Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pandit ji follows Manik and Nandini but they vanishes as a trolley blocks his view. Mukti says to Cabir that we must tell Aaliya that he is back, Cabir says she will get to know in a while. Nandini and Manik come there near the car too, Cabir asks where were they and what were they doing. They were silent, Mukti asks are they really done, so soon? Aaliya asks them to stop it, Mukti doesn’t give up. Manik says he was on a call. Cabir says Manik is throwing a party. Mukti says yes, he will because Dhruv is back now, so Manik has to give a surprise party. Cabir asks Nandini where was she busy? Nandini gets speechless. Mukti says she must also be doing the planning for their party, both Manik and Nandini spend all their time for the Fab5. Manik and Nandini were caught, Cabir asks them to get in

the car and asks Manik where must they head. Nandini and Manik look at each other, Mukti and Cabir exchange looks. Mukti asks Nandini what happened, Nandini says it was nothing. Dhruv asks Manik and Nandini to go, else they will make it to morning and they will be here. Mukti laughs that it was so much fun, Manik gets it now, they all laugh. Mukti comes to give Nandini something, Manik stops her so she keeps it in Manik’s pocket. They leave, Nandini asks what did Mukti give him, she wants to see. He says it isn’t of her use, but she tries to search in his pocket by herself. He holds her arms.
Navya comes across Harshid in the corridor, she asks did he remember her in last three months? He asks her to talk to her for a while. She isn’t ready, she heads to leave and was about to fell off when he holds her. She straightens up. He says she must be careful in this condition. She says she has learnt well how she must stay in the last three months and leave.
Manik comes to Nandini, he tries to guess where her surprise is. She hushes him up, a delivery boy brings some boxes for delivery. He asks what is this? She hushes him again, and says this is her plan and she will execute it herself. He must stand face turned. She takes the car keys from him, arranges in the car then asks him to come and let’s go. He teases her that it is her surprise, she planned and executed it so she may drive also. She says he doesn’t know she can’t drive, he says oh, she wasn’t prepared fully for her surprise. Nandini says alright, she will drive by herself, what will happen to her at the most; a small accident. She gets in the car and starts it, it begins to move back. Nandini panics, Manik runs and gets into the car to pull the brakes. He shouts, if she is mad; he was joking. She was panicked, and says she couldn’t know how it happened. Manik asks her to relax, he is there. She says she knows he is always there.
Mukti and Aaliya were in a good mood, Cabir was lost and says he has forgotten something. He tries to focus and says he is forgotten Navya. Mukti says she will go home, Cabir laughs that she can’t go home alone. They come to college, he calls Navya but she was lost. He asks her not to do melodrama, has she seen some ghost. He tries to drag her, but Navya was silent. Harshid comes from behind, Cabir leaves her hand. Navya turns around. Aaliya goes and hugs Harshid, and asks him to go home.
In the car, Manik pulls up the car. Nandini smiles and thinks he must be surprised to know this is her first date. Manik notices her silently, she is excited and asks what happened. He says so this is her surprise, and teases this is her surprise, means they both together, far away and surprise in the car; it isn’t bad. Nandini keeps hand on Manik’s, and says it isn’t a bad idea. He says wait a second, is this her idea? She says yes, he is panicked and says this is taking in interesting turn and he might truly. She shifts her hand to his lap, then takes the keys and runs out saying this is her plan and she will execute it herself. She locks him inside but she comes out. She asks him to get in the car and not come out. She keeps hand on his on the mirror, and asks him to let her do her way, please. He looks at the hand, then her. She says it is gonna be worth it and leaves.
Nandini smiles saying this surprise is going to be spicy, he won’t regret he was locked in this car. Manik asks someone on phone if it is ready. He looks into mirror and says this his surprise.

PRECAP: Pandit ji tells Neonika that Manik and Nandini vanished from the front of his eyes as he was following them. Neonika wonders are they still together, they will get them as every car she owns has a tracker.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. thanks for the update shona but can anyone tell me the relation between aaliya and harshad as I started seeing the show a little late I started seeing it from an activity given to nh10 and fab5 when they were in the jungle and music instruments were hidden. <3

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    Hey wt did mukti [email protected] to [email protected] <@n @ny1 tel me plz @s i hv mised the epi plz guys tel me n@ wt ws it

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  10. Cadbury

    Yaar, manik’s look at the episode…scary! #Mogambo look. Looked like he was going to harm Nandini. Hope he doesn’t do anything bad with her.
    And that harshad had to return! Seriously?

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    Hi guys! Da epi ws nyc, especially whr fab5 wr teasng manan, manik n nandini wr just lukng at each othr’s faces n thnkng wat to reply! It ws fun 🙂

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    Can someone please upload Nach Baliye. I’m new here and I’ve heard every show is updated here.

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    Kajen, as far as l knw…generally tu updt serials….it is a star plus prgrm..u cn search on thr…btw u r welcm to kyy family…

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    Sana…they r d pairs….

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    Hf dadaji/ dadiji maaf kar do. Kasam se aaj se kabhie ve nhi computer use karungi…..aab aap ja sakte ho

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    I m extremely srry on their bhalf if u feel bad…

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    Really rickyyy advance happy birthday…. ?? …….

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    Mr.hf I want 2 say tat I didnt insult in anyway. I was just arguing wit u nd clarifyin my points k

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    4 u all is comedy. one feeling is comedy. if one falls down no hand will make him stand in this modern world. but fairy…….

