Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mukti walks in and asks Naviya as to what the matter is ad the reason for being so sad. Naviya says that Kiran and Sahil met with the lawyer and they cannot adopt Abir. Hearing which Mukti says that why cannot happiness stick with them for a while. When they are talking Aryaman comes and says that she has to come with him and he has come to pick her up and she cannot be the reason for making Abir miss her first new year.
Nndhani is making preparations when MAnik comes back and says that they have to be together forever and while they are holding each other Mukti makes a sound from the back and they leave each other and get on with the greetings. Aryaman thinks that this is the time and goes to Manik who hugs him and says that he knows that he has done a lot of bad things with him

but there should be no hard feelings which Aryaman also understands.
Aryaman calls Nandhaani and says that he wants to talk with her for two minutes and Mukti also says that they have to talk to Manik. Aryaman gets crazy and Nandhani has to calm him and when she does it Naviya comes and he starts to make excuses.
Mukti says that she has to confess and says that she was asked by some people to join their band but she has decided that she will not join. Then she asks that she wants to do this for them because it is an important thing for her. Manik and Aaliya both agree and congratulate her for this achievement. Manik says that he also has to says something and calls Nandhani after which they says that Manik has partial amnesia hearing which they all get amazed and burst on Manik and Nandhani for not telling them after which, Manik says that there is something and that there is an experimental treatment in Denmark and the doctor says that they should take it. Aryaman asks for the catch to which Nandhani says that there is none and if the treatment doesnot work then it will not harm Manik’s memory.
Manik says that they have to jam for one last time and asks Aryaman to come and sit at the drums. They start to sing the same song which they did at the O2 concert and also have a lot of fun while doing it. Manik while playing it remembers the beautiful memories that he had with the fab5. Nandhani and Naviya are standing aside and smiling on seeing them together. Manik also remembers the moments with Nandhani. They all make a beautiful tempo with the band and after that celebrate the New Year.

The End

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Crying crying crying ?????????Manannnnnnnnnnnnnnn can’t believe its over… today was the last epi…… ???no words to describe how much its paining
    I’ve a lot to say but will say afterwards for now I’ve to check twitter

  2. Hajira

    Cant believe this has come to an end.. Yaariaan was so close to my heart and will always be.. love each and every character of ky2.. we could relate to them so much…
    Ky2 taught us the real meaning of friendship and true love.. wish this didn’t end. but as they say all good things come to an end.. and as the year end Ky2 also ends. Will miss kaisi yeh yaariaan a lot..
    Be it Manik’s charm, Nandu’s smile, Cabir’s pranks, Mukti’s attitude, Dhruv’s shyness, Alya’s style Navya’s jokes or Arymann’s cool attitude everything will be missed..

    Good bye Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan.. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  3. parvathi

    Nice episode btt I am feeling veryyyyyyy badddddd sadddd and veryyyyy bad that frm Monday on wards I will not be watching ky2 I am about 2 cryyyy plz all d co-stars plz doo serials atleast we can see u dere bttttttttt plzzzz in that serial r show plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz try 2 brng d manik nd nandini plzzzzzzzzz C ozzz u r awesome. ………plzzzzzz nd I dint even expect that ky2 will be ended soonnnnn …..??I am really feeling very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very badd atleast plz all of them try 2 come 2 gether in another serial plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try guys ……….this is a sincereeeeee requestttt plzzz …. tyyyyyyy fr making our journey alsooooo wonderfully and beautifullll btttttttt mai toda sad huuuuu okkķk happy New year guys. ……I miss u sincerlyyyy guys I am d bigggggggest fan of everyone. ……. Actually mera nam kavana….. tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sooooooooooooooooooooòo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………… manan miss u …… fab5 missssss u btttttttttttt manannnnnnnnnnnn miss u sooooooo much plzzzzzzz do again in other project 2 gether pizzazz …… byeeee guesses……☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ starsssss u all r fr meeeeee….

