Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhini and Manik were in the car. Manik asks if she sure she want to do this. Nandini says this is her wish, to spend a night with a pr*stitute. Manik says she is crazy. Nandhini says they must do it once. They spot a pr*stitute, a man comes to her and asks her for some money. She says she gave him money yesterday. The man tries to force her, Manik goes and asks how dare he touch this girl without her consent. The man heads to leave. The girl says to Manik why is he being such a hero, if he needs her time he must bring money. Manik hands him a bunch full of money, he says that now her time is his. The man leaves. The girl asks Manik who this is, Manik says she is his girlfriend. The pr*stitute asks Nandhini if she is really ok with him being here. Nandhini says she asked him to come here.

The girl asks where they need to go. Nandhini and Manik smile, Manik asks what her name is. The girl says she is Madhuri, Manik jokes if she is Madhuri Dixit. He smiles that for a long time, Nandhini has been running in his stomach. Nandhini punches him in his stomach. Manik says he is really hungry and needs to eat something. The girl says he is really intelligent and asks them to follow her. Manik says to nandhini that this sounds really interesting. They head inside.
Dhruv comes in the apartment, he cries thinking about Aaliya with him then with Varun. He cries viciously, he says that he hopes she understands he did this for the betterment of both of them. He says I miss you and cry again.
The girl gets Manik and Nandhini to a place, they stop by a stall. Manik says they are just hungry, they can eat somewhere else as well. Nandhini says she wants to eat Pao bhaaji. She asks Madhuri what she wants to eat. Madhuri says no one ever asked her what to eat before work. Manik teases Nandhini that they can get Lasagne on the stall as well. They take seats. Manik gets a call. Madhuri says to Nandhini that the guy is really handsome. Nandhini says that his girlfriend is really beautiful. Its like girlfriend is moon and boyfriend is tube light. Madhuri takes her chair and goes to sit with Manik, she says this is the first time she got such a handsome man, and else every filthy man comes to her. Manik whispers at her to tell this all later, Madhuri asks Manik to come with her till Nandhini will enjoy the Pao Bhaji. Nandhini also allows Manik saying he can do anything, she won’t mind. Manik tries to avoid and goes to get Pao Bhaji. Madhuri whispers to Nandhini that she must never leave him, he has love for her in his eyes. Manik comes and asks Nandhini to let go, nandhini says she has to spend some more time with Madhuri. Madhuri tells Manik not to worry, God has made him for Nandhini only and he is safe with her. Manik says ok, and takes his seat. He tells Madhuri to have Pao Bhaaji. They enjoy it together.
Manik says to Madhuri that they had seen her in problem when that man came to him. He says she can ask him for help, they can help her return home if she is unhappy. He gives her a bunch of money, Nandhini insists on her to take it. Madhuri wipes her tears, she stands up says thanks to them and leaves. Manik holds Nandhini’s hand and asks if plan went well. Manik says that what matters is that there was smile on her face. Manik says thanks to her, she says she wants to thanks him for being so special. Manik says in that case he also wants to thank her, for making every moment so special for her. Manik gets Mukit’s call, Mukti tells Manik that Aaliya is crying hard, she is also going there and calls him too. Manik tells Nandhini that something is wrong with Aaliya.
Nandhini and Mukti sit with Aaliya who was crying. Manik says he had talked to him about it, he thought it was sorted out. Aaliya says he said he is leaving forever and he left. Nandhini asks this is weird, where he went all at once. Aaliya says he isn’t picking her call as well, she cries hugging Mukti. Manik tells Aaliya to relax, Dhruv is a sensible guy. He will never do so. He tells Aaliya to relax, he will call him. He tries Dhruv’s number but he doesn’t pick up the call. He is in rage and says he isn’t attending his call too. All at once, their phones show messages that makes everyone worried. They are all upset to read it. Manik reads the message that ‘in life there are situations when one feels as if I am not me anymore. And then you feel you are lost, because you can no longer remember who you are, and at this time this is exactly what feels is. I am going away from all of you, will not return until I find myself.’
Mukti says what is wrong with this guy, why he always behave like a loser, he runs away whenever there is a problem. Manik says he will call him, it will be alright. He tries the number but it was powered off. Manik says he switched off his phone, he remembers suggesting Dhruv to go out somewhere, think about himself. Manik regrets, he curses himself saying Dhruv was stressed and a few days ago he told him to take a break, go out to release his stress. He had said this to him. Mukti says that there are problem in all of their lives, this doesn’t mean they run away leaving everything behind. Atleast he must have think about them, Manik says he hopes he is somewhere nearby. Nandhini suggests about checking the social media, maybe he might have checked in somewhere. They all check it, all his accounts had been deactivated. They all leave messages for him, Mukti writes Jerk come back or will kill you. Aaliya writes, please get over the misunderstanding. Nandhini writes where are you. Manik writes, Buddy don’t do this, let us help you. Manik says looks like he just want to cut off from everyone.

