Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik gets up and is really angry. He slams the things away and leaves. Meanwhile Nandhani is thinking of what she saw at the performance and what Aryaman said to her about Manik surviving.
Manik brings back his guitar and says that he will not see anyone become part of the fab5 and is about to break the guitar. He stops and starts to think about the moments spent with Nandhani and also plays some music. He destroys the phone.
Aryaman and Mukti both constantly stare at each other. They both take up a drink and then Mukti and him have fun but when Aryaman decides to call Nandhani Mukti stops him saying that they should let her have some space after espically what happened today at the performance.
Nandhani thinks that everyone will be enjoying at the party, Nandhani calls

Manik’s number but it goes to the call center. She says that some magic will happen and he will return.
She goes to space and everyone that she passes is hearing to their performance. She feels real proud and then when she moves a little further she hears a group screaming Fab5 Fab5 and Muukti,Dhruv, and Aryaman are leading them. They come too her and everyone greets them and congrulates them when they al leave Nandhani thanks them but Dhruv says that it was because of her that they came together and did the performance so the credit also goes to her. Dhruv further says that they have to plan ahead because Maddy came only for one performance and now they have to move on suddenly Madhiam comes and asks if someone said his name. Nandhani says that e should think about friendship and the collaboration with the fab5 but he rejects it. They hear someone playing music and Nandhani asks Maddy if it is his trick but he refuses to accept any claim on this Nandhani hearing Maddy’s answer rushes to the sound of the music and enters to find Manik. Everyone is also following her.
Nandhani calls Manik who stops the music but does not lift his face and stands. Nadhani seeing that he is for real goes and hugs him. Mukti and everyone else are also shocked to see him and they all meet him in turns. He also asks them if they are alright and happy to see him and after hearing their reply he says that if they are happy to see him then why did they not do anything and not understand that and not one of them tried to find them and they did not thought that if one of them survived. He says that if they will not ask him then he will tell them that he was in a hospital and as soon as he got discharged he thought of meeting them and was worried of how they will be without him .
Manik does not let them explain but shouts at them and lashes at them with anger. He says that they have moved on in just four months and forgot him and Cabir. Manik says that he tried all that he could to save Cabir but the fire destroyed him. He says that he is happy for them and leaves ignoring the calls of everyone else. When he reaches the door he gives Aryaman a wicked Glance and leaves.

Precap: Nandhani goes to Manik and pleads to him to listen but when he turns and sees Aryaman he asks if she has also moved on and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. angel

    Today’s episode was nice that he came in front of everyone but the sad part is that he didn’t understand his nandu and his friends….I hope let the misunderstanding between them removes fast and manan will b one forever???

  2. nanik

    omg yeh kya ho gaya yaar
    manik how cn u do dis
    plz do listen to nandu nd ur frnds
    ek chance toh do unhe

  3. Epi was very nice finally manik came front of everyone hope he will understand nandu and his friends.. This missunderstanding create by aryaman . manik is very angry because of him…

  4. Manik u r blaming ur frnzzz &nandu but u r wrong…….. .if u was in the hospital ? u does not hv tm …..?? Ki ek call Kr deta apne fndss ko ki u r alive

  5. Adele(anu)

    I’m literally crying!!!?????
    Such a painful episode!!! Manik didn’t understand his nandu……???
    N his frnz…….his family……his dream……da FAB5!! Vaise toh from his side he is correct…..but………… donno wat to say….I really have no words!! Manik ki baaton k aage……………mere paas hain Hi nhi kuch bolne ko……….
    Manik is hurt………..he is in pain…..,.. N only nandu can help him……..hope he fynds da truth soon………

    Waiting for tomorrow………!! Oh shitzzz!!! Tomorrow toh my xams r starting!!!!!! I wonn be able to comment……for two weeks!!!!!!!!!!

    Prads,athu,plumpy,pumpkin,jennydi,liya(if u by chance happen to c this),

    Byeeeeee all!! Today is my last day to comment…….then I will directly cum after 7th!!!

