Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mukti and Aaliya come and Mukti says that she is fed up of her attitude she does not like to say sorry then when they are about to leave Aaliya and Dhruv and when they come to know that she is not at home they call Aryaman and they all search until they reach the gates of Space and when they open it they find Madhiam leaving in his car.
Dhruv says that what was he doing here when he left his performance and then they think of Nandhni and check the rooms and finally find her in one of the rooms. They all ask her if Maddy did this to her but she leaves. Mukti gets frustrated and asks that how long will this go after which Dhruv says that until they sorry to her and also says that he has a plan to do it.
A guy is trying to start his bike when Dhruv comes and asks him about the matter

and he says that he had service done on it just two days ago and then Dhruv puts has oil in the bike and it starts and they person leaves happily.
Naviya is talking with a guest and asks him about when his new movie will release. He says that it will get on air on the 25 of September, Naviya wishes him luck and advices everyone to watch this movie and then plays a beautiful song. When he leaves the manager calls her and asks her to come and have a coffee with him.
Nandhani is sitting in the room and then someone throws a letter she reads it but throws it away then she gets another one. She gets angry and leaves and just as she walks out all of the members of the fab 5 sing a lovely song to try to cheer her up and she gets happy in the end. Nandhn goes into their music room and again mentions Manik and fab5 on which Mukti gets angry and says a lot of awful things to her. She then sys that she wants to be president to know what happened with Manik and Cabir that night because they know it was a bomb blast so what happened that they got blown up. She leaves then everyone feels sorry for what they said and plan to make her win the elections.
Rishab and Nandhani’s uncle get out of a auto rickshaw and the uncle says to Rishab to get some papers photocopied but he wanders away and his uncle is not able to find him.
Nandhani is blowing some lanterns and suddenly does not find any matches. Suddenly someone torches a lighter and she sees up to see Aryaman and gets happy and also lets him help her.
Dhruv takes Aaliya to a restaurant and says to her to direct his videos hearing this she gets excited and Dhruv dances and his video is also uploaded on youtube.
Mdhiam sees Rishab sitting on the corner of a shop he comes and unwillingly takes him with him meanwhile his uncle comes and calls Nandhani to tell her that Rishab is lost

Precap: Maddy tells Aryaman to back off but he pushes him away then he slams Aryaman and then Mukti picks up his phone to place a massage in favor of Nandhani.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think maddy is trying to save rishab. its just a guess.

    1. Hope ur right dear…but do u think CVs will make him good this soon?! I too hope d same…it will b so good if he did that to save him…neverthless…it wont happen…but d cart wala…that man ws seeing maddy take rishab wid him…

  2. shifa(shakira)

    maddy u cross the limit.

  3. Loved d epi!! Ofcourse nt d whole of it…bechara rishab…y d hell did maddy bring him in his so called revenge or watevr it is??!!! That poor soul…he cant evn speak n this idiot is using him! Feel so bad fr nandu!!
    The manaofying scene ws soooooo adorable!!!!!!!! Spclly dhruv!!!! Chooo cute he is!!!!! Atlast…atlast they gave us dhruni scene!!! Badly missed it!! Awww i so loved d song n d scene!!!!!! N dhruv’s video…dhrulya so happy…i loved these 2 scenes of d epi lots! N yeah…nandu lighting those chinese lamps!!! That ws amazing!!! But aryamann! He has fallen fr her! Offscreen bhai behen..maza aata hai onscreen kuch aur hi dekhne ka!! Heheh…
    Just hope maddy understands that nandu is nowhr at fault! Just hope he gets his happiness…!! Just hope he smiles!! Not d wicked one or d badass attitude one…the innocent honest 1

