Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Madhiam is shocked to see his Grand dad. Everyone does not realize what is happening but he gets down and leaves.
Aryaman asks the school authorities to once again call Nandhani so that she can introduce a legend on the stage. Madhaam hearing the announcement gets angry and slams the tables. Nandhani introduces Austad Mukesh who sys that he feels happy to be here nd also recites two verses from poems then Nndhani takes him to the car.
Harshad gets angry at Nyonika that why is she never there where she is needed.
Mukti and the rest of them come and appreciate Nandhani for doing such a good job by herself but she says that she wanted that they should perform with her. They are her friends but it’s okay that they did not support her saying this she leaves.
Austad Mukesh

is playing a traditional instrument and Maddy steps into the house. He asks Maddy that how was his performance going. He was sent there to learn traditional Indian music but he lied to him. He further adds that if he makes a promise then he should keep it other not make it at all. He also says that there is no scope of rock music and does not even listen to Maddy. He goes to the shower and when he comes out his only aim is to hurt Nandhani for doing this to her.
Mukti and Naviya get into their home and are amazed to see the house all apart and the baby and doctor sleeping. The doctor hearing the sound gets up and threatens to beat them but calms down after seeing Mukti. He demands two thousand rupees and after he gets them he leaves. Naviya and Mukti both sit down and Naviya asks Mukti if she wants to eat but she refuses and says that she is not hungry. Naviya sits with her and says that her mother told her that if she feels that she did something wrong then she should just ask for forgiveness from the other person because it would only make her happy. Mukti agrees to this and to eat the food.
Dhuv and Aaliya are both talking and feel guilty at what they did to Nandhani then they talk about the day they broke up. Dhruv says that she left him because when he got up she was not there but Aaliya says that she went to get flowers and when she came back he was not there so she thought that he left her and after clearing all the confusions they both agree to take some time and then get into the relationship.
Naviya is searching for her hair lotion but is not able to find it. Mukti offers her to apply her lotion but she refuses and after finally finding it applies it and says that Nandhani has not returned any of her calls maybe they should go and check to see if she is okay.
Nandhani is walking and suddenly she gets pulled in a car and when she sees its Madhiam who is angry and tells her to be quiet and put on her belt he takes her to the collage and says that why did she get personal on him and drag his grand dad into all of this. Nandhani says that she did not know that he was his grand dad. Madhiam then teases her playing the song which Manik played for her and makes her cry when the strings of the guitar break and he leaves leaving Nandhani crying. All of them come at her house only to find that she has not returned.

Precap: Madhiam while going out finds Rishab and takes him with him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. shifa(shakira)

    nice episode

  2. Arey kuch bhi karo bt maddy ko itna bura mat banao!! Y r d CVs doin this to us!!?? More precisely me!? Am not able to do anythin! I cant think of anythin! Maddy is hurt…he isnt allowed to fulfil his drmz n is forced to learn indian music…dusri side toh nandu is scared n hurt which my eyes cant see! Now maddy uses rishab to take revenge frm nandu!! blo*dy hell! What cn b worse than this??!!!
    Btw…that shower wala scene…how ws maddy lookin? Like shirtless or wid shirt? *smiling like an idiot*
    plz jaldi maddy k character ko achha bana do…i cant see neither maddy nor nandu hurt! N y does this maddy always sings d songs which manik had sung…??!!! This irks me a lot! Upar se my cheater…never stops smiling! Cheating…velly bad yuvuuu

  3. But uhuh…i love u yuvuuu…
    I gotta watch d epi 2mrrw…now back to science!
    PS-Okay thnx bye!
    PS=Parth Samthaan

    1. Ik this episode made me cry. And i NEVER cry ??

  4. Wth!!!! How blo*dy dare that maddy how dare he to do that to nandu….. how dare he made her cry!!!! M damm pissed now ….I used to think he’s a bad boy with good heart but no that jerk!!! He sang manik’s song????idk wtf Maddy thinks of himself…… he started all that first by dragging manik in thier fights he dragged her personal life in their fight and now unintentionally she called his gd in space he was angry on her…. idk wtf he thinks of himself to take manik’s place he don’t even have that dignity to sing like manik he don’t have any quality of manik expect manik’s voice he tries to COPY I can’t take this Maddy waddy anymore hate him like anything for doing this to nandu…. he can never ever be like manik……. how cum he hurt her “!!!! I literally cried seeing those fb….. manik missing manik like anything now…. #lovemanan

    Dare if anyone replies to my this comment especially yuvians stay away from this comment its for manan

    1. U r ri8 prads, I can’t c nandu cry this is second tym yr first he said manik kabhi wapis nh aega n now this, kicks on his face

    2. Exactly lots of kicks… ???hate that madhyam singhania….. ???hope now FAB 3 does something for her… can’t see her like that….. MTV made nandu cry but along with her they even made us cry??manik’s face…. his smile… awww

    3. Okay pradi…first of all sorry fr replying to ur cmnt…coz im a yuvian…bt a manan fan too…i’ve nt seen d epi bt d precap had scared lots! I hate nandu cryin n d one who makes her cry! Yeah true…i srsly hated maddy wen he said manik kabhi nai aanewala…i ws like..oye maddy tu jaanta kya hai manan k bare mein jo tu yeh bol raha hai..?? Apna bakwas bandh kar…i really hated dat line…i really dont like y fr evrythin he hurts nandu…evn wen harshad had stolen d file our buddhu maddy thot that some1 of nandu or her frnz had stolen it…he’s dumb actually…..i read yest’z update…i didnt kno which song he had played…i read ur cmnt of that song…n its my fav part too…the music..manik..nandini..MaNan…parth’s voice evrythin ws awsm!! N how dare he sings THAT song to tease her!!??? Idk if its true or no..bt yuvi said in one of his IVs that his character maddy is a bad boy wid good heart…kuch bhi kare yeh CVs bt y makin nandu cry?! This hurts a lot! I am MaNanholic…if any1 is hurt toh fr sure i’ll b hurt…n d credit goes to maddy!! Feelin like gifting maddy wid loads of kicks n punches!! What say?
      I aint lying…i really mean wt i wrote…
      Bt d kicks n punches shud not harm yuvi in any ways! It shud hurt only maddy!!

