Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik says that you are just making this hard for yourself while Nandini says that this is all very new to him and she doesn’t know how to deals with it. Manik asks her again and again if she had a friend like him before just to taunt her. However Nandini pushes him back and then they hide behind another bookshelf to avoid the librarian. Nandini holds Manik and so does he hugs her.
Muktii says to Abhymanu that boys come and it doesn’t affects her. Abhymanu tells her to remember that and tells her to be happy with herself. Muktii says that she doesn’t advice from an idiot and is about to leave when Abhymanu holds her and says that I am really sorry for hurting you. He kisses her in the head and apologizes again to her. Muktii says that you don’t deserve me, she steps back and

walks away. Taking some steps she looks back, wipes her tears but goes on.

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Manik asks to Nandini to what the instruments are for and Nandini explains that she has to get them as she has been ordered by the principle. Manik sits on the table and mocks Nandini on her height. However he asks of what she is going to be doing and Nandini says that she would be busy in the workshop and you will be busy in the album. Manik says that it is tight deadline while Nandini says that you should just shut yourself and you can properly find a way.
Manik explains to where the Fab5 is going and says that it is like your idea. Nandini says that it’s ridiculous as Soha is always up to something. Manik says that he can’t understand to what the problem when Nandini says that you won’t go to Soha’s farm house. Manik says that he is not going with her on a honeymoon all of us are going. Nandini says that go where you want but don’t come running to me when you get in trouble. Manik says that I am not a kid and I am not coming to you anyway and says that we are going to go there and make some music and nothing else. He tells her to have faith and if not than keep imagining the things that can happen.
Soha is packing the guitar when she starts to hallucinate about him. Walking by hears her says that what does she even mean. Soha keeps on talking to Manik saying that I can’t wait to reach there and what do you think I planned this trip and lets a night to remember. Nandini hears this and says that she is sick and I have to warn him otherwise something could happen.
The Fab5 is sitting in the café ready for the road trip when they hear Cabir’s mother shouting for the waiter. Cabir goes and asks her of what she is doing here and she tells him to go and get his sandwich. She than says that are you a waiter as I thought that it’s what you are doing nowadays. She gives him the mail and Cabir says that I got the job of a bartender. His mother scolds him and Cabir says that I told them to send this letter to Manik’s house.
Muktii says that why are acting like this as you were so cool. Manik says that he took this job for you while she can’t understand any of them and keeps on scolding him. Manik explains to what the Fab5 is up to and says that we are going to make history. Manik says that you should be impressed and this doesn’t need and address to check. Manik says that we are not friends we are family and so does Muktii and says that if you need prove we can give one. She announces about the album to everyone standing there. Cabir’s mother soon leaves and while the Fab5 takes a group hug. Nandini standing by was about to say something but she leaves.
Soha is in her room when a woman comes and tells her about the update. Soha starts to talk on the mirror with Manik. Nandini on the other hand is saying that she should not Manik about this as with the Fab5 they don’t anyone. Nandini falls and her dress gets torn when Manik comes and helps her. He asks of how does she manage to do it either getting her clothes burned or torn. Nandini says that what is the big deal for you as you told me once that Muktii and ALiya wearing such clothes. Manik says that it’s no big deal for me but is for you. He stitches her clothes and says that I only came to say bye to you before leaving. Nandini tells him to take care while Manik says that you are the one who needs to take care. He shakes her hand and leaves. Nandini wonders if she should tell Manik about the psycho Soha.

Precap: The Fab5 is leaving when Nandini tries to get in the back trunk. She fails but succeds the second time and Manik notices the trunk open. Dhruv goes and checks and says that I need to adjust the luggage to close it.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Shruti

    Nice episode, the library part was nice, wonder what is gona happen in the farm house when nandini reaches there. M also curious who’s gona drink that spiked drink.

  2. rihan

    Hi guyz…l m really vry sry abt 2day’s incideent…l didn’t want 2 hurt any1…….sry guyz..caron l m sry .cm back.l m vry mch straight frward. Mny ppl hates me 4 ths..l m vry mch sry carron,niks,laura nd sam..

  3. fairy

    Hi rihan..tnx 4 cmng n dw carron ,my swt sis ll cm back….nw she hv hurt……bt she ll b back…..l blve tht….