  4. Plumpyyy

    Hmm.. Im overflown with emotions.. For me, until today; kaisi yeh yaariaan is the best thing happened to me! I cant say how much im thankful for this masterpiece, an amazing show, that inspired the youth, the teenagers like me, for blessing me with so many true friends; with whom i share everything, for teaching lot of things, for creating awareness in my mind, for the betterment of my thinking capacity, for teaching me to live life, for teaching me what is FRIENDSHIP,TRUST and LOVE, for teaching me how important and soulful music could be, for teaching me what is passion, dedication, interest and for everything!! I loved kaisi yeh yaariaan, still love it, will love it… HUMESHA!!

  5. Jeba

    Its the best episode…. But man my eyes are of full of hot droplets… I cant imagine that its the end…. Guys i am feeling sooo bad and depressed….

  6. Ye kaisa end hai koi matlab hi nhi nikla na soha ko dikhaya ,na Manik k dad ko na harsad sudhra mukti bhi akeli raah gyi aaliya ka bhi kuch nhi hua ekdam bakvas isse achha season 1 m hi Puri story dikha k end Kr Dena Tha vaise usme to lagbhag story khatam Kr di Thi.itna achha serial Tha ekdam se bakvas Kr Diya .miss you Manan.???????Happy new year ???????????

  7. Plumpyyy

    I knew they would perform on the title song!! Yaar last epi mein bhi kiss miss!! Aryamann couldn’t confess.. Mukti!!! Congratz lady bheem!!! I so so so missed DhruBir!!!!!! Main toh maddy ko bhool hi gayi thi!! Not even for a second i thot of maddy!! I had only fab 5, manan, cavya, dhrulya, music, aryamann, abhi, harshad, soha, nyonika in my mind! Upar se woh #kyyfinale ws makin me feel low… I’ll try to watch kyy agn wenever i get tym away frm my books! Just one and half months fr d preboards to start n once d boards complete m gonna spend my whole day in kyy!! And its d 1st anniversary of MaNan playlist in my phone!!!!!!!!!! N this day is super spcl fr 2 reasons.. One is u all kno.. It ended onscreen.. Another is last yr on this same day der were so mny chats on this page!! Evening to nxt morning tak ppl were chattin!! Im gonna miss all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d in touch wid oldies as im in our watsapp grp.. Bt mny are missing in it too.. Here who i hav n had.. Good or bad.. Ik i’ve been b*t*hy mny times n m genuinely sorry for it. Ik i’ve hurt some badly.. Intentionally or unintentionally.. Im sorry.. Ik that u kno abt whom im talkin bout.. Im really sorry for my dat sick behaviour.. V cant b frnz agn n u’ve blocked me on IF.. Bt atleast v aren’t enemies i hope! I do hope! I didnt want to create mess agn so m sayin all this 2day which i wanted to say d day wen u blocked me on IF.. And anu, im sorry.. Ik hw much kind hearted u r n ur a so calm n i love dat abt u! N same pinch! We both r chashmish! Im sorry to evry1 wid whom i’ve fought bt only to those whr i was at fault! Not those peace breakers! U disgusting ppl!! I will nvr think gud abt or u’ve changed nt evn in dreams!!
    Ps- peace breakers were at d tym of oldies.
    Im sorry.

  8. manan......kavan

    I am felling veryyyyyyy bad guys plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz brng back d kaisi yeh yariaan season 3 plzzzzzzzzzzz all d character should be sameeeeeee plzzzzzzzzz atleast fr us plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guysssssssssssssssssss☆☆☆???????????????????????????????????? manan i like uuuuu humeshaaaaaaaaaa
    ……… tyyyyyy sooooo muchhhhh bttt plzzzzzzz brng back kaisi yeh yariaan season 3 plzzzzzzzzz brng back the rocking style offfff manan and fab5…….againnnnn ky2…..plzzz kaisi yeh yariaan season 3 should comeeeee this s a sincere request plzzz. …. happy new year guyss.☆☆☆☆

