Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The concert was set to begin. Nandhani and Navya also come there. The producer was angry at the performance, he tells Nandhani this will be her friend’s last performance. Nandhani tells him not to worry, they will perform as if they are giving their last performance to him. Navya makes an announcement.
Manik was in the car, telling the driver to take him before performance.
Dhruv, Mukti, Aaliya nod at each other.
Manik urges the driver to drive fast, he argues there is heavy traffic.
Nandhani prays for the Fab5. They begin playing the music. Dhruv sings for Fab5, ‘Purani baton ko’. Madhaim arrive with his guitar and sings with Dhruv on stage.
Manik comes out of the car as they were stuck in traffic block. He runs on the roads.
Aaliya and Mukti sings

on female notes.
Nandhani mistakens Madhaim with Manik on stage and gets worried. She steals her looks from his face and is upset. There is big crowd roar and cheer at the end of song.
Manik runs and reaches the concert. The producer was saying, what a performance. Nandhani was also happy. Manik watches Madhiam smiling at Nandhani, everyone was cheering together. Nandhani looks at Manik smiling at her. Madhiam and everyone took photos, while Nandhani turns her face again thinking had he really been here, she would have been very happy. She turns away thinking she can’t forget him anywhere. Manik watches Nandhani, then curtly he leaves the concert. Nandhani feels he was real and goes out. Madhiam notices her leave.
Aryaman comes looking for Nandhani and finds her in corridor, he asks why she came here like that. Nandhani says she saw Manik, he was right here. Aryaman says she must try to understand that Manik isn’t here, this is all illusion. Nandhani insists that he was here. Fab5 comes there. Nandhani doesn’t heed them, she moves on looking for Manik. Aryaman gets a message, Celebrations await the brilliant fab5.
Manik gets back to car, the driver asks if he wants to go back to Poona. He gets a call and says he doesn’t know anything, the driver asks him where to go now. He was silent.
Navya celebrates with Fab5 cheering them in the party. The producer comes and appreciate their performance, he asks if they are ready for their next performance. Mukti asks didn’t he say this was their last performance. The producer says he just said that all because he wanted them to perform well. He asks for Maddy, spotting him he appreciates him too. Maddy says to fab5 that don’t they think he saved them at the last moment, but he won’t do it again. He leaves them all curt. Aaliya says he is coconut, he is hard from outside but at heart. He has a potential but his attitude kills.
Dhruv and Aaliya go aside, Dhruv says he will drop her and drags Aaliya aside. Mukti and Aryaman wave them.
Aaliya spots a couple fighting at the choice of clothes. She suggests the girl to wear charcoal black, the girl cheers. She comes to suggest another girl getting confused for dress and helps her too. She comes to the third girl and asks why she isn’t wearing the dress they had selected. She appreciate the couple. They all come to shoot together. Aaliya says she is so exhausted.
Manik comes to his house. He removes all the cloths that covered the furniture and cries. He remembers his times with Nandhani.

PRECAP: Mukti and Dhruv come behind Nandhani who was walking towards the sound of guitar. He calls Manik, Manik stops playing.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. That’s amazing. I can’t believe my eyes, that was real manik. I saw his full face. Can’t control my happiness. Nandini’s manik is back. Really very happy.???✌️✌️✌️??????????????

  2. ??????????
    Lo aagaye main with a new exclusive news!!!
    Manik Malhotra is back!!!! and finally will come face to face with his friends, with the people who means the world to him especially the love of his life Nandini

    However this come back will not be as exciting for Aryamanwho has gone on to become an important part in Nandini’s life. Aryaman has been there for Nandini, as a friend, as a support system post Manik’s death. But now with Manik’s come back it would be Aryaman who will be the most affected.

    If sources are to be believed Aryaman who has new-found feelings for Nandini and not simply friendship wala feelings will be disturbed with Manik coming back into the thick of things.

    With Manik coming back into Nandini’s life, not that he ever left Aryaman will start to feel that he is losing Nandini.

    Things will get all the more interesting when Manik comes to know that Aryaman is Nandini’s friend and confidante.

    PS: guys chill and don’t start bashing aryaman he’s not at fault……so have faith in MaNan’s their love, their trust, their faith on each other

  3. Konse huh konse janam ka badla le rahe ho MTV walo…. lyk srysly! Pehle toh itne jaldi matlab within a blink on eye u showed manik’d entry(note my sarcasm) aur aate he usse rula diya….. ?? pechle janam ka konsa badla le rahe ho jo itna rula rahe ho hume bhi aur manik ko bhi aur vo bhi aate he….! ??

  4. angel

    Yehhh……I am very happy today as I saw my Manik….but also feeling sad as he could not perform with them but I hope he will understand why our nandu doing all these…..just to reunite fab5…waiting for next episode which Monday,now we’ll have to wait for 3 days.

  5. nanik

    omg finally manik is back but again waiting waiting
    tick tick 1 day
    tick tick 2 day
    tick tick 3 day
    ooopssss itna waiting
    kyy2 should be shown every day of a week

  6. Ld

    Manik ur looked really stunning par muje bohoth bhura laga qunki tum perform me kiya but extremely happy for ur come back

  7. Zindagi mein koi ‘ASSUME’ na kare aiyyappa

    the start of misunderstanding…
    Nandu ne assume karliya that she’s again dreaming and manik ne assume karliya that nandu has moved on

    Half must be thinking
    NANDU yeh tune kya kiya
    Half must be thinking
    MANIK yeh tune kya kiya
    And me
    MTV pyaar tune kya kiya

    Lyk srysly aate hi manik ko rula diya…??

    • Brity

      Heyyy Minnie… Dude you are getting too excited… Comment after Comment…I couldn’t stop myself to be a silent reader of KYY…And don’t mind as I said so….

  8. mary christodoulou

    now the serial is good to see…without manik this serial is nothing…the writers and producers took good decision..hope theyll continue..and dont make mistakes

  9. Divya

    Hopefully this misunderstandings of manik will be sought quickly as he thinks nadu has moved on….I was sad that he thought that……just Dont make go thru these phase….
    Let them meet superfast…..

  10. maggie4

    Wow, Manik is back, at it so appears he have NOT lost his memory, LO:L Honestly speaking, I was already tired of waiting by now, but hell, the look on his face!:) Parth Samthaan does act this well. With both Maddy and Aryaman still in the mix, it seems it might get a bit crowded, but why not to have a love quadrangle: anything is better than yet another crazy/villain who wants to kill them or something. Or, even worse, the rumored memory loss track.. huge sigggh of relief, if we escaped that one. At any rate, I am hooked up again! Looking forward the next episodes:D

  11. ADELE( Anu)

    At last!!! At last manik is backkkk!!!!
    The moment I saw him…….my gosh!!!
    My heart was beating fast!!!!! I was lyk….ek baar……ek baar…….nandu manik ko mile………but yeah MTV waalo ne ek aur epi late kar diya!!!! Ab aur 3 days I have to wait to watch the next epi!! Oh noooooooo!!! Itzxz tooooo difficult…………I wanna watch manan…………………??????

  12. ADELE( Anu)

    But m scared……….wen manik will know bout aryamann……..his feelings for nandini………….wat will he do??? I hope he doesn’t sacrifice………pleaseee … I donn want this to happen…….

  13. ADELE( Anu)

    Wat bout that news……..that manik will have a memory loss……….!!! M realllyyyyyyyyy verrryyyy muchhhh scareedddd!!!??????

    Coz I juz can’t see them both separate…..even for a moment!
    N wen they cry…………I toh literally feel lyk dying!!!



  14. ADELE( Anu)

    Half of them be lyk…….NANDU TUNE YEH KYA KIYA……..


    AND I BE LYK…….

  15. ADELE( Anu)

    Sorry guyz…..I guess I said too much!!
    Wat can I do ……I juz had 5mins wid me………….so I wrote everything that was in my heart!!!!! Now I have to go!!!
    Xams from next week………gotta a study!!!!!

