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A peon is packing the instruments of Maddy and when he comes to know of this he gets angry and asks as to who ordered this. He says that Austad Mukesh said this hearing this Madhiam gets angry and goes to confront Austad Mukesh who is talking on the phone. He says that he wants his instruments back no matter what. Austad Mukesh gets angry and sasy that he is only taking out the trash from the house he further says that they have a flight and tomorrow he will perform a harmonica on the stage with him. Maddy says that he will only perform with a guitar but he sasy that he will not let him destroy the reputation of his family. He will only perform classical music but Maddy says that Austad Mukesh will no longer inforce his decisions on him and he will do what he likes.
The o2 manger is

having a meeting as to who will host the show. Ther are a lot of people but the producer comes and says that Naviya will host the show. He says that there should be no mistake. She has to give it her best shot and she has to do a red carpet event so she has to call the members two hours before the event so that she can introduce and talk with them.
Fab 5 are all practicing in the jam room and suddenly Mukti gets a call from Naviya who is very happy and tells Mukti that she will be hosting their show and that her dream of coming on the stage with Fab5 is finally getting fulfilled. Mukti asks her to calm down because they do not have a lead singer and so they do not know what to do. Aaliya says that they need help and someone please help them suddenly they all see Madhiam coming from the door.
He says that he knew that they did not book the room even today but he will let them practice just for today. Nandhani says that did he not come to join them hearing this he looks at her with a strange look and leaves. Mukti get angry and is calmed by Aaliya.
Dhruv says that he has a plan which is that they will go there and when it is the time to perform then he will take over and even though it is a risk doing this but it is their last chance and if the audience loves their performance then they will have no chance but to give them a shot.
They all go there and are introduced by Naviya who is herself very happy to be given the chance to do this. She dedicates this performance to Manik and Cabir and says that they will always be in their hearts. She one by one asks what the members of fab5 think and feel and then turns to Nandhani who is very sad and even starts to cry.
Meanwhile there is a person who is travelling to the performance and is very hurt when hears the voice of Nandhani.

Precap: the producer asks as to who will sing and when Dhruv tells him that he will sing he gets angry and threatens to cancel the performance. Nandhani asks them to calm down because they will either meet in the court. Dhruv says that it is do or die.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sad for nandu dont worry manik is coming soon epi was good but manik when will you come.

  2. nice episode. eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode!!!!!!!!
    hope manik will enter atleast tomorrow.

  3. @prads my name on wattpad is sally sue but I didn’t post any story, how will u find me? Kyy rocks

    1. I’ll find punku bass tell me ur dp…. I guess its of mehbeer???

  4. Ughhhh….ek toh im damn pissed off n upar se iss connection ko tabhi jana tha wen i ws all set to post my cmnt!!!
    Shit! Holyshit!! blo*dy hell!! Dafaq i missed this epi!! Dammit!! I loved d epi!! Maddy…i so want to watch his expressions although i cn imagind it! Nandu hurt manik hurt fab 3 hurt navya hurt aryamann hurt me hurt!! Srsly…so much pain to these beautiful souls??!!! Kal ka epi bhi nai dekh paungi… Parso ka bhi nai!! Damn!! F**kin hell!! I so hate vacations man!! They suck!! Yeh sadu relatives ka aana jaana n all…aah i hate vacations!! Frnz hi achhe hai!! Atleast i cn b open to them n they wont judge me on anythin!! Im an introvert in my family…i cant speak freely at all!! Tu,IF,schl is better than stayin wid ur relatives!! Sirf mamma papa n bro achha hai baki nai!! I miss old kyy n old kyy tu pages a lot lot lot n lot!!

  5. Guyz did u see minnie’s comment on yest’z tu page bout that idiotic memory loss track?? She said k there are chances of a memory loss track n manik will lose his memory… N i toh dont want it to happen!! Manik ko naraz dekh sakti atleast usko kuch yaad toh hoga bt memory loss nai!! How wud fab 3 navya aryamann n manik’s shining star nandu feel?? She gotta say somethin vru vry imp n she said she’ll say aftrwards as she ws busy… I just hope there ain’t any memory loss track!!

    1. Ya plump even i hope so there won’t be any memory loss track seeing promos and epi it seems like there won’t be…. let’s see hope it won’t be lyk ekta kapoor and her memory loss

      1. That’s right Minnie.

    2. I was thinking the same. But if manik loses his memory then he didn’t feel hurt by nandini’s voice. And he is coming to the performance, that means he didn’t lose memory. But don’t know what happen next.

  6. When wil manik come?

  7. @minnie its ok dear if u want to keep ur sources secret bt cnt u atlst give a chhota hint abt tht hahaha c’mon yr is a request frm a crazy ky2 lover to u.. u cnt b so selfish 🙁 🙁 i hope! 😉 😉

    1. Hehehe I can understand ur feelings dear…. I updated it when this update was posted but it took time for moderation…… scroll down I posted it ☺⬇⬇

  8. This is the news I was taking bout in yesterday’s update its totally new and yeah do check yesterday’s update I gave one more news so if anyone hadn’t seen it then have a look…..