  9. manan......kavan

    Plzzzzzzzzzz bring back kaisi yeh yariaan season 3 guysssssssss plzzzzz manan manikkkkkkk and nandiniiiiiiii plz come backkkkkk plzzz i can say how I am feeling. ……… plzzzzzz?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I love u manan humeshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa u r d stars fr meeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxxzxzzxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back in kaisi yeh yaarian season 3 or atleast come 2 gether atleast in another project…… plzzzzzz manan u should beeee derereeeeereeee in that plzzzzzz naaaaa….once again happy New year and thanks fr making our journey amazinggggg bttt d journeyyyy should not end soooooo sooonnnnn guys common I dint even expect Etna jaldeeeeee nooooo this can’t happen atleast if I can’t brng back kaisi yeh yariaan season 3 atleast manan and everyone try 2 come in another project especially managed u should be derrerrerre then onlyyyy itty will bee awesome and even fab5 nd navy’s harshad Aliya druv mukthi aryman nyonika cabirrrr everyone cozzzzz frm alll off u the show was awesome soooò I want 2 seeeee alll of u in kaisi yeh yaarian season 3 plzzzz this s sincere requesttt plzzzzzz manan i love uuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuùuuuuuuuuuuùuuuuuuuuuuuuùuuuuùuuuuuu humeshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bttt I have a believe that u allll will come back again in kaisi yeh yaarian season 3 or atleast in another project especially manan innnnn mtv….. awesome wala channell u allllllll should come back don’t think this is an order plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cozzzzzzzzz this s a request not allll for meeee fr every one Wright guysssss common answered naaa……….happy New year plzzzzzzz don’t forget naaaaa plzzzz vikassss sir plzzzz plzzz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz say d answer plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz replyyyyy guysssss ….. happy new year plzz brng back d kaisi yeh yariaan season 3 plzzz cozzzz our mathlaf fanssss by saying good thing fr my answer this is only d greatest gift fr this new year fr d fans write gyssssss fr me yeas this s d bigggggggest gift fr 2016… plzzz give goood happy nice answer plzz this s a request that plzzz alll of them say kaisi yeh yariaan season 3 coming back atleast say that everyone s coming back for another project in mtvvvvv onlyyy….. byeee I wiilll not sayyy Gud byeee C ozzz d journey s nottttt at alll ended give me a good newsss not only fr me fr d fansss….??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????write guysss….plzzz vikas sir plzzzz don’t leave us like this plzz manannnn I love u humeshaaa plzzz vikas sir plzz manan come backkkk…..

  10. One side m damm happy coz this ended n as a true kyyian m obviously damm sad….
    Happy coz s2 continue bhi hota toh parth ko intne negative ppl k saath kaam karna padta which is definitely not good….. I hope I do really hope s3 kabhi na ho… ho toh with another cast… coz off screen fight I guess till now everyone got to kno.. so its better if they’d not do project again….. hope ky2s3 with same cast NEVER happens…..I don’t want same thing to happen again….. and another reason for not having s3 with same cast is richa mam coz s2 itna acha nahi that jitna s1 tha coz richa mam ne likha tha by her whole soul….
    PS: whoever doesn’t go well with this should definitely stay away…. coz for me someone’s off screen peace matters the most…

  11. Shelly

    You are right Minnie what matters the most is peace and I think they should not carry more bitter memories otherwise it will hurt them and even us. Its better to have a season 3 with another cast and a soulful youthful story ! I ll miss Manan Mukbhi Cavya and Dhrulya. You guys will always stay close to my heart. Today I feel very empty but I hope this void feeling gets over quickly. Till then waiting for another yaariyan story !
    PS : No one can take ur place PaNi.