    Hii pradsss………sweetie I really miss u…..
    Hii pumpkin…….bhook toh lagi his but. ..can’t eat……but won’t spare u next tym!!!!
    Hii plumpyy!! Wassuppp dear……..!! Miss u too!!!

    Byeeee all!! Wud come again in evening!!!!! Byeee

  16. nihareeka

    Can anyone tell me that wich song is there which is played for manik and nandini as their background music

  17. Plumpyyy

    WTH!!! Shit! Y d heck did i come to mysore???!!!!! Man! I hav to wait till monday to watch yest’s epic epi!!!!!!! Nooooo idk to wait soo much!!! Manikkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! Aaaahhh i wanna watch d epi now bt alas i cant!! Dammit!! blo*dy hell! Yaar i just hope this misunderstandings are short lived!! MTV walon ko bohot maza aata hai hume satane mein 😡 😡 😡
    upar se manik k aate hi usse rula diya??!!! Like srsly…aate rulana!! Yaar this is d worst sight!! Im allergic to manik/parth cryin!! It hurts so damn much!!! Nxt week the epic meet nahi dikhaya na…toh sachhi mtv gaya kaam se!!

  18. Plumpyyy

    Awww guyz…u r missin me…miss u all too…pradi n anu study hard!! All d best!!
    Shifa nanu mysore ige ninne bandidde. Eega nanu aunty maneyalli iddene. Thoda time mila so epi padhne k lie bande… Matte nanu ninna mele kopa illa?? Wt made u think so?? Yaar nange ninnedu epi nodbeku… Mysore palace horaginda nodide ninne… Ivattu zoo n palace olage nodlikke hogudu…palace tumba olle decorated ide…miss u too shifa…

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Hiii plumppyyy! At last I got some tym out of busy schedule!!
      Thanku dear…….I really need it!!
      BTW…..prads k xams bhi start ho rhe hain??

  19. Plumpyyy

    @nihareeka.. Idk d song name… Bt ik d lyrics..
    Hmm hmm…
    Kaise tujhse mila tha
    main kuch jhagdo se tujhse
    juda tha main
    meri nazrein teri nazron se mili
    pyaar tera meri har khushi bani
    aur tu meri zindagi bani..
    Alvida tujhe kaise kahu main
    door tujhko kaise karu main
    mujhe tu roothna nahi x2
    O yaara o mere yaara
    o yaara tu sun le zara
    o yaara tu aaja re yaara x2
    u may kno d lyrics…bt i wanted to relive d moment agn so i typed it…
    The song’z name is O Yaara

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Ohh plumpyy! I juz loveee this song yaarrr!!!!! 20% coz da lyrics r really heart touchinn n 80% coz Parth has sung it!!!!! Thanxxx dear….for posting….. Coz I was juz goinn to listen that only….

  20. @brity
    How should I take ur reply to me as negative or positive ….idk…

    Yes I am too very much excited as manik is came back…. so parth came back and being a true parthian I would be happy seeing him working again…… ik u Won’t get what m saying but u only say na from when ky2s2 has started I haven’t missed any single pg to comment bout my feelings for the show….. that too bada wala and sometimes funny too….. hehe bada wala lyk ways niti races when it comes to chotu gift and bada gift lyk ways I race when it comes to chotu comment and vice versa…… but yeah I don’t post half of my comment with emojis and exclamatory or space……..leave it….. I felt lyk saying so I said….now I have comment something again toh bye….

  21. Awwwwwee thank u so much plump ??????dil khush kar ditta….!!

    And ya dear come back soon to see manik….m damm sure u are missing kyy especially ur yuvi if possible na jaldi jaldi dekhliyo… Maddy aka yuvi was looking tooo much cute….. for me not more than parth….. in performance he wore black looking freaking hot!!??and after that white shirt…. damm jaldi jaldi dekho ok….. take care and enjoy in mysore……. and be happy in ur yuvNa land… ??

    • And yeah my current dp is dedicated to u huh….remember i said aarav promise I will keep this as my next dp….. and see I stood on my promise.✌??

  22. I have lots more to comment…. this is one of it…..

    He was badly hurt
    He was crying
    He was angry
    How can they replace him lyk this
    He couldn’t imagine this in his dreams
    he lived for his frnds he never lived for himself not even once
    Is this replacement was so easy for them

    lyk srsly nandu!! Pehle toh whenever he used to come in her dreams she used to hug him…. dance with him….. and now she just simply ignored him… i can too feel how he must have felt…… when he was smiling seeing her.. she just ignored him just for a selfie……?????

  23. Sry emotional hogaye…. coz today i saw last part of episode map aadha dekha tha coz mom was there and MaNan k kuchi koo wale fb dikha rahe the na…….

    @anuuuuuuuu all the very best sweetie!!! ??? ache se likha na huh though ik u are not care less like me but fhir bhi its ur 9th do very well and don’t take too much stress of studies.ok aur pls sisy mujhe bhi wish kardo mere bhi start honewale hai next week….aur ache marks aaye toh my dream of having guitar will come true….. 3yrs yahe sapna dekh rahe hu…… hehe tabhi choti thi guitar handle karne k liye….. oh sry wrong topic…. but yeah write well…
    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!! ???

    this is from athu and sru…. ik u too miss them
    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!

    aur punku will wish u her self only…. and liya kutty too…..
    Ok thanks bye…. love u loads

  24. banu

    manik u r back…am freakng happy ryt now..parth samthaan…wat a performance….omg…missd u so much man 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)…

  25. Plumpyyy

    @anu…anytym:)… Dil khush kar deta hai woh song… The lyrics,music n most imp parth’s voice!!!! Love it so much!! Yep she ws sayin…
    @pradi…im always ready to post d song…raat mein uthakar bhi type/write karne ko tabhi bhi i’ll do it…!! N that’s vry rare…coz i love sleeping!! Im like manik…lateriser..hehe… Btw…who’s aarav?? N yeah…i ws gaping at ur dp fr long tym…love manan…unconditionally! What??????!!!!!!! Back-to-back black n white shirt mein yuvi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My breath hitched! Epi dekhungi toh pakka my body will go numb…blood circulation stopped…blood frozed in 1 place i.e my cheeks! Mar jawan tujhpe yuvi!! Tu dil tui yon jaan meri…yuvi…my fav samjhawan…te amo yuviii…okaye im in my YuvNa land!! But yest toh full on MaNan land!! I took a aftrnoon nap that tym too manan dreams! Bt i forgot kya tha dream mein…i cn remember only MaNan…

    • Plump are u kidding me!!! ????parth’s pet name is aarav…. he said don’t tell me u don’t kno…. u are a parthian I should kno yaar I started knowing months ago but i guess u know him since one year……

      • Plumpyyy

        I’ll tell u idk! Haha…i really didn’t! I kno only yuvi’s nickname…poora yuvian hu…there r mny nicknames fr yuvi…but huh…he is secretive bout dat coz they r damn funny!! N i kno parth frm almost 3 yrs!! Bt b4 kyy he ws not known…so idk…bt whoever had watched bff loved his character in dat too…vry much loved one but he left d show…heart breaking for all prithvi n SanVi fans!!! I ws n i am n i will one of them!! Uske baad i missed him so so much uk!! Did u watch his ad btw?? Close up toothpaste with lauren??

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Plumpyy……lyk srssllyyyy!!! U didn’t know this……I became a parthian much later than u both……..n I know this………!!

      Itz literaalyyy sooo surprising!!!
      Hmm!!!! Chalo much toh fayda hua parthian banke……..!! ???

      • Beta anu toh maine kab bola that idk this……! ???That u are saying I became later and all AND for ur kind info I was not a parhian before i became around two months usse pehle I used to be just a crazy MaNanholic neither I had any interest in parth before….heheh plump knows bout my journey of being a true parthian coz v both have same story of that……. acha toh tell me his bro/sis name…… if u are claiming that u know this n that…. OK I may sound rude but when It comes to parth or anything regarding kyy toh I losse it…. Mann se chotu baby hu na….???