  5. Hope maddy’s misunderstanding would b cleared soonishhhhh

  6. Btw did anyone saw bae’s tweet??? It was a tight slap to blo*dy telly chakkar and all those site who used to call bae unprofessional…… I always hated that vulgue telly chakke hope now there won’t be any crap from them regarding parth

  7. When didi new manik will enter….or they HV killed the character….. N Maddy n nandu will be paired…..:-(

  8. Which song manik used to play for nandhini?

    1. Areey the one which he played on talent hunt for FAB 5 and it last he sang for nandu using their bg music punku

    2. This one
      Kaise tujh se mila
      mein kuch jhagdo
      mein tujh se juda tha mein

      Phir nazre tere mere nazro se mile
      pyar tera mere haar khushi bane….
      aur tu mere zindagi bane……
      Alivida tujhe kaise kahu mein dur tujh ko kaise karu mein mujh se tu ruthna nahi…..

      Alvida tujha kaise karu mein dur tujh ko kaise karu mein mujh se tu ruthna nahi…..

      Oh yaaro oh mere yaara
      Oh yaara tu sun le zara
      Oh yaara tu aaja re yaara

      1. is it true that path is coming back on the show or its just a rumour?

    3. dear Its not confirmed he’s cmg back or not but he made a announcent few weeks back that he’s not part of kyys2

      1. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. Sara, the song is O Yaara

  10. Yeahhh. . .minnie, u knw dats my fav part of da song 🙂

    1. Areey nutzzy u kno me….. btw same pinch even its my fav part actually whole song but that part is more special

  11. Plz bring new manik…Dont kill the character

  12. I think manik is alive.cz he was shown consious.may be he is hiding to protect nandini..afterall its just been 3 months right??….but i wished if kabir was also alive..navya is alone …

  13. shifa(shakira)

    plz come back parth.miss u in kyy2

  14. What ever guys I know parth is gone…… But still kyy season 2 is looking incomplete and boring too coz absence of manik and kabir I have also in followed kyy on fb
    Sorry niti I respect u r words but still ky2 has became boring……..


  16. But…………….im worried for maddy too……that helpless face…i could not see it…i was literally stealing looks……that loney face…..that face when a 2 year old child was denied a chocolate…it was like that…he is denied an opportunity to fulfil his dreams….which is rock music……..that’s one more thing which ripped off my heart…..that broken soul…..that shower scene….ughh…feeling rocks on my chest! So painful epi it was! But yeah……keep maddy aside for sometime……just keep him at a corner……..take yuvi………he was lookin freakin’ hot!!!!!!!!! You-uh….drove me crazy! Your six pack abs!! So sizzling hot!! Your s*xy yuvi! You grow s*xier day by day!! I was blushing as if am beside you there! Yuviiiiii…….i would love to be your…………..i love you so much!! Till the last nanosecond of my life…i’ll be there for you…i’ll be there for you…i’ll love you…humesha!!

  17. You’re*
    and yeah…the best our your eyes of dripping innocense and your smile…which is my ultimate strength…ONLY thing in this world which has the power to make me smile ear-to-ear when iam depressed is your one smile yuvi…i smile unknowingly whenever i think of you…what have you done to me man?! But i love your effect on me!
    Acha okay…enough for 2day!! Bye lovelies!!!

  18. Nutz!! If u see this cmnt! Plz wish auhona frm my side 2 mrw!! Plzzz…u remember the date na? Sep 23! Or can u plz ask her to come here once!? Missed u lots nutz!! Come here a bit often! U watchin kyy2?? Widout manik…?

  19. I read parth’z tweet…his answer ws fadu…my reaction ws this…”bang on,parth!!”
    that stupid tellychakkar…donno how mny fake news they hav published!! I never believe that site!!

  20. Parth Samthaan is possibly one of the most loved TV stars of the new generation. Undoubtedly so, given that his exit from the popular youth based show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan broke a million hearts nationwide. But is he planning a comeback on the same show?

    Parth who decided to excuse himself from the show’s second season after playing the immensely popular Manik Malhotra in the television series, took to Instagram to post a picture of himself. But what surprised us was the way he captioned the picture.

    “Happy Sunday. Good News Around The Corner,” he wrote on Instagram. Now this has got us wondering. Is he planning to return to the show that made him popular? Is he going to make another surprise announcement soon? Has Parth been signed on for a new show? Or is he entering the Bigg Boss 9 house?

  21. Guys who was those ppl that maddy was hugging in the flashback after his performance.And I think that rishab will have an attack and so maddy will help jim

  22. Hey…i guess it ws his frnz…it ws flashback of him n his 2frnz performing…i guess it ws hilly place(background)…share ur opinions n doubts on yesterday’s page plz…

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