  12. manan......kavan

    Yaaaa this alsooo crct wtttt minnie said bttt also manik u plzzz come in another show atleast we can seee u dere …. Coz I miss hand even nandini same with u atleast not 2 gether also it’s okkk bttt tryyy guysss…

  13. I was crying when manik recall the moments wid fab5 and nandu. So emotional. My life was connected wid this show. Fab5’s friendship and manan’s passionate love is just amazing. No pair can replace them. I can’t express in words that how much I love the show. This show effect in my real life too. I came to kno d value of friendship from this show. I used to hate this show without watching. One day my cousin asked me watch just once. That was d epi in which manik confess his love to nandu and nandu got kidnapped. From that day I started watching this show. I became a true kyyian. A real mananholic. From that day I started hate those ppl who talk rubbish bout kyy and MaNan. This show is everything to me.

    D epi was superb as always. MaNan scene was amazing lyk always. Fb scenes were nice.

    Hlw dearie, don’t forget to text me in wattpad. I love u dearie. Love u shifa, Sara, pari, nutz, fairy. I am really lucky to hv all of u as my great friends. And Adele although v didn’t chat much but u used to wish me for exams so thanx to u too. @ Minnie, really sry if u feel bad as I took ur name. Although our our fate didn’t let us be friends, I saw many similarities in us. I kno u hate cuz of our fights. But do u kno Wht our this fights will be a memory for me. And if u can then plz forgive me. And m gonna miss u lyk others. That’s true.
    # luv kyy
    # luv fab5
    # luv MaNan
    #luv dhruliya
    # luv mukbhi
    # luv cavya
    # luv aryamaan, harshad, nyonika, soha, pandit although their were in negetive role sometimes. By this show became more interesting cuz of them.
    #luv abeer ( d cutiepie) and rishab
    # luv chacha and chachi
    Kyy is d best show in my seen and unseen shows. Will always luv kyy. Never forget this show. Always a true kyyian and a real mananholic.

    And m truly sry from heart if I ever heart anyone of this pg. Extremly sorry.

    40 mins r left for new year. So HAPPY NEW YEAR to all in advance although this year is snatchI got kyy from us. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.

  14. Plumpyyy

    Im updating my hike status from idk wen! My cousin bro n my frnd r liking my posts cz they r happy that it ended n m putting crying emoticon.. I donno hw m i gonna live!!! Like seriously KAISI YEH YAARIAAN HAS COME TO ITS END!!!???????? Im gonna miss each tiny bit of it!!!!! Still cant believe its over!!!!!! Its so painful!!!! Wen it ended na.. I felt a strong pang of pain in my heart!! I felt like my heart stopped beating, literally!! I swear on rocky!! I really felt so!
    #WeStandByParth !!! We dont believe in shits!

  15. manan......kavan

    That’s true wttt Shelly said that no one can take place of u pani…..bttt manan atleast come in other shows with nice project atleast we can see u guys deree same with nandini alsooo btt try guysss …. plz

  16. Plumpyyy

    Nash. Idk one bit of wattpad!! U text me plz! Idk hw to use it! I followed u btw. Idk hw to cmnt. I’ll keep coming here. Idk hw to start a convo. I know nothing about wattpad!!

      • Plumpyyy

        I love to be a kid!! Growing up sucks!! I love my high school life lots!! This best age of my life!! Teenage! Kyy age!! MaNan age!! It’ll last forever!! When a person is deeply in friendship n its mostly d highest priority!

