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Navya tells them that Manik got Nandini’s expulsion cancelled, so she brought her here. Manik says if he is done, he asks Cabir for change. Cabir laughs, while Navya takes Nandini inside to change and gives her dress in the room. Cabir brings Manik to room and tells him that there is only a single bedroom and Nandini is inside, he must manage here.
Manik comes out where Navya was busy in cleaning the flour in kitchen. Manik says that one moment these guys fight and the other moment were taking shower together. Mukti comes to Navya’s help, and asks Cabir to give the keys to Dhruv as he isn’t helping Navya in the kitchen. Cabir asks Aaliya and go and give them to Dhruv, Aaliya takes the keys downstairs.
Nandini laughs while changing in the bathroom. Manik calls her

to stop laughing. She says doesn’t he think it is funny that they always land in some problem together and their staying together becomes funny. Manik says he will make sure this time it isn’t funny. Nandini says shit and tells him she has left her pyjama’s outside please pass them. When Manik does it were some old used pants, which she drops saying eww and shouts at Manik what it is.
Cabir tells Navya to keep those thousand rupees for him. He says she has to make breakfast for him, scrambled eggs. Mukti says they make breakfast for each others as well. Cabir says Navya has lost her bet, that Manik will stop Nandini and both will patch up. Nandini says she will lose such a bet for a thousand times, but Manik says he has stopped Nandini to take revenge and hurt her. Mukti says if he says so, he will do something for sure. Navya says he can’t do so, Cabir says Manik always stay soft for Nandini. Mukti disagrees, and says they must keep them both away for sometime. Navya says they must keep them together.
Nandini comes out of bathroom, and switch the lights of room off. Manik asks what is she doing. She says she has been asking him for chooridar for so long, but he isn’t. Manik grabs the trousers before she could, he jerks Nandini in a way that she drops on the floor. He gives her trousers to her. She says he must do whatever he wants to, but she will keep on fighting for him to understand how much fun it is to be together. Manik asks what did she say. She says she will fight for them. He asks before that. She says that he can do what he wants to.
Aaliya was telling Dhruv that everything is getting better between Manik and Nandini. Dhruv says she must be feeling bad. He was shaking the bottle vigourously. She forbids him. He says she must have thought about her chance with Manik. Aaliya says he is making her lose respect for someone she adored, and that is him.

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Both go inside.
Navya was singing a song, Mukti asks which song is this. She says it is a song about confession. Manik comes and asks what are they doing. Navya says they are turning the environment to party. Manik says that this environment must be horror. Navya notices the silence and asks to play antakshari, Aaliya says we aren’t retards. Navya says it is fun game. Manik asks them to begin, but what for. Do they have a plan, Cabir and Navya were confused. Manik says he thought these were for him and Nandini, he says he has better plan for them both. He goes to kitchen and drink from a glass of water. Manik says they are playing truth and dare, he dares her to have a drink. Cabir says Nandini doesn’t drink. Manik says this isn’t drink, drink is for him for her is vinegar. Everyone is shocked at him. Manik asks her to have it for him. Cabir asks if he has gone crazy, Nandini takes the dare and finishes the glass. She had bad cough, Manik asks if she is feeling bad, he is thinking about having another one, this will stop the cough. He goes to kitchen, Dhruv asks him why he is being a monster. Manik says because he is a monster. He places the glasses on table, Dhruv forbids him while Nandini takes the other glass and have it. She felt even bad and goes inside. Manik announces the party is over. Navya comes behind Nandini, Mukti comes and says to Navya that she told her Manik is in a bad temper. Cabir takes Mukti inside. Navya apologizes Nandini that she was wrong, she had no idea Manik could do this bad to her.
Manik comes to the car, that doesn’t start.

PRECAP: The principal asks Nandini for a guarantee that there will be nothing wrong in the fusion concert. Neonika tells Manik that Nandini will be his partner in the concert. The principal asks Pandit to make the fusion concert the most iconic in the history of Space.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Awsm awsm epi! Lovd it yar! At first manik googls for remedies of vinger thn cms to knw that ice-crm can work! Nands msgs him that he shud be happy as she’s sufring and manik goes to her house wid a buckt ful of ice-crms and they talk plus, samjhawan as bgs rokd it! Then thrs mukbhi and dhrulya cute scenes! And then nxt mrng, navya is a bit sick and nandini agre’s for fusion consert as precap of last epi and manik talks to nyonica..
    Precap- nands is woried that who’l be her partner in concert and manik malhotra cms and says that he’l be! Awww so awsm epi!

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