” what should i think???????????/

  22. laura

    As far as i know carru calls sammy as monkey ladoo etc never sam bhai
    dont speak like this gio u will hurt carru and my partner a lot

  23. laura

    Ok take it in the r8 sense
    Carru calls sam bhai but while we r friends there is no need for respect so she asked like that

  24. gio

    laura plz i met so many girls in my life,and i know a bit of women /men psychology…
    if that happened in drama you will be the first person to say ‘ya that girl/guy like each other.
    except vaishu all of you can call me ‘bhai” i’m honored

  25. guys i request u all to close diz chapter here only no1 ll speak abut diz matter ever never ok……….sooo nw jst strt a new topic…….. 🙂 n final bye cu

  26. laura

    ok gud gio bhai dont take it wrong but i know girls more bcoz i m a girl and i know boys even better bcoz i am studying in a coeducation school

  27. guy’s close diz matter ri8 nw….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  28. laura

    auho help me finish this page i dont want others to c such bad things spoken about my innocent friends gio bhai if u can help me

  29. laura

    sana help me and i was talking not of sanaya but my old sana from rajasthan learning for medical entrance in kota

  30. Nutz

    Sry fr diggng out da matter more. Gio u r only sayng abt dier cmnt, only half truth. Plz also tel da situatin in which de cmntd

  31. Nutz

    Gio m waitng fr ur ans. I don’t want to discus on such a lame topic, bt i can’t stand any1 talkng lyk dat abt my frnds

    • laura

      it was ok i am not sure
      carron had too maybe i dont know but when u said u would lv i was very hurt and guilty

  32. gio

    nutz, why you need that whole conversation,the one iv mentioned is the highlight…
    only thing i didn’t get it,ok she can ask in a simple way, why did she used so many” plzzzzzzzzzzzzz”
    that means she was so eager to know the truth about what their relationship

  33. gio

    sana don’t be a stupid..
    what are you trying to prove here, i read that comment ys’day then i asked few of my friends they told me the same thing………..

  34. Nutz

    Gio in dat eve niku had made a new bhai sam. Niku cals sam bhai n i at tyms cal him bro. Later in da late, carru just askd him casually whethr he lyks being calld bhai/sam/samosa.
    To which sam replies she can cal anytng she lyks, he’s ok

  35. gio

    nutz, you always call me iki bhai……………
    lets say out of sudden one day if you asked me “iki’ do you like being called by ‘iki bhai”,plzplzplz plzplz”tell
    then what should i think…..??

  36. gio

    never, she specifically asked about “bhai” i’m sure…………if sam/samosa blah blah i don’t care,even my friends read their conversation.i’m not lying

  37. gio

    laura , only few ppl here has matured thinking, you nutz sananya kyy(ananya) qwertz and my vaishu……carron sis some times
    that was pointed out by my friends

    • laura

      ur friends r crazier than u r that much i understood ur friends said that this that so u too think yes that is that

  38. Achcha, i’m nt geting a litl thing! Nutzy and lauru why r u guys draging the matr frm here to thr! Jst cancle it guys! Wat wil caru and sam think ones they see us intrfering in this nonsense topic! For gods sake jst stop it!

  39. gio

    sana . you are so annoying
    i’m not interested in discussing this topic with you
    first you are new,second you are so childish

  40. Thnx a lot gio! And ya lauru, i knw we need to defend them, bt for how long? Anything we say gio takes up another matr! So stoping this is much betr na??

  41. gio

    ok, this time sam was innocent and that was raised by carron sis
    and sam ended saying he is fine with anything that appropriate ..that’s all end of the story

  42. Lauru r u angry wid mee? Sory yar, rely very very sory, actly i cudnt hear anything more abt two of my besties…sry sry extrmly sry frm my heart sry if u are hurt friend….pls forgyv me…

  43. gio

    laura lets say ,if i call you sister
    then one day ask you do you prefer being treated as a sister>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>or being called laura sis…
    will you call me childish?or rubbish?

  44. gio

    exactly like you said i’m so confused ….but some they don’t like being treated as bro/sis,b’cos there will be certain restrictions/ have to follow certain rules…

  45. Sorry gio bt jst tell me one thing why u always try to insult me??? Y u treat me like a enemy???
    Sorry whoevr is hurt by my behaviour or my way of talking
    bye gud night
    gio answer me plzz
    iske baad i wont ask u anything

  46. carron

    I don’t know if any of my friends will read this but if u do please tell gio bhai 2 also cum nd read what i am going 2 say …

  47. carron

    I mean seriously bhai u thought lyk thatttt !!! I mean in the beginning I was laughing thinking of the doubts u have but towards the end I was crying , literally crying …i can’t understand y am I still calling u bhai , but from now i will never stop calling u that , now especially that I know how psychologically u think….