      • ADELE( Anu)

        I never said that I know parth better than u…..n I didn’t tell bout u……that word”both”got typed bY mistake…….n my net pack was over so didn’t correct it!

        I had said this earlier also n m saying it now also……..u were d one coz of whom I know Parth…….if u weren’t there….. I wud never have know wat is kyy n who is Parth or niti…………

        Itna much bolne k pehle ek baar puch toh leti yaar…….m really hurt ……how cud u even think lyk this?????


      • ADELE( Anu)

        N I never claimed that I know this n that……..!! I juz said that I know his pet name……thatz it!!!

  26. Plumpyyy

    Shifa..ek toh nange avra tvyalli mtv channel number gottilla…matte nange tv nodlikke bidude illa..avre nodtirtare… Nanu sunday wapas hogudu udupige… Ivattu zoo nodi bande…awesome hai!! Alli tumba birds couple ittu i guess…nange adannu nodta nodta MaNan idu nenapaythu…nanu pagal jaise smile madtidde…upar se kelavu birds kiss madtittu…yeah sounds weird…nanna mind alli bari manan idru…musicana opening night,confession night matte consummation night mind allittu…srsly we love manan so much that evrywhr v think of them! Ninna college ige rajeya eega??

  27. Plumpyyy

    N yeah pradi…yest at 6:30 to 7:00 i ws in car roaming in mysore city…all lights outside..completely decorated..upar se i came to mysore fr d 1st time n guess wt i ws doin!…only watchin d time wid a sad face! I ws staring at d time all d while…kitna miss kar rahi thi n evn kar rahi hu kyy ko!! I ws lyk..sabhi kitna khush honge epi dekh ke..atlast manik ko aaj dikhayenge lagta hai…n main yahan in lights ko dekh rahi hu in darkness…fr me toh actual light ws kyy only! I hope monday jaldi aa jaye!!

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Awwweee! Plumpyy!! Shoo shaadd! But u can watch it on u-tube……I hope…..

      @prads!! Do u know me???? Itne dinn baad aayi main…..n tumne ek ‘hi’ bhi nhi bheja………soo saadddd yaarrr!!???????

      • Anuuuu I wrote a comment for u yaar it didn’t passed moderation infact that above comments of me of today were posted around 5:30 whereas I typed it at 1:30 …….trust me today my comments are posted too late….for proff wait and when my comment will be posted that time u see the time. . OK..

    • Haha plump I too how it feels when hath aaya par mu nahi lagaya….. u must be pakka feeling na that u got a bruise and upar se someone is applying lemon on it…. coz I feel like this only when I miss kyy episode especially there was a MaNan scene……. same pinch yaar even for me light is kyy…. and ya music too u have MTV app na…. if huh… if possible watch it on MTV app coz YouTube MTV hasn’t uploaded it yet…… I said if coz I guess there will be network problem…. i have Wi-Fi and speed is damm good toh episode dekhne mein maza aata hai…… so if u have good internet connection in Mysore na then watch……. bas starting and end wale part aache the beech mein pyaar ka punchnama promote kar rahe the…. ok bye for me pyaar ke punch name se yaad aaya i have to post a comment on that also….. and enjoy in ur YUVI land coz ik that only can give u solace for now ….coz ur bada wala solace is toh kyy na…..
      Ok thanks bye tc…..and try watching the epi yaar…

  28. Plumpyyy

    Yeah i cn anu…wi-fi bhi hai…but dekhne ko tym nai milta…sare k sare bakbak karte rehte hai…if i cry infront of them watchin kyy na…they’ll b lyk yeh ek show ko dekh k ro rahi hai… N my cousins toh are pros in bad mouthing kyy!! N i hate them loads for that!! I literally do..ff mny other reasons too!!

  29. Acha chalo m back……

    When Maddy said
    This is the last time m helping u don’t expect that I’ll again safe
    That time fans be lyk:
    Maddy it’s OK coz the manik malhotra is back….!!!!!!!!

    Aur ha this is toh clear now
    Maddy ko monster manik mila na mila lekin nanduuu tujhe monster manik zaroor vapas milega
    Get ready for it nandini murty I hope there will be a tashan….. par cute wala…..

  30. shanaya

    Hey guys Parth is in my hometown.. that is Bhubaneswar….. I am so happy… bt at the same time I feeling really sad….coz I missed the opportunity to meet him in real….I just managed to see at the airport…. his 1 glance made my heart pounce…..guys can’t xpress my feeling when I saw him….I was there to pic my uncle…and I saw him….he was in a yellow T-shirt with headphones around his neck…..wht a cool look….killer look

    • Yeah ik…… and before that he was in kolkata and before that at guwathi aur usse pehle at tinshukia……. awwwe u saw him……. by ur this comment butterflies started flying in my stomach yaar….. damm he is freaking hot! Once toh I’ll definitely meet him and hug him n thats for sure…its a promise of my to myself…… at least u saw him idk what would have happen to me

  31. Guysssss waiting 4 a MaNan scene and a a fab5 wala scene. When he was heartbroken I was sad, but when he writes nandini on the table in dirt I was feeling a bit happy cuz that iis a good MaNan scene. Love u MaNan.

  32. ADELE( Anu)

    Awww prads!!!! Thanku dear!! I really needed it!!

    MINE FROM 27TH……..

    • I too needed this anu…..sabke samne toh m like yo yo id care bout anything but i only kno how much tensed i am…. btw my xams are from 28th and sry yaar my comment was posted late that’s y u didn’t saw it and u became sad…. sholly…. and tc study hard….. its ur 9th sweetie… ok sweet dreams ???

      • ?Jennifer?

        Hey sis(Minnie)….??
        Really ur exams are going 2 start???
        Well….so do study well dear…and score good marks??…
        All the very best ????for ur exams….
        Be happy always my #cutiepie??
        Love U lots siso …Do take care….????

        And all the best to u too Adele(anu)…
        I hope u remember me
        If yes then its all right…n if no then know me now hehehe??????

  33. ADELE( Anu)



  34. ADELE( Anu)

    I know…..that kyy anniversary was long back!!! But today is da day manan completed one year………..I mean only manan!!!!!!

  35. Acha toh parth k baare mein baat ho rahe hai toh…… I am aware of his each n every step….. infact many ppl are currently…. I saw many videos….. but I thought of sharing this…. parth was in his event toh I guess he was asking for dance something….and u won’t believe it that one girl literally started crying…… and then when he saw that he told that she will dance with him….I was lyk woh roi toh usse dance k liye liya toh agar main bhi roi toh I’ll also meet him ???heheeh nahi samja na……. and there was one more video in which na girls gone crazy and were shouting lyk hell !!!!!and there was lot of crowd…. m sure they must have got hurt…parth said “I don’t want anyone to be hurt coz of me ” wasn’t this a awwwwee gesture of him………he’s the best for me!

    isse yaad aaya today in my School….my frnds were congratulating me on the occasion of manik’s come back and were asking for a party….. toh I was lyk hahah party aur tumlogo ko so that u will again abuse him and will plan for his murder.. ??
    They love teasing me……jab unhe bata chala I cried in class that manik died and that fb of baatein yeh kabhi na.. remembering that….. they consoled me for that after that they were like…. accha hua he died cum se cum iske saar se manik/parth ka bhoot toh chala jayega.. hehehe…..
    Ok thanks bye tc

  36. ADELE( Anu)




    • Anuuuu abhi k abhi do thappad milenge if u ever say this… u are totally a madhubala……. didn’t u notice my last emojis ….??arrey pagli I’ll really slap didn’t u saw that last emojis and waise bhi parth toh is not mine that u are saying sry for him na I won’t ever do a joke or pull ur leg ever again OK….. …our bond is not that easy to break or make us go against each other and u very well kno that….. yaha hoti hu toh I love cracking jokes u can see in my comments only na…. y u took it srsly….. madhubala kahike

      • ADELE( Anu)

        Açhcha!! Main madhubala hun??
        Prads,……….tum kuch kam nhi ho dear!!! Yaad hain na……kitni mushkil se tumhe vaapas laaya tha……..!!!

