Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harshad is talking with Neunika and saying that you haven’t done anything to stop Nandini even when she brought Professor Mukash. Neunika says that Nandini’s step were positive towards space so I couldn’t stop her. Harshad says that I don’t care just do whatever you have to, rig the elections if you have to I don’t give a damn. Neunika says that are you mad, all the trusties re involved even Khurana and this time I really can’t help you. She ends the call and Harshad walks on with frustration.
Someone walks into Neunika’s office asking why her PA was stopping him to enter and asks if she didn’t want him to meet her, Neunika asks him to sit down and says that its nothing like that. He says that I only came here to tell you that about the letter I gave you regarding the

fab5. I think you took the wrong meaning of it. He further says that I only want to tell you that I found that you banned them for life and I don’t want that as I want them to perform. Neunika says that she had to do it as she wanted to show how she would handle a rebellion. He says that understands but he wants that song under any condition and leaves. Neunika looks at the letter and says that then this letter will never reach you guys.
Navya, Aryaman and Nandini reach the board and write something regarding Nandini as the new leader. The voting starts and one by one all the students vote while Madhium sitting with Harshad starts to annoy him. Harshad says that why do you have double standards as you say something and do something else. Madhium says that are you crazy when Harshad explains him about the post he did on the social network. Harshad says that you just proved my point. Madhium gets up and gives some money to the guard and leaves.
He starts to look in the corridor when some guys stop him and says that what have you done with this post of yours. He goes and talks to a friend of his about some work and then joins Nandini and Harshad with a grin on his face. Neunika comes on that stage and says that I have the results, she says that 203 votes for Harhad, 403 votes for Nandini and Madhium has received 401 votes. Everyone starts to cheer for Nandini and Neunika congratulates her. Everyone of their group comes up and hugs Nandini. Later Aryaman says that it’s time to party finally.
Nandini is given the records for the college with manual and some other documents. On the other hand the rest of them are still partying. Muktii gives a toast regarding Nandini’s victory and says that lets keep her reason for the victory between us because if she finds out we don’t know what she might do. Everyone agrees and Aliya says that she needed this and also that we need to know the truth and maybe there was someone behind the blast. Everyone agrees and brings the name of Manik and Dhruv as well. Nandini asks the man for old recordes of college and keys while he says that Neunika has the authority for all of that so I can’t help you. Nandini says that it’s Okay and leaves.
Later Aryaman puts Nandini on a chair when they are all sitting in the room and mocks her. Dhruv is taking care of the baby when Aliya doesn’t understand something to Muktii said. Muktii tells her to learn Hindi and babysitting. They start to joke and dance on music a letter comes and the guard leaves it at the door as they don’t answer. Dhruv asks for Aliya and starts to dance with her and cracks a joke. Aryaman starts to dance with the baby and Navya scolds him and tells him to put the baby down instantly.
Later Dhruv is taking Aliya home and says that I will drop as you are drunk right now. Aliya keeps on laughing and when she is about to fall he catches her and they kiss. Nandini writes in her laptop saying that I won Manik. Muktii is pissed as she is cleaning and nobody is here to help her. She is about the letter in the dustbin and does when Navya sees it. She says that maybe it’s something important and says that it’s a notice from the society and they have asked us to empty the house.
Aliya is sitting with Dhruv and says that its all very depressing when relationships end and she was scared of that. Aliya starts to talk about her problem regarding Varun not accepting her designs. Dhruv says that lets go and meet him right not and the both of them agree.
The next day Neunika and Harshad are in a fight and Harshad says that someone who could do anything for her image couldn’t even rig an election. Neunika says that she has a meeting right now and has to leave. Harsahad says that if you would have let me meet Khurrana one time that this wouldn’t have happen. Neunika tells him to shut up and says that how could you have forgotten that he only gave the fab5 a warning letter which is still lying in her office and she has banned them for life. She says that the elections were beyond her control and Nandini hears all of it.

