Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The manager of the radio stationis coming and meets Cabir and Naviya who start to mock him and force him to say sorry. He says that he is happy that Cabir is the winner who is also in his station. Naviya then confuses him and he is forced to get quiet and leaves.
The manager leaves and Cabir asks Naviya that she teased him a lot and she says that she did it because the manager first teased her friend she teased him.
Nandhani and her uncle are sitting who says that he is happy that she won the second prize in the Talent hunt and tells her that does she remember that how much they had to work in order to get admission in the space academy. Nandhani asks him that where her aunt is and he says that Shah Rukh khan is at the opening of a shop so she after waiting for her went there.

stops to see Dhruv standing with a box of chocolates and her uncle asks him to come and sit and then she tells her uncle that does he know that the fab5 won the first prize and he congrulates him and says that their winning the competition was expected but what was not expected was his Nandhani getting the second prize and her uncle goes to make something sweet for them and says that it will be sweet because her aunt is not here. When he goes to make it he says that it will be sweet because her aunt is not here.
When he goes Dhruv says that he came to says sorry to her because he was rude at the parking lot and she was just trying to make him understand and then her uncle calls and she goes there. Visshal comes and sees Dhruv and gets the attacks and when they make it stoop Dhruv says that it was because of him and that meteor shower changed their life and the doctor said that if he got near anyone who experienced the same incident then it would trigger the same thing and Dhruv calls him and makes an appointment.
When Vishal gets up Nandhani says to him that he will be okay in just one month and will have his own voice and they all get so happy.
Mukti and Aaliya and Mukti tries so hard to make Aaliya pardon her and she also agrees on the promise that nothing like this will ever happen again.
Naviya and Nandhani are getting ready for the party and Naviya says that her hair got so well after she used the shampoo that Nandhani gave her and then Nandhani says that she has to go and meet Manik but Naviya sys that why does she have to meet him and says that she will keep quiet if Nandhani gives her more chocolates.
Cabir is listening to the performance of the fab5 and Naviya comes and sits beside him and says that her hair after awhile were okay and Cabir says that she scared him and tells her that she has to get ready because the parents will be here but Naviya says that she does not know what to ask them because her mother did everything and Cabir that they will ask them what as a child they would want and she also agrees
Cabir and Naviya are with some people who are being questioned by them and Cabir asks them what their financial position is and they say that they thought that if they will adopt a child they will put some money in an account for the child and Naviya asks them if it is gay on this they remain quiet.

Precap: Aryaman is cleaning the tables and Mukti comes and starts beating Harshad who while lying in the ground says that Manik will be over and Nyonika goes out to see that Manik’s car gets blown.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. shifa(shakira)

    i will kill u harshad.

  2. manik and cabir are in a bomb explosion

  3. shifa(shakira)

    love u manan

  4. shifa(shakira)

    miss u r angry face manik

  5. is it true that manik and cabir die

  6. Firstly hum kyy mein ads dekh rahe the ya ads mein kyy ?? like seriously

    Meet the glorified salesmen of S.P.AC.E
    Nandu was selling kajal
    Navya selling anti dandruff shampoo
    Aryamann was selling sunglasses
    Dhruv was selling gulf oil n
    Cabira was selling mobile
    Koi tik tak bhi karleta……. like seriously
    It was like kaise yeh adsyan

    While watching episode I was like ??
    Ho kya raha hai!!!!!??
    Kajal,gulfoil, chocolate, sunglasses,mobile,anti dandruff shampoo sab aaj hi bechan hai kya…!!! ??

    OH I just realized that v had 30 minutes of advertise today no episode ???
    Ik bad ones
    So all chapal tomato are most welcum??

  7. What the hell !! Please just don’t let manbir die !! O god what the heck is happenin with kyy

  8. And what about kyy season 2 ??? I heard its also coming !!!

  9. shifa(shakira)

    emotional ending

  10. Le..abhishek…harshad…sunn u jerk…on ur bday only i’ll bash u!!
    U psycho!! Who the hell do u think u r!! U blo*dy jerk!!! I cant believe dat u n manik were d best of brothers once!!! U moron!! I wish i cud enter d tv screen n kill u right there!!! Huhh…hate u soo soo to d core!!! blo*dy hell!!! Idiot stupid!! Ek toh ur a cheater!! Stole fab 5’s song..didnt win coz its “fab 5” whom u were thinking dat u’ll beat them!! U jerk..never in ur dreams think dat u cn beat fab 5 or dare to destroy them!! Huhh…i hate u!!
    Nice gift na…gadha!!
    Hope its nt manbir in d car!! Hope its jerkshad in d car!!!!!
    Love MaNan..n KYY!!!

    1. But what’s the fault of abhishek plump??

      1. Arey pradi..samjha kar…i bashed “harshad” nit “abhishek”!!! Waise bhi im not any abhishek fan..or lover..am his hater!! But love his acting skills a lot!! He achieved loads of hatred frm kyy n manan fans!!! That’s what a negative role playing actor wants na!!

  11. Aisha!!!!!!! Aftr a long long time!!!!! Yeah aisha i too hope manbir wont die!!
    Season 2 will b der i guess!!! Wid d same cast!!
    Love u soo much aisha!! Will misss u loads!!!!!!!
    Bye guyzz…gunnyt…love u all!!!

  12. Btw the song which harshad sang … Oops ! Stole and sang was good actually …brothers anthem song

  13. And minnie u were too good … When navya was promoting that anti-dandruff thing my reaction was like- what – the – hell !

