Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik is crying with Nandhani hugging him. He sits and says that Dhruv could have done everything and he was able to Nandhani again hugs him when Manik says that Dhruv forgot everything and left. Manik says that he has the same feeling that he had when he wished he had helped Cabir. Nandhani says that it is not his fault but Manik says that if it is not his fault then why did this happen to him and why was he not able to help Cabir or Dhruv. He has a head ache and he says that he took Cabir after the blast and he took then he asks Nandhani to make him remind of the thing that happened that night. Nandhani says that he was coming to pick her up then Manik tries to remember to collapses. Nandhani calls the servant and goes to call the doctor and explains to him that Manik collapsed.

is asking for Naviya when she comes and he says that Sahil got attached with Abir and after that he got depressed and is not himself but Naviya asks the guard to take him away.
The doctor checks Manik and asks Nandhani to come as he wants to talk to her about Manik’s condition. They walk out of the room and the doctor explains that he has a simple problem of depression and that it would be taken care off. Nandhani says that how they can do this and then the doctor explains to him when suddenly Manik comes out and the doctor sits with him and asks Nandhani to take care of him.
Naviya is talking with people when she gets a call and it is Kiran who talks with Naviya and tries to explain but Naviya s not touched and ends the call.
Nandhani makes Manik sit on the bed when he takes up the phone of Dhruv. Nahdnai takes it from him when he gets angry and leaves and after that Nandhani goes after him and tries all that she can to make him happy after which they finally kiss each other.
Aaliya is sitting depressed and thinking about Dhruv when Varhun comes and asks her as to what the matter is then after he insists she tells him that Dhruv left without even telling anyone. She starts to cry and then asks for a break Varhun at first is not clear but seeing her condition he agrees.
Nandhani taunts Manik as to that he is smiling and then they start to talk. Manik says that she is the cutest in the world. Nandhani says that he did not say that she is hot and gets angry to which Manik goes to make and calms her. They both sit when Nandhani says that e should forget the past and focus on those who make him happy. Manik agrees to it then Nadhani says that they will be together forever.

Precap: Harshad makes an announcement about Music Gala. Austad Mukesh comes and says that those who are here for fame will be taken out at the start. The fab5 are discussing to which Mukti and Aaliya says that they need a time out and leave, leaving Manik and Nandhani amazed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. First of all koi pls mujhe batao MaNan ka kiss hua ya fhir kiss miss hua…….MTV walo pls aisa matt karo don’t leave us on our imagination hum bohot kuch imagine karlenge…..
    PS: m damm happy!!!!! Coz my bae will be cmg back on sns soon!!!!!! Cheers!!

  2. I really cried seeing this episode….however Manan was srsly cute as always.But…………..I’m worried of Manik’s health…..Plz let nothing happen tohim,and also let Dhruv comeback……..

  3. Awesome episode…..with lot of “MANAN” moment…….
    I m soo happy…..

  4. is ayaz back? guys

    1. What…..????
      means really……
      Means agar woo sach me wapse aa raha h….
      Too it’s great….show fir se wahi purani jaan wapse aa jaiygi…..

    2. Nope! He is in new show…… he said he don’t want to cum back……

  5. Sach mai ayaz is back….now it will be fun ky2 ?

  6. He/she asked a question not ok bhavya didn’t said he’s back don’t jump on conclusions….

    1. Not came mistakely

  7. MaNan scene was wow lyk always. But feeling sad for my dhruliya. And again that flatterer Varuna came to aliya. I mean wht is his pro can’t he let stay aliya in peace. Jabhi dhekho toh flirt karrahahe. Just hate him. Nandini is amazing. A true life partner. When doctor said he is fine. I toh relieved. Anyways a sad epi cuz dhruliya is not together. But they live always live in each other’s heart. LUV DHRULIYA.

  8. The episode was very emotional but manan scenes made me happy ? and please bring druv back….missing cabir very much…..manan scenes please

    Please dupar ka episode wapas woh hi tym pe rakho pleaaasssssseeeeee……[email protected] pm

  9. finally manik is fine now i am feeling relax but seriously how can anyone forget only bad memories but achha hua phele ka yaad nahi means phele ka guilt and stree bhi nahi,anyways nice episode.

  10. and the episode telecasting only once means no repeat telecast if the episode missed then we can’t see repeat telecast.plz repeat 1-2pm.

  11. I really need cabir and druv back…let some miracle happen…….

  12. Haa yar….atleast 1 repeat too hona hi chahiye tha….kisi bhi reason agar episode miss Hoya too repeat too dekh sakte h…..
    Pls MTV walo 1-2 wala repeat telecast plz plz plz change mat karo…..plz plz.