        Anyways…….sorry yaar…….wo kal mera mood pehle se hi off tha….. Coz of some1 stupid!!


  37. ADELE( Anu)

    Hey guyz…….a new promo……
    Puraa nhi hai……..gimpses mei hain….

    Manik says to aryamann that main toh kabhi gaya hi nhi tha…….
    Then be says to fab3 n nandu that…..
    U moved on…….u performed on my song wid sum1 else…
    Then harshad says sumthin…….

    Prads…….plz agar mile kahin toh pura promo post karr do…………pleaseee!!!

    I really can’t wait…..

    • ADELE( Anu)

      N in da last part……aryamann was very close to nandu…..n DAT too in front of manik………

      Aur BG mei it was said that “kya manik handle kar paayega itni saari insecurities….

      Prads!! Plz help me out yaarrrr!!! Yeh Sab kya hain???!!!
      Aryamann…..aur wo bhi nandu k paas!!!!!! How can it be possible!!??!!!!

  38. Plumpyyy

    Omg! Pradi n anu!! Maine ek question kya puch liya u 2 toh made it into mahabharat!! Like srsly…parth hum gals ko insane karne mein expert hai!! And and and…yest mera dream…parth aaya tha mysore…me n him roaming whole mysore in night..srsly..ajkal parth zyada hota hai sapne mein!! N thnx guyz fr d ideas…but now m goin to mysore palace…n pradi i hav MTV app…Wi-Fi bhi hai..speed is also good…but i cant watch kahin pe bhi…i mean room k andar chupke bhi nahi…n kal i’ll try to watch while travelling…travelling se yaad aaya parth loves it…n i hate it hate it hate it!!! So i hope connection mile n tab i cn watch d epi…love ya guyz… N shanaya..ur damn lucky gal!! U saw HIM!! Lucky u!

  39. Plumpyyy

    Anu…MaNan anniversary..matlab they were 1 on musicana opening night…yeah uske baad breakup hua tha…bt fr us it is d magical one! Cabira also addressed MaNan… That epi ws on oct 31…
    Shifa all d best fr ur exams…bari kyy nodbeda…study madbeku…heheh i only dont do it! Wen i study tab bhi i think k nxt epi mein kya hoga…bt u dont b careless lyk me…all d best sweetie

  40. Plumpyyy

    Anu anu anu!!! Kahan dekha?? Tv pe?? Plz say no!! Yeh kaise ho sakta hai aur kyu?? Karishma plz dont do this goddammit!! Yaar manik is hurt!! Aryamann close to nandu woh bhi manik k saamne??!!! Plz god yeh jhoot ho!! Gosh! CVs love makin us depressed n pissed off!! Kitna satate hai hume!! Yaar so much despair kyu??

  41. ??Chalo new promo is out ?????

    First it showed that manik re united with everyone

    Than manik said to aryaman main kabhi gaya hi nahi tha

    On other hand he said to Fab 3 n nandu that u moved on and performed on my song with someone else

    N harshad also comes n says something

    Exact promo nahi hai…. glimps hai exact I’ll update u guys ????

    After this my hatred for aryamann is cmg back ???I hope voh yeh na soche ki manik nahi tha toh nandu uske hogaye n all

    • Just hate aryamaan. I started hating him from that day whe he developed feeling for nandini. But he can do this types of things I can’t imagine. He saw that manik and nandini loves each other very much phirbhe he is doing this in front of manik. New villan in MaNan love story.

  42. Yeh sab jo kuch hua hai aaj yeh aab aryamann k vajay se hua hai…..

    Ahhh I just want to hit him…. agar aaj voh nandu ko nahi rokta toh nandu would have definitely gone behind manik…. paar nahi aryamann ko lagta he has rights on nandu..

    Tu beta ruk araha manik tere band bajane ???

  43. Areey i forgot to say this
    Pyaar ka punchnama promote karte karte
    Epi ki 20 min se kaam hogaya ….I mean un 3 couple k scenes dikhane ki kya zaroorat thi huh ??

    Oye CVS Battein yeh kabhi na tu bhulna kaun tujhe trp de raha……

    Agar Monday yaane MaNan day ko unka reunion nahi dikhaya na toh ??nandu’s famous punch

    • No yaar she’s stalking me……. day before yesterday too she came but with another dp and she replied ur, mine and nashita’s comment then she replied my same reply to someone and was claiming her self as me….. today also same…… this happens with me…. so now I don’t give a damm coz pehle toh they used to use my mail id to create misunderstanding b/w me anu, punku, liya and I toh have dp so confusion hoti thi who’s real and who’s fake but now I changed my mail I’d….. and now also my dp won’t appear coz which mail I’d m using now was my first one….. which now I have set this image so that they won’t b able to use my dp…..hope next time u won’t trust such ppl

      • My heart?belongs to U??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

        My Minnie aka pradi…is diehard MaNan holic….c will never remove her dp…
        Coz c is a true Kyyfan

        So tell me
        How can i trust u lthat u r my siso huh?????and 1 more thing Minnie always comments here….so no use Of claiming dat u r Minnie OK…coz we v. Well knw it

  44. Plumpyyy

    N Jennifer. ..varun is really a cutie pie! ! Did u watch his role in humse hair life? ? Such a cute guy he is!! I loved his bond with yuvi(juno) onscreen

    • My heart?belongs to U??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

      Yes dear..Plumpyyy..he makes me go crazy by his killer looks….I feel goose bumbs when I c him …???????..
      He is just….awww I don’t have words yaaaar
      Love him a loooot…..????

      • Jenny di!!!! Hii and same pinch…. he’s damm cute yaar???especially in saraswatichandra his looks were damm adorable…. lyk srsly….!!

      • My heart?belongs to U??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

        Ya siso ….??
        I m crazy abt him
        And by da way I have commented upar I mean in 1st page
        Which is a msg 4 U and Adele plz check it dearie…
        And we r sisters right?? so choice to similar hona hi tha…..???

        Please check my comment in 1st page it is between ur and Adeles comment ?

  45. Plumpyyy

    Bandar muh wala aryamann!! Tu zyada haq mat jata nandu pe!! Bandar hai bandar k saath reh!! 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 n karishma tere liye 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

  46. Plumpyyy

    Guyz hav u watched filling in the blanks?? If no…toh i wont say anythin bout it…just watch it once wen ur free… Paradigm shift filling in the blanks.

  47. Hope manik understands nandini. First I was hoping this for nandini and fab3’s move on and now I am hoping this for aryamaan and nandu’ matter. If once I see him in front of my eyes then I will surely punch him. He knows that MaNan love each other truly so why he is creating scene. And if he truly loves her then he should be happy in nandini’s happiness. Don’t know what is going to happen. Don’t want any break up between MaNan. Plz just reunite them plz writers. #LOVE MANAN

  48. Plumpyyy

    Yeah nash…bt vry rare… Yeah hope d same too…if aryamann’s love fr nandu is true toh he shud b happy that manik has come back coz its her happiness…

  49. Plumpyyy

    That musicana night and valentines night were heart wrenching so plz NO break up or somethin lyk dat!!

  50. Varisha saifi

    I hate madhaim , why he is in this show ,i love manik .I hope nandini will meet her manik back ,Nandini is only for manik ,neither for Aryaman nor for Madhaim

  51. Plumpyyy

    Bandar muh wala aryamann…d nickname is back!! I toh didnt like him frm d beginning..woh precap se hi jisme they showed aryamann… I ws okay wid him frm d tym he saw d video of soha hallucinating manik…

  52. Guys a news… some one asked kj whether his character is going negative or not and he said no…. now lets see what happens….
    Hope for the best

    • My heart?belongs to U??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

      Really sis?????
      But remember the scene wen manik came running from car but wen he reached ….?????
      I cannot complete also
      I wish koi separation waagera na ho…
      Love MaNan??

