Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik meets Nandini and asks if she wanted to say something. Nandini says I wanted to say something, but finds Manik lost. Manik watches Dhruv going through the corridor, he stops for a while then leaves. Nandini says Dhruv has known he gifted that guitar. Manik says everything is over with Dhruv now. Nandini says had she not been in his life, he shouldn’t have done this, this is for her. Manik says he is doing it for themselves. Nandini says he can never get along without Dhruv, he must never hide what he feels about his friends. Manik holds her hand, they hear Aalya and Mukti coming to them and take her into a class room. Mukti and Aaliya regret that now Nandini will tell him everything. Nandini asks Manik what happened. Manik says he wants a minute with her, she asks why? He asks if he

needs to explain that. She urges to leave saying she is getting late. Manik says a bit early, she was about to say something to him, and now she is getting late; she loves testing his patience. She says patience’s fruit is always sweet, all the best. Manik comes nearer to Nandini, says thanks. Mukti and Aaliya come there and asks Nandini to come with them. Manik asks what is cooking, Mukti says it is a girl’s thing, she can’t tell. He let go of Nandini.
Navya comes running to Cabir and tells him today she is going to get married today. Cabir says he is stuck in another plan today. She tells him that her mother has kidnapped Sunny Sharma, if she goes there she will let her marry Sunny. Cabir says he can’t go, he has a plan to execute. Navya says she will take care of his plan, he must go. Without his answer, she hugs him saying thankyou.
Mukti stays at classroom, Manik asks her to go with Nandini now. Mukti says Aaliya has gone with Nandini. Mukti sits with Manik and says what he and Nandini were talking. Manik asks why tell her? Mukti gets dramatic, Manik says she came to say All the Best. She asks what else, he asks was there something else to be said too. Mukti asks if he is going to the basement. He asks what is in the basement. She says Nandini has planned a surprise for him there, she and Aaliya have helped her.
Nandini comes to classroom. Pandit ji asks her to tune her Vina as 45 minutes are left for performance. He sits with her instrument, she stands up and asks him to give her way to tune her Vina. He stands up and says he wanted Ambs to personally see this performance. Nandini asks Pandit ji how Ambs came to college. Pandit ji says he called her here. She asks why? He says she knows it right, he is sure that Manik isn’t good for her. Nandini say it is her personal life. Pandit ji says that to make her professional life, personal life improvisation is also needed. Nandini backs up and a file fell off, she watches two tickets and asks about them. Pandit ji says these are Germany tickets, for International Performance of her. She deserves it, and there she will have hundreds of fans. Nandini comes out thinking Manik was right, it is not just about performance. She looks for her cell phone to talk to Manik but it wasn’t there. Mukti and Aaliya comes to her and asks what happened. Nandini says her her phone is missing, she needs to talk to Manik.
There two boys come and tell Dhruv that Pandit ji is calling him in basement for last minute improvisation. When Dhruv has gone, Navya comes and says thanks to them. The boys ask what if he gets late, its only 30 minutes for performance. Navya says everything is ready, Manik has left for there and the fake goons will just beat Manik. Dhruv won’t take much time. Dhruv comes from behind, the boys run away while Dhruv asks Navya why they all want to destroy his performance. They only do what Manik and Nandini tell them to do.
Manik was at basement calling Nandini. He wonders what the surprise it.
Aaliya asks Mukti, Mukti tells her to give it back to Nandini. She might have got it mixed up with hers. Manik waited for Nandini when the goons come with hockey and sticks to beat him.
Dhruv heads to leave, Navya stops him and asks if he knows what Manik has sacrificed for him. Dhruv asks sacrifice? Navya says fusion concert performance associated a lot of hopes of relations of Manik and Nandini. They don’t even have an idea about this planning, he is disgusting not them. Dhruv leaves disturbed. Navya keeps on stopping him. Navya is worried what she did, she has spoken each and everything.
Manik was surrounded by goons.

PRECAP: Manik was being beaten, Dhruv comes and says he knows all the truth, this isn’t a true fight. The goons hit Dhruv as well. Mukti comes to rescue, one of them pushes her and someone saves Mukti.

Update Credit to: Sona


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  28. In time,
    Things come
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    With love,
    Leaves fall
    Leaves grow

    The morals of life,
    Have no beginning
    Though it seems the trials
    That we face,
    Have no ending

    Words said to hurt,
    With thoughts made to kill
    The only way to express
    a pain that i feel

    Just let it go..
    Sara this one also dedicatedto u. This poems says that Just learn how to forgive. Just let it go sara..

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  37. fairy

    Nandini (Niti Tylor) to know Panditji’s (Dishank Arora) reality in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

    It is being seen that Manik (Parth Samthaan) and Nandini are trying hard to participate in the fusion concert together but Panditji also not leaving a chance to create problem for Manik and Nandini.
    Nandini is shocked when Pandit ji informs her that he called her here because he is sure that Manik is not good for her.
    Nandini gets angry at Pandit ji and tells him that it is her personal life.
    Pandit ji says to Nandini to make her professional life as personal life.
    Nandini notices two tickets and asks Panditji about them.
    Pandit ji tells her that these are Germany tickets and wants to take her for International Performance which she deserves.
    Nandini doubts on Pandit’s ji intension and thinks Manik was right that Panditji has some intension which is not just about performance.
    However, Pandit turns more evil after knowing that Nandini wants to say I Love You to Manik after this concert.
    Pandit makes one more plan to take Nandini away before Manik would reach to her.
    Panditji stops Nandini to meet Manik

    On the other hand, Navya reveals to Dhruv that fusion concert performance associated a lot of hopes of relations of Manik and Nandini.
    Pandit ji has already sent goons to beat Manik so that he could not reach to the concert and now he will bring more hurdle so that Nandini would not reach to Manik.
    It seems like Manik and Nandini will have to wait longer to say I Love You to each other.

  38. Nutz

    A A S H I I I ! ! ! ! ! !
    R u here yar? M so sorry dat i wsnt here wen u came,really sry, plz cum again my dear blue moon…..aashi !!

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