PRECAP: Dhruv’s mother tell them she doesn’t know what happened to him, he just asked her to give Manik the envelop. Aryaman calls Manik and says his dad has some contacts, they can trace Dhruv’s mobile. He comes home, Nandhini opens the door and asks if he found something about Dhruv. Manik watch over them.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Today’s epi mood
    Mood one ??coz uttu cried
    Mood two ??MaNan
    Mood three ??alya and precap….
    Srsly!! How ky2s2 made me cry no one did..!!

  2. When dhruv just broke down ????
    I can’t see uttu cry… it hurts a lot ???jaana hi tha toh least happily uska character end karte………. watching uttu cry is the worst nightmare of my……. I can’t bear this hamari adhuri kahani drama ??first MukBhi then DhruLya ?
    I love uttu a lot….. can’t him cry even if he’s acting ……?

  3. Ooo great job MaNan. But my dhruliya!!! Oh I luv them. Can’t see them in pain or breaking up. Really sad. So I’m not watching today’s epi cuz I won’t able control my tears. Really feeling sad. So have to go and study cuz now only this can drive my pain for a while. Uttu pl don’t go.

  4. Rhea

    Dhrulya made me cry today… cant see them in pain. they were the cutest couple of kaisi yeh yaariyan… will miss u uttu.. heartbreaking episode … 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. ADELE

    So……..this is da end of……….dhrulya???!!!!! Lyk srslyy???? N now wat bout alya???? Is she gonna be paired wid dat flirt??!!!!! No way yaar!!!
    Alya shud not be paired wid anyone……!!!!!! My dhrulyaaaaa!!!! ??????????????
    I’ll miss u guyz lyk hell yaar!!!
    N this is December!!! N according to some stupid posts,parth n veebha are leaving…………!!! Aaaaaaaaghhhhhh!!!!!!????????????

    • Parth didn’t confirmed that he is leaving na. Then be positive. Think that those post r fake. These will cheer up ur mood. At least not cheer up toh u can feel a bit better. I don’t read that articles cuz they make me sad. So u can do it.

    • KITTY

      R u a malayali??great news..keep supporting kyy like me..kattu mooliyo pranayam kettirunnuvo hridayam..

  6. December is always d perfect month for me. But this tym my birthday month is really not lucky for me. Dhruliya❤️❤️??. Plz dhruv come back. Uttuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu come back plz

  7. Manan fans

    Kyy2 ke acche din kab aayenge…pahla wala kyy1 jaisa aab nahi raha..trp day by day low…parth ka ab naya show kab aayega…

  8. Plumpyyy

    Cmnt.. I dont kno wt to say!! I cannot write wt i feel in words!! SPEECHLESS!!! True.. OLD IS GOLD!! Dhruv.. DhruLya.. Those tears.. Huh..

  9. Shelly

    I new it that this show will b ending lyk this n i stoppd reading n ws not watching since long. This show is nomore a worth watch its a waste n this is my opinion. Those who r watching it fr MaNan scene let me remind u its nt a luv story its youth show n theme is nowhere to be seen nowadays. N yes no one can stop me frm saying all this…

    • Again… Oh ok I will not stop u. It is kinda funny that how u r making a fool of urself and that too infront of kyy and manan’s dieheart fans!!!??? really funny. So do one thing go to any another win pg of kyy and then say these and I’m sure they’ll make u realise that wht u r doing.

      • Shelly

        Ohh its not ur fault u r acting accordng to ur age. I m sry to cmmnt b/w immature people. I thought i was practicing my fundamental right which u might b studying currently. I m a MaNan fan bt still my opinion is not biased lyk u all. Its India Darling n i have got my right. U r still youngr to tell me what to think n what not.