    Haan….vaise abhi m der…..till 11:30……

    • Acha anu ji apko toh Sunday ko hi time milta hai kyy pe anne ka right vo bhi har sunday nahi kabhi kabhi wala..! And directly after7th great!! Its ur 9th toh study hard aur exam start hone se pehle bks mat padna coz whenever I do it na toh I get confuse matlab itna sab…… I heard a lot bout 9th std ???bhayanak hote haina bks….. ache se likna paper ok ALL THE BEST!! ???

    • My heart?belongs to U ??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

      Will miss u a lot #myAngel
      All the best and do ur exams well

      #cutiepie is right that 9th is v. Difficult so study hard…??????

      KYY Rockzzzzz?????

  6. Feeling very bad. Manik why aren’t u understand ur Nandu and friends? Plz try to understand. I am amazed to see Nandu’s love for manik. How she hugged him without seeing his face. Hope all the misunderstands will be clear soon. A bit happy seeing manik again but if it continues na then it will be like like what Minnie has said misunderstandings doh talliyan. But love u kyy and love MaNan and also love fab5. Missin our cabira

  7. And
    And the kabab mein haddi wala award goes to aryamann khurana!! ???

    Lyk srsly MaNan k peeche jaane ki kya zaroorat thi?? !! Sirf acha dost hi hai na tu nandu ka toh limit mein reh na bhai !?
    Kyun apne aap k liye MaNan fans ki gaaliyan sun raha hai tu….

    Kyun aryamann kyun ..agar MaNan romance dekhne ka itna hi shock hai toh epi download karke k dekhle chahe toh link main de dungi ….areey navya ko bhi pata MaNan k peeche nahi jaaana chahiye….I mean remember fusion concert tabhi vo MaNan ko kasam de baithi thi par unhe time to spend karne dete thi…… isi kehte hai bf aur ek aryamann hai….. kabab mei haddi ban raha hai ???
    Tu ruk beta tere liye manik ka punch hi sahi hai….. dono bhai behen MaNan k peeche hi rehte hai ??

    • My heart?belongs to U ??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

      Ya …U r right #myCutiepie..
      .lyk seriously why da hell he(aryamann)??? is interfering…
      He should stay in his limits

      Writers ji please MaNan Ko milado…?????????????

  8. Plz stop it writers I wanted some happiness in the show but here the sadness is more. Can’t see MaNan and fab5 breaking. Nandu can help manik but manik will not listen to her now. This is happening cuz of aryamaan. The bullsheet guy is creating misunderstanding. How can he fall is love with someone who is belonging to other??? Just hate him. I saw d epi just no epi. I can’t stop my tears. ???only our cabira can solve this matter but he is also not here. Feeling very bad how much can’t tell u guys in words. Plz stop misunderstanding plz writers.

  9. This is for the ppl who are blaming manik ??padhiyega zaroor ???

    Haan ji so few of u ppl think its manik’s fault right…….. how can few of u blame him for me u are mentally retarded ppl…!!!

    Do u ppl even kno what Fab 5 means to him what his frnds mean to him if…. If any one of them even gets fever he will call the bestest doc and will do anything for them….. anything damm thing !!!
    So cabir died ( I hate myself for saying this)
    then do u even kno what must have gone on him.!!! His bro his chuddy buddy his mirror version the person who manages to calm him down the one who made manik realize his love …..who made him realize when when he was mistaken ….his bff died then do u even kno what must have gone on manik and he himself was in hospital…… in trauma of losing someone damm close to his heart……… then how he would have faced his other frnds huh……?? How?? Tellme….how on earth u are expecting him to call his frnds when he himself was in shock……. when Fab 3 came to know bout the blast v all know how badly that night went on them…. but manik toh was alone Only na… ….toh do u even kno how bad… how guilty he must have felt..!!!and u are blo*dy blaming him….!!!sick ppl

    • Minnie, U speak my heart also. They can’t see his pain and we saw that how much he was hurt when he was talking to his friends. He could feel his friends and Nandu’s pain when he was angry with them. That’s why we couldn’t stop our tears. But they can’t understand that.

