Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the morning Pandit ji comes to ask Nandini and Dhruv if they should start it. He notices a cupboard and asks what is the use of it, he opens it but it is stuck. He tells them that they will do a voice elongation exercise and asks the peon to come in. Cabir had bribed the peon outside. He brings in two water buckets. Pandit ji asks them to put their heads inside the bucket and stop their breathes, he has to check their lung capacity.
Nandini touches the water, it is boiling hot. Pandit ji asks him to replace it, outside Cabir changed the buckets to ice cold water. Pandit ji asks the peon what he told him, the peon says he had asked to bring water. He sends Dhruv out to begin. Pandit ji asks Nandini about her finger and asks her to start with this water. She says it is cold, but he says

cold water makes the voice shriek. He tells Nandini that he has a lot of plans for her, he wants to perform with him in Royal hall of London. Nandini jerks at the cold water, he sits besides asking her to stay for some time more. Nandini dips her face, Pandit ji holds her hair. She was panting when she comes out, Pandit ji goes to get tissue but Manik holds her into the cupboard asking what was he doing. Pandit ji calls her, suspecting, he goes towards the cupboard but it doesn’t open as usual. Pandit ji goes out to look for her. Manik rubs his hands and warms Nandini’s face. After a while, she holds his hands and tells him she is ok now.
Cabir watches Mukti running upstairs, so does Dhruv who was carrying buckets. He thinks now Dhruv would go behind her but he doesn’t. Cabir shouts Mukti’s name and says he will be here. Dhruv also runs behind them.
Nandini comes out of cupboard and asks what he is doing here. He says yesterday night, when she tear-eyed told her about so he thought about coming here. She asks how can he do so. He asks how can she ask such stupid question. He says he came to keep an eye on Pandit and did you notice what he do. He says he was holding her hair dipping her face in water, she says it would have got wet. He says she could tie them. He says he is sure this finger was also injured by that Pandit as well. Her phone rings, it was Pandit ji. She peeks from the door, he was approaching. She asks Manik to go from here, Pandit ji is coming. Manik gets a chair and asks her to let him come; as if he cares. She gets Pandit ji’s call again. She drops the phone on the mattress, and hides behind the door as Pandit ji opens the door. He comes to look into the open cupboard when they both run out.
Mukti and Aaliya meet Rocky with his friends. Aaliya tells them to get lost, didn’t they understand messing with Fab5 isnt good for their health. Rocky says he has come with a surprise with Mukti. The media comes there, questioning her about what she was doing in bar and what was she wearing. Navya comes there and calls the security. The security personnel come there, but behind appears a man smiling. Rocky says he is his elder brother, the media introduces him as Sooraj Talwalay. Sooraj says she doesn’t know him, but he knows how he has to come girls like her within limits.
Cabir comes out shouting and poses to be fighting, Dhruv comes behind and hears Mukti there. He moves towards them. Sooraj points at his men to hold Aaliya and Navya back, and brings out a large shawl. Mukti resists but Sooraj, in front of media, ties her hand with it.
Cabir goes down to see where has Dhruv been. Nandini was worried what would give Pandit an excuse. Manik watches Sooraj draping Mukti in a saree and put a tikka on her forehear. Mukti cried badly. The boys come there, Cabir frees Aaliya. Manic sets the camera on an off. Dhruv leaves from behind. The media manipulates Manik’s anger, Manik breaks the neck of the reporter, then looks at Nandini and stops with a thought. Sooraj tells Manik not to be a goon, Manik says everyone knows about a goon. Sooraj says he doesn’t know who is he, Manik says he doesn’t know who is he; he must go and ask his seniors. He shouts at them all to leave. They all go away. Mukti was crying, in shock.

PRECAP: Manik says that he will have to get into Mukti’s feet and ask forgiveness. He know where his funding for this long speeches come from, they have such third class mentality. Nandini says like he said they also have to fight this mentality, they must bring this case to front.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    Hi ! I felt bad fr mukti:-(.
    Agree dat mukti’s dresses r too short bt hw can dat sooraj talwara or watevr do dat?!! Who’s hs gvn him da r8 to forcefuly put his dirty hands on a girl n make her wear sari lyk dat!!! :-@

  2. fairy

    Manik… u r jst awsm….too good….
    Feeling vry sad fr mukti…
    Hate dis pandit uncle…….cabir ..ur fightng scene wid d gate was funny…

  3. sara

    yeah nutz I hav sec ppr of kannada tmrw & maths too & evn the xms I missd I mean pysicl edu &,comp

  4. Max

    Queen Itz lyk a dream 4 me. I nvr thought dis wil happen in my lyf. U knw hw i was(ofcourse who knws bettr than u). Im going 2 say d bitter truth nw. We 1st met in EHT WU. Aftr tat fight I ws searching u evrywhr. Actually I came bck in 2 ur lyf just take my revenge.I insultd nd u knw tat. bettr letz nt talk abt tat.1day we planned 2 bcum frndz. I ws my plan 2 trap u. Actually 1 day i was in my system wit frnds nd chatting in SH wit u nd abusing u. My mom saw it unexpctadly!!!! She strted crying nd cursing hrself. She tld 2 me tat she is a faild mother. She tld 2 me tat im nt his son. I want 2 say more bt i cant say hre.
    This chaged me queen. ND UR D REASON 4 TAT. u changed me completly.

