Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manik says to Pandit, I am sure you must be knowing her. If I can’t go to the stage, then Riddhima can? Right? Afterall, she is your special student. Decide, the choice is yours! Pandit leaves.
Everyone applauding. Nandini is sitting on her position. Pandit says to all there has been a change. Todays performance, Nandini and Manik will sing. Everyone gets happy besides Nyonika. She is shocked. Nandini looks at him and smiles and both hug each other in front of everyone. Manik says Nandini finally it’s our day. Both smiling at each other. Everyone applauding.
Nandini and Manik starting playing the song Zehnaseeb and singing it. At the end of the song, both come closer to each other and singing the last line. After that, their background music is

playing. Everyone applauding at them. Fab 5 is happy. Pandit just looks at them. And then Nandini goes out from there. Manik follows her. She tells him it just happened, is it all real? I can’t believe this. He looks at her and says Nandini and takes her hand and puts it on his heart and says do you feel this? Yes, this is real. It’s happening. Then he takes her hands and kisses them. And says : And this is real too. Nandini smiles. Both looking at each other but then she sees Nyonika there. Manik turns around and comes near to Nyonika. And starts applauding and laughs. He says : So? Shocked? No no.. surprised? How come such an unbelievable thing happen? And you didn’t even know? Now you can’t do anything right? How does it feel? Nandini takes his hand and says stop it to him. Manik continues with saying: Why not?? Afterall, we did it! We did it today!!! So, Nyonika Malhotra, how does it feel to finally loose to Manik Malhotra? Nyonika says : You shouldn’t have done this! Manik says I shouldn’t have, but I did! So, what will you do? Nothing… You can’t do anything. Nyonika says don’t be so happy, so soon. Not really long before you make your next mistake. Because you will definitely screw up everything and that is when you will need me. Nandini says Nyonika mam, don’t worry about the things will come up. Manik deserves happiness. Nyonika says next time don’t even try to talk to me. Nandini says I am not talking to you, I am telling you! Nandini takes Manik’s hand and says until we are together, we can handle everything and including you. And then both leaving the angry Nyonika alone.
Manik says I must say that I am highly impressed. You made her numb. I should be scared of you. She says you should be. Manik makes her come closer to him and says what will you do? She says anything. Both coming closer to each other but Cabir, Mukti, Navya and Aliya comes. All hugging each other. Mukti says the performance was magical. And then Dhruv comes. The Fab 5 having a group hug. Manik looking at Nandini.

Nandini asks them how come the fake wounds become real wounds? Cabir says I paid them and told them for it. Manik says maybe someone paid more? Dhruv asks who could it be? Manik says Pandit.

