Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mank turns the projector and Nandhani is happy to see Manan written on the wall. She smiles and goes near him after which they start to kiss each other Nandhani after kissing tries to leave but Manik stops her and they make out. When it is finished they start to talk to each other and Nandhani says that she now knows why she is so worried about his life and says that his life is magical and so she wants to enjoy it.
Manik says that he has a question and asks why she was so loud but Nandhani asks him to shut up and they both laugh vigorously in the bed.
Dhruv says that he called them here to say sorry and further adds that it is like a second home to them Muktt sys that will he not say sorry to Manik dhruv says that he has hurt Manik so much that he cannot face him and so will

not go to the dinner. Cabirsays to him that he cn say sorry to everyone at the dinner and climbs on Dhruv’s back saying that he will take him like this.
Dhruv is walking with Cabir on is back and Cabir gives him backthe keychain and says that he will keep it with him and says to everyone else that he will go to Manik’s house to pick him up and they go ahead to Aryaman’s house.
Manik is sitting on chair and remembers the moments spent with Nandhani and smiles meanwhile Nandhani also is doing the same thing and also laughs MAnik gets a call and answers it.
Aaliya comes behind Aryaman and he without seeing her says welcome to her and she is shocked that he knew she was here and asks himwhy he called her and he says that he needs her help to arrange something before everyone gets to the party. She says that she is not his friend and only came because she thought that he neeeded his help. Aryaman says that he is sorry and that her brother can never be anyone’s and he made him believe that Manik was responsible was for his sister’s death and Aaliya hearing this is shocked and is no longer angry with him and they both start to plan things out.
Mukti and Naviya are standing and Mukti says that she found Harshad in the academy and went there to beat him and so after the party they will all have a meeting with him. Naviya gets excited and asks Mukti to take her on the bike with her but she says that Naviya has lost her mind and cannot go like this. Naviya insists and Mukti eventually has to give in and takes her on the bike.
Aaliya and Aryaman are dressing the table and Aryaman sits down but Aaliya asks him to get up as he is the host and he rushes to his room and gets ready and when he comes back Aaliya is amazed and greets him.
Manik and Cabir are standing with the driver and Cabir asks asto where Nandhani is and Manik says that she is still at home and he hs told the driver to pick him up but Cabir says that they will do t by themselves and the Driver goes back to Nyonika who get amazed and ask him that how did he get back so early and he says that Mank and Cabir have gone to pick her up by themselves.

Precap: Nandhani is trying to call Manik but he does not answer. Nyonika rushes out to find the car go up n flames.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Yayy!! Am 1st!!!!!!!!! Rare!!! Awesome epi!!! Freaking awesome!!! Sizzling hawttt!!!! Hottt hawtttttt!!!!!!! Loved it!!!
    Loved the whole epi!!!
    2day’s ads-tic tac and addiction deo…

  2. Uma Maheswari

    Tomorrow is last episode:-(

  3. 2day was the last precap… 🙁
    2mrrw is the last epi ;(

  4. They ruined the show by making everything so fast fast… I’m not able to enjoy the show completely. . Very disappointed for bad ending…

  5. M soooooooooo sad yaar !

  6. Whattttt!!!!!!!!! The show is going to end……?????

  7. It is nandhini not nandhani

    1. I its nandani!!!!

  8. Last precap
    So sad
    🙁 🙁

  9. is manbir alive or not ,this may be shown in season 2

  10. They nailed it…. like seriously

  11. Its nandini…any1 who has scene manik’s phone correctly will b knowing it…nandini is saved in his phone…
    @indu…i think ur right..that might b shown in season 2…

  12. @wins…logically..u r right..so true!! They actually ruined d show by revealing d secrets so fast!! Esp. dhruv n rishab’s attacks…it was NOT nice at all!!
    Emotionally…we all love kyy…whatever they show is right…but what is happened is happened already…

  13. what happened in today’s epi? did someone watch?

  14. Yep I watched it….. an it was so damm confusing n bakwas they didn’t showed mani but instead the old episode shot of mani when he got down from car to hug nandu before musicana….. n in last part they showed mani left cabir alone in the car n gone out then car blasted…… it was damm confusing

  15. What???? Inexplicably disappointing. I wonder when Tellyupdates will upload the written update

  16. is this the happy ending

  17. i told na it will be shown in season 2

    1. V all kno that but they said it are continuing

  18. what an ending

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