    1. Ya actually she was promoting as if they they have personally signed a contact b/w veebha n d free company

  14. shifa(shakira)

    ab ky2 season not in manik

  15. O myyyyyy goddddd !!!!!! I missed u soooo damn much plumppyyy !!!!!!! Yeah dear i hope so ky2 season 2 comes back with same old cast warna its gonna flop for sure ! Please dear vikas gupta ham bachcho ki request sun lo na !!!

  16. shifa(shakira)

    aish u correct .old cast not in season2 .that goona flop

  17. shifa(shakira)

    plz vikas gupta

  18. Yeah pradi…kyy epi full of ads…i ws counting the no. of ads..there were 6 ads..dhruv gulfoil,nandu lotus kajal,aryamann sunglasses,navya anti-dandruff shampoo n chocolate and…cabir smartphone!! Gosh!! Seriously!! Like seriously wth ws that!!???!! Huhh…i ws like arey yaar i’ll break their head!! Epi k bajaaye ads dikha rhe hai!!
    Aisha..u too right girl!! Kyy season 2 widout same cast is a flop!! They will hav to shut d season 2 also!! Be the main lead be my yuvraj thakur also the show wont get love its season 2 got!!! But i will watch it only fr yuvi..only if he’s d actor in dat season!! But i kno my yuvi is clever n smart!! He wont do anythin which is nt good fr him:)))…
    Gunnyt lovelies!! Byeee…!! Love u all!! Will be back 2mrrw!!!

  19. Btw…any1 here is missing abhimanyu??? Zain imam???!!!! Tashan-e-ishq main lead actor!! I miss him!! I miss abhimanyu!!! I miss MukBhi!!! Loadssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! Will miss MaNan..DhruLya..MukBhi..CaVya!! Fab 5..NavNi..chachi,chacha,rishab…nyonika..harshad…S.P.A.C.E…evrythin!!

  20. I really miss him every badly plump……
    He’s was such a positive fun loving guy even abhi’s hand was there to get manan back again…….. such a fun loving cute guy…. abhi was damm funny especially the scene when mukti called him to b his date………..

    And I miss MUKBHI Every badly……. literally when mukti was reading his last letter I cried a lot especially the bg tune for them ‘iktara’ suited if completely…….. the way abhi told mukti that she really need help to get out of darkness which is destroying her…….. the way he said ‘jus one smile n I wud have happly died for u’ …..the way he looked at muku for the first time……. his cute antics………..then how mukbhi feel in love with each other……she knew he had cancer she knewed he will not b with her forever but STILL she loved him still she loves him………. they way he cared for her he hid his pain cuz he knew it will hurt her badly…….

    And thier love story was left incomplete
    Hamari adhuri kahani……..

    I had a hope that he will cum back….. cuz they didn’t showed his death scene……

    But how he is working in another serial as lead so that hope is less but still its there……

    I really miss manyu…. I miss MUKBHI i miss nanbhi……..

  21. harshad…wanna kill you….how could u even do dat….and nyonika how did she came to know abt the blast… is she involved in this….guys please…anyone clear my doubts….

  22. Rulao mat yaar ! My abhi !!! Pata hai i had a little hope that he would be back in ky2 someday but ye vikas gupta ji ! He is to ending the whole show …what to do yaar ??

  23. Hey guys ! If any1 on india forum then please just kindly post a ff on manan… Its name is impulsive soul mates … Please its a request just copy and past it on this na i’ll be really thankful to you ! Please its about ky2 …

  24. m guin 2 miss u manans….no mor tym fightn 4 remote wid ppl……mor ova m terribly gonna miss u pani…lots of luv 4 teaching us sumting calld luv n frnzship…..v r waiting 4 season 2 2 cum ……til dan stay blessed…lol

  25. Gosh!! What an epi!!! Truly amazing!!! Freaking awesome!!! Incredible!!! Adorable!!! Lovely!!! Cute!! Romantic!!! Fabulous!! Fantastic!! Superb!! Splendid!! Adjectives r less to describe the epi!!! MaNan!!!!!!! Love!!!!! Fireflies!!!!!! Stars!!!!!! Manik!! Nandini!! Spot!! Monster!! Mother-son love!! CaVya!!! Fab 4!!! Navya!! Above all!! MaNan!!!!! Sapna jahan!!! Hugs!!! Love confession!!! Love it!!! Best couple ever!!! Manik lookin incredibly handsome!!! Nandini lookin breathtakingly gorgeous!!!! Wowww!!!
    Precap-hott hawwtttt!!!!!!!! MaNan love!!! Gosh! My mom saw d precap..n i hope mom wont b der in d room while watchin kyy!! I Cant stay widout watchin that scene n mom wont allow me to watch that scene!!! Hayoo rabba yeh kya ho gya!! Chachi style;))..
    Aftr that same yesterday’s precap…ohh i just love manan!! Still cant believe that kyy’s gonna end!!! Noooooooooo…………….

  26. Im the most active member on this page at present!! Great!! Not great!! Coz it used to b fairy who ws d most active member i guess!! N at that time all were present!! Donno what happened to evry1 aftr june!! Even sara isnt there!!! Huhhh…huhhhh

  27. Guys come on nobody will doe it will b a happy ending with another propsal so dont worry.

  28. shifa(shakira)

    manik and cabir escape in balst

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