Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik is performing alone on the stage. Nandhani and Naviya’s eyes fill with tears and then soon after wards Cabir and Mukti join him and Manik is glad to see them and so they perform with renewed energy.
Nyonika and Harshad get jealous and feel confused as to what to. Harshad goes to backstage and tries to inflict Manik with an injury but Aryaman figures it out and goes after and does his best to try to stop him but fails and as the stage drops ad Nandhani yells Manik.
Nyonika is standing on Manik face and asks him how he feels but he says toher that it is not her concern and pushes her away. When he gets up everyone feels relieved and Nandhani hugs and also cries. The doctor comes and says that it is only a minor injury and he will give some medicines for him after which Nyonika

Nyoniika s yellng at Harshad as to whyhe would do such a thing because if the injury would have been severe she would have lost her son and then there is knock and they both get scared. Nyonika hurriedly hides Harshad and when opens the door who tells that they are askng for her to comeand announce the prizes and so she slams the door.
The prize distribution ceremony begins and Nandhani Naviya and Aryaman are awarded the runner up award and when the host asks the audience who they think the winnr is they all say the fab5 and so they are once again declared as the winner.
After the ceremony is over Nyonika receives a call from Harshad and shouts at him saying that he cannot beat Manik and so better stay away but then suddenly he gets pulled in and Harshad says to her that she cannot get away from him so easily. Nyonika starts o shout at him and blames him for all that has happened but he says that he will take her down with him if she does anything like this hearing this Nyonia asks him to calm down and tell what he wants her to do. Harshad tells her that he wants her to make him get out of this mess but she says that after what he had done the police are after him but he says that if the police catch him then he will confess that he was doing everything on her orders but she walks away saying that she doesnot want to play these games anymore.
Aryaman and the rest of them are standing and Nandhani thanks him for trying to save Maniks life and even Manik tanks him then Aryamn sys that no matter how hard they tried to break the fab5 they were always together not because of their music but because of their friendship and he invites them to is house but Dhruv says that they have other plans but he persuades them and they also agree.
Nandhani Aryaman and Naviya are walking and Naviya asks Aryaman f he again wants to hurt Manik but he says that how can she say that because he wants to say sorry and has the right. Naviya makes a classical example but he says that he will make her drink wine and just s he says that Nadhani tells him that did he forget Naviy is pregrent and cannot drink on this Naviya says that when her child comes he will beat him and Aryaman asks for forgiveness and goes to add motor oil to his bike.
Dhruv is standing and turns to fid Nandhani asks why he is not coming to the dinner but he says that he is tired. Nandhani says that his friends want him back and when today he was on stage with them they all were delighted but he says that he has ruined everything and will not be able to fix it.
Nyonika is walking and Aryaman comes on his face but tries to leave. Nyonika does not let him and makes him feel ashamed about trying to destroy Manik because he had no reason to hurt him but oly wanted to know the truth about his sister. Nyonika gets confused and when he tells her who his sister his she gets shocked and says that she and his father tried but Aryaman tells her to shut up just when she is about to tell him and leaves after he leaves Nyonika says that he got emotional and doesnot know that his sister is not dead.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. shifa(shakira)

    fab5 always winner.no one beat them

  2. OMG the performance was killier dued seriously parth ur voice is so damm mesmerizing…… luved it ??????????

    And MaNan hug awwwww she hugged him again in front of everyone so sweet……

    And now m waiting for the dinner and next manan scene it would b amazing especially nandu’s look……. yaar seriously their performance was too good man it carried sounds many emotions…….. i cud feel all the emotions……

    And dhruv man whats wrong with u…… I guees ur family members must b waiting for u to come to them so u are behaving like this…… ????

    I guess if any of u are on insta u wud understand my above joke…..