    Manik is slowly regaining his memory. He will now remembers about the Band of Brother group which compromised of Manek Harshad and Dhruv”May be Harshad will become president. So Manik again wants to jam with harshad recreating the old mojo.”
    Abhishek who is also doing Bhagyalaxmi BBC Worldwide is planning to introduce a new girl opposite him, “She will be fresher in the band. Interestingly she will turn out be nastier Harshad giving him a taste of his own medicine.”
    Abhishek is happy that the creative’s have paid heed to his requests and toned own the negative streak in him. “At first he was totally a bad guy. Now he will sober down after taking over the mantle of president. He will also chill with Manik.”

    Lets see if my sources are true or not…. hope for the best fingerd crossed

  9. Hii sally parth come soon don’t worry lov u parth .

  10. Do u mean m in these 3 months manik had lost his memory?? As in now he has almost gained his memory back! He remembers nandu fab 5 na??
    Hmmm d harshad track seems supah interesting! I wanna watch it!! Who will d actress btw?? But i just hope manik remembers evrythin!! Thnx fr d info pradi 🙂

    1. Hehe welcome…. even m excited to see who will be that girl…..

    2. So that’s why manik was missing in that 3 months. Hope he will remember everything specially his Nandu.

    3. manik was depressed due to cabirs death in front of him

  11. So a name fr manik n harshad guyz?? If d news is true v gotta create a name fr them too! ManShad?? HarNik?? HarMan?? Which is better?? C’mon start suggesting!! Im vry interested in keeping names! Pata nai kitne FFs mein kin kinko kya kya name di hu!! Spclly meri pudding k FF mein!!

    1. Totally agree with Minnie. ManShad is the best.

  12. I guess both Maddy and Manik are brothers

    1. How come coz maddy is singhania and manik is malhotra…. so no relation na…

  13. ManShad!!!!! Plump…. it looks nice in fact manik’s name gells well with everyones name ie:

    ◆MaNan (nandu of course)
    ◆MaLya (alya)
    ◆ManBir (cabira)
    ◆ManRuv (dhruv)
    ◆ManBhi (mukti)
    ◆ManYa (navya)
    ◆ManShad (harshad)
    ◆ManBhi (abhi)

    Dekha dekha sabke saath jud gaya na manik ki baat hi nirali hai…. heheh for me manya sounds funny ??and best is MaNan !!!!!!!

  14. Lol that o2 manager was flirting with navya bada aaya pagal buddha?
    o2 manger: navya I’ll listen to u personally and privately and then his plan failed aaya bada hamare madhubala se flirt karne hogaya na popatttt I srysly hate him… blo*dy jerk…..

  15. Hey nacho saare jee fhadke yeyyyy aiyyappa thank u thank u thank u so much appne aaj uske lips ki entry kara hi de matlab kal hame pura manik dekhne ko milega!!!! Itne khushi tabhi hui thi jab mujhe Pythagoras theoram samaj aaye thi ik it sounds funny but i have a very very friendly relation with maths… so much deep connection that use abuse kiye bager I don’t sleep only….. oh shit ky2 se maths…. hehe….aajkal yeh ek hi gaana meri situation baya karta hai
    Dheere dheere se kyy ko dream sequence banana
    Dheere dheere se humko satana
    Humko pyaar kitna MaNan se vo na jana
    Dheere dheere se humko rulana…..

    Yaar m fed up now it’s been twi

    1. chillax prads……..even i am waiting for manik’s entry……….lips ke saath eyes ki bhi and hands ki bhi entry ho gayi hai…..even his voice is back

      1. I can’t chill saisha u may be waiting for manik buy from last two weeks lyk a fool m waiting for him and next week even my exams will start so i wont be able to watch it

      2. ok prads….i hope they show manik today……

  16. Been two weeks since parth’s come back… and still he’s official entry assistants manik has not shown…. ?
    Oh shit now it get it cvs ka yahe plan hai see phele manik k bhoot ki entry
    Fhir uske lips ke then
    Uske eyes ki entry
    Aur manik ki entry.!!!!??

    1. Acha toh here have the Oscar award…. or u want cash huh… aur manik ki entry n all hehhe sounds funny

  17. @prads my dp is of niti taylor

  18. @prads my dp on wattpad is of niti taylor kyy rocks

  19. Seriously guys i just hate memory loss drama.

  20. Pradi… U typed ManBhi fr manik n mukti… Kuch aur socho unko… ManMuk ya MukNik? 2nd one sounds weird coz v nvr used manik’s “nik” na…

    1. For me manbhi sounds good rest all are weird….

  21. Yeah rads(hope u dont mind me callin it)…memory loss drama sucks!! Its a shitty track!! I dont want kyy to b ekta kapoor show… I guess n hope it wont happen!