    • punku !! Hiii ??
      That without any pic is mine only u have that mail I’d…. I changed it coz of fakey problem u kno na…. which m currently using is only for gravator…… that old gravator account is still on but I don’t use it I kept that pic as symbol so that even if fakey’s try to use the mail I’d which I disclosed will not be able to do it….

      Master plan na ???

  53. @jenny di!!!
    Awwwwee di thank u shoo much for ur wishes di…..!???I needed it…..

    I too hope no MaNan separation…… varna nandu ko monster manik fhir se milega

    • My heart?belongs to U??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

      Anytym dearie…and oops oops Oops
      Sorry dear mujhe laga ki again somebody is trying to irritate u….
      U remember. Na some days before also

      So many fakeys are there Who uses others name and claim 2 b DAT person

      Really sorry my sis I promise
      I was not intended 2 hurt u????
      Please forgive me my cutie pie if any of my comments hurted u

      Actually i was just checking whether it is fake or not
      Coz now a days many are there who uses others name and offend their friends….

  54. My heart?belongs to U??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

    I overreacted na….
    Sorry 4 DAT and
    separation and all she never ever ever happen?????

    • Diii chill marro yaar…. don’t be so senti chillax… u didn’t did anything don’t say sry…… waise bhi no one knows my this mail I’d…. or waise bhi I don’t remember its password bas dp set karke aur without log out karke I close that window so no fakey probs bass stalkers aate hai tang karne…. u don’t need to sry at all OK di…. chill maaro….

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Hii Jenny di !!(may i too call u di….coz u r bigger than me) Of course I remember u Jennifer(Di)……….!!
      After a long tym!?

      • My heart ?belongs to U??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

        Of course u can call me…. dear….??….take care and do well ur exams ok….

      • My heart? belong to U ??VarunKapoor??(Jennifer)

        Surely I will dear??…
        I don’t have any sister days y??
        Always wished but its all right I got my sisters here??
        And thanks to tellyupdates for giving me not one but two lovely sis….
        Minnie(my cutiepie?)
        Adele Anu(my angel?)….hope u both have no problems with these nicknames….he he ???
        Kyy2 Rockssss….

        MaNan rockssss..

      • Awwweeee Jenny di u made my day ????I too wanted a sis which I got on tu… not one but many…..! ?? I wish di once v will meet…..Nick names are superb…. tysm ??
        Love u loads di…

      • My heart ?belongs to U ??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

        Anytym..my cutiepie..Love U 2 ,3,4,….till INFINITY….. Hehe????

  55. ADELE( Anu)

    Guyz did anyone see da promo????
    Lyk srssllyyyy!!!!!!????

    Manik is so much hurt n is in very much pain…….,..he is so much hurt…..that he literally shouts at fab3 yaarrr!!!!!

    N dat aryamann……..guyz……u know wat………I never liked aryamann that much……..at first…wen his role was negative,he was better……..n even his looks were better…….but now his looks r lyk!!!! I really hate him!!!!
    N frnz toh nandu k sab gain na……navya toh nandu ki sabse achchi frnd hain…….then y does aryamann always try to claim that he is namdu’s bodygaurd ……..n he is always wid
    him…etc……etc!!! ?????

    He knows it from first na…….that nandu loves only manik n will love him only!!! Then how dareeeeee he ask manik tum kab aaye…….n da looks he
    gives!!!!! ?? ??????
    Horribllleeeeeee!!!!! He is toh making his faces as if manik nhi……wo hain nandu ka bf!!! N barsooo se jaanta gain nandu ko….!!

    N da way he cums close to nandu! Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Lyk srslyyy yuckkkkkk!!???????

    Yesterday I literally got flames burning inside me wen I watched da video!!!
    I wanted to shout out all this!!!!!
    I donn want aryamann………….I juz donn want him!!! No….never ever!!!!!!????????????

  56. ADELE( Anu)

    But at least we have a small gud news……nyonika will not be seen for at least 3 months!! She is in big boss na…..
    Thank god!! Nyonika air usske stupid plans se thodi raahat toh milegi……

  57. ADELE( Anu)

    Aryamann: “nandini,I really care for u!”???
    Manik:haan bhai…..main toh paagal baitha hun na yaha pe!?

  58. Plump plump plump!!! Jaldi aao yaar m missing u!! Kuch share karna hai…. and only u can understand my pain m burning here seeing that video its regarding our bae….. jaldi jaldi aao yaha….. ek video hai after seeing that m burning….. with jealousy and no one better than u will understand my pain…. when u will come here reply me ASAP..!!I’ll give u the link

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Main bhi hun……..!! Prads………kitne din huye hain zaraa bataana……Hume behene bane??!!

      N haa…..plump ko toh me too missinn……..coz kyy parrr tum(prads),plump n me……hum most rehte hain…

      Prads toh pehle se hi……then I got plumpyyyy n now jenny Di too!!!

      Baaki WO merit pumpkin!! Usse khaana hain mujhe!!!! Patah nhi kahaan hain!!

  59. So m back with may jokes….yeh itne bhi khass nahi hai bas OK wala hai…..

    ?Aryamann: nandini ko kya bolu

    ?Manik: kya soch raha hai bhai

    ?Aryamann: kya main nandu ko keh du

    ?Manik: fhir pachtaega tu (?)

    ?Aryamann: kyun

    ?Manik: woh tujhe bhi bhai banadegi dekhlena

    ?aryamann: kya!!!fhir dosti thek hai

    ?Manik: yes ? ab ye bhi line se haat gaya

      • ADELE( Anu)

        She will come dear……..aur chaahe much bhi ho jaaye…plumpyy iss pg she dooorr nhi reh sakti!!
        But plz……yaar…..donn be sad!!
        U knw na …..I too bcum sad wen u r sad.,…..pleaseee!

  60. Now my turn. This joke is the worst than all of u bt I am writing it.
    When aryamaan come closer to nandini
    Manik: wht the hell is happening here????
    Aryamaan: nothing.???
    Manik: I saw u came closer to nandini.???
    Aryamaan: I thought u had gone???
    Manik: but beta now I came back so.???….
    Aryamaan: so wht???
    Manik: so stay away from her else?????????
    Aryamaan: ok ok I am going keep ur nandini with u????

  61. This is to light my mood
    When manik said “u moved on so easily”

    ?Me: dekh manik
    Agar move on kya hota hai
    Mukti se navya
    Navya se nyonika
    Aur nyonika se….. ???
    Isse kehte hai move on karna
    PS: no offence just for fun

  62. This is again just for fun no offence

    Point no 1. I said before also.. nandu whenever manik came in ur dream tab u go and hug him dance with him aur ab tumhe selfie important hai kya?? When he came infront of u….u simply ignored him ???lyk srsly!!! Chalo yeh chodo

    Point no2. Manik while u were listening fm u heard na how much nandu loves u…misses u than how can u think she moved on ???

    Point no3. Manik itna lamba hai giraffe jaisa pure crowd mein khada hojaye tabhi bhi easily v can find him toh when he was standing in that performance crowd then what bout them are they blind ???

    Chalo chodo main point yeh hai ki finally manik aagaya…. woh bhi real mein ???

  63. ADELE( Anu)

    Awww jenny Di!! Thatz shooo shwweeett if u Di!!! Thanku soooo muchhhhhhh!! Luv ya loadsssss Di!!??????

    • My heart ?belongs to U ??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

      Anytym my angel….
      Love you 2, 3 ,4… till infinity he he…??????

      • ADELE( Anu)

        Awweeee Di_!!!! U r shoooooo shweetttt!! ????U knw…..even prads said me this……wen moved on from frndship wala relation to sissy waala relation!!! ???

  64. Maddy aur mukti ka pair bnana chahiye vo dono apas m ladte bhi bhut hai.aj comments dekh k dil khus ho gya itne sare……????????????

