Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Nandini brings Manik into the room, he keeps finger on her mouth and says he has kept door opened for her, so that no one can have idea there can be anything here. Nandini asks what he is doing here. Manik says he wants her to check something, which only she can do. He asks where else are the marks of lipstick. She smiles asking if she should check, then searches on his body. Manik plays with Nandini’s hair, she asks what he is doing. He says checking, tomato stings, from your birthday cake. Nandini says bye, but he stops her and shows her his palm with the lipstick mark and Happy Birthday written on it. Manik says it is her birthday, she will stay here with him. Nandini says she has to go right now, because of pooja preparations. Manik doesn’t let her leave, and drags her back. Nandini says

she has to go, he should call or text her. Manik recalls where his phone is, he gets it that it is Harshid.
Aryaman warns Harshid for the last time he must not hide the plans. Harshid says he doesn’t know where this came from to Fab5, does they know he has Manik’s friend. Aryaman says Harshid needs him not he needs Harshid, and Fab5 knows the reality of him. Harshid asks if Manik saw this? Aryaman says Cabir showed this. Harshid says whatever happened yesterday, Manik and Cabir can never be the same, their plan can still be successful.
Navya comes to the room and is shocked watching Manik and Nandini behind the door. Manik says he is officially her boyfriend now, she can no more tease them. Manik leaves, Navya is shocked, elated and excited. The fab5 come there, Navya announces they are official girlfriend and boyfriend. Cabir congratulates her, Mukti asks about Manik. Nandini says he has gone to Harshid, and she doesn’t want any trouble. Cabir asks why Manik went to him, they decided not to tell him about the photos even. Nandini asks what photos, but Cabir takes an excuse and leaves.
Manik comes to Harshid and asks about his phone, Harshid resists but Manik snatches the bag. It fell off but Amms comes there. She asks why is Harshid leaving? Manik says he isn’t leaving, he is just returning his bag that Harshid had borrowed last night. Harshid goes to help Amms with the preparations, Manik wonders he has left the bag.
Aryaman gives a flower to Nandini wishing her birthday, he asks Nandini if they can be friends again. Nandini says whatever happened last night doesn’t suit on him to ask if he can be her friends. Aryaman promises to prove his friendship, Nandini says friendship isn’t proven, it is earned. Aryaman says he won’t let their friendship lost so soon. Aryaman watches the dresses Nandini was taking and takes them for Mukti and Aaliya.
Manik was searching Harshid’s bag, Cabir also comes there. Raama, the servant, takes the milk from milk man. Cabir and Manik share looks and makes Rama drop the milk on floor.
Mukti wonders where she should hide Manik’s phone, Aaliya comes there and says she is really hungry. Mukti suggests to Aaliya that they should try and look for Manik’s phone. Aaliya asks why would Harshid keep a phone somewhere where it can be found. Mukti says atleast the should try. Aryaman was passing by and finds the phone, Mukti and Aaliya come back looking for the phone. Mukti watches Aryaman leaving with the phone.
Manik comes to the room where Nandini was getting ready. He makes a sound, Nandini asks what happened. He says it hurts. She asks what? He says you. He asks if she has looked into herself, it is her eighteenth birthday, does she want to kill him? She asks if the plan is working. He says totally. He says only a single thing is missing, the red lipstick. He asks her to wear it please. She asks why? He comes to her and says because it looks good on me. He has got used to it since last night. Nandini puts her dupatta over him, he drags her inside as well. He teases her badly inside, where she was being offensive. He says she has got eighteen means she can drive and has a licence, what was she thinking. She runs behind him, both play together. He says what she is thinking is brilliant. She asks really? He says yes, both close eyes to share moments together.

PRECAP: Ammbs finds Manik and Nandini sharing looks with each others. She asks Manik if he loves Nandini, both are shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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