  4. Yeah right plump! Dhruni scene was sooo cute…. awww i saw old shy dhruv today he looks soooooo cute….. he just made me go awwwww and I guess now dhrulya will be back together soon…..uttu’s dance OMG he made me fall for him even more especially in that hairstyle….. the way dhrulya were talking I saw the old dhrulya in them the way they talked today…. now cmg back to nandu…. the way they sang for her especially dhruv…… i just hope that jerk Maddy will go out of nandu’s lyf soon ??the way nandu lightened Chinese lantern hoping that her manik will come back just made me emotional the way arya looked at her…. looks her he have fallen for her…. but awsum…. my blood was boiling when I saw the Maddy behaving badly with rishu i wish his idol manik would have been there that moment…. I wonder if manik aka parth comes back then what will happen to that Maddy….. huh he go clean bold in once seeing manik….. acha now this is for nandu
    The beautiful smile hides the deepest secrets
    The prettiest eyes have cried the mosttears
    And the kindest heart have felt the most pain
    OK thanks bye
    P’s: anyone saw parth’s latest ig post… there’s even a hope from his and Charlie’s side of his cmg back….
    Fingers crossed

    1. Wowwww ,new hope

  5. Really liked the episode today, the way they cheered up nandini was so cute! I’ve actually started liking this story now the track of this season has become more interesting.

    Heard about parths post, in a way I think he shouldn’t come back, he said he wanted to grow as an actor that’s why he left,so coming back to the same show, I’m not sure about it. Even if he does come back I wonder he will the writers add him back in the show because they’ve already said that Manik and Cabir were in a car blast hinting that they died. I hope whatever happens happens for the best.

  6. Yeah pradi!! I want maddy to b out of nandu’s lyf ASAP! Manik nai toh atleast aryamann is better!! I cant tolerate that shitty behaviour if maddy towards nandu…i ws feelin like if i cn enter d tv screen na i’ll go n punch his face…wen he ws troublin rishab!!
    Its maddy whom i’ll punch…offscreen toh……..wild thoughts!

    1. Yeah exactly what was the fault of rishu he’s so innocent

  7. HappyBirthdayMySweetestFrndAuhona

    Happy birthday awwwwwhhhoooooo!!!!! I kno u dont come here nw bt i miss u really bad!! Love u sooo much!! Wish u all d happiness success love all ur life!! My gift-millions n zillions of boxes filled wid love!!! Stay blessed auho…stay happy awwwhooo!!!
    Will never change my username here…only 2day its this…bt forever it will b plumpyyy!!! I love u sooo much my yummiest frnd auhooo!!!!!!!!!!! Keep smiling deariee… 🙂

  8. Guys aap maddy ko itna hate kyu karthe ho parth ne show chod diya iska mathlabyeh tho nahi hai na poora show and cast ko hate kar uska hardwork bool jaana so please dont make negativity they are trying to be best

    1. HappyBirthdayMySweetestFrndAuhona

      Hey gal! M nt against u n i kno u r right..!
      The thing is we hate “maddy” fr hurting nandu…like v hate harshad…maddy is a character!! We NEVER said that we hate YUVI! We love d whole of kyy so v cant stop watchin d show coz an actor left d show…ur right gal…happy that mny r accepting yuvi bt nt liking his character so much coz aftrall he has hurt our NANDINI!! V love her so much v cant tolerate his behaviour towards her…that’s it…n personally i want maddy to get his happiness n love in his life…he too has that no family dukh…he has only his DD who dont want him to fulfil his dream..to take rock music as his career…he too deserves happiness…its just that we love nandu so much k we cant see her so broken!! But but but…we support parth n his decision n fingers r crossed..donno wt’s d “good news”…….n i donno abt “we” but i love yuvi…always wid him…i cn overlook anythin just to b by his side…..just waiting fr d CVs to unfold maddy’s character completely…

  9. shifa(shakira)

    happy eid mubark in advance guyzs.kyy2 rockz

  10. HappyBirthdayMySweetestFrndAuhona

    Same to u shifa!! No holiday 2mrw..n no exm…25th holiday…25th exm on oct 1!! M happy!!
    Lemme post this cmnt plzzz

