Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandani asks amms what the matter is and then she asks Nandani where is the fruit of darshat and Nandani requests Ammes to give her five minutes and she will give her the fruits as she has not completed them meanwhile the religious person asks as to where the fruits are and both Ammes and Nandani look at each other as he says to start the religious activity in fifteen minutes as they are running short on time . Ammes says that why hasn’t Harshad come back with milk from Rishways house .then Nandani thinks as to what to do as Harshad will not be bringing the milk meanwhile Harshad asks the man to give him three liters of milk and he says that he will gve him the milk. Then Cabir places a bowl of dirt and quickly backs off and as soon as Harshad backs up he fells and the milkman starts shouting

and tells him to clean up this mess and that he will take the milk from the same shop but Harshad says that why is the milkman man trying to bully him and that he will take the milk from another shop but the man says that he must take the milk from the same shop and tells Harshad to milk a cow then Harshad stands confused and then cow dung fells on him and he catches nayonki and then Cabir comes and tells Harshad to let her go .then Vishal gives Manik a poster to hang on and then Aaliya comes and Manik tells Vishal to go and check if Nandani has cut the flowers and then Aaliya tells that she has never seen Manik feel so much happy. Then Aaliya receives a call and that Harshad is angry and Manik also gets confused. Cabir is constantly telling Harshad to let go of her hands but as he comes Harshad tells Cabir that there s a lot of cow dung around him and if he slips then she will also fall and then Manik comes and uses a stick to stop Harshad and then there is a severe dialogue between Harshad and Cabir. Manik and their friends. Then Mani k tells him that guru ma is an intelligent women and don’t underestimate her as she knows the difference between good and bad . Then guru maa comes and tells Harshad that he himself told her the truth and as his punishment he will have to clean everything at the milkman shop and she told Cabir and Manik to dress up. Then Manik and Nandani are standing on a hall and talking romantically to each other then suddenly the rest of the group comes and Cabir lets them kow that they are not alone and then they start talking and to each other about the past events and then Manik tells that Dhruv is coming back and when he comes he starts saying sorry to everyone and tells that he was wrong to leave them then Manik confrms him to let go of the past events and then they decide to do a group hug and then when they are hugging Manik secretly holds the hand of Nandhani and they both start smiling.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. varshini

    hate u harshad.mukthi don’t trust harshad.please come again abhimanyu plsssssssssss…
    i want abhikthi

  2. Manha

    Nyc epi but where is precap?………..precap always give us a temptation to see nxt epi……………….

  3. #SaRa

    c u enjoy ur sehri ????????????????????????????????????????????????☕?? last thng sply fr u ???? enjoy ?

  4. ♔Ranvir♔

    Bhukkad sara!!!! Sehri hain!!! Roza khatam nai hua!!!! Anyways Gm guyzz This is ranvir speaking live from his show….. Nd will Ttyl!

  5. ♔Ranvir♔

    Hmmm…. Badmein suna lena when u cum… It isnt gud ke mein yaha akela baat kar raha hu!!

  6. Funny

    The episode is not complete in tv you can watch full episode of yesterday in youtube (mtv)

  7. Funny

    The episode is not complete in tv you can watch full episode of yesterday i.e. On 24th june 2015 in youtube (mtv)

  8. Tabu ??

    May jee bhar ke rolu tere bahon may solu aa phir se mujhe mil may tujhse ye keh du tu anmol thi pal pal bol ti aise chup tu laga ke gayi sari khusiyan kha ke gayi
    Hay andar se andar tuta Hu may
    Tere ishq may me awara may

  9. Tabu ??

    Aaj ke naam aur aaj ke gham ke naam
    Aaj ka gham ke hay zindagi ke bhare gulistaan se khafa zard patton ka ban
    Zard patton ka ban jo mera des hay
    Dard ki anjuman jo mera des hay

  10. Tabu ??

    Kya hua tera vada woh qasam wo irada bhulega dil jis din tumhe woh zindagi ka akhiri din hoga kya hua tera vada woh qasam

  11. Tabu ??

    Tere sang bete har lamhe pe hum ko naaz hay tere sang Jo na bete uspe aitraz hay kiska dar hum dono ka milna eek raz hay

  12. Tabu ??

    Jhelum, jhelum dhoonde kinara
    Jhelum, jhelum dhoonde kinara
    Jhelum, jhelum dhoonde kinara
    Jhelum, jhelum dhoonde kinara
    Dooba sooraj, kin aankhon may
    Sooraj dooba, kin aankhon may Jhelum huya khaara, jhelum dhoonde kinara Jhelum, jhelum dhoonde kinara

  13. Tabu ??

    Sapna mera tut gaya tu na raha kuch na raha roti hui yaadein mili aab aur mujhe kuch na mila

  14. Tabu ??

    Mujhe ek translation Ki bohot zarorat hay ” may aapse mohabbat kartey Hu” isay aap Chinese may kya kahenge??