  17. manan......kavan

    Yaaaa i can understand same feeling with mee alsoooooo I am crying I am not understanding why did they end so sooon C ozzz I have lots off questions in my mind like suha s alive write bttt atlast aryman dint even get 2 now and even lots off questions which r confusing me

  18. I Just listening the song “tu hai k nahi” n while listening to this I realized manik k dad ko yeh gaana dedicate karna chahiye…. I want to dedicate that song to him…. “TU HAI K NAHI” mr malhotra aap konse world mein ho❓❓? Yaar ek baari aape aakhe ya voice hi sunate/dikhate ham khush hote na…. s1 mein na sahi s2 mein aapke entry dikhate v thought s2 mein least aapke entry karate but koi nahi now u will exist only in fanfictions…. ek baari fhir huh…. TU HAI K NAHI MR MALHOTRA ❔❔
    LMAOF ok main pagal hogaye hu m laughing lyk a fool after reading this ik its not funny but still…….

    m laughing on us (kyyians ka fate) esp admins ka I had a late realization that y MTV scheduled ky2 mon to thru…. u know y ??coZ bakki teen din they wanted us to have some live drama… ekdam masaledar lol…. nahi samjhe?? see agar u have noticed that 90% of this all of screen drama happens in weekend times so see v don’t to count every hour ki yaar kab manan day aka monday aayega…. coz jab monday aayega v will be lyk OMG offscreen drama mein pata hi nahi chala kab monday aagaya hahaha LMAOF ???
    Once more jinko nahi samja I was saying ki weekend never bored me actually coz every weekend least 90% of weekend kyy offscreen drama starts….. so I toh never feel yaar how much I’ve to wait for Monday….. nahi samjhe??toh bassss jai ram ji ki……. main nahi aur dasne wala ha…. hehehehe
    Now I officially announce mein bavle hogaye hu….. ?????n I will be cured in 2k16 so tab tak tata coz only 30 min are left….

  19. Plumpyyy

    Guyz.. Mtv.. Humari adhuri kahani is comin.. I so love this song!! Rang the noor tha jab kareeb tu tha ek jannat sa tha yeh jahan waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa likh ke chod gaya tu kahan ??????? Tell ne who dont cry wen u listen to this song!! I kno ppl who didnt watch kyy also cry listening to this song n those ppl r my frnz.. Humari adhuri kahani n judaai r d songs which has d power to make me cry each tym!!

  20. Plumpyyy

    @minnie completely agree wid u!! There was some or d other news of kyy evry weekend!! Week days mein onscreen drama and weekends mein off screen drama.. True.. I didnt kno wen 2day came! And sorry for what i did.

  21. @manan kavan I can understand

    .so do one thing hope it helps coz it helped me a lot…. if u are watching kyy on YouTube now then don’t watch coz for now it will only make us cry….. so do something crazy…..matlab totally read ff which i will do after this cmt… I will then go back in IF n read ff hum aapke hain kaun on manan u too try that n try forgetting ur questions on kyy n concentrate in things which always make u happy……. n welcome new year….??????tada…. haha ik its stupid but for now I want to be that…. coz its making me happy….now tata off to watch soty my energy drink….. uske baad ff reading…..

  22. manan......kavan

    Like why kaisi yeh yariaan end hogaya suha is alive bttt arayman dint even get about that like d competition was dere and in that competition fab5 was not even dere nd manik will say that atleast dere will a chance of a wild card entryyy bttt nothing happened I have lots quickly like seriously harshad and navy’a nothing okkk then mukthi Aliya ntng and varun tries 2 say something bttt notng nd druv and nyonika went off what’s all these atlast arayman dint even get 2 know and competition wttt about that ntnggggg I am in confuese bttt what ever I miss u manik manan nd everyone bttt also I hope these questions r write it was veryyy confuesing. … ntng…nthg aryman dint even confessed 2 nandini and navy’a baby… I don’t know I know i miss each of them…..

    Pandith jii
    Rydhima. …. nd everyone. …..Like navy’s mom cabir mom everyone C ozzz frm allllll of them d show was awesome wala sooo


    And even atlast they didn’t even showed maniks father at all sooo it was confused ta so why did they end dere should be s333333 fr atleast fr these reasonssssssssss I personally think soooò

    I missss u manik-paarth samtaan
    I miss u nandini -niti Taylor

    Together manan-pani fr humeshaaaaaaaa

    I love u manik …..