    Any ways manan u rocks man……..luv ya loads and fab5

  3. Oh to nyonika ne soha ko kahin chhupa k rakha hai under her control she did it to make aryaman go against manan such a cheap woman 1000 slaps on ur face blo*dy neonika go to hell n die

  4. Which song fab 5 has performed in talent hunt????. Pls tell me

    1. It was not any bollywood song and was made for kaisi ye yaariyan specially …

    2. It was sang by parth samthan and one indian idol…… if u want to see it again then check sbs YouTube account they have specially uploaded it……

  5. Loved parth’s performance… Btw please some1 tell me why a promo is airing showing manan flashbacks … M not understanding anything about that …

    1. It was bout….. how MaNan’s love have passed all obstacles and now in upcoming episodes they will show last manan romance part…… which was on last part of promo

  6. We all just started as strangers,
    Travelling now as friends!
    A relation path that never ends!!
    Never seen any one of you,
    Everything between us was new!
    Still you all had belief in me!
    Let my bad character to be!
    I was a young spoiled brat,
    But changed by your support!
    Yours’ affection gave me warmth,
    Trust,love and unity is our strength!
    We respected each other,
    All the time stood for each other,
    Please forget me never,
    Remember we are friends forever!!
    Finally our relation grew naturally,
    Say loudly that WE ARE KYY FAMILY!!!


  7. shifa(shakira)


  8. Any1 here…..?? Will miss alll of you a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot!!!!!!!!!! Wat r v gonna do aftr 27th august?? Guyzzz…..hope that there will be a season 2 of kyy…!! Just hope so!! Coz living widout it has become impossible now!! Those days…all chatterboxes were present..chit-chatting all time..24*7…i ws a silent reader enjoying all d talks of u guyz…u hav no idea guyz hw much i used to laugh!! So pure our relation ws…love u all!! Love KYY..love my KYY ROXZ family…it will always shine 🙂

  9. Max bro..if u see this…ur comment had me in tears a while ago!! So nice the poem is!! So true!! U depicted our journey in ur poem vry well!!

  10. Btw…hw is my bhabhijaan?? This question is fr that day wala chat…if its true…if u guyz were joking then mera popat ban gaya!! Max bro…hw is bhabhijaan????

  11. Guyzz…cn u say where i cn download d song..titled kaisi yeh yaariaan?? Made solely fr kyy…singer-parth samthaan n amit gupta..nt sure abt his name…need dat song!!
    I cn remember only this much of d song
    o yaara..kaisi yeh yaariaan
    o yaara..kaisi yeh yaariaan
    o yaara..kaisi yeh yaariaan
    o yaara..kaisi yeh yaariaan…….
    MaNan song-somethin..meri nazrein teri nazron se mili…somethin..i ws busy drooling over parth n his voice…nt d lyrics!! Nt completely though..i cant remember d lyrics…
    Guyzz..any1 of u hav d song send ur contact number to ananya…i’ll ask her to send me…am on whatsapp…

  12. shifa(shakira)

    i love u.manan .hi plumppy

  13. Any1 here plz come na…anuu ka koi prob nhi…she’s on IF n i hav spoke a lot wid her 2day…sara is on IF bt vry vry inactive!!
    Guyz…google this-manan ff-darkness to night…
    The author of dat story is our vry own…………….dont b lazy..go check!! She has posted d first chapter of her FF…n its wonderful…guyzz..plzz na anyone if u come here plzz check it..its my request…specially d oldies of kyy roxz family…join IF..n support her…..u’ll be happy dat ur frnd/sis writes so well!!! Just read it fr once 🙂
    i’ve nt said abt this to her…i ws planning this frm d day she has posted her story…hehe srry ______ if i hurt u…

  14. yes plumpyy ur right!! pata nahi aap logon ke yaad muje bahut aaraha h!! hum sab ka rishta bahut ajeeb aur bahut atoot kisam ka h! We never met each other guyz but still we know each other yaar! jab yahan chat karta tha naa tab muje iss famliy kabhi mehsoos nahi hua par aaj dil main dardh ho raha h!! I feel I lost something which was very imp part of my life – KYY family!
    whre I found my true frndz, true family & true love too.
    This poem was for our famliy – OUR KYY FAMILY!!
    I cant belive that days run so fast and KYY is going off air yaar!! oh God Im gonna cry yaar!
    waiting for season 2 desperately. I couldnt watch season 1 but surely I will watch the season 2!!! love u all and wishing my family members a bright future!!