  15. Tabu ??

    Tu Mila to jaise may jee gaya tu mila mukammal may ho gaya tu mila to jaisa noor say bakhuda

  16. Tabu ??

    Mera Jo bf hay woh Chinese hay aaj woh bolain janeman tum cockroach Ki chatni banao qasam sey ghar may eek bhi cockroach nahi mila to may ne chipkali fry bana diya par woh gussa ho gaye to may ne jawab diya is chipkali ne do din pehle eek coackroach ko khaya tha to janeman maray pakauwa khana may aapko cockroach + chipkali ka nutrion milega to woh gusse se pagal ho gaye

  17. fairy

    Episode started with Nandini telling Manik that they should go back to pooja. Manik says he thinks they should tell Ams about them. Nandini freaks out and says how would she tell her about There’s a boy in her life. Manik teases her saying ams should be happy knowing it’s a boy at least. Nandini says in her family, they don’t discuss such things with elders. She adds it’s not same as his family. She realizes what she said and tells him she would tell ams about them. She holds his hand and thanks him for caring for Ams.Manik says he knows he has told nyonika about them but she doesn’t care what happens in his life. He adds ams cares and she should only tell her about them whenever she thinks it’s time. Nandini says they have to tell Ams someday so she will tell her today only. Manik says as the birthday girl wishes. Nandini gets a message from Navya that Ams got to know. Nandini panicks. Manik calms her down and tell her to tell Ams about it only when she asks. Nandini was about to Leave when Manik stops her and give payasam as she can tell she came to get this. Nandini asks him to come near and kisses him on cheek. She leaves and Manik smiles.
    Nandini gets to pooja place. She gives payasam to pandit. Manik comes next. Ams asks him where was he. Mukti says he was with alya. Ams asks where is Alya. Aryaman says she is preparing for a performance. AMs asks about it. Nandini tells her they have prepared a performance to Thanks her. AMs gets happy.
    Fab4 along with Nandini and Navya perform for ams. Manik in between kisses Nandini on cheek when ams wasn’t looking. Nandini asks Ams how did she find performance. Ams says it was good but discipline was lacked. She says if they could spend some more time there, they could have learnt that too. AMs tells them that their principal is getting restless to see them as there is some surprise for them.
    Manik calls Rishab and Rishab gives that card to Nandini. Everyone wishes Nandini happy birthday. Everyone has payasam. Cabir, Alya, Mukti and Navya bid bye to ams. Manik looks confused on what to say. He says okay Thanks bye and tries to escape. Ams stops him saying she needs to talk to him. Manik says he needs to do packing. Ams sends Nandini with Rama to pack Manik’s bag. Manik and Nandini look scared.
    Precap: Aryaman says he wanna be a close friend of fab5. Cabir asks him why. Soha’s photograph falls out of his bag and Cabir sees it.

    Credit goes to manan twinflames.

  18. #SaRa

    oh ok fairy… hmm i see monkey bt nothng z confirmd… btw nyc name @monkey ? lol hehehe ?

  19. monkey

    No one asked you to show your Colgate teeth Sara hehehe noi I don’t know who is Siddharth my name is brass monkey

  20. #SaRa

    hmm mai to earth ? se hun… tum moon ? pe rehte ho kya lol ?… pehle batao u r a gal or boy.. phir mai bataongi ke mai kaha se hun

  21. monkey

    I am not playing kaun banega crorepati with you…..no money on guessing….btt why do you think you know abtt me ?? I don’t know you ??

  22. monkey

    C Nishka has come from future? Time travel? gud gud carry on……India is progressing ! Jay modiji Ki jay!

  23. monkey

    I am an alien foetus . My to-be parents are from saturn . I am a specially programmed monkey whose IQ level is higher than normal fully grown human beings.

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