Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini is worried that Manik is not answering. Aaliya and Mukti exchange looks and heads on with Nandini. Manik fights back the goons but they get hold of him and beat him hard. Dhruv was thinking about Manik’s last words with him, their times together, how he had denied Manik’s friendship and Manik’s last hug, Navya’s words echo in his mind that Manik preferred friendship on love again. A boy comes to Dhruv in the corridor and asks why hasn’t he changed yet, and where he is going. He shows Dhruv the changing room and leaves.
Manik’s phone continuously rang with Nandini’s call while the goons beat him hard. Aaliya and Mukti were silent whereas Nandini was worried. Aaliya gives Nandini her dress and says they will wait outside, Nandini was still stuck in her mobile. Mukti

takes it and says trust me, Manik is fine. Aaliya asks why is she restless. Nandini says Manik was right… but couldn’t tell about what. Mukti hugs her and says it is a big day for her and everything will be good today. He asks Nandini to change.
Cabir comes home where Sunny was caught with Navya’s mom. Sunny jumps to hug Cabir. Cabir tries to explain to Navya’s mom but she says now she will listen to anything after wedding. Cabir calms her down asking her to sit down.
Nandini gets ready, she finds a gift on her dressing table. She opens the red covered box with a note and a brogue. She reads the note and smiles.
The goons still beat Manik. Manik was crying in pain. Dhruv comes there and shouts to stop this drama, leave him. He knows everything about them.
Navya calls Cabir and says sorry Cabir, Dhruv knew everything, he might not go there. Navya’s mom ran after Sunny, Frustrated, Cabir shouts at them to stop it as if marrying Navya is the quest he will marry her.
Dhruv shouts and tries to stop the goons that it isn’t a real fight. They throw him on the floor, Manik fights back, hits one of the men enraged and runs to Dhruv. He gives his hand to Dhruv, Dhruv takes his hand and stands up. Both Manik and Dhruv beat the men together. Dhruv saves Manik from an attack, both look at each other for a while then fights again.
Aaliya and Mukti were restless, Aaliya says Manik and Dhruv must come as it is about time. Cabir calls Mukti, he tells her the plan is bursted, a long story. He says he is reaching college, till then she must go and check Manik. Mukti assures she will take care of it. Nandini comes out and asks what happened. Mukti cheers and says nothing, seeing her in tension put both of them in tension as well. Aaliya hurries her to stage, Nandini resists but Aaliya exchange reassurance looks with Mukti and leaves.
Manik and Dhruv were caught by men again, they beat both of them. Mukti comes to the basement and watching them being beaten she runs to rescue them. The men throw her away on the floor when someone comes to hold her. She looks at the man as she straightens up. Both eyes meet for a while, the young man turns to the fight and stops the punch of the man with his fist. He turns to see Manik, then saves Dhruv and beats the men hard. Manik jerks the men holding him. The goons finally run away.
The announcer tells Nandini it is her performance. The announcement was made on stage. Nandini asks Aaliya where is Manik. Aaliya tells Nandini to trust her, Manik will come. Pandit ji comes there and says to Nandini she must go on stage. Nandini pleads to Aaliya she can’t do this. The director tells Nandini to take her permission on stage, Aaliya reassures Nandini and tells her to go. Nandini leaves for stage. Pandit ji scolds a boy to go and find Dhruv. Neonika enjoys that Dhruv hasn’t run on stage. She tells Pandit ji not to shout this way, Neonika says that is Manik and he doesn’t like losing. Pandit ji says he doesn’t let anyone destroy his plans.
Nandini was in her position on stage thinking that Manik had said she will have to perform even if they don’t get to perform together. Dhruv comes to Pandit ji, Pandit ji scolds him for being so irresponsible. He tells Dhruv to go on stage. Dhruv says sorry sir, I can’t perform as that is Manik’s place. Manik comes there, so does Fab5 and Navya confronting Pandit ji. Pandit ji looks at them, and says no way, if he doesn’t go on stage Fusion concert won’t take place; definitely Manik won’t go on stage. Manik asks are you sure Pandit. Manik says if he can’t go on stage, she definitely can and calls Rithima.