  48. carron

    auh u saw that r8 !! I mean how could he ….
    I just learnt my maths and came to read ur cmnts , as it always makes me better but 2day it failed 2 do so…

  49. carron

    I have a brother , my own brother he is of samosa’s age and I luv my brother a lottt
    and just lyk that I even luv Sammy a lot ” Lyk a brother”
    Sammy has a sister of my age and I am 100% sure he sees me also lyk that…
    Me And Sammy share a very guy brother-sbrother-sister , best friends relationship …
    anD that I can say anywhere …

  50. Awww carru my dearie pls dont be upset na, u saw na frnd how me, laura ,sana and nutzy were trying to covr up the matr bt he jst crosd limits,..wat cud we do if he didnt stp dear… And pls dont be upset kela, we all r with u and we love n trust u more than anything….pls my sweety, be calm and smilee, for me na…<3

  51. Yes carru we really trust u a lot dear and u dont need to give us any explanation yar….pls dear dont be sad, bygones r bygones…now its tym to forget all those and smile…i can undrstnd ur pain frnd…evn i pasd thru this, bt isnt all these bulshit if ur best frnds, me, laura, sana, nutzy, we all are with you? Pls my swt sister na, calm down and smilee:-)<3 …love u a lot..

  52. carron

    Now coming 2 the cmnts part ..
    Oreo and everyone gIo bhai is fully crct !! He is totally r8 !! There was a conversation lyk that between us but what really really really raise 2 100 times , happened was –
    I call everyone really elder than me bhai or di except 4 someone …
    when Sammy came here 1st I stared, calling him Sammy itself nd then I didn’t know which class he was so I started calling him with different names then gradually I understood he was elder 2 me, I hate changing what I call ppl in the between once I become comfortable with calling with a particular name and I am sure u all know that , so I continued calling him Sammy /mmonkey etc…
    then one day nikku called him Sammy bhai and he told me that he was soooooo happy when she called him lyk that as even his own sister call him by name !! So I asked him wether I should call him bhai also to which he replied I can call him whatever I want but I was not at all satisfied as he told me he lyked being call bhai .iI told him 100000 plz but he didn’t tell me a strong answer so I also asked nutz didu, she told me 2 conline calling him whatever I wanted…
    even I lyked that ..cuz I used to call him ladoo and monkey and all that weird names so I was happy with that and Ifound I suddenly start calling him bhai I myself would find it weird !!!
    So I told him my decision and he was f9 with it and even I was f9 with it …..

  53. carron

    I luv u guys lyk something I can’t explain the way u all said that u ppl trusted me sooo well !! Luv u guys !! I am truly blessed !!
    U all r the best in the best !!
    I am sure even if my vaishu was there she would also have supported me ….
    luv u my sweetyyyy auh , my amazinggggg Oreo , the best best sister nutz didu and my wonderful new friend sana !!!

  54. Carru dear pls na, why u r giving us explanation? We knw u, we TRUST U and we LOVE U….let anything hapen we vil always be together, defnd each other and trust blindly…..THAT IS FRIENDSHIP NA…<3

  55. carron

    Now I am ending my longggggg bhashan here ..and auh plz plz tell my psychological bhai 2 read this ….and plz tell him that I am not Al all angry with him and if he has anymore doubts in future , he can ask me ,who will be totally free after March 10th !! But tell him my thanku as becuz of him my eyes got their clean up after several days 🙂
    bye bye gud n8 auh !!
    Sweet dreamzzz … luv u

  56. Awww carru, our best ,swt, amazing, cute and lovly sister, we also love u beyond anything dear! U knw, u r the best! We will always be together and will love and trust u blindly…wenevr u feel upset na, jst turn bak ones and u’l find all of us jst thr with you my sweety! LOVE U A LOT LOT CUTEEE!<3

  57. Nutz

    Hi guys. Ssoorrrryy. . . . . .sry, last n8 i got no connection, no connection at al n dis situatn wil continue til monday. Sry again, i won’t b able 2 cm properly dese dys. Bye guys, c u later

  58. gio

    i’m fool
    iv made a mistake
    1st i should have entered TU as a new comer ,make friend with vaishu,then proposed….
    2nd about “bhai” comment i should have started the conversation with out mentioning the names,then broke the suspense…………hehehe

  59. gio

    carron sis, i don’t have any intention to hurt you.
    when i was reading that comment i found it weird ,and it’s sound that way..
    also it happened in my own life too.hehehe

  60. gio

    confidence and fate are separated by a very thin line……………
    hehehe many times that line is missed out from sight !