Update Credit to: Naz.Karam

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  6. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Episode 193 (24th April 2015) Written Update
    FAB5 has a group hug. Nandini and Navya looks on. Manik holds Nandini’s hand as he hugs his group.
    Nandini: Thank you all so much! But how did you people do this?
    Cabir: It’s a long story. You don’t want to know. First I had to arrange the goons so that the fake fight happens. After that we had to get Manik and Dhruv at the same place at the same time. And… I should get a credit for that! And keep Nandini away from Manik. And we have actually achieved doing that. So it is an achievement!
    Manik: Good job! I must say! (Manik touches his cheek. Nandini goes near him and touches his cheek. He makes a painful sound).
    Nandini: But how can this fake goons give real wounds? (Dhruv is also touching his injured chin)How did this happen?
    Cabir: From now itself the girlfriend mode is on? (Manik stares at Cabir. Nandini looks embarrassed and Alya Mukti smiles).
    Manik: Seriously?
    Cabir: I am not talking about it. You Guys carry on with your PDA. It’s okay! After doing all this also there is complaint from your girlfriend. But seriously, I am forgiving Nandini because she is right. I had given clear instruction. I had given money for fake fight. But does know why they did overacting… why did they over perform? You Guys are injured!
    Manik: Because maybe someone else paid them more to over-perform… maybe to make this fake fight real fight.
    Dhruv: What? But who will do that?
    Manik: Pundit! I am sure! He can do that, yes!
    Mukti: That jerk!
    Nandini: Manik! How did Panditji let you come to the stage? (Manik is touching his injured jaw) Manik, tell me!
    Manik: Ahh Guys! Actually… Nandini… There is one more person whom you should thank for all this (Nandini looks confused). It’s time we all meet Riddhima.
    Nandini: Riddhima?
    FAB5, Navya and Nandini are at the Ground Floor. Riddhima and Nandini are standing on either side of Manik. Manik makes the introduction.
    Manik: Nandini… Riddhima! (Nandini smiles at her) Riddhima… Nandini!
    Mukti: Riddhima… Ranchi girl? (Riddhima nods).
    Riddhima: Hi Nandini! I am Pandit Trilok Chaurasya’s student. I mean… I was!
    Manik: Riddhima is the reason why Pundit backed off!
    Riddhima: I could not let the Pundit spoil an innocent life once again! Pundit misuses his fame and success (Nandini recalls instances where the Pandit touched her at one pretext or the other). He shows big dreams to all his special students… world tours…fame…fans… all are his fake promises (Nandini recalls Pundit saying about the Tickets to Germany). But these all his old tricks. And after that he dumps them (Nandini is shocked). I was one of the stupid students who felt that he loved me. And then, once he had his fill, he threw me away. But I was sure that I am not the first or last girl with whom he may have done so.
    Manik : You are right! (He looks at Nandini) I told you! Pundit is not someone…. basically he is not the right guy. He never deserved your respect.
    Nandini: Manik, I believe you! In fact before the Concert started I realized it. You were right! He is a swine!
    Manik: Realized? How? What happened? What did he do?
    Nandini: Nothing at all! (She looks at Riddhima) Thank you Riddhima so much! You have come from such a distance to make me understand. It really means a lot to me!
    Riddhima: No Nandini! I should thank you! After the Pundit incident I thought maybe I will never be able to believe in love. But I was wrong! When I saw Manik’s video message… then I realized (Nandini looks at Manik) how the true love looks like… in fact to tell you the truth… it was his eyes… which had so much of love for you (Manik and Nandini looks at each other)… there was so much care… and so much of concern… So I had to come! Manik had arranged everything for me. Be it the plane or the Car, he did not let me have any problem.
    Cabir: Thank you Riddhi (Riddhima looks at Cabir) I mean… for telling Nandini. Otherwise tell now officially nothing has happened (Nan

  7. f**ked up sona

  8. Yaa in d precap. Navya by mistake falls on harshad nd says sorry nd then realises dat its harshad then harshad looks at her stomach nd navya says dat the stomach will not cum as it’s been 3 months nly(angrily). Mean while our manan is walking outside nd pandit follows dem.

