Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mukti was telling Cabir that she said Manik is angry. Navya comes and accepts his mistake. Cabir says they must keep Manik and Nandini away from each other. Nandini says they must not worry about her she will manage Manik. Mukti tells Nandini that Manik is really difficult. Nandini says we can’t let Manik keep his anger inside, she and him share a deep connection. Mukti says she is as stubborn as Manik. She takes a leave from Cabir. Both Cabir and Navya stop Nandini, Nandini says she will ask then if she would need their help and asks Cabir to drop her home.
Manik was reading the side effects of driniking vinegar. Nandini was awake as well, she takes his phone and calls Manik. He was disturbed as well.
Mukti tells Abhimanyu in hospital she doesn’t know what is going on in

Manik’s life. Abimanyu gives her crisps, she asks where if came to him from. He says she comes to him anytime. He asks if she thinks Manik is going to hurt Nandini. Mukti says Manik does everything at extreme. Abhimanyu says he loves Nandini. Mukti asks him to talk about something else, and asks how his day has been. He says it was marvelous with sessions of chemo, then pills, IV. She says he must have called her, he says that offer is hot. She pinches him, and plays with him. He smiles, and coughs. She leaves him saying sorry, but he forwards his arms asking for hug. She hugs him.
Manik comes to Nandini’s house, looking at her window. She says she is here, and asks why has he come here. He asks if she is already afraid. She says he can’t make her afraid, and watches mugs of ice cream for her. He says ice cream for her, he thought she was suffering. He says he didn’t know which flavor she would like so he brought all the flavors. It was tutti-fruiti, mango, vanilla, black current. She stops him and says she knows he is also suffering what she is, she exchanged the glasses. He holds her and says it hurts, it burns inside; doesn’t she understand. He says whatever he thinks of, he can’t simply do it. She looks at him, opens the ice cream tub and eats from it. Manik observes her as she enjoys the ice cream. She notices him watching her; she offers him the ice cream. He takes her hand with ice cream and eats from it. She says she can’t see him like this, it hurts her a lot. He always thought about her smile, what about his. His smile is beautiful and she wants it back. She asks him to tell her how she can get it back. He looks at her silently. She places the ice cream jar on the car and goes inside.
Aaliya comes to bed and picks her novel, when Dhruv’s gift fells on the ground. She thinks what has happened to them both, it was such a beautiful start, they were so hopeful but why in months their relation has fallen apart. She thinks she has been in relationship with Manik for seven years, she might be keeping the baggage still, may be Dhruv is right. She says she will set it right, and show him that it isn’t Manik anymore. Dhruv thought he can’t be mistaken about Aaliya’s obvious interest in Manik.
The next morning in college, Nandini asks Navya if she is sure, or shall she come. Navya says she will be fine. The peon comes to her and says principal is calling her. Navya is worried, but Nandini says after every fall there is a rise.
Neonika comes to Manik, he asks what is it now. Neonika says he has to pay back now for keeping Nandini in college. Manik asks her to keep the file, he will get is signed by dad. Neonika says it isn’t about files, he asks then. She says it is about fusion concert.
Nandini questions the principal what is the fusion concert. Principal tells her about the fusion concert, and asks her not to create any problem this time. Nandini says she will do her best. Pandit ji is conducting it.
Manik denies taking classes from Pandit, he hates that guy. Neonika says Nandini will be his partner. Manik asks she is doing this all for Nandini. Neonika says he needs a closure, he must hurt Nandini as much as he wants but then move on. Manik asks she hates her a lot. Neonika asks doesn’t he, and now it is time to decide if he hates her more or that Pandit.

PRECAP: Principal asks Nandini who would be her partner. Manik comes and says he is.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. aswini achu

    Manik loves nandi its an open secrsecret.then y hurting her and then getting ice creams oh my god manik it would be osm if u both r back to the way u were during diwali episodes

  2. After a long time, such a cute epi of kyy!! Manan ice-crm scene nailed it…manik still cares for his doll and loves her…and dhrulya +mukbhi are also gng so gud!! Awww loved the epi….<3..; p…

  3. aswini achu

    Feeling little bired of dhruliya scenes. They must have trust on each other bt no matter my manan will be back soon

  4. Guys, lets meet the eternal truth, we all are parting in our own ways, we ….we are all faling apart frm each other…we are staying away, nt our fault bt its the truth that slowly we all ,our family is breaking down into pieces…for the 1st tym in 1 epi, we didnt cross 100 till now….on one hand pain, and other side love for u all…..god knows wat vil i do widout u guys….

