Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik comes and sits on the table with Neunika and she asks of what is wrong with him. Manik says that he is just trying to make things right and says that he is going meet his dad. He asks if she need any signatures when Neunika says that do I need signatures or do you. Manik says that this is why I thought that why should I use my Harshad card for such a small request.
Neunika says that what do you want and Manik says that he needs a classical musical workshop for space students. Neunika asks of why does he wants that and Manik says that because of Nandini and he wants Nandini’s grandmother to conduct them. Neunika says that they are Manglore based and Manik replies saying that why do you even care about that.
Manik says that he is leaving and tells Neunika to call amps

by 4am. Neunika is shocked and Manik asks if there is a problem. Neunika says that you are mad that’s why you can’t even recognize the problem. She then leaves and Manik sits back

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Nandini is packing her stuff when her aunt is helping her and they agree on not telling amps anything. Her aunt asks if she can stop for two more days, her uncle adds saying that I can’t let you go like this at least let me get well. Nandini says that she has booked the ticket and Rishab gives it to him.
Manik calls everyone on a road trip and Cabir doesn’t agree with them. Manik tries to convince him and says that at least ask your boss for a holiday. Manik gets a call from Nandini but doesn’t answer it. Muktii goes to Cabir’s house and he isn’t there. Muktii says that she thought she could have convinced him to come. Navya says that Cabir has taken the responsibility so he is taking it serious and is worried.
Navya talks about of what she is planning to do in the future and Muktii tries to help her and gives her a great advice. Nandini is lying on the bed and says that I should not have called you but it doesn’t mean that you can’t. She gets up saying that where are you, and sits next to the fireflies. She lies down and Manik comes and talks to her saying that what did you think that I would let you this easily. Nandini then wakes up from the dream.
Manik goes to meet his dad and says that it’s 4:30 in the morning and I need your signatures. He asks of what this and Manik replies of saying that it is a golden opportunity for 15 space students to learn music so please sign it. He signs and closes the door.
Neunika calls Harhsad and tells him about Manik following Nandini to manglore. Harhsad says that now you are calling me about this now. Neunika says that I want you to follow him and tell me all about that goes on there. She cancels the call and Harshad says that you unknowingly help me all the time.

Manik comes to Nandini’s house and when Nandini comes out he asks if his car is Okay. Manik says that he doesn’t own a single car. He says that he only came to say bye, a simple plain harmless bye. Nandini says that I thought you wouldn’t come and why didn’t you call me. Manik says that you were missing me weren’t you. Nandini denies when Manik says that’s why you were waiting for my call all night.
Nandini says that say bye and then you can go. Manik says that you want me to leave without saying anything else. Manik says I’ll miss you, would you miss me. Nandini says that of course she will but it is going to help and sometimes distance can bring people together. Manik gives her a gift of two mugs saying miss you. Manik says that I never thought I would buy something like this. He further acts on saying that you can keep one and I’ll keep one.
Nandini is feeling shy and says that Ok then I’ll see you. He turns around and Nandini calls him as he leaves, he asks if she said anything and Nandini says that no she didn’t. He sits in the car and Nandini says that you forgot this. He tells her to put it in the car. She comes in and he asks of what happened. She then hears her aunt saying that I have packed the stuff for the road and Manik nods his head saying Chachi. Nandini comes out of the car and says Bye to Manik. Manik starts the car and leaves.

Precap: Nandini is going in the bus and says that why am I imaging things. She later arrives at Manglore and manik is already there and Nandini says that you broke the promise.

Update Credit to: Sona


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