  4. remix queen

    Hey guys…m bck…m feelin bad fr abhi n mukti…dono galat hai…shes rude n he shudnt have played with her emotions

  5. carron

    Rihan actually when I first cmnted here I was a continuous watcher of kyy but stopped it when my schl reopened but by then I grew very close wid these ppl , I miss them a lot even I f I didn’t talk 2 them 4 one day 4 example 2day …trust me even if it was 4 few hours I missed these ppl a lot ….

  6. carron

    Hey sharu do hw was epi ???
    Guys from now on I will control my talking n will stay in my limits … 🙂
    I guess I took the wrong decision to leave ..

  7. remix queen

    Hi carron…epi was good but i think that the caburs mom part was too much…draggin the suspense…n seriously hw does nandu manage to tear her top everytime…lol

  8. vaishu

    thank god nandu ‘s accidental eavesdropping on soha’s reveals to her that psycho soha up to sumthing!!

  9. fairy

    Guyz..l jst dnt liked tht cabir’s mom part…….she shld hv undrstood her own son……she always thnks tht her son is dng a wrk of servent……

  10. fairy

    Hi glisha……
    I thnk tht soha shld go 2 d doctor 4 her hallucinatn…..she hv dreamt abt manik 4 4tm…..full mad..,

  11. vaishu

    fairy i wudn’t blame cabir’s mom,,coz cabir fr well off family,,she can’t c her son doing odd jobs,,

  12. remix queen

    Cabirs mom part was irritating…no mom embarasses her own son in front of every1 by callin him a waiter…

  13. remix queen

    I also liked the part whr soha was rehearsin wat to tell manik at farmhouse n the caretaker lukin at her dat way…i think the caretaker will help nandu

  14. remix queen

    I find soha funny…uske dreams itne stupid bhi ho sakte hai…n mr khurana hw can he cover up his spoilt brat daughter like dat

  15. fairy

    Guyz 1day l cn die without telling gudbye 2 u all
    Bt l ll nevr 4get 2 say tnx 2 u all coz
    U guyz hold d lovliest part in my life..
    Gud n8…
    1 of my fav quote…..

  16. vaishu

    annu,,i dun think nandu will ever doubt on manik wif soha,,she d mentioned to manik in her previous episode!

  17. laura

    guys i will go at 11 my sis wants to do her project will really miss u guys
    Convey my wishes to carru nd vampy

    PLUS ruhi will come tomorrow she is my classmate new to kyy do chat with her
    PLEASE PLEASE she is 1 of my best friend

  18. vaishu

    but nandu has to go for lots of sacrifices n compromises in order to protect manik,,,i feel they shud change the track

  19. laura

    bye every1 final bye
    Glisha tell every 1 about ruhi c u soon

  20. vaishu

    i think so glisha,,i heard it sum whr,,she needs to play dirty tricks to get manik,,otherwise he won’t fall for her

  21. sanaya

    hey guys..
    saw d ep…ws gud bt in d last part they both looked vry upset dat dey wont b able to c each othr fr 3 days

  22. vaishu

    annu,,,act nandu was more upset,,coz she cudn’t alert manik bout soha ,,she is standing on pins n needles !

  23. sanaya

    m here vaishu…nw jst want to c deir confession..dey r jst draggng d drama..why dey r nt showng deir confession sequence..dey r nw in a relatnshp fr 69 ep bt widout confession

  24. fairy

    guyz…l was stdyng…nw gng 2 sleep…so final gud bye….
    did u guyz like my quote..ok evryday l ll gv 1 quote…if u all agree….bye

  25. vaishu

    sana,,act except cabir none of his frenz knows bout thr relationship,,confessions i dun think ny time sooner

  26. vaishu

    n sana,,extreme was explosion at nandu ‘s house,,,surprisingly nanadu’s family members were temporarily deaf ,,haha,, no one came out!

  27. vaishu

    some more mukthi still at rehab,,usually who ever under them they advice to stay away fr new relationship…poor mukthi

  28. vaishu

    oni very few cancers affect ppl in early age,,if m not mistaken adenocarcinoma occurs in elders,,,but anything possible in this drama,

  29. sanaya

    Nandu(before knowing Soha’s farm house plan): We won’t meet for three days. So that You can focus properly on Music.Nandu (After knowing Soha’s farmhouse plan) : This is ridiculous. Tum teen din ke liye Soha ke farm house me nhi jane wale(u r nt goin to hr farmhouse for 3 days)..BAS!!

  30. Vampire.

    Nw i will be here till 5 or whole n8 alone. Its my life nd i have right 2 whatever i like wid my life. I think no1 should have any prob.