PRECAP: Nandini sings zah-e-naseeb while Manik performs with her on stage. Both hug after the performance.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    Wow! Manik-dhruv’s frndshp bck on track, pandit’s evil side being reveald n provd infrnt of evry1, manan’s gona perform 2gthr, hw much better can thngs get dan dis!!

  2. suzi

    2dys epi was mndblwng… i knw manan dosent hv scene 2gthr but d way dey undrstnd ech othr was awesome. n really cant fr 2morrow epi. kky rocks.

  3. sri

    hhhhhhh lovely episode today’s epi was superbbbbbbbb same frndz can’t wait for next epi n dey sing d song zehnaseeb wow my favourite song

  4. Time

    The question that is asked the most; we hear it everyday,
    “What time Is it?” they want to know, and then they go away.
    It’s time for bed, it’s time for work, or time to feed the fishes,

    It’s time to take your medicine, or wash and dry the dishes.
    Time in seconds, time in hours, so many freckles past a hair,
    depending on the zone, or whether daylights savings there.
    Time is measured many ways from minutes to months,
    Time is what keeps everything from happening at once!

    A time to live, a time to die, a time for having fun,
    Clocks and calenders alike, all scheduled by the sun.
    Intervals that cant be hurried, will not be denied,
    a season that we know that’s coming, as surely as the tide.

    If there ever comes a time when time will be no more,
    I wonder how we’ll know to quit, or when it was before.
    Do we hurry? Do we loaf? It depends upon the time…
    Had we started earlier, we’d be finished with this ryhme!

  5. wins

    4 the first time ky2 team didnt disapoint us.. Im xtremly happppieee 4 the episod.. Luv u manan and fab5… U al rockz…

  6. Nutz

    We hvng a strong fierce storm, its kinda scary, da winds too much strong n cruel. Al power cut, no way of chargng my device. So bye frm my side, i’ll join u al later.

  7. Gud nite swty…
    hi sara… im too wondering nowdsys y no1 is here… and all r bg wth their wrk.. i feel vry bad dat nwdays no 1 is intrstd to meet eachothr here.. no interaction???.

  8. ammy

    Is it nutz? Stormy girl
    U knw I jv decided to use this smaill’ a”
    I hv seen the day I started writing Ammy instd pf ammy ppl stpd visiting and 🙁 misfortune started

  9. aish

    nutz same qs 2 u hw r u dear u said there is a heavy storm in ur place is everything alri8 in ur place

  10. Nutz

    Guys i’m perfectly fit n fine & completely safe in my house, bt da outside luk ystrdy ws too scary

  11. aish

    akka unga frndz yarachum avanga fb la unga photo( I mean group photo adhula neengalum irukka madiri) upload panni irukangala.

  12. Nutz

    Di n aish i knw u guys feel mr comfortable talkng in ur language bt just thnk wat hppns to us wen u talk lyk dat, we dnt undrstnd a single thng. Eng plzzz

  13. Nutz

    Yeah di, weathr reports say dat we’ll hv a stormy month dis yr. April’s gona b ful of storms nd temperature wil rise expediencially in May

  14. Nutz

    Yeah di, a new girl namd ridhima wil cum n reveal pandit’s true self infrnt of evry1 nd aftr dat manan wil sing 2gthr n reunite:-)

  15. Nutz

    I guess wd pandit’s true side being exposed dat wud b da end of pandit’s role in kyy; n harshad’s bck again to take bck da villain’s post in manan’r lyf

  16. Nutz

    It seems u guys busy talkng among urself, well enjoy den. I hv xm in da aftrnoon, i need to study. Bye den, c ya later.

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  18. Laura

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  19. Manik

    Navya ruko, jao maat, kahi tumhari mom tumhari shadi na karwade!! Phir mere dost cabir ka kya hoga!