  65. Plumpyyy

    Oops!! Sry sry sry fr nt comin! Im home! But travelling is my dushman n i ws unwell so came late! Pradi! Abt our bae!! Jaldi jaldi aao n gimme d link! Mera dimag kharab hojayega wait karte karte! N awesome jokes!! Nash ur joke ws also nice!

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Hiii plumpyy!!! Thank god u came!! Ek bachchi tumhe yaad kar kar k paagal ho gayi hain!!

      Prads…..plumpyy came……ab tum kahaan ho??

    • Thank u aiyyappa ??finally huh finally hamare plumpyy ji ko time mila yaha aane ka…??!now I’ll chuck it coz m damm jealous plump pehle see this video bad mein mujhe aapne feelings batana…. but ik our feelings on this video will be same…..especially 20 sec k time ka dekhna….!! Damm I was burning lyk hell that time!! Arggg bakki ki ka baad mein first see this ??????


      • dhanu

        Hi minnie sis…. Why ur mail r not working….. And sisters i missed u guy’s badly. How r u prads sis…

      • dhanu

        No sis these days i have stuck between classes and studies that’s why i don’t have a time to comment here but now I’m free ????????so I’m very very happy to chat with u all and I’m also missed u guys badly. Now i don’t have much studies…. Now all r normal… Ha i want to celebrate my come back and i also my free with u all so will celebrate it’s with cutting cake… ???????????????????????????????????

  66. Plumpyyy

    Yeah anu…bohot miss kar rahi thi…i too missed u guyz…my cutie sweetie frnzzz…my dearies n lovelies… Btw anu do u kno wt pradi had to inform me??

    • minnie

      Acha plump guess who’s in my dp??? ???This dp is for us(u and me)coz after seeing that video mere aandar pata nahi kya chalu hai

      • Krishna

        i hate this comment moderation , still we can post all types of comments so what’s the need of this comment moderation….. nowadays my comments are taking too long to get posted here 🙁

      • Oh right punku….. not only that but remember ur chudaik vale stories??? Gosh they were hilarious!! So from real Fab 5 u r cabir’s duplicate…. coz I remember ur amazing songs too… same mischievous like cabiraa haina

      • Nahhh m 101% fine ???infact I lyk muku a lot m same lyk her ik…. and u lyk cabiraa and our anu lyk dhruv sweet aur shant types??? and MukBir are evil twins same lyk us ??remember the idea of getting rid of losers was urs only then u shared with me then v shared with everyone…. haina perfect name for us…. taliya ????
        PS: muku is rude with strangers and same with me… ???

      • Adele(anu)

        Xcusee me!!! Chudailll kahin ki!!! M not dhruv!!!!! Ya…dhruv is cute….but kabhi kabhi wo thoda childish bann jaati hain!!!

        Tum toh niyonika ho!!! ????
        Donn take srsslyyy haan pumpkin!!! Ab itne dinn baad mile Hi hain…..toh itna toh banta hain!!!!??

        Kyys2 rockkzzss

      • Adele(anu)

        I saw da video prads!!!! ??????
        Soooo luckkyyyyy!!!!! M really jealousss yaarrrrrrr!!!

        U knw prads…..there was one girl..
        ..she cried for three hours….

        So parth danced wid her!!
        Agar aisa hain…toh then we can cry da whole day for him…….so luckkyyyyy na yaarrrrrrr!!!?????

      • Adele(anu)

        Prads……tum Mumbai mei Hi rehne waali ho na??? I mean……..ur future???? In Mumbai only or……

        If u r in Mumbai……. Then anyhow I will meet u!!!!!!! Any how!!!!!!

      • pradishma

        Yeah of course v can and v will meet anu… that’s y said once toh pakka v will meet and will click a sefie together ??

      • ADELE( Anu)

        Really prads???? But……..hmm..
        .okay…..if u both r saying…..then may be……..but m not childish!!?

      • Plumpyyy

        If u comment now i guess ur comment will b posted aftr sometime coz the page admin team checks d comment n decides whether to publish or reject it…so apna cmnt mein kuch kyy/manan/fab 5 k baare mein likh…yeh hint ho gaya i guess…hope u wont understand…KYY ROXZ…3 mins more fr d epi!!! Gosh! I hav to prepare myself to watch d epi!!

      • Plumpyyy

        Anu the cmnt is nt fr u… Its for some1 else…woh nahi bata sakti…
        Damn!! blo*dy hell!! Lightening here! Yaar epi dekhna hai mujhe!! It hurts so much seeing manik like dat!!

      • Adele(anu)

        Agar mujhe hi itna ajeeb lagrha hain…..toh I can understand sissy…… Tum Parr kya beet rhi hogi……..??

        Ohkk……then I’ll pray for u…..that may u meet parth soon…..n may ur dream come true…….jaldiiii se!!!!! U will surely meet parth sissy….n then other girls will feel jealous…
        specially ur school frnz….bout whom u were talking…..juz have patience n wait for dat day to arrive!!!! Ur wish will be fullfilled!!!?????????

      • Plumpyyy

        Haha…mujhe toh yuvi ko dekh k bohot kuch hota hai! N i guess fr d 1st time some1 has called me tosh on TU! No no 2nd time…my nt so oldie frnd catrina used to call me tosh…now u pradi… I hope this cmnt gets replied to minnie’s cmnt!

  67. Plumpyyy

    @mahi… Yayy u too think d same!! I toh wanted maddy n mukti as one frm d starting!! Though i love MukBhi crazily..mukti is alone n has suffered a lot so she has to get some1 who will stand wid her in her evry step!! Did u watch best friends forever on channel V btw?? Coz ik hw awesome it looked to watch yuvi n charlie fighting all d tym!! Jitni baar maddy n mukti fought na i used to laugh lyk maniac!! That’s so much fun!! N yeah…mera bhi dil khush hai inna sara cmnts dekh k…barso baad inne sare cmnts hue hai iss page pe!! How much i miss those days!! I loved to b a silent reader n read my lovelies’ pyaar bhari cmnts!! But hey mahi will u lyk to watch some other actor as maddy?? If they evr pair maddy n mukti there wont b yuvi bt i guess maddy will b der…so do u want to sed mukti wid some1 else as maddy???

    • Now good as my sisy’s are back?????bas missing few ppl ??chuck this wbu liya sometimes comes on swaragini pg her name is laara now and dp is of someone has idk she just gave me that pic to set…… but u really need to have a word with her deary… she misses u a lot and I can’t see her lyk that and ik u too won’t like her seeing her sad…..jaldi jaldi talk with her…

    • Krishna

      hi ann i just so u guyz talking abt liya ………….she used to comment in nauc and sns but now her comments are missing can’t see her in telly updates anymore 🙁

    • Adele(anu)

      Athuuuuu!! Myyyyy sissyyyyy!!!! After sooo many dayzzzzz!!! I missed u verryyy much dear!! I used to call u every day on dtb..
      But u didn’t reply……so I thot u are busy…..
      Kyy2s2 rockkzzzz love manan loadssss!!

  68. Plumpyyy

    I toh came that time only! I mean aftr 6pm…
    Btw…i saw dat video…i mean i watched it now…srsly!! Khoon jal raha hai!!! 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 swirling her!! Arghhh khoon jal raha hai as if kept on d frying pan!! Ws it her u said k she wept so parth danced wid her?? Sachii…same feelings!! So jealous!! Huh…der were some other videos also na…but nai mera khoon wud erupt if i wud’ve watched them too!!! He held her waist!! Aaahhh i feel lyk jumping into d screen n throw her away!!!

