Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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Nandini was leaving, Navya cried and said she has a feeling that something will stop her. Nandini says hope is bad, nothing is going to happen. Navya offers to drop her by auto, but Nandini says she will be composed if she leaves alone.
Manik asks Neonika to cancellation of Nandini’s expulsion letter. She has to pay back to him for making Nandini away from him. Neonika says who told him that she is going to pay back. Manik says she will have to do it this way. Neonika says she thought he hated her. Manik asks who said he doesn’t, and leaves. Neonika figures that both Pandit and Manik have soft corners for Nandini, while both are enemies.
Nandini gets into cab, when the peon gives her a letter from the principal. It was cancellation of her expulsion letter, she shouts Manik

and runs inside the campus. She climbs the stairs, Manik watches her standing there. She says she knew he can’t let her go, she slips and fells on him. He holds her arms, and stands. She says he has stopped her. He says she is right, they need fusion so he couldn’t let her go. She says she knew about it. Manik says he stopped her because he isn’t done with her yet, why should he alone feel the pain, why shouldn’t she bear it always. She asks what does it mean. He says from now on he is going to suffer, and she is going to see a real monster this time. He leaves, Nandini smiles at the letter and says whatever you say, you didn’t let her go. She has understand her mistake and she can fix it. She comes in corridor, Navya shouts in cheer seeing the letter and hugs her. Nandini says in her love story she will have to work a bit hard, she asks to go to her hostel where they will talk. Navya was shocked, then says she didn’t tell her that she is staying with Cabir. She says she will tell her at home.
Manik come to café, Cabir hushes him to be quiet and says the results of RJ will be announced soon. Mukti also comes there. The RJ says he is not announcing the selected person, but calling him. Cabir’s phone rings, it was Navya. He picks up the call and asks what it is, she asks if he is going home. He says not now, and asks her not to call him again. Navya says he must not say she didn’t tell her. The RJ says someone has make the number busy, Cabir’s phone rings again. It was RJ Adi, he welcomes Cabir to the family, everyone cheers. Cabir says he feels really nice, hangs up and says it is party time bro. Manik hugs him.
Navya comes home with Nandini, Nandini says it won’t be easy. Navya says he is a bit complexed. Nandini says it would be a challenge. Navya asks Nandini if she will eat noodles, Nandini offers to make cake. Navya says noodles have finished, she is bringing it.
Manik and Cabir come home, Cabir tells Manik to go upstairs, he will go for fetching some drink for party. Nandini looks in the kitchen for flour, Manik comes home while Nandini stood on the stool. She calls Navya for help, Manik shouts what is she doing here. Nandini slips and fell on him with the flour. He asks how she manage to do this again and again, how she fell down this way. He rubs his eye, she forbids him to rub his eyes else they will burn, she drags him to toilet and puts water on her face. He resists asking her to stay away, but she doesn’t listen. He looks at his face in the mirror, it turned to a sticky mask, and she says she told him to stand still. He takes her under the shower, she resists but he says he told her to stand still. She still resists but he holds her hands. Both look at each other. Nandini cleans his face, he cleans hers. After sometime, he pushes her away and says he told her to stay away. She asks what she did.
Mukti gets Cabir on stairs, she asks about Manik. Cabir says he hopes Navya isn’t home, and Manik shouldn’t find that Navya stays at his place. Manik and Nandini still argued, Cabir comes laughing loud. Manik tells him to shut up, it isn’t as it looks. Cabir asks how he gets Nandini this way, always. Manik asks what she is doing here. Cabir asks how he got her here. Navya comes there, Cabir was laughing and asks how Nandini came here. Navya says she brought her here to celebrate, as Manik got her expulsion cancelled.

PRECAP: Navya says that Manik stopped Nandini to hurt her. Mukti says we must keep them away from each other, Navya says we must keep them together. There in the room, Manik pushes Nandini to flppr and leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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