    I love ky2…….. thank u. .. nd yaarian even abhimanyu also was a part of journey

    Love u manik ni manan ky2…

  23. ????????????????????



  24. Plumpyyy

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!!!! Hope this year would go wonderful and amazing for all!!! Hope this year turns out to be an unforgettable one for each one of you as its surely gonna be for me! Last year i.e. 2015 has taught us a lot of things which is really important in life!! So lets start this year with a smile everyone!!! Love ya all dearies!!! Have an awesome life ahead people!!

  25. Can’t Leave without u ky2
    Now what will the crzy fans of ky2 watch at 6:30 pm ……………
    But guyz dnt u think that it was an incomplete ending nd even Soha’s ( alive ) secret didn’t come out . Dnt knw still we will always love ky2
    Manan ??
    Fab 5 ❤❤❤

  26. vino

    Plz bring them back manan,dhruliya,cavya,mukbhi…mis u all…this will not be an end of yarriyan?????????????? lov u all..#hameesha

  27. malvika

    I personally dint like season 2 and ending as well… dey wz no story lot of things wer just left like dat… nyonika disappearance…manikz father’s face… soha secret… dhruv alya relation… navyaz kids problem… season 2 dint stand upto expectations… but season 1 remains my fav….anyways all the best guys

  28. manan......kavan

    Ky2 misssssssss u yaaaaaaaar……… plzzz yaaaaa come back plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  29. shakshi

    God u r all so depressed nd showing ur emotions through ur comments I believe it ended becoz the season two response wasn’t good well but after reading ur comments I believe that u all are like me the craziest fans I too cant imagine kyy ending I literally cried as if someone very close to me died but kyy is still alive in all of us and seriously through kyy only I got to know what is love ❤ I appreciate parth nd niti instead of the cold wars they acted a if they r in true love they were true professionals they r admiring and inspirational the friendships that fab five had the bonding they had wass just something I can never forget nnow I have blindly started trusting love friendships relations and many more I always infered kyy story as real story no fictions and related all the incidents happening to my life kyy was my another family when ever I used to be upset lonely I use to google kyy its updates and watching its episoddes all day on utube even at midnight,the ssongs played in it touched my heart ♥ if before I would have heard those songs I wont like them as much but when those were related to kyy pani fab five I just cant stop myself downloading them and listening the whole day I remember each and every moment of pani I get them in my dreams even during exams after finishing my paper I remembered it daydreaming ha ha ? I m very sad very Very sad I am not able to express myself these simple short words are not enough parth is doing a movie ? and I am surely going to watch it hundred times I am a big fan of parth his looks expressions but parth is incomplete without niti I wanna watch them everytime together yaar now what I will be watching at 6:30 about what I will be gossiping to my friends my friends didn’t knw about kyy and I just told them and made them crazy about it as well but no one is as big fan as me and kyy ended as a mystery yaar no fine happy finishing it was did Manik overcome the problem and aryaman Navya abir and mukti what happened to aliya hell yaar everything was not sorted and it finished with a big question mark???????????????????but I will never go against kyy pani was the best cute couple ever …..,,,,,,,,,love them? ??? ? ? ? ? ?

  30. Plumpyyy

    Yest wen i saw d update i ws like “hein. Where’s d precap?” then this tubelight in me flashed that it has ended toh precap kahan se aayega!!?? But cheers guyz we’re gonna keep it alive in us!!!!!!! Cheers to us!!
    Be happy.
    Stay blessed.
    Lots of love.