      • Yeah darling ik its our fault that v are not 18+ yet to reply to such morons(you) but wat to do dear when adult ppl (by age) don’t kno how to speak according to it v thought v should enlighten them…. but see it is lyk to read a book in front of a Buffalo ???haha good one na…?? Ik m very good at this apart from this m very good even at humiliating someone…. m sure u don’t want to be that someone…..and yeah babes v maybe studying fundamental right right now but are not even retard lyk u!!and btw SHELLY VELLY MAM thank u sooo much for throwing some light on us!! Though it didn’t helped but uk just a formality I said ty! And yeah miss Shelly or whatever who the heck are u to say me how to talk with mentally retarded ppl lyk u!! My mom?? My dad?? My teacher??? My sis?? Oh now I get it u are a social worker….. oh so wat are u doing her pls mam go to Chennai na…. areey for helping them… wat say?good idea na….. ik m the best!

      • Oh really. I told na that I don’t want to stop ur foolish talk. I would love to read more foolish cmnt plz continue. And stop ur this social type of talk. Like rights duties blah blah blah……… I think u have forgot so let me remind U that u r a reader here not a teacher. So plz teacher go and teach these to ur students not me. And yup ur these talk can’t effect anyone from here. Cuz v r true fans.

  10. KITTY

    oh…..where is this story of kyy2 going to??I don’t know…..But let me be frank,kyy season 1 was much much better than this..maddy,uttu,nyonika,Cabir, and news of the quitting of parth and veebha…i think KYY2 will definitely end by this Dec if Parth quits it….now it’s not even having FAB 5…Fab 5 is incomplete………..Please all of u come back…

    • Shelly

      Agreed totally… I m missing their friendship too. Maddy gave a hope that something is gonna happen. But nooo. Really bad. What is wrong with writers??? Y r they ruinig this show like this…. 🙁

    • Shelly

      Agreed totally… I m missing their friendship too. Maddy gave a hope that something is gonna happen. But nooo. Really bad. What is wrong with writers??? Y r they ruinig this show like this…. Missing Fab 5 too… 🙁

  11. KITTY

    i’am actually a new comer but i was not able to post my 1st comment in a positive manner…sorry but I’am upset

  12. KITTY

    Oh…dhrulya….ur old memmories srsly made me cry…Come back uttu..How can u just go off like this????so sad…not only me but each & evryone who watch kyy…..

  13. Plumpyyy

    Hey shelly! Ofcourse dear no1 cn stop u frm sayin it. But wanna ask u.. Are you blind?? What about navya’s track?? Sahil kiran?? The adoption thingy?? Aryamann..friendship?? Oh sorry dear u dont watch na so u dont even know what’s goin on! Wanted to inform u that’s it. Musicana’s on d way too! Now say if its ONLY a love story or not! Hope that what i said enters ur brain!

    • Shelly

      Well i was laughing badly after reading ur cmnt. No dear I m not blind. Atleast make some sense. This is ur reply after watching season 1. Compare them. Compare the issues raised – Drug abuse, role of friends in helping their friends in coming out of depression, homos*xuality, aggressiveness, problems with parents….. N many more. Season 1 showed a scene of MaNan in every episode but it was short n adorable. It ws not 90% occupied with MaNan. N u can very well see that people have lost their interest now in this show, hence actors r leaving. Its gonna end because of its bad script. There zero progress in season2. Open ur eyes n see dont be blind Plumpyy. If u believe in the reasons stated by actors fr leaving then for sure u r dumb. They hv to give such lame excuses. Well it does not matter to me what u think n what not it ws jst an answer to ur question. Think before u say anything. U have no write to say anything to me when i did not say anything abt u. Mind ur own buissness. Yeah that is the biggest problem with India. People dont help when required bt keep on telling others how to think? , what to do? n all dat.

      • KITTY

        I actually agree with shelly..kyy 2don’t have COMPARITIVELY good story as that of
        season 1.But u can’t just blame all the citizens of a country like that..are u not an indian?yeah but i know that u loved kyy1 as i did..but plz just watch season 2 and see what happens…HOWEVER I WILL SUPPORT KYY

  14. ADELE

    Heyaa prads!! Juz read ur reply in da previous update!! M too fyn sweetie!! N ya ……yaariyan waala heart hain toh obviously sad toh hoga hi na……….really miss fab5 lyk hell!!
    Anyways……….not more than u!!!
    Love u sweetie!!!! Stay blessed!
    Kyys2 rockz

  15. ADELE

    Heyy guyz!! Hw’s mah dp????? I got this from g+ n loved it sooooooooooo much that I saved da pic!!! Itz soooo cute na????? MaNan ka hain toh cuteness toh bharr bharr k hoga hi!!!!!
    I tohh really loved it!!!!!!!! ????????????????