  61. daksh aswini

    It was an accident we met in salem first then when she came to bangalore accidentally we met each other at mall

  62. daksh aswini

    hi aa gayi meri saathiya
    haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
    haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum na sikha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
    haan seekha maine tere bina hum dum

  63. aswini achu

    daskh its nt ur blog its a public blog dnt make me to feel bad pls u hav done enough things for me pls get lost

  64. daksh aswini

    u have every ri8 to tell shut up swt hrt u can tell by yourself doesnt matter even if she tells after all o teri behan hai naa

  65. aswini achu

    accha then shut up i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  66. aswini achu


  67. daksh aswini

    bye for now bt nt forever
    jab tak hum kisi ko humdard nahi bante na
    tab tak hum dard se aur dard hum se kabhi juda nahi hotha 🙁 love you

  68. aswini achu

    Enough is enough daksh u r nt even respecteding my words now then how can I believe dnt create a scene over a public blog. U dont even have the guts to talk to me straightly so get lost

  69. aish

    bye sara hi auho ananya ya same auho missed u a lot I m fine wat about u dear?my days werenot fulfilled without u guyz bbut now bye I m going 2 my tuition will come after 9 o clock

  70. aswini achu

    Am sry sara I knw wat u mean bt thr are some ppl (daksh) who always love to irritate girls in front of their friends

  71. ?

    who will be the lucky person to win her heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. no its not lyk dat its bcoz if I had been on her place then how would I hav been feelin only a girl can know luv is diffrnt but u guys flirt wid her so many ppl talkin abt her lyk dis includin u gio sam etc

  73. daksh monster

    Baby our love is dying
    but you knw tat I am trying
    to make yhe world understand it
    it kills me when I see you crying
    they dont want us to be happy they don’t care
    they all tell me I “d be sry am nt scared
    I just wanna be with you
    I cant walk this earth without u
    love you aswini

  74. shan

    aswini good gurl wouldn’t confront a guy in front of the public.you are showing off aswini..vaishu is the only gurl has self respect and dignity!

  75. daksh aswini

    jst dnt bother abt thm and concentrate on ur boards baby i trust u tats enough k jst leave go and study
    daksh dreams

  76. eyes

    you can’t get some one to trust you by saying ‘trust me’.aswini you must learn how to behave in public place!!!

  77. aswini achu

    persons who commented words lik lust have to learn first ensure ur fingers are clean b4 pointing to others

  78. Nutz

    Hi guys !
    Hi qwerty, aswini, daskh, iki n suhash !
    Suhash bhai forgot 2 reply, u were lukng handsm in dat lofar n suhas pic

  79. gio

    i don’t have to worry about my future,fully secured 😉 ..
    getting late,clubbing time.the night is still young baby!!
    ta ta

  80. qwert

    Auho…suhu k xam tym hai…let him follow watever schedule he has made…unki xam k baad jitni baat karni hogi kar lenge

  81. Guys, i am really very sory…i am nt able to contact or talk wid u all properly….ek cmnt karke, i get disaprd! Extremly sorry guys, from the botom of my heart…bt u all knw abt my xms na….so pls dont mind due to this behaviour my sweeties…sory agn! Love u all so so so much!<3 <3

  82. Shit !! I am feeling so bad ! I am so busy that i cant spend tym wid my dearies!! Uf bhagwan, why u invntd xms? And studies? Arey yar, am feeling so wasted!!

  83. angel

    EXasm maKe us siCk tiRed & neRvoUs..am loOking forWard foR a dAy wIthoUt eXaSms..am surE it wiLl b a daY iN heAvn..bcoZ ouR lyF iS fuLl of exAams

  84. Nutz

    Guys sry, i won’t b able 2 cm at 2am.
    Guys my request plz do mail me, i’l try my bst to reply bt my currnt awful cnnctn wil cntinu til monday.

  85. carron

    gud morningggg !!!!! have an amazingggg sundayyy 🙂
    2day my 1st exams -maths !!! going 2 go pls pray 4 me..
    i am hjaving half day 2day so hopefully i can talk 2 u all at 12 or afterwards …..(dubai’s time)

  86. fairy

    gud mrng…missed u alll…
    l m gng back 2 my home 2day..
    mny bst wshes 2 carruu 4 her exm….

  87. aswini achu

    What can I do u r my friend if y do something wrong I cannot jst leave u and go its my responsibility to teach u cos u r my friend

  88. daksh monster

    tuition class or school she told lots of stories like this to her friends just to seek attention.

  89. daksh

    there is a high chance daksh character being created by aswini in TU to seek attention.she used to do that in real life too.seek attentions!!