Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Cabir says to Manik that that Mukti is getting restless in her life, he looks into his GPR to locate Mukti in that same bar. They head towards it.
Nandini is frustrated that Manik is responding to her calls. Aaliya gets Cabir’s text about Mukti’s location.
Mukti is being misbehaved by the boys in the bar, when Aaliya, Mukti and Navya come there. All the men in the bar were enjoying the fight, and said Mukti isn’t even wearing reasonable clothes. The girls finally beat the boys, Rocky stands up with a bottle in hand and push Mukti behind. Manik just comes to hold his hand and breaks the bottle on Rocky’s face, both have a challenging face on while Manik beats Rocky badly; others come to help but Cabir fights back. A guy is about to attack Nandini, Manik stops him, then goes

to Rocky and asks how dare he touched Mukti. The bar manager tells them to leave the bar, else he would call police.
In the evening, Manik was angry at Mukti. Nandini also tells Mukti not to come here again. Mukti was irritated, and tells them that thank you for helping her. Cabir says she will have to listen. Mukti tells them in frustration that she was getting texts from random numbers, what is her mistake when she came here. Aaliya hugs her and says she will have to stay with her. Manik asks to drop them. Nandini says Navya that they must also go, Cabir tells Nandini that it seems Manik’s allergy towards her has vanished, he might drop her and Navya as well. Manik says um, alright. Nandini and Navya were about to get into the car, Cabir stops Nandini and thanks for Mukti. Nandini says Mukti is her friend as well, she thinks the same or not doesn’t matter. Manik comes to Nandini and opens the front door of the car for her. Her hand touched his, he gives her careless looks and says they haven’t got a full night. She gets into the car angrily.
Cabir was practicing, his maa shouts at him to talk to Cabir. Cabir says to Dhruv that has he become a big man that they have to get appointment with him. Dhruv says they wouldn’t have missed him; they are just Manik’s friends. Cabir corrects him that they were with Mukti, and his ego has grown so much now. Dhruv says they must then let him live with his ego.
After dropping everyone, Manik stops the car at Nandini’s place. She comes out and says thanks. He comes out and blocks her way, asking sarcastically is it how its going to be, thanks? She asks what has she done now. He says right, they will have to be this formal now. She begins to cry, saying she doesn’t understand what they are. He is touched, and stops her from leaving, wipes her tears as he looks into her. He makes her sit on his car, she says he doesn’t need to explain. She knows that he won’t be able to perform if Dhruv stays in the fusion concert, and his happiness is important for him; but we… He asks what we, has she accepted defeat and agrees that he has won. She gets to leave, he holds her to himself and says lets change this challenge and lets make it easier. She says she is really tired, she had all her hopes in the fusion concert and now. He says now that hope has been defeated, while the concert hasn’t yet begun. She says she doesn’t have another option. He moves her face here and there, saying is this the Nandini Murti who is saying she has no hopes and options. She asks what, he says her hope still has a chance to win. He comes closer to her, she backs up. He kisses her nose, she looks at him. He says it’s not over when it seems to be; always remember that. He gives her the way, she goes inside.
Navya comes home and finds her mom sleeping on the couch. The spoon near her crackles, her mom wakes and says her son in law is here. Navya asks in disbelief, her mom says she has cooked so well for him so that he can be made to marry her. Navya goes inside, irritated.
Cabir comes out of recording room, Manik was waiting outside and gives him drink. Cabir says he has come with full preparations, Manik says he has come to meet the coolest RJ of the world and is happy to see him. Cabir asks why is he sad himself, Manik is silent. Cabir asks him to tell him, this is why he has come here. Manik says Nandini is thinking so much, he had told her that if they perform together in fusion concert there is a hope to be together. Cabir asks is there any doubt still. Manik says it is about Nandini, she is stubborn about their performance together. Cabir says that now Dhruv has replaced him. He asks did he mean when he kept this choice of hope. Manik was resistant, then says yes. Cabir says now there Dhruv has gone crazy. He says now Dhruv gets mad after hearing his name, Manik says he is angry at me. He says I have a plan, and we will be able to perform well in the concert. Cabir asks what plan, Manik smiles.