Precap: Aryaman confronts Madhium and calls him a loser. Madhium says that those who steal phones and cheat are not winners and says that Nandini is not like you so when she finds out about this the you’ll see who sits on the seat of the President.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. sona

    lovely epi.. Accha is there ny diffrnce in bakrid date in diffrent parts of d cntry?? in my skl xams wer preponed to 24 cos of eid while i see ppl celebratng eid today itself in sm parts of d cntry esply southern

  2. HappyBirthdayAyazWeLoveU

    I loved d epi 100%!!! Even maddy ws good 2day!! He was smiling as if he ws happy that nandu won!!! Yuhoooo nandu won!! But d best for me was,mukti sayin this is for cabir n dhruv sayin this is for my manik!! I just fell for these two lines!!! It ws d best! Loved it sooooo much!! I ws super-duper happy k harshad lost so badly!!! Congrats nandu n maddy!! But ik k nandu wont b happy wen she comes to kno bout wt they did…! I hope maddy doesnt harm any of d frnz n he too turns positive!! But we all want nandu to b d president!! Coz it will lead to d revealation of d blast!! That b*t*h nyonika n dat jerk harshad…they shud rot in hell!! blo*dy creepo!!
    Happy birthday again ayaz!! Love u!! Gunnyt lovelies!! Now our waiting session starts!!

  3. HappyBirthdayAyazWeLoveU

    Shit!! Shit shit shit!! I missed this one!! DhruLya!!!!!!!! They were out of d world man!! Alya!! I never knew she wud b this cute n adorable!!! They both were sooooo cute n adorable!!!!!!!! Aah i love them lots!!
    Love kyy…love kyy2…KYY ROXZ KYY2 ROXZ!! We fans rock!!

  4. navya

    i dont wnt manik back cuz hes unprofessional and now the new plot has started and i think madhyam nd nandhni would make a better pair

    • Plumpyyy

      Oh hello!! Whoever u are…PARTH IS NOT UNPROFESSIONAL!! Get that straight in ur brains!! U r dumb gal to believe that shitty articles by d shitty tellychakkar!! Didnt u see parth’s tweet?? N he has cleared wt happened…he himself didnt want to take d project…n personally i too didnt want him to take up dat show…now go read his tweet n d article!! N dont dare to call him unprofessional..!! He had not signed d papers too!! Go get a life!! We love party n we’re wid him…humesha!!

      • navya

        u blo*dy so called personality ,i told tht it was my opinion and moreover if you still want parth on the show then its jst nt possible cuz the new plot already started .wake up from your idiotic and stupid dream.wake up and understand the reality .its a new plot .moreover if u still want tht manik watch some other show in which hes there.what the use talking about some1 who is not a part of ky2 now?if you can accept then accept tht hes no more there otherwise get lost.another thing why do u guyz think that manik or kyy will see this and bring manik back,well let me tell u this a usual site for reading updates.thats it.

    • ADELE( Anu)

      How dare u call parth unprofessional ha????? If u don’t know the whole thing u don’t have any right to speak lyk that okay??
      Go n know the whole truth n then comment here…….!!!! Coz we fans won’t accept anything that is wrong n against kyy family!!! Got that???

    • ?minnie?

      Oh miss whatever!!!!! How dare u blo*dy called parth who the heck gave u right to call him unprofessional huh!!!!! ????do u even kno anything thing about him!!! No na then stop saying him unprofessional he’s the best professional actor I’ve ever known!!!! Do u even kno how much he’s dedicated to his work…!!! No one has right to call him unprofessional got that!!! NO ONE HAS THAT RIGHT and u are calling him names then tell me what great have u achieved that u are saying this huh what have u achieved to say that!!!!a and u are giving us blo*dy lectures then see the trend of #MTVbringparthback n ask the ppl who are trending to shut down cuz v are not demanding like fools bring manik n all crap v all are supporting kyys2 got that???!!! And how dare u blo*dy abuse plumpyy huh….. did she said anything to u!! No na then y?? This shows ur character and don’t u dare abuse plump anu or me….. cuz v won’t tolerate it n if u hate parth pls mam keep ur hatred n unprofessionalness to urself OK…. v don’t want ur opinion about PARTH

      • Plumpyyy

        Well said pradi! She has got a poor eyesight..she just said evrythin that is so unlike me! I better give my glasses to her!!
        Awww..n thnx sweetie fr caring…n yep…we are never good wen somethin or some1 goes against our parth!!

