Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nyonika asks the driver that how he got back so early and where is Nandhani. He says that Manik and his friend went to pick her up hearing this she gets angry and says that she told him to do it and why did he let Manik go there the driver says that Manik told him Nyonika gets angry and tells him to go away.
Nyonika tries to call Manik but he rejects the calls and does not attend it. Cabir asks why is he not attending it but he says that it is nothing and turns the music on.
Nyonika is worried and calls Harshad but he is busy to untie himself and cannot attend the phone .
Aryaman Mukti Aaliya and Naviya are having a lot of fun and Naviya says that there was a lot of fighting at her home when she wanted to come to Mumbai and when she finally arrived the fab5 gave her a

lot of tough time and did a lot of things to her. Mukti and Aaliya both say sorry to her and then Aryaman says that he wants to know what they did to her but they refuse and so they have a drink and Aryamn sees Cabir and goes out to receive him and brings him in.
Aryaman gives him a drink and all of them start talking and so Aryaman says that the one thing inspiring about them is the friendship and no matter who tried to break it they always came back together. He says that he is thankful that they came because he was not expecting that they will come and when they did he was happy .They all have a lot of fun and Cabir pulls off a cover to find that it is a drum and starts beating then he has a duel with Aryaman and all of the really enjoy it. Naviya pulls a bottle of Champaign and says that she wants to open it Mukti says that she has a really bad wish list first she wanted a ride on the bike hearing this Cabir sees her with an angry face and now she wants to open this bottle. Aryaman is looking o the clock and Naviya asks why is he looking there and he says that he is trying to wonder when these attacks come and she says to them not to laugh at her and then does not give the bottle to Ayaman and Cabir and they are forced to show her.
Nandhani comes to and after seeing that Vishal is restless tries to calm and when she asks what the matter is he says that he wants to play cricket Nadhani says that she has to go to a party but first will check if he is okay and after confirming receives a call from Cabir who says that they will be at her house in ten minutes and so she has to come down. Nandhani after putting down the call tries to call Manik and Aryaman tries to call Cabir to say that the rakes of his car are not working but the car is going out of control and they crash in a tree. Cabir gets unconscious Manik goes out of the car to get help and suddenly the car goes up in flames.


Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wtf mtv….. what the hell was this like seriously today I thought it will be happy ending…… but u ruined it completely…!!!

    1) They didn’t showed mani’s face
    2) they cabir was with mani in car
    3)they showed cabir was in aryamann’s house
    4) they showed nandu was with her bro in night dress
    5) they showed again manbir in car….
    6) they showed that driver ne bomb nikal diya
    7) cabir again in car n car’s breaks failed down
    8) mani disappeared from today’s episode
    9)nandu again wore party clothes
    10) they showed mani at last from episode 66

    At last but not least MTV n editing team sucks….

    It was a beautiful journey for us but they ruined it completely…..!!!! They seriously showed us shit

  2. last epi

  3. hahahaha writers. Lame tricks to keep us viewers hooked for season 2. But ur mission has terribly failed. Better luck next time.

  4. wtf!!dnt tl me thts the endng

  5. I would really miss my KYY family! My friends, my family and my support everything!!!! love u all!!

  6. Completely agree wid u pradi!!! So true!!! What the hell did they show!!! N frm whr d heck aryamann got to kno abt d car’s breaks???!!!!! They showed crap!! Shittiest crap!!! Like seriously impossible!!! The points which u’ve given..each n evry point is true!!! Such a confusing epi it was!!!!!!
    The end…
    Manik’s car’s break fails. His car bumped into a tree. Cabir’s head started bleeding badly(he had put on the seatbelts but still..crap!). Manik ran out of d car fr help. They showed a car blown in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. The car which was blown made a front flip. And right infront of manik’s car there was a tree!! So d car cannot make a front flip right. When harshad called nyonika she was in her car. The bomb might be in that car n that car might hav blown up n nyonika died!! CVs..u kno na hw they are!! They didnt show in which car d bomb ws planted! Manik must hav taken other car in which the bomb ws not planted!! Who knows..these CVs were showing crap from 1-2 weeks. Then what great they will show in d finale epi!!???
    Even this discussion is goin on on IF..this is my 3rd explanation m giving..twice on IF n once here!!!

  7. I so knew it!! When first i heard the news of kyy ending n comin wid a season 2 i knew k mny of d viewers will lose interest!! Coz it happened wid fanaah too!! A show of MTV itself!! Are these MTV ppl foolish??!!! They vry well kno hw fanaah season 2 was…but mny watched it fr their fav PreeMan aka YuvIta aka yuvraj n anita..n m included in that! Season 2 was not loved much n what they think..!!??? We’ll be hooked to the show??!!! They showed crap frm 2 weeks n they think they’ll come up another season??!!!! So stupid!! Whichever show comes up wid its 2nd season doesnt run for long!! Yeh bhi hum audience ko hi batana padega!! Huhh…highly dissappointed!!