  16. KITTY

    I’m actually so glad and surprised to see that some of you who posts comment are not north indians ,say,natasha,rani santhiya,etc..So it proves that kyy is a national show watched by all irrespective of language or other differences…that is a great success of kyy..actually even i’m not a hindiwala but i know hindi from my school..i’m a south indian..
    so excited to see my language in one of the posts….

    • Plumpyyy

      True.. Damn true! Kyy has pakistani viewers too! And even im a south indian. Not a hindiwali too n same pinch learnt hindi half frm mom n half frm school! And i love hindi a lot that more than my mother tongue i speak hindi!
      Kyy has d great achievement already! Viewers frm all ovr d country n foreign countries too! There r viewers frm USA too! Evn australia!
      U asked me if m an indian under shelly’s cmnt ryt? So yeah i m an indian n a proud one!! See d reaction ws of a pure KYY LOVER! So u cant just oppose me!
      P.S- Whr r u from?

      • KITTY

        sry plumppy u misunderstood me…i did’nt criticize u ,i told about shelly .it was she who posted a comment against the people of india telling thet indians blame others…so plz don’t misunderstand me…
        by the way ,i’m a malayali actually..,from kerala,god’s own country..

  17. ADELE

    Offoo prads!! Humesha mera hi popat kyu hota hain!!????
    Chalo!!! Now toh I can’t even go shopping!! So only one option left n thatz to study!!!?????

    Kaash I wud have opened my g+!!!
    At least I wud have known bout it!!!
    Anyways……..thnxx for letting me know this dear! N sorry for my stupidity!!!
    Kyys2 rockzz

  18. Beauty Queen

    Oh dear Dhruliya!!!! But hey guys isn’t Kabir gonna cme back?????
    And Ha Ha Ha Venunika is gone…. Because she is Kishwar and she is in Bigg Boss…..Correct Minnie, I am From Bangladesh and I watch it…. And I watch all the Hindi shows… I dnt watch in Bengali shows…. I live in Bangladesh but I feel that I am an Indian……
    And when I went to India I met Paarth Saamthan…

    • Wat!!!!!srsly u met him!!!????? OMG!!!! Living in India that too Mumbai I didn’t meet him and u met him!!! Amazing yaar!!!!!I mean how??? When???! Where?????!!!and when u met him pls tell me wat did he wore???!!!and wat was ur first reaction when u saw him!!?????ik stupid question but i srsly wanna kno!!!!did u took a pic or autograph ???!!

    • ADELE

      Whaaattttttt??!!! U met him??????? Srslyyyyyyy!! Where?? How??? When???
      What did he say????!!!!! U have his autograph na???!!!! U saw his heart melting smile from it own eyessss??!!!!?
      How was he looking??!?!!!!!

      Pleeaseeee beauty queen……aamay bolo!!!! Aami control korte parchi na!!!!!! Srslyyyyyy!!!!!!!! I know aami ektu beshi react korchi………buttttttt!!! Hope u understand!!!!!!! U knw! Itz my dream to meet him……………!! Plz plz plz plzzzzz do replyyyy!!!!
      Kyys2 rockkz

      • Kitty pls stop poking ur nose in our matter!! And fyi v were not at all fighting on basis of country!!! And I replied on behalf of Adele coz she’s my sis and v both can reply on eachothers behalf!!! And u are no one to teach us v are kyyians or parthians!!! Hope u get this in ur brains!
        PS: V were here talking how much ppl all over the world love kyy if u don’t kno whole thing Better stay out of it!!

      • ADELE

        @kitty! Who’s fyting here may I know???? Nash juz asked a question n Minnie being my sister replied it!
        Kyys2 rockzz

      • Yup kitty she is right. Stop poking in others matter. I just asked a que and on behalf of anu she answered in just one line that she is not. So I came to kno. But wht is ur pro in here??? And if I and she were fighting then who r u to stop??? I don’t need any advice like stop fighting from u. So stay away and stop poking. And keep it in ur mind that no one is fighting here.

      • KITTY

        i’m sorry….I did’nt meant to poke in ur matters.Sorry minnie,adele,and nashita…I hope u wud forgive me….

      • KITTY

        I did’nt knew that anu was minnie’s sister…I just thought of sorting it up if there was any problem…Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz,reply if u forgive..