  13. flavours of heart

    kaisi yeh yaariyan rockzz.
    frnzz plzz like our page “flavours of heart” in facebook . its a youngstar page n we need 50 lyks to start posting. please lyk our page . we need your help. plz offer your support to us.
    – flavours of heart team
    manik and nandini roxx

    1. N already following it…

  14. Adipoli episode , karachal vannu… ennalum manikkum,nandhiniyum….
    onnu koodi ee episode repeat cheyyayirunnu…
    ayaz return aayal super aanu, wish

  15. I did missed a lot!! The ever heart wrenching scene of manik cryin.. Fab 3 depressed.. Manik’z health.. Dhruv.. DhruLya.. ManRuv.. Navya.. Why is it so complicated???
    Mtv walo.. Plz repeat telecast 1-2 pm pe rakho!! Yeh Big F is a crap!!
    Aur yeh maddy k GD kya kr rha hai?? He was just at a workshop at SPACE na? Yaar usse punch krne ka mood krta hai.. Wish cabira ws der wid his sarcasm..hehe.. DhruBir!!!!! Miss u a lotttttt!!!!!!!!!

  16. @kitty hey srry i misunderstood.. M talking bout d sunday’s happenings. Ohkay.. There were n are mny kyyians from kerala! Cn v b frnz? U see, there are so mny heartbreaks goin on in kyy now dat i want some1 to lighten up my mood infact urs too n start our friendship! N were u a silent reader of kyy pg..both of s1 n s2??

    1. Hey dearie, hw r u?????? Hw was ur vacation??? I missed u dearie.??? And as u kno I got tickets for vacation but it is on 13 Dec. And gd news is my xams r over. Now only fun. But see wht happend to our dhruliya. And that flatterer is getting on my nerves. ???Anyways countdown starts for my birthday???. It is on 23th Dec. When is urs bday, dearie??????

    2. I’m so happy to be friend with u dear….R u a malayali too??coz sunday u told that u are from south india that’s why i just asked…
      I actually came to know about such a kyy page just by the end of season 1.But I started to post my comments just last saturday….but I have been and am a continous watcher of kyy

  17. Where can we find the video of this episode?

  18. omg, nice episode . litte disappointed for cabir..
    but this nandhini,ai

  19. shifa(shakira)

    hlo prads.plumppy how is u r trip?

  20. glad many malayalee are here

  21. Same answer for shifa n nash- it was freakin’ awesome!!!!!!! But in my room.. V were bout to sleep..tab i ws blabbering.. My kyy..manan..dhruv..dhrulya..fab 5.. N my bestie ws lyk kyy fever will nvr decrease in me! Late night party in bus n fr d first tym i loved TRAVELLING! Upar se it ws my frnd’s bday on 7th dec n v were lucky enough to celebrate it at 12am! Whoever lives in bangalore..kaise rehte ho yaar uss cold weather mein!!??? Shifa u toh kno na how is our weather here..for name sake its winter bt actually v call it summer coz d temp is always high! But all over d trip..wyl goin to sleep..travelling..eating..i ws sayin 1 thing.. I MISS KYY!
    Nash my bday is on may 15 dearie. And u too njoy ur vacation! Missed to so much nash!!
    Kitty..im frm karnataka.. I’ve visited only bekal fort in kerala and 1 temple in kasargod.. I wanna visit kerala..bt donno wen. Ohh.. So ur a reader of this pg frm quite a long tym! Acha listen i wanted to say somethin wen i read d cmnts of dec 3’s WU.. Y shud ppl leave reading this pg coz of d cmnts here?? Do they come to read d update or read d cmnts! Fool dat whoevr was! Oh im so scared ms.danger! Note my sarcasm babes! Kitty u kno ryt to whom this ws 😉
    okay v r frnz! Cheers!
    Epi dekhi ajka.. Kitna rulate hai!! 3 continuous epis makin us cry!

    1. Of course I know dear,it’s the great future PM of India na?Shelly madam………………HAHAHAA

  22. Im gud nash! But a lil sleepy coz of dancing till late night 😛 my sleep duration is 8 hrs which turned into 4 hrs yest.. Sunday toh it ws only 3.5 hrs! How r u my lovelie…? So exams over..njoy to d fullestttt… Shit! Bye nash! Gotta go! I just remembered dat my 3rd internals r gonna start frm 14th n i’ve not evn read 1 chappy n i’ve got 6 subjcts to b studied bye!! Love ya nash!! Will come aftr 10!

    1. Ok dearie. ???Go and rest???. Study well. ✍?✍?✍?And yup I am fine not fine vry gd ???cuz xams r over. So yup ur xams will be gd ik as u will study hard. Luv u toooooo dearieeeee.??? Ok I’ll wait for u. Bye??????

  23. MaNn Die heart fan

    Hi plump.hw r u?
    plz can u gv me ur mail.i wanna be frnd wid u.
    kyy rocks.
    missing dhruv nd cabir

  24. Mtv walo bring ayaz back….atleat we know the reasin why uttu left the but we r still unknown why ayaz left…plzz bring him back i miss him 2 much

    1. Its not a unknown reason he said he was bored playing cabir and now he can’t cum back coz he’s already in another show if u are his fan u may be knowing……

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