  15. plumpyy ur bhabijaan is very fine!!! this all happned cauz of KYY page yaar!! hum dono bahut kush h par haan kabhi kabhi jhagda bi hota h! but u knw naa ur brojaan can handle any situation ri8?? huh Im gonna miss u all yaar!

  16. Awww…ur soo sweet max bro…kitna hate krte thhe log aapse..hehe…abb dekho kya ho raha hai…v ppl never met each other bt still we felt dat love fr each other!!! V all will always remain a happy KYY FAMILY forever!! Waise bhi i wanna meet my brojaan n bhabhijaan na…hehe..ok i’ll stop my teasing only fr now..kitna nonstop chat krte thhe yahan pe!! 24*7 koi na koi chat krte thhe…!! Tab v had no idea k kyy itna jaldi end ho jaayega…tab news tha ki kyy dec 2015 tak extend hua hai..lekin abb kya hua…kal humare harshad baba aka abhishek malik ka bday hai…i guess sari team party karenge…gosh! Kahan hai yaar woh din!!??? Mujhe woh din wapas chahiye!! Agar hummein se koi low feel kar raha tha toh yahan aate thhe..yahan aake toh kya khush ban rahe thhe hum!! V got our happiness here!! V got our frnz,sis,bros n ek toh..i mean two ppl got their true love also!! Itna precious hai yeh page humare liye!! I will miss all u guyzz!!! Max bro,queen bhabhi,awwhooo,fairy,nutz,suhash bhai,sam bro,ammy di,aish,sana,sara,ricky bro,vaishu di,vaishu(8th std),niks,euphie,sharmin,aashi,samyukta,ananya di,anuu(nt much..IF mein haina tu),sound,dan,kuhu,neha di,peace breakers ko bilkul miss nhi karungi!! Bt iki bro ko thoda coz had no issues wid him,laura,megha,pradi,anu(annah),sweet girl,shenaz,riya,………there r mny more…srry to whom i missed in d list!! But love u all!!!!!! Will always love u guyzz!!! Missin u guyz badly!!!
    Any1 there on IF plzs try to inform me!! If u join then send a buddy request to Toshna_1522
    that’s my username!! Plzz…its my humble request to u guyzz!!!

  17. Hehe..max bro…pyaar mein toh ladai-jhagda bohot important haina…remember our MaNan..kya hate karte thhe..abb kya love karte hai!! Wish u n bhabhijaan too a vry vry bright future!!!!! Love u too!! Our one n only couple who first got to kno each other on kyy page!!! Seriously bro this ws somethin amazing!!!
    Hope fr d season 2 to start soon!!!
    N no matter what…i’ll kno auho’s contact number…!! I guess nxt bday is her’s na…??!!! I’ll ask anuu abt it…

  18. Pradi if u come here…plz send a buddy request to me on IF…m still waiting…!!!

  19. Guyz guyz guyz!!! I read somethin really bad fr us!!! Abt kyy!!! The article said dat manbir r gonna die!! Noooooooo!!!!!!!!! This cant happen!!!!!!!!!!
    It said dat in aryamann’s party..harshad will b attacked by a girl which they guessing to b soha…manik n cabir enters a car in which a time bomb has been planted…just wen nyonika says manbir to get out of d car d car blasts!!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont believe this!!!!! Noooo!! I hav faith on CVs dat atleast they wont do this!! They wont do this to us!!

    1. Yup I saw the promo on insta about same some ppl are saying that they will not die n some ppl are saying that it will happen on Thursday in end of season 1 I don’t think so they will die cuz it was clearly told that it will b happy ending….. and their wiki b a hot manan make out scene before bomb blast scene……

      Plump can u pls give ur id once again

    2. Aww plumpyy u remember me?? ??
      Even I was a silent reader of this page……I used to read all the comments n used to smile……….n guess wat! I know all the names u have mentioned…..though no one knows me here……….
      I too really miss all of u guyz’ chatting…..

    3. I don’t think manbir will die plumpyy……they will come out of the car b4 it blasts! Don’t worry…….it will be a happy ending!!!?