  9. Cabir: Thank you Riddhi (Riddhima looks at Cabir) I mean… for telling Nandini. Otherwise tell now officially nothing has happened (Nandini and Manik looks at each other). But tonight (Manik interrupts).
    Manik: Cabir! Relax! Let’s not change the topic! So Riddhima… You were saying about the Pundit. I know that what ever happened with you was not right. And you deserve justice. So let me tell you we will not let the Pundit go like that (Riddhima looks disturbed). Riddhima… what happened?
    Riddhima: It’s just that I did not want to open the Pundit chapter again. It’s my past and I (Just then a Crew member comes to informs them that they have been called to the stage and the Chief Guest is waiting).
    Manik: Riddhima, We all understand that whatever happened with you it has been a painful memory for you. We understand! But trust me! There is no use being silent or staying scared.But we are there to help. We are there to support you. We are there to back you up. We will fight back and we will get you the justice! (Riddhima nods) Okay… You stay here! We will be right back. You take care! (They all walk from there. Manik looks at his mobile and suddenly stops. He tell that he will see all of them on stage. Nandini gets suspicious. He signals her to go. Manik talks to someone and asks about the lights. Nandini thinks, “Manik has always done so much for me… going out of his way… Its my turn tonight!”).
    Riddhima is standing in the corridor. She says, “I think Manik is right! I should not be scared of my past. I should not let him go just like that”.
    Pundit: Who are you talking about? (Riddhima is startled and turns towards the Pundit) You are talking about me. I think we need to talk right now.
    FAB4 and Navya are on the stage with Emraan, Amyra and Nyonika.
    Enraan: I felt that all the performances today were good. But today there was a stand out performance … and that was
    Amyra: Nandini Murthy and Manik Malhotra! (The crowd cheers. Nyonika is unhappy. The crowd shouts Manik’s name. FAB4 and Navya claps).
    Emraan: We liked their performance very much. We felt that they had great chemistry. And both were in perfect harmony. So keep up with the good work! (Emraan hands over the mic to Nyonika. Nyonika thanks them for coming. The FAB5 comes out of the stage).
    Navya: The ones who have been praised have vanished (Navya laughs).
    Mukti: Actually… where are they?
    Nandini is standing near the staircase. She says, “Why did I not think before? First there was so much tension. Aiyyappa! I really want to do something special for Manik. It should be my turn… not his! But what will I do for Manik? Something special… he has everything! So what can I do to make him feel special? Think Nandini… think! There should be something Manik has never seen (She thinks and smiles suddenly). I got it! Manik… you are never going to forget this! Never!” She dials someones number. In another place, Manik is also talking to someone over phone. Manik orders for two dozen eggs. Nandini asks someone to deliver everything within half an hour. Manik tells there should be no mistakes. He says that he has waited for long for the surprise and tells that there should not be any mistake. Nandini thanks the receiver of the call for arranging everything at the last minute and asks not to be late. Both look happy about their arrangements. A Crew member comes to Nandini and tells her to go to the ground floor gate number 4 and see of the Guests. She starts to go, but stops when she gets a call from Chachi. Nandini tells her that she had a perfect performance and performed with Manik. She then takes permission to stay back late. She thanks her aunt and cuts the call.
    Pundit and Riddhima are inside a classroom.
    Pundit: Were you out of your mind? Why have you come here Riddhima? (Riddhima laughs)
    Riddhima: I came to see you shocked face. And I ruined all your plans.
    Pundit: Ruining me is not easy!
    Riddhima: Wrong! I can ruin everything of yours! (Pundit smirks) By te

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  13. The current track of Kaisi Yeh Yaariuan shows that Manik (Parth Samthaan) fulfils Nandini’s wish to sing with her in the concert.
    Nyonika is shocked to see Manik and Nandini together during the concert.
    Nyonika tells Manik that he shouldn’t have forgive Nandini but Manik replies her that he did it and now she cannot do anything.
    Nyonika says to Manik not to be so happy because he will make his next mistake that is when he will need her.
    Nandini gets upset with Nyonika and tells her that there is no need to worry about the things will come up because Manik deserves happiness.
    Nandini tells Nyonika that until they (Manik and Nandini) are together, they can handle everything and including she.
    Nyonika gets very much upset by both Manik and Nandini.
    Nyonika decides to make Nandini life hell and makes an evil plan against them.
    Angry Pandit’s plans to get Nandini at any cost

    On the other hand, Pandit ji (Dishank Arora) is also angry to see his plan ged spoiled but he decides not to give up so easily in front of Manik.
    Panditji decides to get Nandini at anycost and take revenge from Manik

  14. MTV India’s popular show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, is grabbing many eyeballs and riding high with its success. The much loved youth oriented show is doing very well and is all set to witness some more drama in the upcoming episode.
    As per the ongoing episodes, the viewers saw Nandini (Niti Taylor) and Manik (Parth Samthaan) performing together for the Fusion Concert which won them many praises so, the entire group is celebrating its success together.
    Well in the forthcoming episodes, viewers will get to witness a confession between Manik and Nandini amid big drama on the show.
    Our source informs us, “Manik and Nandini are very happy after the Fusion concert so both decide to confess their love to each other. Both plan a surprise date on the same venue where they first time tried to confess their love. There will be a romantic sequence in the rain where both will be enjoying their moment together but in between to tease Manik, but Nandini will tease him.”
    Further our source adds, “Panditji (Dishank Arora) will kidnap Nandini, unaware of which Manik will be tensed to see her disappeared from the venue suddenly.”
    Well with this, the viewers will get to see another twist on the show.

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