      • ADELE( Anu)

        Rytly said prads!!!! That brainless creature needed it!!!!
        N yes, agree plumpyy! We wonn accept a single word against party!!!!

  5. yr i dont want maddy or aryaman to be nandu’s new love interest she is only gud with manik no1 else, muku is so cute n alya also every1 is so good in kyy2, dhruvlya part was very nice, itne tym bad unka scene dekhne ko mila

  6. Human

    Maddy actually had something good to say about nandini and i jave eatched many indian serials so I think that Maddy and Nandini will be joint presidents and come together in the process

    • Plumpyyy

      Yeah right…it would be better…he will help her bout d blast…n did u notice..aftr d results were announced maddy ws smiling as if he ws happy!! He is completely confusing!!

  7. Plumpyyy

    I guess…in kyy2 family…nxt bday is niti…nov 8…bt wen is kishwer’s bday?? Guyzz any idea bout it?? Niti k baad…its my prince’s bday…my yuvraj’s bday…my yuvii…bt its on sunday!! I used to distribute chocolates or rasgullas to my bhukkad frnz on his bday!! Last year toh..v had fruit n vegetable carving competetion on nov 22!! Bohot maza aaya tha!! I wish i cud give u guyzz somethin…

  8. gopika

    plumpyyy if you want to give something you can give me because Karnataka and Kerala are lying closer right!

    (just kidding

  9. Plumpyyy

    Woah! U frm kerala gopika..nice meetin u dear:)..i wud hav given if ur in my dist. Thnx fr d info…so aftr niti’s bday its yuvi’s bday..one of my teacher’s bday is on nov 22! Kash mera bday hota uss din…khair koi nai..my bday n madhuri dixit’s bday toh same hai:D
    Hii shifa!! enjoying?
    N shaima…hi dear…whr r u frm?

  10. Plumpyyy

    Yeah anu..these idiotic ppl dont kno d entire truth n chale aaye parth ko unprofessional bolne!! That shitty tellychakkar isnt any decision maker…n these dumbos believe in those craps! Humesha bakwas hi hai usme!! Last year they gave this article “yuvraj thakur has not quit he has been THROWN out of d show” n ab yeh “parth samthaan has not left be has been THROWN out from d show” jabki he hadn’t even signed d project!! Srsly..i feel like kicking their ass hard!! Shanti se rehne nai dete!! N our alltime dumbos..khudke brains hai bhi ya nai..i pity them yaar anu…

    • Plumpyyy

      N they had tagged yuvi too as unprofessional!! Srsly…ek aur aisa hi article on my lovelies na…then pata i’ll turn into a monster i guess!! Oops! Mini mini monster! As mini monster is our cutie nandu na!!

  11. Plumpyyy

    Hey guyz..any1 here lovin yuvi uttu karan bond??!!! I toh totally love them!!! They r soo much fun!! Full-on mastikhor!! Dubsmash..selfies…tweets..insta posts!! Aww..yuvi ka magic chala..fans pe bhi chal raha hai..kayi log pe chalna baki hai…no wonder yuvi is so patient! How he controls all that crappy cmnts is commendable!! Niti bechari she is sad by some fans!! Charlie doesnt read them..!! Karan is also askin fans to watch..dont wanna watch toh dont! Yuvi ka koi reply nai in sab pe!! God ne usse bohot pursat se banaye hai..tabhi itna positive hai yeh! Mr.King of Positivity!! Love u Mr.Perfect!!