    • My heart?belongs to U ??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

      I totally agree with U #myCutiepie

      Manik me jagah ko koi bhi hota to yehii karta…

  10. Plumpyyy

    Thanks fr speakin my heart again pradi…i srsly ws speechless…manik…hw ws alone! N this side nandu had her family n frnz…manik had no1!! His dad saved him..! If u hav watched d epi..toh u r surely blind n deaf!! Oops! This isnt fr pradi…its fr those who blame manik! Did u ppl evn see his expression n his voice?? He was broken..broken n crushed..v all kno hw hard its to mend his broken heart guyz…how cn u even think to blame manik?? I cried a lot 2day watchin d epi…manik hurt so so much..did u hear wen he said bout cabir..he ws unable to speak dammit!! It hurts so much!! Guyz open ur eyes..keep urslf in manik’s place..then think wt wud u hav done! U kno hw broken manik was??!!! It cant b expressed in words… Alas! True manik fans can understand him right now! I ws speechless so i didnt cmnt bout d epi…it feels terrible!!

  11. Plumpyyy

    Will miss u anu…all d best fr ur exms…study well…warna it’ll b tough in 10th u kno..experienced me! Lol…!
    Nish nish nish!!! U came!! How r u?? Hw’s all goin?? Any news of fairy n auho?? U like yuvraj btw??

  12. Mubashira

    Can’t believe manik is back.cried a lot after seeing him back.love you MaNan. Watching only for u both.also missing cabir a lot.

  13. I heard that earthquake occurred on at Delhi and Pakistan I just hope u guys are fine if anyone here lives there……take care…. pinky I hope u are fine…..

    @dhanu di…… hiiii di ???finally u are here ???m not good di xams ???bks bks n bks….. how’s u even I can’t access my account di I’ll try using hangout gtg take 143

  14. Plumpyyy

    Of psychos nash??
    I hope my ricky bro,pari,alya and my pyare suhash bhai are fine..plz god dont do anythin to them..i mean keep them safe… I came to kno bout d earthquake yest evening frm my delhi frnd…table hilne laga she said… Shimla mein aaya?? Charlie di is goin to shimla na guyz… N kris n veebha are nt at shoot

  15. Muje bhi rona a rha h aj ka episode dekh k.??????? Please jaldi se sari misunderstanding clear kr do. Ar ager aryaman cabir ka replacement h to vo cabeer jaisa bane kyun meri nandu ke peeche pda h.?? Muje lagta h Ki inke Jane k din a gye h ab Manik time jaldi hi theek karega. Or kyun nandu k peeche pda h jab nandu ko teri intensions k bare m pta chalega to tu nandu Ki dosti bhi kho dega .Fir gana gana pholo ka taro ka sabka khna h ek hjaro m meri bhana h…… Isliye suder ja bander nhi to manan k fans suna suna k tera korma bana denge.

  16. tia

    this page is full of sensitive and dreamy ppl.its good and at the same time too much.no offence just my view

    • Excuse though its ur pov but u are making fun of our emotions! So if u find our cmts too sensitive then for ur sake ignore or else don’t say anything harsh to our cmts..!! For us kyy isn’t just a show its much more than that….! So v feel each and every emotion they show! Don’t feel offended its just my pov ?

    • Listen Tia or fia I don’t care whatever ur name is bt the only thing I want to say u that v r not like u who don’t have and expression. Minnie said right this serial means a lot to us. And who r u to Making fun of our emotions?????? if u don’t like our comments then u may keep it in u don’t make fun of our emotions and if u can’t then u may leave, mind it.

    • Dear Tia( or whatever),
      U hv no right to say that our comments r sensitive………we really care for Manik’s emotions and this show like a family for us……..so please leave us alone and ignore our comments if u think we r emotional……….don’t ever do this again…..