PRECAP: Media questions Mukti what she was doing at the bar and at the boy’s hostel. She shouts it is none of their business. Media accuses her of wearing vulgar clothes.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. lol sara

    Yaar this sara is back lol all the time she will put her nose in others matter lol won’t let us chat peacefully by posting irritating comments lol she will be on our head all the time lol
    Yuck yuck yuck

  2. fairy

    Why evry1 accuse girl in these types of mattrs …yeah, l agree tht mukti hd md mstke bt d boy is nt innocent too…..

  3. Nutz

    I really liked da part whr da girls beat dos men nd bezubaan plays, nyc prospectv n a vry gud song selection

  4. Nutz

    Dese days manik cnt keep his anger n rude bhavior towards nandu. Nandu ki mote mote aasu dekhkar his heart melts 🙂 n den he wipes her tears

  5. Nutz

    Manik behaved ukkhra ukkhra type n askd nandu if they r gna b dis formal type. Nandu says hum he kya manik , or uske ankhn se itni mote mote aasu nikal ti he or manik ka dil pighal jata heh n he luks at her,wipes her tears n makes her sit on da car.

  6. Nutz

    Hey fairy do u want me to add anothr language to it? Bt da pb is den only few wil understnd!….hehe

  7. fairy

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    Hahahaha….sana…dw…2day l ll cm at n8 in tu wid chocolate nd icecream….
    Ok bye guyz….c u soon…

  10. Nutz

    Fairy jacky gav me dis new name nut-z-ella, lyk it?coz i had calld her kathal (my mixd versn, its ban) n she cal me dis, nyc na? Hehehe

  11. Baazigar

    Jo dhikta hai
    vo sach nahi hai
    parde ke peeche bahut kuch hai
    baazigar har jagah pe h
    hoshyaar rehna
    namastey KYY

  12. Max

    Y ru asking sry 4 tat? Im happy 2 listen sum diff opinion abt [email protected]

  13. Nutz

    Hi sara! Sry dear, dat tym my cnnctn ws disturbng, later i saw ur cmnt of askng me to tell in details

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    See u guys later in da n8, bye nw

  15. Max

    If queen cums in SH I want any 1 of u guyz 2 call hr hre. I feel bit comfortabl hre.
    I wil feel bit strong! so can U

  16. sara

    bro may be u shd keep two eyes sry sry I was tellng u dat u shd be li’l more careful bcz ystrday n8 I wnt to shq to see dat u or sana is der & I saw dat she visited shq at 6 pm

  17. Max

    Really sara?? may b i was nt der r i missd d comment. she wil say hi aftr tat she wil dissappear. I want hr 2 stay 4 sumtym. cauz 2 write my proposal commnt it wil take 10 min 4 me. She shld b in gud mood nd calm.

  18. lovya

    Do not even think about that until I am alive
    dontt do this to me 🙁

  19. Max

    Tat is lyf sara. der r 2 kind of peopl wil b der in ur lyf
    1. Who want 2 c u happy
    2. who nvr wants 2 c u happy.

  20. Max

    sara u just go nd check sum old pages of SH. we used 2 fight hours 2gethr. day nd night 2. tat tym queen ws chatting wit many of hr frnds der 4 long tym

  21. fairy

    Guyz…telling it in advnce….aftr 2day….c u guyz aftr mny mny mny mny mny mny mny days……c u aftr 10000 years…..

  22. fairy

    The upcoming episode of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan shows that Pandit ji (Dishank Arora) gets irked to see Nandini (Niti Tylor) is not concentrating on music due to Manik.

    Pandit ji gets also angry when Nandini supports Manik (Parth Samthaan) in front of him.

    It is already seen that Pandit ji has developed some feelings for Nandini that is why he wants to rule on Nandini’s life during this concert.

    Pandit ji has already brought Dhruv to keep Manik away from Nandini but his efforts failed to stop Manik and Nandini’s meeting.