  12. Plumpyyy

    @navya…nah u b***dy b***h!! U donno wt i think bout d show! Plz scroll ur lappy ur mobile screen n check my cmnts! I never said that i wont watch kyy2 widout manik/parth!! Now ppl doubt on those who love kyy2!! Gosh! Gal..u need to check d WUs of d first 2 weeks of s2!! U wont that its me who commented all that! Kyy is not a one man show that if manik isnt there we shud stop watchin it! Its bout frndship! Whole cast n crew r responsible fr d success of d show!! N now coz of 1 actor some r nt liking s2!! Coz they never loved d whole cast!! What u said is true…who dont want to watch s2 shud nt even bash it!! N what makes u think that me being a true yuvian n kyyian will stop watchin this amazing show!!??? I would love to watch parth back on d show…but it is terrible to return back…i feel! What irked me ws u callin parth unprofessional!! N kahan se kahan le aayi tu?? I will always love the show come what may!! N here i hav a problem n im fighting wid my mom too just to lemme watch d epi!! U cant imagine what i feel if i miss one single epi!! N fr u kind info…i’ve accepted the fact a long time ago!! N yeah m personally a manik fan on d show so u dont dare to speak a word against him!! N now m a fan of d whole show!! Ofcourse even maddy…as my eyes dont move away frm him! Oops…main yaha bhi shuru ho gayi! Plz ignore d last line!! N i respect parth’s decision..its his wish to leave d show or come back!! About yuvi toh…..my day begins wid his thought n night ends wid his thought! So yeah babes…ur highly mistaken!! Evrythin wt u said is just opposite of me!!! Okay sorry to bore u wid my words!! Coz it wont enter ur pea-sized brain! Lol

  13. Plumpyyy

    Btw…2 navyas…bt navya naveli is d best haan!! Our cabiraa’s black n white madhubala!!
    The navya wid small alphabets whom i replied n the one wid capital alphabets…is any1 of u on IF??

  14. pari

    parth u alwayzzz rock luv u hamesha and plzzzz dont talk about parth like that better u dont dare again calling him unproffesional whatever he is doing its his life so don,t talk rubish about him u dumbo :@

  15. pari

    and one more thing guyzzzzz plzzzzzz stop this non sence bring parth back and all let him move on na and other actors are working so hard atleast give them chance season 2 is not that bad haaan so stay calm dont hurt any one and hope for best and keep sweet memories of manan

  16. Plumpyyy

    @pari…dear..u cn go to twitter or instagram n save d pics which d actors’ post…ky2s2 is a mad gang!! Boys toh…srsly they hav lots of fun!! Boys ho ya gals…there equality!

  17. Plumpyyy

    @pari…we dont support d trend…all here are kyy2 lovers also…some dumbos come n just irk others so that they can show off their so-called love fr d show…n they hav nothin to do na now…so they think y not irritate those who r lovin s2!! We try to stay calm…but we all are not that tolerant to here ill about d actors or d show…i srsly donno frm whr yuvi has got such patience!! Hats off to him! Love him to d power infinity!! Or beyond that if it exists! Okay srry fr d last line…i just get flown by 1 thought of his!
    Btw…did u get d pics?? There are manyyyy!! YuvNi pics are available! Selfies…cutiess…chocopies…sweeties…they look so cute 2gthr!! Niti is sooo cute n yuvi is super innocent!!! In love wid them!!

