Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani is standing there and thinking about Manik and how she started to see him at different times knowing that he is dead and why this is happening to her even though she is tired to do it anymore. She sits down and starts to see his pictures and then dials his number and when he calls it goes to the call center.
Manik is in his car and says that he will not call her because he wants to see the look on her face.
Naviya calls Nandhani and when she comes and asks her if she is okay Nandhani gets nervous and says that she cannot do it anymore and cannot face it any longer. Naviya cheers her up and says that she has keep smiling and it will make Manik and Cair happy.
Madhiam is sitting on a bench playing rock music and thinking of what his Jd said to him that he will not let him play rock music because t is not in their family and will not get him anywhere. He says that there is nothing for him in rock music and he will not let maddy go against his father’s last wish. He remembers everything that Gd said to him. He starts to play the guitar and upon hearing the voices destroys the guitar and runs away.
The fab5 members are dressing up and when they get back to the stage Naviya comes and is very excited. She says that there are a lot of fans and she cannot wait. They all agree to practice once more and as they are about to begin the producer comes in.
Naviya takes him where she starts to ask him questions and ask him as to how he feels but after one question he walks away. He asks them about the lead singer and when he comes to know that Dhruv is going to play then hearing it he gets angry and says that he will take action against them and orders hs subordinate to call a meeting and also call his lawyer.
As he walks away Nandhani comes in and says that they have to forget everything and try to live in this moment because it will come again and they have to go and rock it.
The producer comes into his office followed by everyone and when he is still talking the crowd begins to shout loudly Fab5. They all go out to find that they have got on the stage and they perform in a great manner.

Precap: There is heavy traffic and so Manik gets out of his car to go and perform with them and when he gets there they all are amazed to see him.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Plumpyyy

    Who gets amazed seeing manik?? On which song did they perform?? Parindey?? Jaldi aao n tell me fast!!

  2. Jashia

    hey guys I think Manik has not lost his memory.
    And if the news that Minnie gave us is true, then probably Manik is acting that he’s lost his memory……

  3. Plumpyyy

    He might hav regained his memory now…which he had lost in these 3 months… N yeah aftr watchin yest’s epi its sure that manik remembers evrythin!

    • Y??? Areey if u saw the promo na then it will be clear…. they deliberately showed manik shouting(I guess) and then Maddy’s back to make us confuse but if u have seen the promo na then it will clear that Maddy performed (maybe nandu was dreaming manik with guitar)

  4. Nidhi

    I guess they all Fab 4 or 5 amazed to see Maddy NOT MANIK.
    I wish Wo MANIK ho. I’m want to see Nandhani’s rxn or performance. Because I think it will be very very emotional. Love u Niti. :*

  5. Nidhi

    Today I saw repeat telecast of kyy.
    OMG !! Nandhani’s performance was so good… specially last scene… her dialogue delivery… last line or word… when said “aur main” OMG I got teary-eyed.
    Niti !!!!! Love u dear. GBU :*

  6. Plumpyyy

    Niti is a great actor!! The cutest bestest actress of india!! But that’s according to mny ppl…but for me,the best actress is niti taylor in this whole world!! She felt nandini’s emotions so well so d outcome ws amazing!! Love u niti!! U rock doll!!

  7. ann

    I think aryaman is behind the car blast. In yesterday’s episode when manikin hears aryaman voice he express his anger…

    • No he was not angry coz of it…. he was angry coz navya said aryamann replaced cabiraa And secondly aryamann was not behind that blast infact he was calling manik to tell bout the broken brakes… get ur facts cleared

  8. nanik

    m dieing to see him again
    cnt wait for tmrw
    bt frnds kya memory loss wali baat paka jhuth hai na
    r else I cnt see manik nandu apart

  9. Divya

    I think that is Maddy….who sings..manik will be in Acadamy as its showed in the promo…that’s when manik will enter…and I think on Monday episode it will be shown

  10. Yeyyyyy m back!!!!! Gone to relatives house yesterday… I toh thought kal kyy dekhne ko hi nahi milega….. but I got to…. all credit goes to aiyyappa… hehe…

    Chalo precap mein hi sahi manik toh pura dekha…. the way he came out of the car…. god!!! ????I was shouting like an idiot manik aagaya …hope next week his encounter with Fab 4 and navni will happen especially Maddy

    • ?Jennifer?

      Hello…..one question my cutie pie..
      ..??wat is the meaning of aiyappa???

      But y they r showing only eyes,lips and hand yaar..pura face dekhana chahiye that na manik ka…????
      And Nandini was crying while saying abt manik ???cant c her like dis…
      They r testing our patience….???

    • There was a interview of him in which he said he himself wanted to leave kyy and to which cvs ended his role and he is happy and he has moved on

  11. ADELE( Anu)

    Plzzzz update today’s epi soonn!! Juz can’t wait to see manik backkk!!! M literally dying to watch him!! Plzzzzxxzs

  12. maggie4

    Oi, looks like the audience is in for a triple surprize! LOL
    First Dhruv’s singing, then I guess Maddy shall arrive, and then Manik!:)
    With all his ‘dramatic’ car drive, he no longer seems like an hallucination.
    Sadly enough, he was missing from the show to the point where I am kinda not so excited with his return any more.
    The show seems to get a bit crowded! What’s the point on having Maddy there, now??
    I don’t see anything interesting about MaNan relationship in the future, and if they really do plan to supply it with memory loss track, then I’ll quit watching. I hate memory loss. It’s primitive and stupid drama motive, that belong to the past, to really old telenovelas.

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