  17. Plumpyyy

    N my aishu is back!! Yay hw r u?? Come here often na aisha!! Parthu k lie… Btw guyz…i ws cryin while sleeping yest night…u kno y? Coz i ws missin cabira..agar woh hota toh all this wudn’t happen..he wud hav handled evrythin..wen cabir is here then no fear…bt cabir isnt here toh fear toh hoga na!! Man im cryin agn!! I ws reading one ff n in dat chappy der ws a ManBir tom n jerry chase n i ws cryin reading dat too…his lame jokes on which v laughed crazily…i say..If Cabir Was Not There..There Wouldn’t Be MaNan… Right guyz? Kitna imp hai cabir kyy mein..so he’ll always b d jaan of kyy…atleast fr me… Aftr MaNan he’s d one i love d most…I miss ManBir..CabiNi..MaNanBir!! Aww kitne pyaare the woh din…!!

  18. Extremely sry Minnie, when u write about earthquake in Pakistan I remember about PARI who use to comment here before. And we all r friends here so I write about her under ur comment. But if u felt bad then I am sorry Minnie.

  19. Hey guys finally my exams are finished. And guys all the best for your exams. And how can this blo*dy siddharth say like that about our comment. epi was very hurting yar… Hope missunderstanding will clear soon..

  20. ""Diva""

    hey sid don’t umbrage may be ur comment rejected but its fault of TU TEAM not others so be a good friend and plz drain all negative thoughts about others. keep smile : )

  21. Aradhya

    hi diva read ur comment agree with ur point i guess he is genuine but may be he was irritated from this moderation policy well i m fine n from jaipur.
    how r u? n what r doing?

  22. Plumpyyy

    I asked u bout that only nash in my earlier cmnt!! Wont b able to watch 2day’s epi coz of swimming..bt frm 2mrrw no swimming..only on weekends…i’ll watch d repeat…i will surely read 2day’s update..cmnt toh i wanna post bt m too busy in my assignments!! Gosh..kal se my schk re opens!! Hell!! Its gonna b a full packed november fr me!! Cn u believe 4 chaps of maths in just 3 weeks!!! Koi nahi..i hav niti’s bday n yuvi’s bday in november!!! Aww my favs bday in same month…love niti n yuvi lots!! Keep rockin as nanduuu n maddyyy… Im maddy’s mad gal..haha name kept by my frnd… All d best pradi n anu fr ur exams…rock it haan!! Dont think of parth while writing too…haha i do that always! Answer pata nai hota toh yuvi n parth ghoom rahe hote hai dil mein aur dimag mein bhi!! Srsly..iss baar toh yuvi k wajah se i lost 2-3 marks!! 😡

  23. Plumpyyy

    I too miss pari nash…pari..kahin se bhi udke aa jao!! Fairy u too!! My family members..whr r u all?? Kyy…i didnt smile a real smile frm yest 6:50…faking smile…evrytym…it hurts so much n has a great effect on me…

  24. ""Diva""

    hi aradhya n radhika i m fine
    thnq aradhya 4 support i guess harsh word doesn’t work always against anyone smtime v should solve it with soft policy.
    hi radhika hw r u?

  25. Plumpyyy

    Hey hey diva n aradhya! Even i think that bt that psycho had addressed us gals who commented abt kyy only as some cheap word!! Somethin champu! He didnt speak good so we aren’t dumb to sit n listen to his craps ok! If u think m rude toh go read 22 oct page! U’ll kno wt kind of moron he is!

  26. Plumpyyy

    Guyz!! Did u watch 2day’s SBB segment??? MaNan cute romance!!! Finally i smiled a real one aftr hrs!! Aww my MaNan example of true love!! Manik ws lookin soooooo cute!! Ofcourse nandu bhi sooo adorable!!!!!! Bt idk hw dat monster ws so shant! That ws soooo cute n adorable!!!!!!! Love MaNan!!!