  5. Aisha

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  9. sana i already increased the population!! all these ammy nutz fairy all was me.. i was jst making auhona’s mood as she is very upset widout these guyzz.. ri8 auhona??

  10. Plums

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  11. Plums

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  13. Plums

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  22. Iklauta mera dil tha
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  26. Hai Hai Hai
    Jab Bhi Woh Ladki, Kidki Pe Aaye
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    Har Ek Aashiq Id Manata
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    Jalse Shuro Hua
    Nagada Nagada Nagada Baja
    Nagada Nagada Nagada Baja

  27. Oh mere sona re sona re sona re
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    oh meri baho se nikal k
    tu agar mere radte se hat jayega
    oh lehra ke oh balkha k
    mera asaya tere tan se lipat jayega
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    chOdte h ye armaana
    K me bhi saath rahungi rah9ge jaha
    oh mere aona re sona re….

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    jo tune mujhe tham naliya
    so so rab di….

    Ek k do do k chaar mujhko to dikhte h
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    aar pe zameen pau k niche h aaaaasmaaaan hai
    so rab di so rab di so rab di
    jai jai shiv shankar…..

  29. gio

    the hardest lesson in life is letting go
    whether it’s guilt,anger,love,loss or betrayal………
    change is never easy
    we fight to hold on and we fight to let go…………….

  30. Chura liya h tumne jo dil ko
    nazar nhi churana sanam
    badla k meri tum zindagani
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    chura luya h tumne jo dil ko
    nazar nhi churana sanam

  31. gio

    india?why you want to meet me? hehehe.
    reason for getting depressed?i don’t know,but what you been doing here clearly state that…….

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    Chu k hamare dil ko
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    I wish you told me from the start that
    You gonna break my heart
    I hate myself damn so waiting for you
    Its kill me cause I love you
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    Pataa hi na tha humein

    Kuch bhi humein haasil nahi
    Hai reh gayi manzil kahin
    Hairaan hai dil, kis baat ki ye hai sazaa
    Rone lagi hai ab duaa
    Khud se huaa hai bepataa
    Aye Rab mere mujhko zara tu ye bataa..

    Kyu hua, kyu hua waqt humse khafa
    Ishq se dil juda kyun hua, kyun huaa
    Iss gham ki wajah kisko pooche yahaan
    Kyun hua, kyun hua Rab hi bezubaan..

    Saaya bhi ye roye
    Tanhaa humko dekh kar
    Zindagi khaali ho gayi
    Khoya aise humsafar

    Ye… o… kyu hua, kyun hua
    Rab hi bezubaan… o..

    I wish you told me from the start that
    You gonna break my heart
    I hate myself damn so waiting for you
    Its kill me cause I love you
    And love never dies
    Then why do I have tears in my eyes

    Khwaabon mein thhe aansu chhupe
    Pataa hi na tha humein

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    Hiii niku ! Sry dear dos dys i was busy wd my studies, i saw ur mails later, ssoorrrryy dear i cudn’t cum

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    sry niks mein b day pe wish nahi kar paungi net pack overs on 3 recharge xams ke baad hoga:-(
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  44. aadhya

    more lines………..

    humse rooth bhale jana
    par jaha bhi jana khush rehna
    humko bhul bhul jana
    par khud ki alag pehchan banana

  45. Waah waaah waah
    sana aayegii hasake jayegi ruthe ko manake jayegi khushi baat k jayegi…..

    thnx aadhya
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  59. sana jaldi ana
    ana toh phir na jana
    jab bhi ana sab ka dil behla jana
    jab bhi ana khushi batte jana
    ruthe ko manate jana
    sab ko hasate rehna

    humse rooth bhale jana
    par jaha bhi jana khush rehna
    humko bhul bhale jana
    par apni alag pehchan banana

    hume dil mein rakhna ya nikal jana
    par dil se dua hai apne armaano ko kabhi bhula na jana
    jo chaho woh pa lena
    yeh dua hai hamari ki sada tum khush rehna

    made by aadhya

  60. Manik sings song! Manan eyeloks and all dhrulya, mukbhi yar, nthing so spcl….and prcap manik says he cant live wid her bt cant live widout her….nands chlng who win her hope or maniks hate! Ok bye! Lov u all! Take care! Bye bye!

  61. all the best for evry 1 who hav xms stdy well & bye for now guys going to sleep feeling unwell so I will come after 8:30 in todays epi.

  62. Nutz

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