  90. hf

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    Hf uncle wt do u want nw? U ur self came hre nd startd saying sumthing nd nw ur saying we r insulting u. Ur nt replying 2 any of my coments. It clearly says tat u playing pranks wit us. plzz dont mind

  98. fairy

    Yes….guyz..we ll play kyy2nw….no need to watch kyy..u cn jst say whtevr u want..bt dnt overactng ..
    Ammy= navya..
    Me = manik/ nandini..
    Ricky= cabir / hsrshad…
    Max= dhruv/ abhi..
    Plz chse d charactr…
    We ll talk normsllyy…

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    Arrey nw leave all drama….we ll play nw…plz plz..
    Hf uncle..,tell ur granddaughter to cm here too….ok nw really srry..it is d tm fr us to play…sssrrryyyy dada….

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    Bachho hay hay aab ye burhi aurat kya karegi. Arreh mein hun dadiji …. Dadji ko leke bohot pareshan….aab uparwala dua de inka dimag sahi jagah pe ajaye ….aye dadaji boli thi na bazaar jao….ghar pe na sabji na chawal…..

  101. fairy

    Arrey plz play na….
    Hf, do u want to play too??? Hmmm…thn l m gvng u d charactrs..
    They r nandu’s chacha/ pandit uncle/ nsvya’s mom/ cabir’s mom/ clg’s principal/ neonica..
    I thnk clg’s prfessr ll b prfct..wht say guyz?

  102. hf

    Iss umaar mein sharam nhi aati chote chote bachchon logo ko pareshan karte hue….humara kya kasur tha uparwala ki humare shaadi iss bandar se hui…..na market jata hai na sabji kharidta hai na mjhe shpping pe jane deta hai

  103. fairy

    Arrey tell hf…l dnt knw hw to opn fb accnt…u cn google it….
    Hi lachuu..
    Guyz..whch chractr l ll tk? Manik or nand?
    Max…wait…l l gv d script….bt funny…
    Ricky…whr r u? Tk d chrctr…

  104. navya

    Lachu ohk dnt be sad my mom scolds me every minute evn when she is away tabh ve phone pe daat ti hai….par phir saab kch thik ho jata hai……

  105. Ricky

    ao sunao tumko aik kahani aik ta dada aik ti dadi deewani wo b hans na saki ti yeh b hans na saka ta dono k daant jo nahi ti jane wali baatain ti anjaani.
    yeh dadaji ki granddaughter ne likha h apni diary m (for my dear dada nd dadi)

  106. fairy

    Lachu…dnt be sad..swtty….whm we love d mst , we scld thm…ur sis also love u..
    Hf,atleast say wht help??

  107. LaChu

    Ok take Google and type fb then create account click Karo and fill all formats u can create fb easily with the things provided

  108. fairy

    Go to fb..thn type ur usernm…wrte email id or phn num…thn age…nd fill d frm…ur pb slved…
    Hi aish….

  109. navya

    Dadaji achhe baat aab Tata aapne children ko ve humare taraf se Tata bolna……yaha pe sakaal kya parchai tak nhi dikhni chahiye aapki

  110. navya

    Sara mood ye dadaji kharab kar rha hai
    Nandini ajao ya phir cabir se bolke tmhari manik se shikayat karu ?

  111. nandini

    Dhruv aka max…dnt go..tum to meri clg ki frst frnd ho na…mat jao..
    (Plz guyz frgv me fr my wrst hindi.)

  112. nandini

    Aiyaapppa….cabir aka rickyy…chnge ur user nm to cabir….l m fairy…manik ko dhund rahi hoo…..l hv a surprize fr him..manikkk

  113. nandini

    Nehi nehi..ab to khelungi..
    Cabir aka ricky..tum to manik ki dost ho na..manik kaha hai..
    Dhruvvv…dekho hum kitne bari musibaat mei hai…grandfather aagaya..

  114. navya

    Mata devi ki kasaam meine Harshad ko hi dkha…..
    Nandini aab agar cabir ko pata chala toh shaadi nhi hogi!!!!!!!!!

  115. nandini

    Cabir…. navya ki mom tumhe navya ko shaadi karne ke liye force kar raha hai..bt u dnt want to marry her..leave it..allover u r a vry funny guy
    Dhruv…kaha ho tum?,

  116. navya

    Nandini toh manik ke leke itni BG hai….uski best friend yaha pe kitni pareshani me hai….mata devi aab kya karu….cabir ko kya bolu harshadji ke bade mein!

  117. nandini

    Awww dhruv…tum nandini ki kitna care karte ho..
    Navya…agar teri maa ko pata chal gaya ki harshad is back ..to teri maa cabir ki sath shaadi nehi degi….
    Uff…why my hindi is soo wrst…

  118. nandini

    Dhruv…see we hv no script…say whtevr you want..suno..hume wo uncle ji ko yaha se bhagana hai…

  119. nandini

    Suno guyz….uncle ji ko hindi jada nehi ati to uss ko tang kartekarte yaha se bhaaga dungi..

  120. nandini

    Guyz…chachi bula rahi hai tum log khelo…l ll cm soon..
    Hf, tk aaliya’s chrctr… ur hero is dhruv..
    Dhruv, alya ke sath jitne chah te ho utna jhagra karo…

  121. Cabir

    u like games thts why we r plyng gme wid u but ur character is grandfather nd ap goongay ho is game m isliye kuch bolna nahi h sirf suna h

  122. Cabir

    hum fight karengay navya aur nandni chor kr chali gaye hum dono ki waja se koi b reason ho lets

  123. sana

    Hahaha wht ws all tht?? Is he really elder thn us?? Fairy pinch u i too cant stp laughng hf fh rickya ammy max hahah..
    😀 😀
    nd ricky i nvr talkd wid u abt max’s age… i nvr said tht. Maybe smone else…
    fairy thnx fr gift chclts 🙂 luv u…