  11. HappyBirthdayMySweetestFrndAuhona

    Pradi…i just skipped this part of ur cmnt in d mornin as i had nt completed reading fr d crappy exm…
    Yeah…if parth comes back as manik…i donno wt will maddy do…more than maddy i donno wt yuvi will do!! Coz parth is d apple of our eyes on d show! He will b sidelined(he has his uoperhand evrywhr now as maddy)…but if parth comes back…MaNan will b there onscreen…toh they wont hav maddy to b paired wid some1…as in CVs cant pair maddy opposite nandu…abhi isnt there..they cn pair him wid muku…dhrulya will b 2gthr that’s fr sure(jumping up n down)…manan…bt cabir ek wapas aajaye..there will b cavya…muku remaining maddy remaining…pair these 2!! This is just my POV dont feel offended…plz pradiiii……but kuch bhi ho…harshad aur nyonika destroy ho jaye!! I dont want MukShad too!! Soha is alive..pair jerk n psycho..best couple…haahahahahahahahaha lolololol…..

  12. I don’t think so he shouldn’t come back cuz he was insulted very badly by MTV n aswami….. firstly I didn’t believe it but then I saw vishal sir’s tweet n he said that ‘parth was equally part of kyys2 but then things didn’t work ‘ so I think he should come back in now m supporting the trend

  13. @hayati
    Think before u speak girl cuz v said v hate MADDY not YUVI v said v hate him for troubling nandu for messing with FAB 3 v hate him for saying manik won’t ever come back !!!!don’t accuse me though I don’t need to do this but still check previous comments when s2 stared I was the first one on tu who supported YUVI ok u came now but from then m supporting yuvi n making ppl understand that if PARTH LEFT PPL SHOULD NOT ACCUSE YUVI
    MADDY n yuvi are two different person and v were bashing Maddy not yuvi so stop being over dramatic……. cuz now u woke from ur slumber where were u when ppl were hating YUVI AND BASHING HIM…??? And u are accusing me!!!so think before u speak n recheck our comments v said bout Maddy not yuvi……

  14. HappyBirthdayMySweetestFrndAuhona

    Pradi…even i was wid u…remember our long speeches…god they were so big!! Logon gyaan baat rahe the…samajseva uk…srsly…y do ppl think k if v hate maddy toh v hate yuvi??!!! Impossible!!

  15. HappyBirthdayMySweetestFrndAuhona

    Hmm…so it ws true…yeah i even i think d same…..u r supporting d trend wid a logical reason n at d right time…good gal

  16. Hi minnie i am not accusing any one. I am also big fan of kyy i just loved it tjis is my opinion thsts it

  17. I think that RIshab will have an attack and Aryaman and CO will find him an thats why hebis hitting Maddy however Maddy will really be helping. Rishab and Mukti messaging will really be to help Nandu win president

  18. May be…but hey do u remember the scene b4 nandu went to manik’s house..b4d consummating scene…dhruv came to nandu’s home to ask srry n he said he knows a doc n rishab will b alright n able to speak in 1 month…bt its been 3-4 months…rishab is still nt able to speak…v fans hav more info of d previous epis more than CVs!

  19. HappyBirthdayMySweetestFrndAUHONA

    Guyzz…any1 plz send d link whr i cn download d song which manik sang on d talent hunt epi…d whole song…

  20. shifa(shakira)

    plumpy how is u r exam

  21. shifa(shakira)

    plumppy u in google+.kyy2 rockz

  22. HappyBirthdayMySweetestFrndAUHONA

    Hey shifa!! Exam went okay types! It ws our vry own language kannada!! As usual i lost my marks in composition n that “gaade maatu”…u kno na how irritating kannada is?! Meri halat sirf tum hi samajh sakti ho…no i ain’t on google+…i thot to stay far away social networking sites coz i vry well kno k if i’ll join i’ll b addicted to it…10th std na so aftr 10th m gonna join…im addicted to IF now…i thot to b offline during this week bt nai i cant stay away! Those MaNan FFs attract me towards them…i love d stories there! Just read any story there..its so lovelyyy…mny inspiring too…i totally forget d onscreen show wen i read it…ManBir r always there in ffs n its such a good feeling reading them n evn visualizing it…i completely forget that ManBir aren’t there on d show…so yeah in a way..that’s d medicine to our pain!!

    1. Hiii plumpyy! Me too yaar……even I wanna hear the song………it kills me!!!!

  23. shifa(shakira)

    m also lost my mark in kannada

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