  19. Plumpyyy

    Excuse me ms.shelly! Did i say kyy s1 ws BETTER than s2?? No way!! I will nvr say dat!! If u’ve been a silent reader of this page u might’ve known.. There’s emptiness in s2 as der isnt our cooldude cabira! Ofcourse yaar kyy s1 is better than s2 in evry way! But its just the love for d show.. D happiness v get through it be it manan or friendship.. Wen our love gets opposed any1 wud react this way u see! And bout kyy losing viewers..its ppl’s choice. I kno it n u too kno it. Ppl may quit watchin it coz of other reasons too! Health, studies comes in b/w n ppl might quit watchin it though they wanna watch it! U were right but 1 thing which ws wrong ws that love story thingy! I ain’t blind! Nah! I can see vry well! About the actors leaving the show.. Yes u r right. Bout me being dumb, i ain’t dumb! I can understand d actual meaning of wt d actors mean to say! Anyway i opposed only 1 thing dat KYY S2 IS A LOVE STORY! KYY S2 IS NOT A LOVE STORY!

  20. KITTY

    Guys,i’m actually happy that the directors atleast gave an explaination for druv’s quitting..V know that cabir’s disappearance was not much explained..and manik’s dis and re appearance was really confusing…So thanku ,the writers…however u made such a pity reason for it………………

  21. Plumpyyy

    Hey guyzz… M out fr 2 days..to b precise frm 2day evening.. Goin to mysore n b’lore.. Wid frnz.. Schl trip.. Fun.. One last chance to njoy to d fullest coz d boards time table is out!! So this means im gonna miss kyy epis of mon & tue.. My bad luck. Uske baad nxt week comes my 3 internals. Uske baad my status is study study and study!
    So bye for 2 days.. Will b back on wednesday!
    Kyy roxz… Hope to watch d epis in hotel rooms! Aakhri hope!

    • KITTY

      happy journey plumpyyy,by the way,i’m excited for tommorrow’s episode..oh..u wud really miss it dear….anyway come fast and join the discussions alright???

    • Oooo gd luck dearie. Hope u can enjoy ur vacations wid lotttttttsssssssss of joy. Stay happy. And yup come fast and d first thing u will do after coming home is inform me that how u enjoyed. Again gd luck. Enjoy bye dearie

  22. KITTY

    hi guys..today when i just looked mtv shedule i came 2 know that kyy’s repeat wud’nt be shown at 6;00 pm, and 1;30 pm…I don’t wheather it is original,but a new programme called love school is dominating the timings…

  23. ADELE

    @nashita,no dear m Indian! But m from wb…..so Itz obvious that I knw Bengali!!

    Pradss!!! Sissyyyyy!!! Juz love the way u comment on my behalf!!!!! Itz lyk u knw everything bout me…..!!!! Stay blessed sweetie!!!
    Kyys2 rockzz

  24. Shelly

    I m a PROUD INDIAN. India is lacking in some ways n I accept dat. Only those who accept cn move frwrd in lyf. I only mentioned d prblms i hv with ppl here. Dont u raise issues against India abt wearing short dresses , rape cases so y cnt i raise my issue. U write against India on fb n all those which is more widespread where u shud refrain urself. There its a grt job na?. U cn cmnt against society y cnt i? Obviously my cmnt ws nt to raise an issue bt to tell u hw u r behaving with me. Ppl do interfere in others life n I hate dt. U dnt know me still wr trying to crct me WHO R U??? Dose who think I did d same den dats nt d case. U replied to me on which I reacted. Stop behaving like a typical 2nd cls child who cnt interpret anything crctly. U made a mistake by replying to my cmnt. Nvr reply against me I wont tolerate. Minnie obviously I cnt expect anything else frm u. Humiliation is d only thing u r gud at. Go on go on only idiots lyk u will agree to u. I give a damn what ppl thnk of me. Even if u gather 100s of ppl it wont matter cz only those ppl r nt left in dis wrld. Dis is wts going on dis page since long… Cn u see any other prsn cmmntng except ur grp. U all made dis page a crap. U r doing more hrm to this show than anyone else. No. of ppl hv quit reading updates bcoz of u all. U degraded d pg day by day. I read a request to tu to remove this grp. Nw say u r crct. Ipkknd ek jashn pg 1 go there n see 107ppl ignored a prson who bashed ArShi. Cz ppl r nt immature lyk u al. My cmmnt shud matter to u only when u r my dear ones. Don’t question my nationality. Question those who write bad things abt India on fb. Don’t even DARE… Don’t reply to anyone who says anything abt Kyy. All r nt narrow minded like u. They analyse everything n comment. U say u r MaNan fans no u all r hypocrites. Time will tell whose thinking is crct.