  20. Manik

    Navya, stop, dnt go, if u go ur mom may marry u off wd sm1!! Den wat wil hppn to my frnd cabir!

  21. Nutz

    Hahaha, if dhruv ws nyc lyk our oreo den al of dis wud hv nvr hppnd ! Mr. Director wudnt hv bn able to drag dis mattr fr so longB-)

  22. fairy

    KY2: Manik & Nandini’s love win spoiling Pandit’s evil plan

    Manik (Parth Samthaan) and Dhruv (Utkarsh Gupta) reunited in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

    The current track of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan shows that Panditji (Dishank Arora) plans against Manik by sending real goons to beat him.

    Pandit’s evil trick becomes good for Manik and Dhruv’s friendship where Dhruv not only fights for Manik but also realizes his mistake.

    Fab 5 once again gets completed with the entry of Dhruv.

    Dhruv also take his name back from the concert and tells Panditji that Manik only deserves this concert.

    Pandit tells Dhruv that Manik can never perform in this concert and Manik brings Riddhima to expose Panditji’s real face.

    Manik tells Panditji that if he will not change his decision then Ridhimma will expose his (Pandit) reality to Nandini.

    Manik and Nandini sing romantic song in the concert

    It will now be seen that Manik and Nandini’s true love win in which both happily perform in the music fusion concert.
    Manik and Nandini sing together the song Zeh e naseeb in the concert.
    Manik and Nandini finally say I Love You by hugging to each other.

  23. fairy

    ← → (arrow) keys to browse
    MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan moves in a life circle when it comes to their antagonists in the show, one goes the other arrives and vice versa. Abhishek Malik a.k.a Harshad is all set make a re-entry in the show after he quit it 3 months back as he wasn’t satisfied with his character turning too negative.

    With fusion concert nearing its closure, we shall soon see Pandit (Dishank Arora) packing his bags back to his original place away from the lives of Manik and Nandini. If you thought with Pandit gone Manik and Nandini’s life won’t have any more conflicts, then you are certainly wrong. As Harshad and Nyonica are the real conflicts in their life even though it’s the former who played a cupid for Manik and Nandini indirectly.

    Also Read: Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan : 3 Things Which We Are Eagerly Waiting To Watch In The Show!

    The news of Harshad coming back has the majority of viewers rejoicing and can’t wait for things to spice up in the show. The audience is eagerly waiting for these things to happen in the show with Harshad’s come back:

  24. fairy

    Manik tld to pndt tht if he ll nt let manik to sng wd nand thn manik ll expose pandit’s fc wd hlp of riddima…thn manan sng zehenseeb tghthr….aftr d song they were lukng each othr’s face..audiences clap nd appreciate thr prfrmnce…..aftr it they bth go to d bck stge or clg corrdr nd they were talkng abt thr hppes nd were hldng each othrs hand…neonika cm nd saw ths nd gt angry…mana watched neonika..manik strted to laugh on neonika…nand also talk straightly wd her…thn in d crdr fab3 nd navya cm nd apprect thr prfrmnce….dhruv also cm nd said srry to all…fab5 hug also manik was hldng nand’s hnd…epsd finish..
    precap: fab5, navya nd nand were talkng abt d goons…manik tld tht d goons eho hd beat manik nd dhruv were snd by pandt..nt cabir’s fake goon…