  69. Plumpyyy

    Awwwwww parth!!!!!!! He’s such a cutie pie!!! Kinna cute hai!! Cute,innocent,hot,s*xy,handsome,irresistible pata nai kya hai woh!!! Yep…that’z fr us…khoon jalta hai!! Ughhhhh

  70. sidharth khurana

    ann( athu) i miss ur comment also i usually read comment of many person like achu sweet adrita sara liya janu john etc. but suddenly u stopped ur comment and i fond of ur sns drama. plz back again n play ur drama i like it so much

  71. Anu m ri8 here aao khalo pumpkin ko ?
    Prads hi sis even I didn’t talked to liya from a long tym itni busy thi exams me yahan ati t PR liya se BT krne k liye tym nh nikal pai m such a bad frnd mai apni first t u frnd ko bhool gai well I will talk to her
    Plumpy nam btao IF pe so v can talk..
    Hi jennifer can v be frnds?? ?
    Whoever said abt mukti n Maddy pair u r ri8
    Hi Dhanu how’s u?? Long tym no c
    Hi shakira di ?
    Hi all the people here ?(nam le le k thak gai)
    N I hope aryaman finds sum1 else for him as MaNan is the best
    Kaisi yeh yaariyan season 2 rocks

  72. Plumpyyy

    Auho,fairy,nish,sara,ammy di,aadhu,suhash bhai,sam bro,ricky bro,RV,laura,euphie,niks,shar,sana,aisha,samuu,ananya di,sound akka,aish,dan,neha di,kuhu(i’ve nt spoke to u bt ik u.abhishek fan u r n cabir-raghav fan too),anjanna,iki bro(i had no issues),8th vaishu,vaishu di,max bro,bhabhi(queen),lachu, aur kitne hai? Bohot bohot lamba list hai…m srry i kno i missed loads n loads of names but i miss u all guyzz a lot lot n lot!!! U kno guyz humare oldie group mein sirf m der to cmnt here! See u guyz left me alone…vry bad…u too awwhoo n aadhu… Thank god i got mny mny frnz aftrwards they dont let me feel sad n alone…!! U guyz na..sara ki bachhi u came online on IF n no msg huh! Sirf ek..sirf ek k saath im in touch frm TU…humare uss grp se only 1 only 1 person didnt leave me…n that has to be my best of the best anuu..my sissy..my pudding who never left me n ik she wont!! U idiots im in 10th std or u guyz huh?? Samuu,kuhu,fairy,nish toh i understand!! But u guyz na! Huh…dont evn come here to post 1 single cmnt!! U last year k 10th walo…u guyz didnt say ur results yet!! N u too suhash bhai!! Btw..bulbul kaisi hai?? See i remember this too!!! I miss my KYY ROXZ FAMILY a lot!! Koi toh aa jao!! Love u all a lottttt!!!! Cant b measured! Our second family!! Kyy is d base of our frndship remember that!

  73. manasii

    I am happy that finally Manik is back
    And hello all I have always been ur silent reader..you all are awesome and real kyy lovers!! Cheers!!

  74. sidharth khurana

    sana sara(meera of sns drama) we talked earlier if u remember? two were also there but i 4get their name i guess its aadya

  75. Adele(anu)

    Pradssss!!! Sissyyyyy!! I juz saw ur comment!!

    Ohkk….I will give u my smile…

    Kaash main tumhe selfie kheech k hug bhi de paati!!!! ?

    Love u loadssss shishyyyyy!!! #humesha!!

    Kyys2 rockkzzzzzzz!!! Love dhrulyaaa!!

    • Yeh hui na baat! ???Awwwwee anuuu dik ki baat bol di sisy…. I too wish v could click a selfie together …..once v will pakka click……and will keep it as our dp ?????yeyyy!!! OK i got too far and too much excited…. anu dare if u use these kind of emojis ie “??”toh nandu’s famous punch u will get from my side ✊✌chahiye kya?? Nahi na.. very good….. remember wat u said if I get sad then same happens with u right….. ha toh same happens with me…. its my last warning if u use that emoji ever again

  76. Hi sid
    Anu me churail to tum monster ?
    Boht spicy ho yr ummmm yummy ?
    Prads thnku yr I forgot to talk to her I will talk to her I promise, n for God’s sake update dil dhadakne do, want to read what happens next
    Manasi I replied to ur comment…
    Kyy rocks

    • Adele(anu)

      May I know ur real identity??!! I mean Donn take me wrong…..but I juz wanna see whether I know u or not…

  77. I hope my this comment gets posted…. coz I posted a comment for my sisy anu then usse pehle for a award nominations k liye… dunno wtf prob is happening with my comments today.. aadhe post ho rahe and half…….. tmrw I’ll again post them for now i HAVE to keep my phone away otherwise…… coz I have to complete my craft articles and upar se I haven’t submitted a single article…. so….. hope now toh this will be posted…. its my same second comment ??

    Good night lovely sisy’s tc…. miss ya…. sry anu for not replying… ek baari post ki toh it didn’t gone even for moderation delete hogaye inse…aur ab vo sab fhir se likhne lagunge toh I will have to surrender my phone to my mom dad which is third degree torture for me…… kan pakad k sholly sisy ???

  78. dhanu

    Hi prads sis how i connect to u i don’t have ur mail id i want ur mail id. Both of u sisters planning to meet am i rights….. So i have some gift from my side for both of u…. This is friendship qoutes ….for u sisters…. Many people will walk in and out of ur life but only true friends will leave foot frints in ur heart… ??????????????how was that sisters.

  79. sidharth khurana

    tu team u got problem with me?? why r u not post my comment?? here all are talking personly but i couldn’t why?? clarify me or remove othes comment also

    Msg from Team: 58 comments are rejected / deleted from this page out of which only 6 are yours.

  80. ADELE( Anu)

    One joke for u guyz—

    Nandu– I luv u manik!!?
    Manik–but I don’t!!?
    Nandu–parr kyu???
    Manik– tumne mere dushmann ko frnd banaya na….isiliye…¡!?
    Nandu– but WO toh tumhe apna jeeju manta hain!?
    Manik– aww baby!! I luv u too!!!??

  81. Plumpyyy

    Arey my cmnt is gettin posted to some1’s cmnt..i aint replying to any1! Y is my cmnt published as a reply?? Evry cmnt of mine is gettin posted n thnx fr dat!

    Msg from Team: Please send message using Contact Us page, if there is any issue.

    • Plumpyyy

      Okay,thnx fr sayin… But may i plz kno whr’z dat page…coz i did nt find it on this whole page! I had this issue some days ago. But it got sorted in some hours although i didnt make it come to the team’z notice! Plz sort out thiz issue. My comment is again published as a reply!

  82. Plumpyyy

    Finally..finally i saw d promo…n i heard wt dar jerk said…he said “nobody misses u. Seriously. Nobody!” yaar uss bandar ka muh todna chahti hu!! Wt ws dat he did! He came so damn close to her dammit!! His blo*dy face ws so near to her neck!! N manik ws uneasy!! Insecure!! Damn! This shitty bandar!! Urghhh

  83. Plumpyyy

    Gosh..nakli fab 5 jo iss page ka hai…fab 5 chodo poora ka poora kyy drama tha yahan pe b4! It ws so much fun!! I remember who ws manik vry well…bhala isse bhi koi bhool sakta hai?? Main toh bilkul nai!! My yummiest frnd awwhooo i.e auhona!! I miss u loads pata hai!! Idiot u gave me this awesome username n i still use it u toh gayab hi ho gayi!! Huh..! But i wont change my username “plumpyyy” exactly wt u called me wid 3 y’s at d end..!! Its vry close to me u kno auho!! See this is one proof fr i still remember u! Username hi yaad dilata hai!! TU hi yaad dilata hai! Kyy hi yaad dilata hai!! I never forget my lovelies remember that..!! N this word lovelies ws used by u only!!

  84. Plumpyyy

    Yaar manik ws so hurt!! Man..ab phirse yeh CVz hume dilemma mein phek diye!! Manik is manik n v all kno dat..he is impulsive..deprived of love frm childhood..he wont undrstnd easily..bt fab 3 navya n nandu..they too r nt at fault! Ab kisse support karu?? Just hope for d best!! Kuch aur kar bhi nai sakte hum log!