    Manik to shout on Nandini

    Panditji now decides to play a big evil game against Manik and Nandini where both would refuse to see each other face.
    Panditji’s plans gets successful when Manik shouts at Nandini for her mistake.
    Let’s see if Panditji’s evil plan to gets successful to make Manik and Nandini apart.

  23. fairy

    The present track of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Shows that misunderstanding between best friend Manik (Parth Samthaan) and Dhuv (Utkarsh Gupta) is on high node.

    Dhruv get jealous due to inferiority complex and insecurity with Manik.

    Pandit ji (Dishank Arora) adds more fuel in the situation by provoking Dhruv against Manik.

    Panditji keeps telling Dhruv that he is more superior that Manik and Manik want to put him down by using his (Manik) popularity.

    Dhruv apologizes Manik for his rude behavior

    It will be seen that Manik lose his cool on seeing Pandit ji instigate Nandini (Niti Tylor) for the music concert.
    Manik tries to make Pandit ji understand not to put extra pressure on Nandini for music concert
    Pandit ji warns Manik not to interfere between his and his student as he knows well what is wrong and right for Nandini.
    Manik gets furious on Panditji and this will lead huge fight between them.
    Furthermore, Dhruv gets ready for the concert and recalls the best moments of his and Manik as how Manik had helped him in his suffering days.
    Dhruv realizes his mistake and feels restless to lose his best friend Manik.
    Dhruv finally apologizes to Manik for his bitter behavior and Manik accepts him whole heartedly.
    Fab 5 units once again and new twists will take place in their lives.

  24. fairy

    Last news fr today……
    Present track of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan shows that Nandini gets successful to make Manik realize that he loves her and cannot live without her.

    Manik accepts the truth that Nandini is his life but their ego stop them to confess love to each other.

    Manik also starts to believe on Nandini’s thoughts for love and life.

    Furthermore, Nandini feels insecure when Panditji replaced Manik by Dhruv in the fusion concert.

    Nandini tries to keep Manik around her by having some cute fights and they come closer at the end of fight.

    Manik and Nandini rekindle their love

    It will now be seen that Pandit ji’s extra interference in Nandini’s life makes her irritate and she tries to avoid him.
    Fusion concert will have lots of drama between, Manik, Nandini, Pandit ji and Dhruv.
    Drama will end up by re uniting Manik and Nandini.
    After seeing their friends messed up life, Manik and Nandini decide to rekindle their love again.

  25. fairy

    Hahaha…carron…may b u r r8……bt alya nd mukti r used to by wearng ths types of dresses…..

  26. fairy

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    Guyz heaven hv gvn me 2 visit planet to planet…so ll nt able 2 cm fr sm days….

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    Gud n8 dii, swt dreamzzz

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    Meenu aunty, bhakti,dristi nd anthr lady ( frgt d nm ) were in dt cmpetetn nd meenu aunty nd bhakti gt back thr apron again….

  31. my frendz ysed to call me dictionary becoz i always ask q ……dat q hav sense alsooo so dey call me dictionary n i hav every q’s ans….. 😉

  32. yaa kiara v had a fi8 dat he always share everything wid me bt he doesn’t tell me dat nw he is gng to hostel i know dis frm his siss n whn i ask d reason of telling me he said wht cn u doo u cnt STP bt u strt crying soo i didn’t tell u den i said dat ur my bstii n den my bf n dis talk change into quarrel n frm 2 February v doesn’t talk n doesn’t see d faces if each other dis i doesn’t tell to ani1 except u nt to nutz n Fairy n carru nt to ani1

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  37. lol sara&kiara

    Copy cats cheap copy cats annoying copy cats irritating copy cats yuck yuck yuck
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  38. lol sara&kiara

    No sree not
    but sara n kiara yucks yucks
    sara all the time online on our heads nd her way of talking yucks puttng her nose in evrything shanti toh usi achi ha nahi lagta koi kuch na boli toh bhi bak bak bak yuck n her soul mate came now kiara yucks

    • kiara

      paavam njan………. saralya veshamam nallonam undu,……… u aGN changed ur name…………wat did i do yaar?