  27. Look diva thanks for ur unneeded advise and unneeded poking in our matter! Firstly never ever speak when u don’t kno the real matter! He called us names yesterday just coz v were talking personally after months! And his comment was deleted by tu coz he must have used harsh words even tu rejected few of our cmts but v didn’t abuse TU TEAM! ,he blo*dy called our cmts names though it was related to PS! U may be be cool if anyone will call u anything but not us least me ! And v are not one of them if one slaps give ur another cheek ahead.. !v are one of them who knows how to give bricks answer by Stone! And wasie bhi he was a newcomer so he has to be in his damm limits! So a not so frndly advise to u and aradhya that not to interfere in others matter unless asked! If u have so much interest in making peace then pls join social workers!
    I have no personal issues wid u both but ur poking made me say this!

  28. Aisha malya

    Haww m fine plumpyy … I missed u re …. N i will come here from now on for ma parthu n u all … Yaar it hurts so much … Its just everythin is so messed up in ky2 …i wish parth wouldn’t have left it n cabiraa too…ma manik … He was so hurt … All alone without fab4 n nandu ….only if cabir could be back yaar … But manik said cabir just … I don’t even want to say it … Please ayaz bhai come back na !!! N guys yuvi !! I don’t even want to think that he would be leavin the show … N they showed so little of him in the epi … Yaar banda jaa raha hai thoda to zada dikhaate … Huh … My comment also messed up na ?? Me too … A/w time to come back from my lala land … Hi diva ! Welcome*IF U R NEW* to ky2… TU … ps. – i miss u noopur di , auho di , sanaya di , fairu di , ricky bhai , suhash bhai, shraddha di, gc di n every1

  29. Hey plump maine SBB dekha wow what a manan scene i am sooo happy and manik ka gussa kahan gya woww but i hope its true not nandus imagination. Omg i am so exited for this epi.. I hope its true yar.

  30. ""Diva""

    hey hey minnie i dont want argue with u n . i keep my view on sid not on u ok aur ha i didn’t gave any advise to u got it. it was replied comment for aradhya not 4 u. plz keep away from my comment got it.
    hi plummpy thnx 4 genuine reply i guess lot of comment tu team delete so i read a few comment of him well i repeat maybe he was irritated from moderation policy. i haven’t any issue with u. well new start “hi” have a nice day 🙂
    hi radhika ur name is very nice. i m frm bharatpur. where r u belong to??
    keep smile. 🙂

    • Oh pls u said soft words maybe he was irritated n all crap And don’t try to double cross me…..first improve ur language got it got it ….by chating nothing will happen and I said to u coz I were poking ur nose in our matter trying to act great! Dunno from where u ppl come

  31. Just a advice rads don’t share ur personal info here I mean I have well experienced how worse it can be sharing ur personal info openly…..don’t think i have problem by ur chatting

  32. Aisha malya

    Bharatpur ??? In which state it is ?? Don’t think m being rude … But m curious … Jaldi answer it diva * but if u don’t want to , no forcing from ma side*… Ky2 rocks n parthu , manan , charlie , uttu , alya , aryaman , yuvi , kishwer , every1 rocks

  33. I know minnie i know u very well i never mind i dont want to fight with anyone yar i want to friendship with everyone. Bydwe you are saying that its not dream its real manan scene its good na. And minnie can u please tell me in which standard do u study?

  34. I saw that sbb. I saw some photos of that sbb in fb in the morning. But I was not sure cuz that photos were not clean bt now I am dammm sureee that it is real. Can’t tell u guys in words that how happy I am

  35. Did any1 read the article of Parth when he becomes mama…….its very cute…..search for Parth samthaan and then news…..I wanted to send the link but I am not able to…..please see it……it’s very cute…….the name is ‘this is how Parth will look when he becomes dad’

    • Yup celebration time ????u kno what precap was damm interesting but bechara maddy he started to trust in frndship again and when he needed nandu’s she didn’t picked this call(she didn’t knew he called her )and that aryamann he was angry and jealous at the same time…. god he’s too much

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