  85. Plumpyyy

    It shows that there are 276 comments on this page but its actually more than that! When i came here in the morning it showed 275 comments and after that i have commented many times but it still shows 276 comments! Plz try to sort out these issues. I did not get where the Contact Us page is so i’m commenting here.

  86. sidharth khurana

    TU team tell me bulshit comment like oh prad tum mumbai ane wali ho hum jrur milenge type comment is related to serial???

    • Excuse look v comment here every day unlike u who is forcefully wants to join us so better stop blaming us and u must have commented crap other wise they wouldn’t have deleted it!
      Thank u for showing is right parth mr sidharth khurana aka SO CALLED SIDHARTH SIR… KEEP SHARING UR KNOWLEDGE V WOULD LOVE THAT ??

  87. Wht’s dt!!!! That gI’ll was so lucky and didn’t u guys saw how she hugged parth. Seriously I am jealous. How can?????? I am hurt so I unlike that video. ?????

    • Jealous god m burning a lot..!! Did u saw @20 how he swirled her… goddd!!!!I so badly wanted to kill that girl…. but I didn’t dislike the viedeo coz parth was there na

  88. Plumpyyy

    Guyz 1 more thing…i saw d promo agn…manik pushed nandini!! Like srsly! MANIK pushed NANDINI?!! And and and why ws nandu smiling wen aryamann came close to her?? I couldn’t see manik like that..after all before any1 i am a manik fan!

  89. No offence just for fun……
    Don’t u guys think its not
    kaisi yeh yaariaan its
    Misunderstanding s de taaliyan

    Pehle aryamann ko trust kare ya na kare ke confusion ab move on karne ki confusion…… 27/28 mein hi itna confusion dekhay toh dunno what’s will happen next… next joke on the way

  90. Plumpyyy

    Shit!! I watched d epi!! Both wednesday n thursday’s!! Waooooo!! Awesome na!! Wednesday k epi mein they made maddy cry n thursday k epi mein they made manik cry!! Wao awesome!! Lovely!! Incredibly amazing!! Mindblowing!! Fantastic!! Marvellous!! Fabulous!! Sarcasm filled words!! Like srsly…i watched d epis frm 1-2pm..n wao i cried oceans!! It always rips me off to see my most precious gems cry!! Aaj toh dont ask!! Ek k baad ek!! It killed me infinite times goddammit!! It hurts so much seeing them in that condition!! Maddy..betrayed of parents love n frndship n true love in his life! Manik..isse toh dard ka factory hi samajh lo!! He wrote nandu’s name on dat dusty table n rashly rubbed it off…n upar se d song…icing on d cake ban ke kaam kiya!! Shit it hurts soo much man!!!

  91. Plumpyyy

    How i wish…wish k manik ko sambhalne n hume sambhalne cabira hota…how badly we miss him…re cabiraa maan jaa..re fakira maan jaa…aaja tujhko pukaare teri fandom yaar…navya bhi pukarti hai… Abeer bhi… Cabir wud hav handled d situation..esp manik..remember hw he handled him wen manik came to kno bout dhruv’s feelings fr nandu?? He’s d jaan of kyy widout any doubt!!

  92. Plumpyyy

    @pradiii…y wud i feel bad if u call me tosh?? Arey m happy!! Most of my IF frnz n some schl frnz call me tosh…woh mera name ka “na” toh YuvNa k lie reserved hai… N srsly..i hate hw parth swirled dat gal!! 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡
    btw…guyz phirse pooch rahi hu…if any1 on IF plz inform me…we cn b in touch der too…

  93. Plumpyyy

    Okay so messaged the tu team abt d probs… And im flabbergasted here!!! Like srsly..srsly…ayiappa is this true?? 303 cmnts!! Now its 304th cmnt!! Oh my god!! Some1 gimme the famous nandu punch coz pinch se kaam nai chalega!! KYY ROXZ N WILL ALWAYS ROCK FOR US,THE TRUE KYYIANS!!!

  94. Plumpyyy

    Pradi…ur dp is of MaNan seeing each other wen manik came to see d performance n nandu saw him he ws lyk…speechless…nandu didnt go behind but…that smile on manik’s face ws so delightful bt aftr dat it just ripped my heart off!!

  95. sidharth khurana

    stupid TU team i think either u lose ur mind or u r one of these chapu girls who are commenting foolish and idiot.
    u have neither any analysis logic nor mind go to hell now i m leaving this forum for forever due to ur biased policy toward me.
    u continue to publish ur viewer’s bullshit comment
    go to hell

  96. Starry

    Tosh you are plumpyyy na? 😉
    I love the fact that Manik is back. Aaj ka episode has started but I can’t watch as I see it only online! My bad 🙁

  97. Ann(athu)

    Missing u my cuties.I will try to come here.But reply is so late.That’s why i am not coming here.I am always active in if

  98. Plumpyyy

    Hawww…u got to kno me!! Not fair! Heheh…btw..kaise pata chala?? No no i’ll ask my bundle of questions on whatsapp… Aur yeh “starry” kyu hai?? Yeh bhi whatsapp pe… N maine epi dekha…mera heart beat had literally stopped i guess!! I did not feel 1 single heart beat of mine!! Manik is so damn hurt!! Fab 2 n nandu cryin oceans..im dead..gusse ka factory fr aryamann 😡 😡 😡

  99. Listen sidhart, if u have problem with our comments then u shouldnt have as v post our opinions, u post urs, n if u have prb then its ur problem not ours, when u posted hi guys so tell na was it related to kyy? Baray aye humko judge krne wale Mr. So called sidhart khurana….kyy season 2 rocks

  100. OMG tosh dekhka kya I found a psyco here who was commenting foolish and was calling himself foolish ????I found a perfect match for our psyco(areey soha) ekdam ram milay jodi now i guess soha will be freed from asylum… u kno y ????areeey this so called blo*dy siddharth khurana u see he will bring her back telling that two psyco will live with each other perfect na ??m so damm happy for our psyco soha vo manik se bhi acche se move on ho sakte hai aur manik ko bhi chain ki saans milege na ik she’s not here presently but who knows aage aai toh ??isiliye acha khasa match milega ??
    this was for mentioning my name in ur blo*dy comment !!! Who the heck gave u right to include me in ur blo*dy comment!! Huh tell me!!! Messing with me or my sisy is a bad idea!! Trust me on it for ONCE if u commented lame on me I’ll be BAD with with u but when u mess with my dear ones toh I’ll be WORST!! trust me u will regret that once u came here!!!! Trust me u don’t me… u don’t kno us(me adele, mehberrian sara, ann(athu) )u don’t kno what v are trust me for ONCE they may forgive u but I won’t ever!!! Don’t u dare a word against plumpyy also!!! She is not in our group but she is not less than my sis !!stay away from me…!!! U !!trust me i won’t think even ONCE to take a strong action against u!!!

    ONE NOT SO FRNDLY ADVICE MR/MS SIDDHARTH KHURANA HOW MUCH U WILL STAY AWAY FROM US IT WILL BE DAMM BETTER TO U! EK BAARI CHAT KYA KARLI TUJHE BADE JALAN HO RAHE HAI!! GRANDPA and for ur info i am on tu from last 8/9 months in fact more than that and on kyy pg m from last 4 months and I comment daily OK daily!!!!!
    This time I spare u but not next time !!!and yeah this was for calling us champu whatever!!! Mind ur tone or else talk with ur MOM DAD LYK THIS NOT HERE

  101. Plumpyyy

    Oops! Pradi…that starry is my frnd…on IF…i only said her on whatsapp to come here n find who m i here…simply to hav fun…so she asked that question no no answer…she’s my idiot bestie on IF… Ek aur MaNanholic too…
    N acha sunaya uss khurana ko!! Awesome pair!! Yayyiee our psycho soha got a partner!!! Psycho Sidharth!!! Bt im hating d word “move on”,”moved on” n “moving on” aftr watchin 2day’s epi…my heart still nt beating in its normal pace! N thnx fr caring..u really are a amazing frnd n sis!!

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.