  39. ananya

    hey kaira seems u r new here
    I don’t belong here just wanted to warn u about sum idiots her
    hey please don’t talk to those people who misbehave lik this lol
    I m an experienced one and that’s why I hav left tu
    anyways a big hi to u

    • kiara

      hi ananya i didnt start to talk he is irritating me………..i was unable to control my anger so i reacted……he is a cheap fellow

  40. sara

    I pity ur prnts dey gave brth to such a shameless SHIT if dey see u lyk dis dey vl either die or kill u I thnk d sec option is btr

  41. ananya

    hi sara u know what i hav finally made a decision to not be here only comment when needed because I m fed up
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    nice to talk to u after so many days bye then need to study

  42. ananya

    yeah sara I m ur 7th wali ananya
    I know kaira that they must hav only started I m experienced even sara is experienced
    and u know we hav suffered ten more times of what u r suffering
    so pls ignore them that’s the only solution bye…………

    will miss u guyz

  43. ananya

    lols u r the one who is involved in making kyy atmosphere dirty
    not sara and kaira
    so pls u don’t need to inform me about any1
    hey this is my last comment
    in the upcoming episodes dhruv is gonna apologize to manik and fab5 will be together and manan will hav their cute romance back…..so happy
    on Friday kyyy will be showing special one hour episode 6.30 to 7.30

  44. Max

    Hey guyz wtz upp?
    nd who is dis [email protected]

  45. Max

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  46. kiara

    max no need to talk to this lol……he is irritating me sree sara ……evn sara just became angry on him but sree was not there………were is sree??

  47. Max

    Den wt will sara do? tat @? dog ws so cheap so she sclded. U mean 2 say wit bad peopl we hve 2 speak good wrdz. nd whr age came hre? If she shld hve sclded a gud person its wrng. tat doggy deservs tat.

  48. Shazana(cute princess)

    Max I know what ur going 2 ask?
    Better I will say. U want 2 knw queen is fine r nt? right
    She is fine and happy too. she completed hr exams very nicely.
    But still she is busy wit hr other works. so happy @max

  49. Shazana(cute princess)

    i know tat max. & i also know u love queen unconditionally.i dont need 2 advice u anything. U knw abt queen more than me. u knw wen she is happy r sad r watevr
    U will propose hr at correct time. i think she wil accpet too. bye gtg nw.

  50. kiara

    today i also felt that but i hav not told him abt it bcoz ,,,,,,…..no one will agree for it….

  51. kiara

    sara but my parents will not agree ,……as they r love marriage they r not going to agree my love marriage

  52. Max

    Dont think abt others kiara. just think abt u nd hm. think do u really luv hm? think does he luvs u truely? tatz it

  53. kiara

    sorry da…..i was terribly……in love…….bcoz today he savedd my life………i was considering him as my best frnd…..

  54. Max

    @kiaraAsk them a simple ques kiara. Dey r saying luv marriages r nt gud na. Den wt all arrange marriages r good r wt? Prblm is nt wit d marriage. prblm is wit d boy nd grl who gt married. A realtionshp is lyk a tree it takes years 2 nuture nd secnds 2 cut. Itz al in ur hand nd akash hand

  55. kiara

    whn i was crossing the road he was standing there….and at that time a car was going to hit me…..i was careless abt it so he saved me from that time onwards,…..i was thinking abt it for many tymes ……

  56. sara

    max bro is ryt bcz of arng mrgs pbs r more I hate arng mrg bcz of arng mrg too mny ppl r suffrng

  57. kiara

    buti am sure that they will say get out frm this house…..wat can then i do? i dont think tat his parents will also agree for it

  58. Max

    Most funny thing in arrange marriage is horoscope matchin. Hindus wil undrstnd this. Im sry guyz im making fun of d belifs. Im jst explainin. Dey c al gunas nt gt married. aftr sum days we wil gt doubt on astrology r astrologer

