Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik and Nandhani are both sitting up and Manik says that he would not do anything that she doesnot want then Nandhani says that she cannot process all the feelings for him at once otherwise there is nothing else. Manik holds Nandhani’s hand and tells her to calm down and relax. Then he tells her that she wants to make out or not and then says that lets do this and in a low voice says to play x box . then Nandhani places her had n his shoulder and says that he still has the lamp that she gave him but at first he tries to dis agree with him but then he also gives in and says that he was the one who placed it back.
Nandhani is standing in front of the mirror and suddenly her aunt comes and says that she knows that Nandhani had a fight with Manik then she tells Nandhani to not lose their

trust and always do the right thing. After her aunt leaves Nandhani tries to call Manik but is not able to but she keeps trying.
Mukti and Harshad are walking and then Harhad starts talking to her about how he loves her and cares about her then suddenly Dhruv comes from the back and after Harshad sees him he prevents Mukti from going back but instead takes her to his car. Mukti then say that he did not came to meet her and he is even very secretive. Harshad then says that he is not secretive and told her that he came here to meet his friends and he has alot of friends. Mukti says that his friends must be from Paris, London or New York that s Aryaman . Harshad then says that how did Aryaman get in their talks and he says that he doesnot have his number and even does not have his number . Harshad’s phone rings and Mukti secretly accepts the call which is from Aryaman then Harshad gets Angry and leaves.
Aaliya is in the room and is checking her phone for some details about her disease then she is about to eat a pizza but goes to sleep and then she gets a dream then she atlast eats it.
Nandhani is trying to call Manik but is not able to then receives a massage from him sayinf that he is on his way to meet his father and he cannot sleep then Nandhani also sends him a massage syng tht she cannot also sleep.
HArshad goes into Aryaman’s house and starts yelling that why did he talked when he did not heard Harhsad’s voice but Aryaman says that he called on his number and that he has to find out about Manik and why did he had his sister’s picture with him. Harshad says that it is all because of Nandhani but Aryaman dis agrees and says that it is only Manik.

Precp: Nandhani asks Aryaman to bring Harshad to a point where she will bring Manik after he gets back and then she will prove that Manik is innocent.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Thankss sona for ur update.
    Finally…wsh tht they will shw manik’s dad…nd directr is addng much twist here day by day….

  3. oh dear manan, my lovely manan

  4. Wht s this harshad planning abt.??

  5. loveeee manan

  6. What?? Nly 5 comments… Ahhh!! Cant believe!! Guyz its d weekend… The episode waz nyc.

  7. They r jst addng mr n mr twists day by day, wen r they evr gng to solv or reveal al da previous mystries!

  8. Rishab n dhruv’s connectn, nyonika-harshad, manik’s dad etc etc

  9. Moreovr, til 2dy they hvnt reveald amms n manik’s convrstn!

  10. Navya’s pregnancy concept ws 1 thng, they wr delghtng a girl’s r8 to cmplt her studies in clg evn in dt state.

  11. Bt nw evn aliya’s pregnant! Yeh to haad hi ho gayi :[email protected]
    wat r they tryng to shw through aliya nw?? Da side-effects of abrtng a child! lol

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