  31. Vampire.

    Hi rihan.
    I know u r regular cmnt reader so, read this also.
    Tumhara cmnt parke maan kush ho gaya. Thanks a lot 4 ur advice. Bt i think u wasted a ur tm. I am sayng this becz, tumne eetna mehnat se soch k ye cmnt diya hoga.
    I again thank u for ur gr8 adv. Bt, here is 1 biggest prob. U say anythg 2 me, i don’t care. Mujhe koi asar nahi parega. Chai koi nak ragar k bhi mar jaye, mein wahi karunga jo mera maan kahta hai.
    I am gud for gud nd worst 4 bad.
    Thanks 4 readng my lecture.
    If u want 2 create mess then pls start soon. I am egarly wtng.
    Contact me at [email protected]
    i am wtng 4 ur mail.

  32. nw mr.rihan frm my side jst shutup n do our own wrk n tumhe kya prblm agar hm baate karte h to tumhara kya jaata h net k paise hm fill karvate h tum nahi so hm jo chahe vo kare sooo do our own wrk mujse to galti se bhi mat uljgna varnaa …… sochlena quki muje koi asar nahi hito koi muje kuch bhi kahe…..tnx 4 reading my lines wid sooo carefully….. 🙂

  33. Vampire.

    Yes rihan, thanks 4 reminding me that i have 2 give board. Bt it is startng vry late.
    U too study. Don’t read cmnt. If u want u can chat. U r most welcome 4m my side.
    Study well na becz 11th is the most toughest yr in whole life. Again i am sayng u r most welcm.

  34. frm my side also ur welcm but tumhe meri chinta karne ki jarurat nahi quki mere frends or meri family chinta karti h meri to tum apni study karo dusro ko lectures mat dooo…..

  35. Vampire.

    Rihan pls contact me na. I will make sure that ur name will be at the top of contact list of mine. Pls send mail na becz i don’t read older cmnt.

  36. vam

    Muskurane ki wajah tum ho
    Gungunane ki wajah tum ho
    Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye na
    O re piya re
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    O re lamhe tu kahin mat jaa
    Ho sake toh, umra bhar tham jaa
    Jiya jaaye na, jaye na, jaaye na
    O re piya re
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    O re piya re, piya re
    (Instrumental Break)
    Dhoop aaye toh, chaon tum laana
    Khwaaishon ki baarishon mein,
    bheeg sang jaana
    Dhoop aaye toh, chaon tum laana
    Khwaaishon ki baarishon mein,
    bheeg sang jaana
    Jiya jaaye na, jaye na, jaaye na
    O re piya re
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    O re piya re, piya re
    (Instrumental Break)
    Jo mile usmein, kaat lenge hum
    Thodi khushiyaan thode aansoon
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    Jo mile usmein, kaat lenge hum
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    Jiya jaaye na, jaye na, jaaye na
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    O re piya re
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    O re piya re, piya re
    Piya re … piya re ..
    Woh o ho .. oohoo ..

  37. Vampire.

    Rihan, i want 2 tell u 1 more thing. In this feild u were correct i have never talked abt kyy.
    I agree wid it. Bt u must have also read my cmmt that i don’t watch any serial. So, i am nt gng 2 talk abt kyy nd i will never talk so. Becz i don’t watch anything. I will chat only. U will c no kyy discussion from my cmnt.

  38. Vampire.

    Ok nw i am alone nd feelng sleepy so i am gng. It is almost 2 only. Pls contact wid me na. Take ur tm. Do watever u want i don’t care.

  39. remix queen

    Gm guys…sam u seemed to b on fire yest…jus cool down…n rihan ne jo bola he has a point too..yahan lately bhut tp hone laga hai so it has to b controlled…n i feel the same as him dats y i too havent been comin here too nuch to chat…n he jus put fourth his point dat wasnt the way to react

  40. Nutz

    Not so good sana di.
    Since yestday eve i’m in a awful mood. Hw can carru leave like dat! To tell da truth wen i saw her comment i felt like cryng, i tried talkng but no1 was der den, i was talkng al alone,hw unfortunate am i

  41. Nutz

    U knw di i was at my tutions,aftr returng hme, i saw caru’s comment. I tried talkng on 21 jan pg but no1 der den.so later around 9 i came to 22 jan pg but apart 8 comments no1 was here..

  42. carron

    Didu cheer up !!! I didn’t go anywhere …yesterday I took a wrong decision ..It was becuz of the bad day at schl I was stressed out …..
    i will never go Nw !!!

