Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Nandhani is hugging and after a while he asks what the problem is and why is she hugging him then Nandhani says that she is tired and will remain like this. Manik pulls her closer and she asks if Nyonika is home and what is she sees them together like this so Manik tells her to not be afraid of Nyonika as she is not at home and then Manik helps her upstairs.
Harshad texts Mukti and after reading the text she says that it is not possible that he would avoid her and he sure is up to something.
Aryaman comes to harshad and Harshad asks him what work came and it has to be important because he had to cancel his problems and when Aryaman asks what kind of plans are these he says that he has to break the fab 5 then Aryaman says that he only wants to break the relationship between Nandhani

and Manik and what kind of love story do they have. Harshad then says that Nandhani is Manik’s third girlfriend at first it was Aaliya then Sohas and now her on this Aryaman tries to walk saying that he has to find the Lovestory between Manik and Sohas.
Manik puts Nandhani on a sofa and asks if she has to say anthing and when she says that she doesnot then he says that they should play Xbox Nandhani then says that she doesnot know how to play Xbox. Then Manik says that if he aked her to remain away from Aryaman would she listen to him and that he is Harshad’s friend then Nandhani says that she is also his friend. Manik aks when did this happen then she says that when he was ill she became friends with him. Manik says that he knows that she is hiding something and he will not ask her until she is ready to tell him. Nandhani givesManik a compliment and he after hearing it says to Nandhani doe he not deserve a reward and when she asks what reward he turns her sofa and then Nandhani opens it up and all these little beats fall out of it and then it deflates. Then Nandhani says that he would have to do something for her and Manik asks her to close her eyes.
Dhruv is standing in the all and after he gets the signal he picks up the mike and ask the people to listen to him and says that he only wants them to listen to him.
MUkti is following Harshad and then she sees Naviya calling Cabir to hurry because she is hungry and Mukti thinks what she is doing here.
Dhruv is singing a song but the audience does not appreciate him and then he dances and cheers them up and everyone is happy and even the Manger appreciates him.
Naviya complains to Cabir that he brought her to a place where the sound of music is very louad and so Cabir asks her to calm down.
Manik ties the hands of Nandhani and ask her to trust him and closes her eyes and tries to relax her then he puts the entire filling of the Sofa on Nandhani and Haves a lot of fun.
Aryaman comes and asks for Nyonika but the worker says that he is gone for a business trip and then he asks to call Manik but is refused and so he plays a game and goes inside and places a letter on the table and tracks Manik but sees Nandhani yelling and Manik running so he quickly hides.
NAndhani goes into the garden following Manik asking him to open his hands but he refuses.

Precap: Nandhani and Manik are making out in the room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I hate this aryamann

  2. Today is the day when the amazing youth show started!!!

    The story of fab5 who r famous all over for thier bond, for music ???

    the story of a girl NANDANI, who loves her family, simply yet beautiful, who believed where therefireflies, there is true love?

    A journey of a small town girl NAVYA who came here to make a success in music with fab5 ??

    These two simple girls became best frnds later.
    But fab5 who rules the college, started bullying them!

    Manik & nandani always hated eachother.dhruv’s affection for Nandani turned manik’s hatred into jealously!

    Harshad a guy who is alya’s brother & was manik’s childhood frnd created a band against them!

    later unknowingly a guy with passion, a guy for whom trust matters the most falls for the girl who was his spot at one time?
    No one knew their lovestory would take this far! They’re MANAN ?

    A Girl whom relationship was just a one stand started falling for a guy who made her smile, who gave her everything & suddenly left her away due to his death!BUT still she loves him! They’re MUKBHI ?

    A girl who gave tips for a guy to impress his love, started falling for itself. They both had fallen for eachother & now she hates cuz he left her for his ego! They’re DHRULYA ?

    a girl who was cheated by harshad, bt was cared by a guy who is a gay, but that didn’t matter them. They still support eachother! They’re CAVYA ?

    their journey has taken a long way, it has taught us what frndship is & what true LOVE means!
    This serial has become a part of every ky2 fans?this serial means much more to them?

    So a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the whole team of kyy for completing a grand success of 1year!!
    Characters who has made us fall for them….

  3. Thnx sona for the updte.. Thnx pradishma for wishing us.. as u r also a member i and the kyy rox family too wishes u the same.. Btw the episode was mast.. <3

  4. Thank u…… ??yep the episode was awsum… and pani, they nailed it waiting for tmrw….. precap is jus incredible

  5. Luv U MaNaN

    Ohhh palezzz writrz end tat Aryaman chaptr fom KY2

    1. He’s good yaar.. but they should make him positive soon… and it will happen…. but he should not go out… he’s a pani shipper…. and now a days uttu and niti don’t talk only….. so he is the one her soul bro who makes her laugh….

  6. Superb epi keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow’s epi& congrats team kyy for an year of celebration…. U guyz truely deserve all the laurels & praise… lov u manan???…

  7. Guys!!!! I saw someone commented on insta that manan breakup will happen cuz aryamann will make a mms of nandu?????



  10. Congrates fr my manan, fab5 n navya fr ds beautiful journey of frndship, luv n emotions… congo to d kyy team fr givin us sum beautiful frndship moments…

  11. Noooooooo… plz no breakup of manan… i cant c dm in tears… plzzzzzzzz…. earlier it was jst a misunderstanding but manik n nandini were separate fr sumtym… i cnt c d same again…. i luv manan… n kyy is manan… dey r together n not away frm each othr

    1. Hope what I wrote is a rumor….

  12. Oh god is this abhimanyu going to make their MMS ???

    1. No dear….. aryamann…. abhi is no more

  13. Awsm discribtn of kyy story prads 🙂 .
    Guys except 1.30pm, do u knw wen da repeat is shwn?? Plz tell, i really wana c da epi bt i’ll b out at 1.30pm, no chance of seeing it den 🙁

  14. Da epi ws nice.
    I wonder wen da talent hunt wil begin, fab5 vs nandu’s sml team ! 😀

  15. Nutz d repeat telecast is again at 6pm… jst b4 d new telecast of d show… so its lyk 1hr of manan now

  16. ther thevi–ditch–y yaanu nee ettang class padkkune penpati….
    ettang classilthanne nnakku oru kopppan venam alledi….

    omg, feeling happy i can type my language..manik and nandhu, u are my favortes..and manan i am ur number one fan..
    now fan of tellyupdates too

  17. Please give todays written update!!!! I am so curious to know what happened!!!!!!!

    1. It was incredible!!!!
      Finally the chip was removed and aryamann finds soha’s pic in manik’s room manan intimacy was killer anu!!!!but at last part she stops him and he stops….. precap shows that nandu says that manik is special and kisses on his cheeks…. and nandu tells aryamann that to bring harshad and she will bring manik and they will confront each other so that harshad will say him real truth…..

  18. Luv u manan

    move ur story ahead like rishab,dhruv etc

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