  18. pari

    ok plumpyy i,ll search thanku 🙂
    and exactly some people hv not scense yar yuvi is in season 2 working so hard to make kyy fans satesfied per nh some stupid pplzz bring parth back bring parth back nonscense na i,m sure parth also did not like this infact he always dislike that his fans interfere in life too much anywayzzzz koi dekhe na dekhe we r gng to support kyy s2 and thankzz again @plumppy 🙂

  19. Plumpyyy

    Anytime pari…yep we shud wait fr parth’s confirmation…i got to kno d news frm my frnd…bt parth will say on instagram…

  20. Plumpyyy

    But if parth returns na…i swear i’ll b overloaded wid joy!! Yuvi parth charlie 2gthr in one show agn!!! My BFF gang!! Srsly…yuvraj n parth…my 2 lovelies…i’ll b outta my mind fr sure!!

  21. Nashita

    Oh I am so happy. If parth confirmed it once then I will celebrate it. Plz parth come as manik plz plz plz?????

  22. Funny

    Here is a good news for u guys
    There were reports that said the actor has signed Bollywood projects along with other shows but, there were no solid corroboration on any of these news, except that Parth Samthaan had received Bollywood offers post his exit from Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.

    Now with Parth declaring he will soon be back on the hugely popular youth show, his fans as well as the makers of the show will heave a sigh of relief. With Parth samthaan starting his shooting from 30 September, he is expected to be back on the show in October episodes of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2.

  23. Parth Samthaan

    Yes guyz its true m cmng back to kyy….thnks guyz fr ur support n love. Many new fans here I see. Love you all. Your parth samthaan is coming back.Stay tuned

  24. Nashita

    Is this is really the comment of parth, if it is then parth, why you didn’t say hello to me. You said hello to strawberry, pari, plumpy and funny but what about me I am your big big big fan. Do you know I start crying like a stupid when I hear that you had quited from ky2. And today when you are returning to kyy2 my happiness knows no bounds. So plz say a hello to me. And listen I am happy, I will cut a big cake when you will entry in ky2s2. So I’m waiting to cut a cake.

  25. Nandini

    Hey Nashita parth told me to say that you r his biggst fan ? kyy rockz nd.. sorry for not mentioning ur name …..anyway m nandini aka niti n I usd to b a regular commenter here. Actually the ayaz charlie krisann all are too hppy to c new commentrs here

  26. ?minnie?

    Girl are u really a parthian cuz I don’t think so cuz u if u are a parthian then u would have known who’s real n who’s fake even if u said are u really parth or not cuz u made a fool out of urself…..sry but u made me laugh on u

  27. Manan fans

    OMG ! Parth samnthaan to return to kyy s2…great news…ab tera kya hoga maddie(yuvi)….ab mazza aayega.. kuch din pahle maddie ne kaha tha nandu se ki manik nahi aayega lo manik aa gaya ab, epi.. .dono ka panga…dekhne mn mazza aayega…
    few peoples are commting abt parth is unprofessional. ye to jo commt kar rahe ye log s1 nahi dekhe kyonki …parth to hamesha love making scene niti ke sath accha SE karta hai agar ye proffessional nahi hota na definately guys woh ye scene kar nahi pata….fully professional parth samnthaan no doubt….jisko doubt hai s1 pahle dekhe baad mn yahan pe commt kare…parth ke jaisa koi nahi hai tellychakkar to bas aise hi likh diya…no confirmation…very hard work guy parth…..

  28. Manan fans

    Challo Der aye durst aye..parth aka manik ke bina ye show adhura tha….jisko parth accha nahi lagata woh ye show na dekhe…kyonki weightage ab manik ka hi jyada rahega ye show mn no maddie….guys….

  29. Plumpyyy

    Lol…im laughin! Srsly gal u think it ws parth??!!! Ky2 actors dont use “kyy” they use ky2…kuch toh dimag use kia karo!!
    Niti…ayaz…charlie…krissanne…okay first tell me that ur nt any oldie!! Coz my loveliest oldie frnz loved this playin…ek parth hai toh dusra niti..or manik n nandu..cabir..navya…i remember…manik ws auhona…baki yad nai…if its u guyz na toh plz come wid ur old usernames!! I remember…ranbir,dp,sallu bhai n mny bollywood actors once came here n were bashing each other n chattin who were we idiots itself!! Ek toh gussa hoke chale gaye…baki me n ammy di were remaining!! Then manana pada sabko!!
    Here i hav my maths exm n studies nt completed n main yahan baithke cmnt kar rahi hu!! Wah..arre tosh! Parth n yuvi k lie toh padhle!! Dont guess who’s tosh..its me!

