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Manik opens the door, both leave out. Manik jerks his hand and the blood drops get to Pandit ji’s face, he calls him to stop and asks what is this. Manik ignores, Pandit ji says if he understands music he could have said sorry. Manik asks Pandit to be simple, but Pandit asks is this college his dad’s. Manik says this is his mother’s college, Neonika and he can do whatever he wants to. He must go and asks Neonika to do whatever he wants to. Manik leaves.
Cabir walks around and says he isn’t picking his call. Aaliya says he is really angry right now, he needs time and he will settle down. Navya comes in and asks them to help them both else they would ruin their relations. Mukti says they can’t change Manik’s mind. Aaliya says they aren’t friends like her and doesn’t intrude

in matters of friends.
Navya says we don’t let our friend do anything which isn’t for his betterment, they were silent. Navya says they may not talk to Manik but she will side Nandini.
Principal shows Neonika fusion concert’s file, and says after Nandini they have no vocalist from literary music department. Neonika asks Pandit to prepare another student, Pandit ji comes into the office then to Mrs. Neonika Malhotra. He says he is leaving the college because of Manik as he has misbehaved with him, he further deters that if he doesn’t apologize, he will tell media about the misbehavior.
Cabir asks Manik what is wrong with him, Manik asks him to relax as this injury isn’t a big deal. Cabir says last time he was about to lost his hand, he has to control himself. Cabir says that Nandini isn’t here to hold him back. Manik says this has nothing to do with Nandini, but Cabir doesn’t agree. He tells him to patch up with her. Manik asks if he will forgive Raghv one day if he comes to apologize and say sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me the most. They go to medical centre, Nandini and Navya were there. The doctor asks Manik to sit besides Nandini on the bed, and goes to bring some medicine. Cabir asks Navya to come out, he tells Manik he is getting a call. He comes out and calls Navya to come out, she tells Nandini there is no network so she is going out. Outside, Cabir tells Navya that they will both fight for a while, snatch each other’s hair but will sort out. Navya says they have reached doctor only because we left them alone.
And Manik is asking the whole college to celebrate the happiness of Nandini’s expulsion. Cabir says he loves Nandini and won’t let her go, Navya says he won’t even stop her. Cabir asks to bet for Rs. 1000, she gives him a bonus that she will make his breakfast daily. He is worried, if she isn’t leaving his home.
Nandini keeps hand on Manik’s, he jerks. She places her hand on his again, he holds her arm and asks what she wants. She asks him to stop her, she is sorry. He says she wasn’t mistaken, she betrayed his trust. She must go. She asks won’t he be effected, he says no and stay away.
Aaliya comes to Dhruv and says sorry. Dhruv says it wasn’t her mistake, she must forget it. Aaliya says tear eyed, that I am glad he thinks so too. Dhruv says she must be happy that Manik doesn’t know about them, if she doesn’t want anyone to know about them they must stay away.
Manik comes to library and asks him for strings of guitar. The librarian says he listened about Nandini’s expulsion and his announcement as well. Manik asks does he gets his salary for gossiping. The librarian goes inside. Nandini brings her sitar to submit, it fells down. The librarian asks her to be careful as it is really delicate. Manik says she is used to breaking delicate things and leaves. Nandini goes behind him and holds his hand. She asks if he won’t stop her, they have made so many memories together, little times together. She recalls their fight, their first meeting, the time she was drunk. She says we have so many memories together, but she doesn’t think it will be enough for lifetime when she is gone. Manik holds her on the wall, she asks won’t he be able to hear more. He says shut up. She asks is it easy for him to forget her? He looks at her, she comes nearer to him, he backs up and says yes. She stops him and says it won’t be easy for him, turns around and goes back. She turns back to find Manik had left. She says he doesn’t want to hear whatever she had to say, though she had to tell him a lot. She leaves crying, while Manik stood behind the wall.

PRECAP: The principal asks the Pandit to encourage the new talent for fusion concert. Pandit asks them to take Nandini back. Neonika says Nandini Murti isn’t coming back. Pandit says the concert won’t take place if she isn’t here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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