  25. fairy

    Episode started with Manik telling TK if he can’t go on stage, Ridhhima would! TK looks scared. He goes on stae and announces that it would be Manik who would perform with Nandini. Nandini gets happy hearing it. Manik comes on stage and Nandini runs into his arms. Nyonika looks shocked seeing all this. Nandini asks about Manik’s wounds. He adds her hope won. Both perform on Zehnaseeb. Performance ends and everyone applauds them. Both keep looking into each other eyes. Nandini realizes they are on stage and leaves the stage. Manik follows her. Both come in corridor. Nandini says she can’t believe it what just happened. She asks if this all is for real. Manik holds her hand keeps it on his heart. He says if it is real. He kisses her hand and says it’s also real. Both keep looking into each other’s eyes. Nyonika comes all angry. Nandini sees her and gets tensed. Manik looks at Nyonika and starts laughing. He says how does she feel; shocked, surprised or stunned. He says she can’t do anything now. It all happened right below her nose and she couldn’t do anything. Nandini comes, holds his hand and tries to stop Manik. Manik continues. He asks Nyo how does it feel to be defeated by Manik Malhotra for the first time. Nyonika says he shouldn’t have done it. Manik says but he did. Nyonika says he doesn’t know what is coming his way and he would soon commit a mistake. She adds he himself would screw it up. Nandini comes ahead and says Nyo doesn’t need to to worry about what would come their way. She adds she told Nyo that today they would get what they deserve and Manik deserves happiness. Nyonika asks Nandini not to talk to her. Nandini says she is not talking to her, she is telling her. She adds if they are together, they would get through anything. She takes away Manik. Manik says he is impressed the way she answered Nyonika there. He says now he should be afraid of her. She says yes. He says she can do anything. Nandini agrees that yes she can do anything. Manik pulls her closer and asks if she said anything. Cabir interrupts them and tells them how good performance was. Everyone tells them about good performance. Dhruv comes and apologizes to Fab5. Fab5 go for a group hug. Manik holds nandini’s hand and both look at each other!

    Precap: Nandini sees Manik’s bruises and asks how come fake goons gave real wounds. Cabir says he clearly told them to fake the fight. Manik says someone must have paid them double to make it real. Manik says It’s TK who did that.

  26. fairy

    Gud mrng guyz….
    Sona, whr r u ? I hope you are cmpletely fn …..may b u r bg…we ll wait fr ur updt…

  27. fairy

    The Splitsvilla contestant made a mark as Harshad but ever since his exit, fans have been demanding to get their favourite baddie back on the show. The makers give great regard to the demands of their fans and decided to bring Abhishek back on the show. I caught up with Abhishek Malik to find out what made him come back on the show, the changes in his character and more. Read excerpts from the interview…

    You quit the show because you were now satisfied with the way your character was was shaping up, then what made you come back to Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan now?

    I left the show because my character was turning too negative for my liking. I had a word with the creatives, but they told me that they will have to continue with the negativity. In fact, they were going to make my character more negative. I was not very happy with it ‘coz when I signed on for the show, they told me that my character would be grey shaded, but it was becoming extremely negative. I got a call from the creatives, 15 days back about bringing Harshad back in the show. So they offered me the role again. I had a long discussion with the team on how my track would be in after my return; they told me that it will be really good this time. So they wanted me to come back. Actually it’s not just that, people have been missing my character in the show. I have been getting messages on Twitter and Instagram asking when I’ll return and things like that. So I’ve mainly come back for them.

    Now that you have come back, is the character going to be negative, positive or grey?

    See that is something I cannot reveal as of now. Today they’ve shown my entry as I save Manik from goons. He is very positive for now. They are going to now reveal as to why my character hates the Fab 5, and the reason behind Harshad’s hatred for Manik (Parth Samthaan) and Dhruv (Utkarsh Gupta), considering they were friends as kids. They will concentrate on this mystery first. Secondly, Harshad will also be caught between Navya (Veebha Anand) and Mukti (Charlie Chauhan) and he will have to make a choice. It’s going to be exciting.

    How does it feel coming back on the show?

    It feels extremely great to be back on the sets of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. People who are following me on Twitter and Instagram are also extremely excited with my return to the show. They’ve loved the entry and I hope they continue to love what I do in the show.

    You’ve also signed up as the ideal guy on the new show Bhagyalaxmi (&TV), what is more challenging playing a positive or negative role?

    See I have a hang of playing Harshad because I’ve been doing that from day one. Getting into that character was very easy for me because I am a little like Harshad. But playing the character in Bhagyalaxmi was a little difficult because as Abhishek I am a Casanova kind of person, so doing a role that’s completely opposite of what I am is more difficult than playing Harshad.

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