  30. ?minnie?

    Again fakey n that of PS like seriously I pity them they make a big fool out of them those who claim themself as a celeb a those who believe them are bigger fool then them like seriously fake PS do u think v will believe u(least me) cuz m a true parthian n big one so i very well kno how real PS is n do u think fakey P’S would seriously ever comment here cuz how much ik him he only replies to his fans on a chat session or if anyone continusly dm’s him on insta ……get some brians dear hope once u will comment wid ur real name n if u comment na them I will definitely recognize u by ur symbol so watch out

  31. Plumpyyy

    Yeah even i read it…bt parth hasnt confirmed himself na…on insta or twitter…..
    Im always ready to watch parth n yuvi’z tashan onscreen…i love it!! That looks awesome!! But only if d news is true…
    Pradi u ryt baby…

  32. Plumpyyy

    @manan fans…ofcourse manik is our fav…but v want maddy too atleast i want..nt fr nandu…mukti has to get her love na…i hope CVs pair mukti wid maddy…harshad ko nyonika k paas hi rakhe sadne k lie…i toh want manik n maddy tashan…tab m sure i’ll b ROFLing!! N it will b stupid…parth nai tha..yuvi aa gaya..parth wapas aaya toh yuvi ko nikalo…that sounds vry stupid!!

  33. Plumpyyy

    Btw guyz…i came here to ask bout d new promo!! Did any1 see it?? Location ws nyonika’s cabin…harshad,nyonika,nandu n maddy’s grand dad were present in d cabin..jerk says somethin to nandu…nyonika says nandini moorthy u r suspended…if any1 watches it..plz say it here clearly…

  34. Plumpyyy

    @sweet girl…ofcourse i remember u!! Hw are u?? U here aftr a long time!! Hw is euphie? She’s ur frnd na…i remember u said it wen u came here…missed u lots sg!!

  35. Charlie

    Chill thoko guyz mazak ko mazak ki tarah lo……yeh Minnie tmhari threatng ke vajah se parth aaj shooting nhi aaya ..so cool dwn…aftr tm v chahti ho ki parth kyy 2 me laut aye….
    Hii plumpy ……..?? long tym….

  36. Plumpyyy

    Wtf!? Are those fans gone nuts?? Like srsly they asked PM to bring parth back?? This is d limit man!! They’re nuts!!

  37. Plumpyyy

    @charlie….ab toh m sure ur an oldie…arre naam bata bhi do…!!! Okay bout that minnie thing…we really felt as a joke!! I ws ROFLing at it!!
    Sooo are u sam bro?? Ammy di?? Sara?? Suhash bhai?? Dont think that i dont remember u guyz….. The first names came into my mind…

  38. Plumpyyy

    Swear on kyy parth niti manan n evry1 of ky2 n ky2s2 n say ur name!! Old username!! Apne kyy roxz family k lie hi sahi naam bata do!!

  39. Plumpyyy

    Charlie n parth who commented are same person?? Just u changed ur username…so d symbol is different…plzz na..bata do kon ho tum?? Apne pyaare se kyy roxz family which is ur 2nd family..uske lie bhi nai bataoge?? Velly bad velly bad *drunk nandu shtyle*

  40. Plumpyyy

    Charlie…whatever u say…uk na i wont b rude to u…as ik k ur an oldie!! News is k parth will start shooting frm sep 30 n its sep 28 2day!! Kahan ho khoi/khoya hai tu??? Main tumhara peecha nahi chodungi…u better say ur name nai toh rone lagungi…

  41. Plumpyyy

    See…i again forgot k y i came here…
    Kaisi yeh yaariaan is on 2nd position guyzzz!!!!!!!!! Chaska meter show ranking on india forums…see whoever said ky2s2 widout parth is nothin..dekho kya kiya mere kyy2 ne!! Its on 2nd position!!!!!! Party toh banti hai!!!!! Love kyy2!!!!!!!!