  59. sara

    anyways the 1 sided luv was cnvrtd in prfct luv ryt den wat is the pb may be akash was in mch awaitng fr ur cnsnt so jst go & tel him may b fr him 1 sided luv was vry tough naa so y r u makng him more awatng

  60. Max

    kiara dont think abt futre nw k. First U accpt d luv if u luv hm. Both concentate in ur studies. both build ur career. den u think abt dis. by d tym u wil also cum 2 knw his true feelings na

  61. kaiar at first u study n make u carrer n n after dat u hav ur income ur hand n n den tell ur parets abut him n whn dey say to get out u hav option also u hav u own job soo whts prlm n dis n whn u hav ur own careers u both doesn’t hav ani prblm n tab tak live like a simple gf n bf…. n sry i dis luks u nt gud don’t mined ittt plz……..

  62. Max

    Kiara most imp thing is havin patience nd slowness in ur relationshp. Make ur luv as ur strength nd nvr evr make it as ur weakness. wch is bad 4 u nd hm too.

  63. carron

    Ya but that time I had 2 go jack and ikr nikku 2 9th grade !!! Everyone here is saying that 9th is going 2 be soooo tough ..
    and my exams were so amazing , what about urs ? Which was the easiest and toughest ?

  64. noo caruu m here to talk wid u…….soo tell me hws ur des DayZ gng wid out me ……..hhahaiiii…… jst kidding

  65. Hehe…its ok aadhya
    carron m a grl
    u rem…u asked one of ur frnd to say sorry n ordrd us to bcm frnds….yaad aaya

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    and I got a big book of gullivers travels ..r u learning cbse board

  67. carron

    Ha ha haa I remember that sana but what can I do , u both were behaving like small children and sammy says that I am very jiddi..
    btw that monkey is not here 4 soooo long where is he ? I guess he went 2 the land of far far away

  68. carron

    In my home also no one is there 2 talk and that is y I came here .hhere u people r busy practising vanishing

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    Sooo hw r u guys? Did any1 miss me?!! hehe

  73. sara

    bro vl cum if he is free of queens thoughts & that he vl nvr be am I ryt bro?? sry if u feel bad

  74. carron

    Romcoms , mystery and comedy oh ok ( sara) what i hate us love stories ..i mean the plain one where boy meets girl or vice versa ando they fall in love

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  77. Max

    carron u tld abt my dream abt queen so i laughed.nd im a college student.
    media studies is abt a tv channels nd journalism

  78. carron

    Bhai u r sure 2 win her , I don’t know y I am saying that but my heart says so , I am not lying

  79. Nutz

    Poor mukti !
    Dat man he’s so mean! Hw cn any1 do dat? Who hs gvn him r8 to do dat to any girl!

  80. Nutz

    Rocky’s bara bhai, seems lyk a politician is da new villain n new focus of ky2. Wait m tellng, gv me tym to type

  81. carron

    Oh it is good na she wore sari, otherwise she doesn’t usually wear anything .. her dresses r toooooo short

  82. carron

    I hate 2 go , but I have 2 go so bye my sara and sana and my dreaming bhai !! C U All Later 🙂 bbye bye and miss me

  83. sara

    no need to ask sry but I thnk u r mistakn bcz max bro yaha hai nahi the bcz nw he is peacefully watchng hi sapno ki rani lol

  84. carron

    No sana bhai is busy dreaming now , after some time he will come he is giving us and our bhai time …
    I am having lots of bhabis …

  85. sara

    wat do u mean by dis carrot halwa ” No sana bhai is busy dreaming now , after some time he will come he is giving us and our bhai time …I am having lots of bhabis …”

  86. Nutz

    I gv up! Fr da past 20mins m try to post bt my cmnt wsnt postng. Can u believe i hv wrote n re-wrote 2dy’s epi story fr da 5tyms bt yet it didnt work!

  87. Nutz

    Jacky returnd hme at 6:20pm aftr my whole busy day strtng frm 7am, nw m takng rest. Took a lil snacks, watchd kyy n nw m lyng in bed n talkng wd u al. Wat abt u?

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