  22. That o2 producer k manager k woh jo koi bhi hai…buddha kahika!! He’s such a jerk man!! Lyk srsly uss din he asked navya fr tea ussi din se i got to kno k iss buddhe k dimag mein kuch kichdi pak rahi hai coz he used to behave so rudely wid navya n ekdum se this change in his behaviour… N those yuckyy unnecessary touches… Ewww… I feel lyk punching dat buddha hard!! His psycho face irks me lots! His new name “BUDDHA”

    1. That toh I already gave him plump..budhha lol

  23. When will they show manik?? I am fed up with the producers

  24. I dont mind, Radhika is not my real name bydwe plumpy nice name buddah how dare he tring to flirt with navya.

  25. Ofcourse pradi…ManBhi is awesome!! But that’z fr manik n abhi! Manik n mukti ko kya naam de?? Both ManMuk n MukNik is damn weird!! Hw’s MukMan?? Yaar i dint get a perfect name fr manik n mukti!! Im thinkin bout it frm months bt abhi tak i dint get good name!

    1. Oh sry maine dekha hi nahi ??

    2. Ha right whatever btw hi m pradi

  26. I watched d epi…atlast…my imagination of maddy’s expressions were correct!! Perfect!! Same to same!! Hats off to me!! Heheh…
    But the rest of d epi…gosh! It ws so heart breaking!! They were at loss of words!! Nandu…manik ws so hurt hearing her breaking voice! Man…they r makin us wait so much!! I love MaNan…humesha!!

    1. Acha toh when did u said his expressions will be this n that only ???

  27. So they’ve shown manik’s eyes n lips… Nxt comes nose i guess xD
    later,hair,hands,feet n rest of his body parts one by one…dirty minded ppl dur raho! Im sayin it more to me :P… Jab 1 month poora ho jayega parth ka announcement ko i.e. 28 oct…they’ll show d whole of manik…last is his voice!!

  28. minnie undrstnds my feelngs bt still dsnt wnt 2 hlp me :'( :'( it looks lyk keepng it secret gives her more pleasure thn helpng out a crazy kyyian… Chlo enuf of emotnl drama hahaha hope u dnt mind nywys whn parth announcd his cm bk even i thought his charactr wud hv lost his memory nd (wud be obedient to nyonika too-god forbid!!) bt with d promo nd last epi its clear now he hasnt atlst lost his memo (thnk god) btw d second part of ur spoiler sounds intrstng i also hope it turns true i lyk harshad d most 4 d -ve charactr bt it got borng in last few mnths ths track wud b rlly worth watchng nd worth enjoying too

    1. Excuse me what help!!??? See how much I had info I will give that much only na I can’t type anything more on my own and give u all crap

      1. chill dear i ws jst kiddng i undrstnd it yr u r nt karishma oluchi tht u vl hv evry info abt kyy upcmng tracks nywys thnx for whatevr u shared 🙂 🙂 nd yeah keep sharing too 😉 😉

    2. Excuse me!!!??? I gave whatever info I had OK I just can’t give anything more to u peeps by my mind I can’t give u all any crap OK. I gave whatever I knew!!!

  29. i thnk d next track wud be lyk manik angry with fab3.. in d last episodes of kyy1 fab5 was seen splittng nd dhruv nd alya blaming manik for tht, mukti ws seen meetng jerkshad evn aftr warnings frm manik nd wht i made out frm last epi ws manik wsnt happy whn he heard arymann replacing cabir nd in d promo as well he looked pretty upset while playing d guitar… these things altogethr made me think ths wht do u thnk guys..?? All brickbats r welcome.. lol!

  30. Hi guys. Sry for not comment frm 2 days. Was a net problem. Now I’m here. And waiting for manikkkkk.

    1. Who asked u for forgiveness???? V toh don’t even kno u poor baby u are saying as if u toh comment regularly and that too big wala

      1. riya she comments here regularly i also cum here n i see her commenting daily… kyy rocks

  31. When eyes do talking…. sachi mein iska matlab aaj kyy dekh k pata chala ???

    No but srysly His eyes?they said each and everyfeeling without speaking….

    Aarav kaise karlete ho aap??

  32. shifa(shakira)

    hlo guys.manik coming soon

  33. hi prads my dp on wattpad is of niti taylor kyy rocks

  34. I think manik and mukti se ( manti ) bhi ban sakta hai aur sab to try kar chuke…

  35. Excuse me riya y u copied my same comment to kitty?? Pls stop claiming urself as pradi

  36. I’m sorry, but it’s real pitty that for such popular show there must be written updates of such low quality, as this ‘Sona’ provides.
    I mean, is it really so difficult to get at least the names right? It’s Nandini, not Nandhani.
    It’s clear that the updates writer is not big on speaking proper english (mistaking he/she and all the regular basics) but the main problem is: there is not a whole account of the conversations.
    After 3 years of watching indian TV, I can understand some hindi (or hinglish) too. I don’t need to read the written update, if it only contains the gist of the conversation, which I already get. I’m looking for some details of what exactly was said. And I rarely find it here, I’m afraid. Only the basics: and often with mistakes.
    The KYY updates seem to be getting worse and worse. Instead of translating, the author does some kind of sumarizing of the events, the way he/she understood it. It might not be the same for every viewer.
    Please, better tell us what exactly was the convo, rather that how you understood it!
    Thank you.

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