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Nandini’s phone rings, she reads the message, reads it and shows it to Manik. It said if their romance has ended they must come out. Manik asks Nandini why is she smiling, because of her his friends think so about him. He gives a gift to Nandini, Nandini smiles and comes close to him. Manik heads to leave, Nandini asks what is going on, she says he knows Amms is there. Manik says they have a plan, but needs her help.
Mukti watches Aryaman leave the phone on charging. Aaliya comes and finds the mobile. Mukti wonders if they give it to Manik he might not get she found it. She says she can’t let Harshid mess up more with her friends.
Amms scolds Raama for spoling for milk. Nandini comes there and suggests to Amms that Manik will bring the milk. Amms says Manik should himself say

this, Manik comes forward and says he will go to market. He hands apple to Amms and Nandini, Nandini takes her whereas Amms returns it saying she will eat after the pooja. Manik and Nandini share looks, Amms asks Manik if he loves Nandini?
Cabir and group discuss the group. Aryaman comes there and says this is the plan. Navya says they must change it. Aryaman says he won’t tell Harshid. If he doesn’t, their trust on him would be restored. Cabir says if he tells Harshid, they will fix him well.
Harshid goes to hear what is going on between Manik and Nandini. Nandini comes to Manik and Amms asking Manik why he hasn’t left. Amms says she has sent Nandini to make a mala. She says to Manik he won’t go anywhere because his attention is somewhere else. Harshid offers to help, Amms send him bring milk. She sends Nandini so that she can talk to Manik but Pandit ji comes there.
Aryaman ties bracelet on Aaliya’s hand and tells her she looks beautiful in Indian dress. Aaliya isn’t moved and asks him to stay away from her. He comments she eats more when stressed. She is irritated and asks who is he to comment on her eating habits. Aryaman asks Aaliya that fab5 is planning something against Harshid in which she isn’t involved, what has Harshid done that makes them against him so much. Aaliya tells him that Harshid sent Mukti into depression for two years, Navya is pregnant with Harshid’s child and when he came to know he ran away, Harshid beat Cabir hard in public almost to death only because Cabir is gay. She says her friends are her family.
Manik was standing besides the window, Nandini comes and asks what happened. Manik says he thought she is scary but her Amms is more scary. Manik says what she asked him… Nandini asks what? Manik asks do you love me? Nandini says yes. Manik says this is what Amms asked, it was good Pandit ji came there. Nandinii is worried she must have seen them last night. Manik says Amms just saw there love, not the expression. Nandini is worried what if Amms asks her about this. Manik holds the panicked Nandini close to him. Nandini says right now they need to know if Harshid has reached to the milkman? She texts Cabir, Manik plays with her. Amms calls her, Nandini and Manik gets apart immediately. Nandini teases him that he wasn’t going to fear from anyone. Nandini leaves.
Cabir, Navya and Mukti come to the milkman’s house and calls him. A goon comes out, Cabir asks Navya to talk to him. The goon asks how much milk they need, Navya says they need his help. She gets to his feet and says he is just like their God Krishna. Mukti tries to flirt with him and asks if he will help. Cabir tells them that a boy is coming to buy milk, this is his wife with a child and Mukti is his girl friend. She doesn’t want to marry Harshid but he does, Navya charges him emotionally. The goon tells them not to worry.
Nandini was cutting fruits for the pooja and fell asleep sitting there. Somone picks the fruits from behind, she is worried thinking where the fruits have gone. She cuts them again and turns back to rest her head on the door. The hand reappears but Nandin holds it, she asks Manik what he is doing. Manik says what he is doing, she has held his hand. Nandini says she is cutting the fruits and he is eating them. Manik says she must cut the fruits not sleep. Nandini says she didn’t sleep at night. Manik asks what was she doing. Manik calls her out to him. She resists but some guests arrive, Nandini promises to come. He leaves her hand. Rishab comes to sit with Manik and asks what he is doing. Manik says he is playing hide and seek. Rishab says he also wants to play. Amms calls Nandini, Nandini tells them both t play hide and seek she will go.

PRECAP: Aaliya says to Manik she has never seen him this happy before. She hands him something but gets a call and is shocked to hear.

Update Credit to: Sona

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