  5. Laura

    Hey guys i m sorry I couldnt come yesterday i slept early And when i woke up today i was having very severe headache And high fever i hv to take a calpol every 6 hours otherwise my fever would get worse

  6. Max

    mere baat suno queen? Im saying dis 2 u so tat u shld beliv tat im changd. Im nt tat max whom u met 1st. I want 2 say ur my inspiration, i want ur my vision, i want 2 say ur thoughts, i want 2 say ur my role model, i want 2 say huh i want 2 say many things . many things whch i cant express. by words.

  7. carron

    sana , sara , didu and oreo idk what I am saying is crct or not but let us 4 become silent readers 4 a while …
    I hope u get what I amy saying

  8. Max

    queen. it may b weird 2 listen 4 u i think. I knw u might b having many reasons rejct my points. undrstnd me evn i cant keep my feelings in me.
    A LOT .
    I cant express how much.
    Love whch wants just ur happiness.
    If u agree I will think God has giftd me a precious grl who nobdy wil hve in dis world. If not Im happy wit d gift u gave me
    So queen I will wait 4 dis ans evn 4evr!!!!!!!!!! 😀 luv u my queen:D

  9. Max

    Queen I love u I love u. I can dis unlimitd times. Plzzzzz queen say ur answr.
    Plzz dont gt upset wit me. If dont agree ur my frnd as usual. I wil nvr cross my limit as a frnd. Plzz queen reply

  10. Nutz

    Aashi !!! Plz yar, leave dis habit of sayng hi n leavng sayng bye lyk suhash. Arreh yar, plz stay, kabhi hum logo se bhi baat kar ne k liye rukh jaoo yaar!

  11. Nutz

    Listen aashi, i wnt b here in june. So plz get my mail id frm fairy, auho, ammy, sanaya di, suhash any1 n mail me, Ok?

  12. Nutz

    Waise sana wat r u dng nw? Wonder wat hppnd carru, she ws here a while ago. Sara disappeard too

  13. Laura

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  14. Nthng yaar i wnt dwn to c wht gng on in my hall n guess wht my mom aunts n granny sitting n talkng abt cmg fnctn so i wa der fr smtyms nw m agn in my room

  15. fairy

    It had earlier seen that everyone treated Navya (Vibha Anand)badly because she got pregnant with Harshad’s baby.

    Manik (Parth Samthaan) and Nandini (Niti Tylor) not only rescue Navya but also help her live again with self respect.

    Now, Manik, Nandini, Navya and Fab 5 will face same situation and this time Mukti has become target of humiliation.

    Mukti (Charlie Chauhan) spent night with a random guy from her college in an intoxicated condition.

    She is left shocked in the morning after realizing her state on seeing herself in the boys hostel.

    After this incident, boys start to treat her like a pr*stitute by sending her nasty texts and offer her to spend night with them.

    Manik and Nandini to fight for Mukti’s dignity

    Apart from this, Mukti reaches to the bar to teach a lesson to Rocky and a guy misbehave with her in a bar.
    Alya, Nandini and Navya reach there and request the people to help Mukti but they refuse.
    Then, all girls fight with those boys and save Mukti.
    It will now be seen that reporters to comments on Mukti’s dress style and her character which makes her depressed.
    Nandini, Navya and Fab 5 now stand for Mukti’s dignity and ask people to fight for the right and not sit waiting for the situation to get worse.
    Let’s see if Manik and Nandini get succeful to remove bad thoughts from people minds for a girl.

  16. fairy

    The present track of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan shows that Nandini got tensed with Pandit ji decision of replacing Manik by Dhruv for fusion music concert.

    Nandini tells Manik that she want to participate in the concert only with him. Otherwise she will not perform in the concert.

    Manik tells Cabir that he had told Nandini that if they participate in concert together then there will be a hope to reunite.

    Cabir Helps Manik to make his plan successful

    Cabir tells manik that if he will participate in the concert then Dhruv will get upset more which he does not want.
    It will now be shown that Manik get an Idea to make both Dhruv and Nandini happy.
    Manik gives a surprise to Nandini to participate in concert without hurting Dhruv’s feeling
    Furthermore Manik and Nandini also save Mukti from humiliation of society.

  17. fairy

    BBC World’s popular show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan on MTV India, is climbing the ladder of success with its tracks and storyline.
    With the fun filled sequences and high voltage drama, the show believes in supporting a noble cause. Yes, a movement #ItsNotUsItsYou! projecting a message that even Girls have all the freedom to enjoy their rights. So to eradicate this injustice among Boys and Girls, this movement will be highly showcased on the show.
    Our source says, “There will be a special episode where all the girls in the show including Navya (Veebha (Vibha) Anand) and Nandini (Niti Taylor) will be seen wearing short clothes and will do a sl*t walk. To make this episode more special, popular Bollywood actress Sunny Leone will be seen supporting the movement. She will also be seen participating this sl*t Walk. The actress is coming on the show to promote her upcoming film Leela. Sunny Leone will start shooting with the cast of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan from tomorrow onwards.”
    When contacted Veebha, she remained unavailable for any comments

  18. I think today u all ganged up agnst me 🙁
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    Ohk bye bye

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    We all belive in u And never make ur mom sad in future

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    May god bless u wid all d happiness….
    i talked wid u only tym bt i ccan say u r vry kind i heard lot abt u frm all my kyy frnds
    agn maany many happy returns of d day!!!
    Keep smiling 🙂
    bye bye

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    They c da news on tv, manik gets angry, makes a cal orderng to cancel al da fund dat suraj’s party gets frm malhotra industries. Nandu stps him sayng we hv to change deir mentality. She brings out da plan of campaign. She say they hv tv, we hv radio. Cabir says o i forgt m famous, dnt wry i’ll promote da project ‘its nt us, its u’

  75. fairy

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