  43. Aisha

    Hi guys … N carron how old r u ??? Sorry for asking but i saw u called didu to nutz so i just asked that …

  44. fairy

    hi aisha…hw r u??
    sry ..l dnt knw anythng abt u..
    wht clss r u nw??whr do u live???
    sry sry..plz dnt mind…4 askng so mny ques…

  45. Aisha

    I m fine fairy…. I m in 8th standard … 12 years age … N i live in Bangalore … And don’t say sorry !!!

  46. fairy

    ha ha ha…..l m nt gv u pressure 2 call me di….if u wnt 2 call me di..thn u cn n if u dnt want thn…no pb…
    sry guyz..l hv 2 go 4 tution nw..bye

  47. Nutz

    I’m back!
    Ok di, i won’t worry. N as long as u al guys r here wd me,der’s absolutely no need fr me to worry. See i’m smiling nw:-)
    Hi aisha…nice to meet u. Hw r u?

  48. Nutz

    Feels i’m talking with after a while. Guess maybe our timing is bad, when u come i’m not here or when i come maybe u’re nt here then. Anyways forget all this,just glad to talk with u

  49. Nutz

    It seems like i hv bcum chatter-box, talking one after another….:-D
    save me ss, where r u ss?plz do talk with me otherwise i’ll be talking al alone wd myself

  50. Nutz

    But no need to worry i’m trying my best n hope i’ll succeed in making good result. It’s just that da pb is i hv been a lot lazy these days…shame on me

  51. Nutz

    Suhash hv u been watchng kyy these days? I mean since u hv xms knockng at ur door,so i thought maybe u’re nt watchng kyy

  52. Nutz

    Suhash hv u noticed dat our chatting has been more like one sided conversation, whr i’m just askng n u’re answerng…..don’t u hv anything to ask me??!!!

  53. remix queen

    Epi starts with yest precap whr nandu gets into maniks car….fab5 are talkin bout cabir wen he asks whether fab5 is embaraassed with him bein a bartender…manik tells him to shut up mukti remembers abhi n says a dialogue said by him…manik thinks he saw nandu behind thru the mirror bt thinks hes imagining…den aliya says lets change topic n b*t*h bout sum1…mukti asks who n aliya says nandu…manik says y her…mukti says y r u so protective of her n do u wanna make her part of fab5..he says notin like dat…navya is sittin in garden with bags n doesnt know whr to go wen her room mate brings her bck to hostel n says ill Cover fr u…fab5 reach farmhouse n bfre every1 gets out of car nandu gets out n hides in the garden…manik sees some branches shaking n goes to see…wen hes abt to see nandu soha comes sayin hi n he gies away

  54. remix queen

    Soha hugs manik n says welcome n pulls his hand n takes him in…she has made all his fav food fr dinr wen manik says no hes nt hungry n wants to rest…rest also say well have an apple n leave…soha gives manik a glass of vodka which he throws n says weve nt cone here fr party bt fr music…all go to their rooms…soha pours wine in 2 glasses n is takin it to maniks room wen nandu sees her druggin it she tries to make soha trip bt she doesnt n reaches maniks room manik doesnt let her enter the room bt she gets in…n epi gets over

  55. remix queen

    Precap mein dey show dhruliya sharin room n kissin…n soha makes manik drink n hes dizzy n nandu watchin

  56. Nutz

    Sana di precap shws soha forcng manik to drink n manik takes sip n feels dizzy n kinda fallng backward..nandu watches eyes wide opened

  57. Nutz

    Sammy, No need to be formal bro. N i’ll always talk wd u, no matter wat hppns bro,so don’t worry.
    But tell me one thing bro aj tumhe meri aur fairy ki adaat kaise lag hayi jo tum bina bataye jaye wale ho…

  58. Nutz

    Ya di i hv watchd 2dy’s epi but i’m unable to understand few parts.
    Sana di why do u hv to wait fr 2dys,wat fr?

  59. Nutz

    Oo…! 2dy is friday! I soo forgot, nw i understand u sana di n fairy. gos! my head has really stoppd wrkng,so silly of me:-D

  60. Vampire.

    C nutz, as soon as i came, every1 is gng 1 by 1. Nw i think myself asubh also. I don’t want any1 2 go becz i came so, continue ur chat. Nw i will only go. So bye.
    Its final 1. I will try 2 cm later. If i don’t then sry in adv. Bt i will try 2 cm.

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