  8. guys guyz i thnk d show isnt ending but thrs gonna b a leap

  9. We kyy fans hav enough beautiful memories.. So we better reminisce it…!! Its better to cherish the beautiful memories!! Just watch the past epis n we all will feel so good n so fresh!!

  10. they made us to hate the show with this one last episode,

  11. I’ve got a lot to study!! So byee guyz!!! Will miss kyy!! The best one!!! Love u all!!!!!!!

  12. MAYBE Its not the last episode cuz if it was then tu would have wrote last episode

  13. Highly disappointing ending of ths serial. I did not watch it for many days wen i came to knw tht ma favourite serial is going to end i was paused for a min. Gonna miss it vry badly… If season 2 doesnt hve same charecters then surely i wont see thtt. Will miss u manan, fab5 ,navya nd every1 in ths especially dhruv….

  14. so sad cabir died

  15. i think cabir is not dead

  16. Its’ very thrilling..

  17. I really don’t know where to start! What was this episode?! Never have I been so confused in my life, whoever the editor and script writer for this episode seriously needs to watch the episode and see if they think that the episode was good enough. One of the things I loved about this show was how it was youth based and not the typical saas bhau types and actually addressed the social issues that are currently happening in India but somewhere down the line after a really amazing start and response from the fans, it seems like the episode has started to become a bit of a joke, especially these past 2 weeks. After manik came out from hospital the show has stated to go downhill and this can be clearly seen! It’s such a shame for not only the show but the fans and viewers who have supported the show to see it end in such a way! Let’s hope if a leap or a season 2 is going to happen that show somehow becomes entertaining again with the whole cast in it otherwise that season will have gone to a bust and won’t work out.

  18. I think koi serial aisi bhi end ho sakta hai! Kuch batana to chahiye thaa pehlo hamko

  19. Dont tell me the show is ending
    i just love this show to the core
    no one shld die pls………………….!

  20. Heii gyzzz chill its ending tdy..

  21. Newz have said parth samthan is continuing with season 2 but sorces tell us they dont now if ayaz ahmed aka (cabir) is going to be in season 2 ! The first episode of season 2 would be carried on from this episode so you guys need to chill out

  22. I am sure cabir isnt dead!! Want any justification just scroll up search my earlier huge comment!!
    Its really a shame not only fr d show fr the fans who truly loved it supported it!! So much!! They felt the feelings!! Some were inspired!! Some got hope in their life!! Many got somethin or the other good frm the show!! N what they did is a complete shame!! What an epi that was!!??? End ka chodo…editing sucked!! Seriously!! Do they think us,their viewers,fans to be fools??!!! Gosh!! Even today i was grumbling like a maniac!! Huhh…season 2 comes…toh bhi mny wont hav interest as they had fr this season!! Season 2 of any show WONT get the love they got in season 1!! I will be proved right when the 2nd season starts!!!

  23. And if ayaz isnt doin kyy s2..then automatically viewers’ love will fade for the show!!

  24. does anyone have any idea when will ky2 seasn 2 starts

  25. No indu…no news bout that yet…

  26. Gunnyt lovelies!! Love ya all

  27. Mane kabhi nahi socha tha ki kyy ka end itna khrab hoga kabir jo is serial ki Jan tha use hi mar diya .ydi kabir s2 mai nahi hoga to kyys2 nahi accha lagega kyoki uske jokes keliye be sabhi kyy dekhte the..I hope ki kabir is not dead.

  28. Happy rakshabandhan to my lovely bhais…suhash bhai sam bro max bro ricky bro…wish u a love filled n successful life!! Love ya all my bhais!!! I need only ur love nothin else as a gift!!

  29. HI GUYS


  30. aww plumpyy!!! love u yaar!!! happy raksha bandhan to u tooo……


  32. And yeah guys watch this episode again on YouTube cuz there was some editing mistake which was there and now a lil bit of confusion is solved so do watch it

  33. is it true minny,that was a great news

  34. it is also at 6.30 na

    1. New episodes arrive @6:30 only….!!and repeat @6:00 n 1:00pm in afternoon

    1. Wtf is ur problem I jerk aditi…. just stays away from me……!!!!!! And don’t u dare cum close to any other of my frnds….

      Ps I don’t need ur stupid thannsr

      1. Thanks *

  35. ridiculous ending


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