    • is this a bharat-shikayat pg?????? like srysly!!!!!!! its kyy pg……u r posting as if it is a national pg or smthing…..i am serious and i hv no problems with u dear….but it a request (u take it as a tip) please see the link and then type………maybe you wanted to go to sm other pg but by mistake typed tellyupdates.com/mtv/kyy………no worries…….a human is a body of faults……so its a tip that please see the website and then type…..

  25. Shelly

    Fact is u all r stuck to a single point n i hv moved on. I hv so so much to say against u bt its of no gud to me atleast. It will hrm me. I hv wasted a lot tym on u all. Nahh nvr gonna repeat this crime(not a mistake). My life is dammn busy. Remember not to reply back. Pretty mch aware of each others thinking so stay away. Gud fr all. I will cmnt freely abt this show whenever i feel like. No one will ever try to reply me if u disagree. Yss I m practicing my right. Not being a teacher of u fools.

  26. Shelly no 1 stopped reading updates because of our group, they stopped becoz they lost interest in it, they found it boring what’s our mistake in it? Aur rahi baat dusro k opinion ki to u have full ri8 to write ur opinions

  27. ???Wow ms SHELLY!!! wat a speech! ???Uk u should join politics wat r u doing here then…. first of all who asked ur nationality???? And who the heck are u to say v write this n that on india!!? And secondly I totally enjoyed this cmt of urs.. yeah I enjoyed it uk said u don’t give damm of wat ppls think of u so y u reacted on my reply??? This shows how badly u were affected by my cmt…… I actually enjoy when ppl cmt against me coz thats shows how much they get effected by my reply…..and from where huh…from where are u dragging India in this……..,! And yeah u bl dy b*t*h!!! Ik m very good at humiliating cheap ppl lyk u!! Coz unless cheapsters lyk u don’t get a lesson na u won’t stop! And who the heck are to say REMOVE THIS GROUP FROM THIS PG?? admin ???no na then just f ck off!!! U srsly need some sort of treatment I never asked ur nationality! And what do u even kno bout ky2s2??? Nothing at all isn’t it! And are on this pg since many damm months and v always cmt sensible things unlike u! If v weren’t na then hardly on this pg 2-3 cmts would have been there!! AND WILL V HAVE A DREAM THAT NEVER TO CMT AGAINST SHELLY VELLY OR ELSE SHE WILL HAUNT U ….hahaha ??and who the he’ll are u say wat v are n wat not!! Bimbos come here and spoil this pg!. And someone pls call mental asylum ppls van @this retards house money v will pay but its not at all safe to leave such ppl open….. and fyi those who watch s2 should cmt here not a kyy hater…. who wants others to quit watching this….

  28. Here she again goes. Blah blah blah……………. Plz mind that it is a cmnt pg for a social site. And if u have too much interest to become a minister then go to some other place cuz ur these types of declaration will never effect anyone from here. And yup I was wrong u r not going to be a teacher but u r going to be a minister. A sick minister who talking bout rights in cmnt pg. bahhhhhh. And all the sick ppl will cheer for u. Minister Shelley mam??? u don’t kno that v kyyians can do anything for this. U r a newbie here so I think u don’t kno but v handle many sick or ill ppl lyk u. I will reply of those who say bad bout kyy. And u can’t do anything. And I din’t reply under urs cuz u didn’t say anything bout kyy in ur this cmnt. And u were talking bout gathering 100 ppl ri8 so this is the ans- not 100, only 1 kyyian is enough for crore sick ppl. Yup just 1 kyyian can do anything so think that 100 kyyians!!! Omg 100 KYYIANS.. Yup I sometimes use abuse words so I decided that I’ll use abuse very rare but a mentally disorder person lyk u have tractable me to use abuse language today. Anyways u r sick so don’t want to say bad to u else these will effect u and ur condition of brain will get worse. And I’m u’ll again reply to my cmnt lyk a sick. Yup yup ik that. Say whatever u want to but these will never effect true kyyians. And if u hav a little self respect in u then u’ll not dare to cmnt anymore rubbish here. And if don’t hav then u will again do d same and I hav to waste my time to cmnt for teach u another lesson.

    Anyways praying to God that u get well soon. And don’t worry God will give ur brain back to u.

  29. tabassum

    I am new here but i reading comments since long time,now i dear to give comment,i like nashita and Minne comments because 75% of they comments match with my opinion on kyy,I wanna say,i am also a crazy fan of kyy,i like the show deep of my heart and i also feel bad when ever any one say against the show but guys we have to consider the positive comment don’t think about negative comment just ignore them because every people thinks individually so,be positive always and keep watch kyy.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.