  20. yeah plumpyy iss jhagda hi to humara pyaar ka shuruvaad tha!! iss jhagda hi humare rishte ka wajood hai! And seriously i never thought a relationship can occur without seeing each other! I never seen any 1 of u bt still Im happy with it and I can proudly say that I know about my kyy family very well! This is kind of weird of listen still it is the truth yaar!!! Last day I want all of them to be present here! queen told she will surely come!! Muahhh missing that days, that endless chats , that evergreen masti, everything yaar! This page has became very special for me yaar!

  21. OmG MaNan Hug was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  22. Nandhini hugged Manik in front of everyone ?????

    1. Oh pls…!!! Jus improve ur english n it’s nandani not nandhini….!!!! If u don’t kno it then get lost

  23. shifa(shakira)

    this new is real manbir die secne

  24. Manik and Nandini’s passionate romance to make ending of KY2 Upcoming Episode

    Friday, August 21 2015

    Manik (Parth Smathaan) and Nandini’s (Niti Tylor) romantic love confession in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan ending

    It is already reported that Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is going to end on August on MTV.

    Kaisi Yeh Yaraiyan showed the musical journey of Fab 5 and complicated journey of Manik and Nandi’s love story.

    Afer having many ups and downs, Manik and Nandini are united.

    Nandini’s support never got Manik down while Manik also proved to Nandini that he is perfect soul mate for her.

    Fab 5 emotional reunion in KY2 ending

    The end of Kaisi YehYaariyan will have romantic scene between Manik and Nandini in which show unbreakable bond of love and celebrating their union.

    Manik and Nandini confess love once again and having a passionate union.

    Before, Manik and Nandini’s love reunion, Fab 5 will also have emotional reunion with bit drama.

  25. will manik and cabir die

  26. Kya yeh such hai ki manbir blast me mar jayege.

  27. Nope guys just have a chill pill our ManBir will not die…… chillax ?

  28. shifa(shakira)

    manbir die its ture

  29. no they will not die

  30. Y??? Y r the CVs doin this to us???
    2day’s precap-scene 1-aryamann has arranged evrythin fr d party
    scene 2-harshad is beaten by a girl in college n harshad called out her name..i guess i heard it right MUKTI!! N harshad says somethin bad to manik to himself!!
    Scene 3-our dearest manan..nandini-ily manik..manik-ily too..abt to kiss..bg music sapna jahan
    scene 4-nyonika walking like maniac. She sees d car and just then the car blasts!
    Idk who’s there in d car!!??? I hope ur right anu…n yeah i remember u vry well 🙂
    max bro ur 100% right!! It sounds weird bt its d truth!! We share pure relations of sisters n brothers n friends n 2 ppl soulmates!! Love u all to infinity!!
    Yeah bro hope evry1 will b there on d last day!!
    But WTH!! I’ll be havin my tests!! Internals!! I’ve to learn also!! No no..its social science the nxt day n i’ve almost completed reading it..1 chappy remaining!! So this means i’ll be here!!
    Love u my lovelies!! This line is of my awwhooo!!! Missin u loads my yummiest frnd!!

  31. Pradi my IF id is Toshna_1522

  32. DP is yuvi…<3

  33. Hope ManBir will not die…still havin faith..manbir wont die!! I guess harshad n soha will b inside d car 😛
    btw guyz…its jerkshad’s bday 2day!!
    Happy birthday abhishek malik!!! Will never love u!! Bt loved ur acting loads!! Hats off to u dude!! Harshad..the character suits u vry well!! A casanova!! No1 shud bash me fr this!! Harshad is similar to abhishek!! If u guyz bash me fr this..toh take a advance thullu frm me!! Coz this is said by abhishek himself!! In one of his interview!! Toh khullam khulla bashing banta hai!!
    I remember kuhu..one of d oldies…she ws a complete abhishek fan!! N gosh! She liked cabir-raghav a lot!!! Hehe…a unique human being!!
    Sep 8-charlie chauhan’s bday..
    Sep 24-ayaz ahmed’s bday!!
    Sep 23-my awwwhooo’s bday!!!!!!!

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