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Really…….but r u sure???????????

      Coz after hearing this news we all will really be happy!!!!! Veryyyyy much!!
      But if we come to know afterwards that it was a rumour……….. Then we….at least I really be hurt……..

  42. ADELE( Anu)

    How can ppl b so foolish I donn understand! Whoever that PS was, lyk srsly!!! U think we all will believe u r real parth??!!!! Plz do get this in ur head dear, if u have juz found out that u r a fool, plz donn start thinking others lyk u………..coz u know wat; all r not of ur stupid category……….

    M srsllyyyyyyyy crying………u really made me laugh from da bottom of my heart!!???

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Sorry if I hurt u, but I really lose my temper if I see fools lyk u!!!! So plzzzzz!!!!! Stop all this!!???

  43. Plumpyyy

    Lachu..2day’s precap ws d promo…but later i saw d whole promo…aftr nyonika says nandini is suspended…they show nandu in corridor n she passes by maddy..he says her somethin n b4 leaving he winks at her…

  44. ADELE( Anu)

    If paryh enters the show, it will so damn interesting yaarrrrr!!!!!?????????????

    Juz think, how will they both face each other! Wat will be their reactions??!! Wat bout Maddy?????? Oh gosh!!! I uz can’t wait for my questions to be answered!!!!!

  45. Plumpyyy

    Whatt…who confirmed it? Parth didnt confirm na..wait till he posts on insta n twitter..dont believe d articles…they may b right bt its better v wait fr parth himslf to confirm…new news? Ayaz returning as diff character?? Ranvir??

  46. Plumpyyy

    Cant wait till 2mrw 6:30pm!! The epi ws amazing!! But hope navya n mukti get their happiness soon!! Nandu got some info…its shown in d precap…comin to maddy…kya condition hai!! Wah..u na! Wont leave a chance to irritate nandu!! Our doll!! But u smiled a lot 2day!! Thanxxxxx a ton for it!!! U laughed also! Okay i didnt like u laughin at nandu…but that innocent u cn b seen..atleast i cud c…n ur laughter just filled my heart!! Im vry powerful now!! I got my strength!! Yayyiieeeee!!! Love u to d power infinity yuvi!!! Love_YuvNa…

  47. Plumpyyy

    Charlie n parth…same person..or u guyz had planned on mail k u wud do this drama agn…plzz bata do na…who are u?? Sam bro? Ammy di? Sara? Suhash bhai? Any oldie?! U kno euphie…nah u aren’t laura too…not niks…see i remember u guyzz…!! Naam bata do!! U love kyy toh bata do apna name/username…!! Charlie…kahan bhaag gaye?? Bata na..kon hai tu??

  48. Nina

    Yes parth has confirmed about his coming back on Instagram. He himself post the news on Saturday night. “good morning guys…, M coming in ky2s2….! My shoot starts from 30th september. Bye God bless you all.” Now just relax and be happy.

  49. Nashita (nina)

    Hey Minnie, what do you want to say,” those who believe fakey they are bigger fool then them.” Like seriously you are targeting me as a fool!!!? I am a die heart fan of ps, so, I believe that fakey for a moment but that doesn’t mean that I am a fool and you are a true Parthian. And one more thing, always remember you are not the one and only person who is real Parthian. We all love and care about ps. So, never think that you are the only person got it.?????

  50. Nashita (nina)

    Sorry Minnie, I can’t control myself when I read your comment. And I lost my temper. But I don’t wanna hurt you. And parth and Charlie plz just creating problems. Tell us who are you??i am telling both of you don’t cross limit stay in your limit.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.