  31. Plumpyyy

    Going to IF to recieve my new year gift from my sweetie frnd simm! Read Love Is MaNan if u cn guyz.. You’ll fall off laughing!!! But d new year chappy’s beginning is emotional.. I cudnt stop cryin.. Padhna hai toh padhlo.. Cabira teasing manan.. That’s d thing which can make u laugh ur ass off!! I bet on that 😉
    location – canteen.
    Scene – MaNan’s cute fight and Fab 4 teasing them after their patch up.
    Cabira to fab 3 – guyz humhe cook karne ke liye alya ke ghar jana nahi padega kyuki aag toh yahin lagi hai na. MPG!
    Fab 3 & MaNan – What??
    Cabira – MaNan Petroleum Gas!! Dekho yahaa se wahaa tak lagi hai. (pointing from manik to nandu).
    Manik giving death glares to cabira, nandu blushing, Fab 4 laughing!!!
    I so cant get over this thing!!! I laugh laugh n laugh evrytym i read it!! I guess that ws chappy 55! 57 chappies r completed. The dialogues aren’t completely same bt its almost d same!
    P.S – any1 who reads that FF plz dont say to the author that some1 coppied her story coz i too read it and i am one of her close friends and she wont mind it for sure! Im her evil twin Cabira after all 😉
    I bet ur stomach will pain a lot aftr reading it!!
    Dont be sad!! Happy happy ho jao!!
    Chaddo rehna sad sad. Ho jao saare happy shappy. If u feelin bad bad. Aao lelo free di pappi. Haha.. Not woh wali pappi haan. Naughty heads 😛 Pappi nahi toh free di jhappi bhi milegi 😉 😀

  32. lavu

    Hi all crazy fans of kyy..”HAPPY NEW YEAR” to evrybodyhere..
    Pls can sum1 give me parth’s insta nd Twitter a/c name..pls pls
    Who evr givs me thanks to dm in advance..
    Missing my life KYY a lot:-(

  33. Parth’s real insta id is @the_parthsamthaan with 60k followers old acc wd 300k followers got hacked
    And twitter’s real id is @laghateparth

  34. lavu

    Thank u sooooo much Minnie…
    We knw tht he is surely gonna win this battle has tht VG is jst trappng him in unwanted controversies..

  35. Anytime..
    He will but one thing happened is very very nice in this matter is many fake fans n fake frnds true colours were out ie: ayaz, VG, utkarsh, abhishek, fenil
    Uk wat today I found such a big coward or I can say a stupid person she’s ff writer on wattpad she said she’s craziest nd a big fan of ps n even her dp is of him but uk wat the funniest part is.. she said she doesn’t trust him now…wow!! Some ppl in cmt also said m big fan of ps but he’s no saint.. I do wanted to puke on their faces… its sad to hear such fake fans exist…

  36. lavu

    S such cunning nd fake ppk r prsnt in today’s world..i hope frm nxt time parth stays away frm such jerks who try to backstabb him..
    Btwn can u tl me y parth is nt cumng on Twitter..
    I am an M.com student nd till strdy was busy with my internals so culdnt knw wht ws happng with PS much..

  37. Plumpyyy

    Now after all this i think that many ppl said they love parth or they r parthians just coz he is damn popular!! They thot they wud get thoda sa limelight if they’re on any social networking sites! Huh. Narrow minded ppl are!! Though i love yuvi so damn much that i cant stand anythin against him n mny here kno hw much i love yuvi but if im a yuvian that doesnt mean im nt a parthian! I pity ppl who r cmplt dumbos n fools n seek attention!! My trust on parth is strong enough that no1 n nothin has d power to break it!! Not even parth himself!! I so cant believe ayaz and fenil did this!! I really cant believe!! Fenil.. Im gonna watch girls on top ONLY for yuvi!! NOT for fenil!! Fenil has broke my love i had for her n i myself donno hw crazily i loved her bt not more than parth! Ayaz.. Ab iska kya..?? Im glad that parth can surely lead an awesome life with his family n his TRUE friends!! Still love ayaz.. Coz he’s taught me somethin to me which i cn nvr evr forget!! Fenil umrigar! Dont worry.. I wont hate bff just coz i u broke that “fenilism” in me! I wont hate SaRun, sanjana roy, and my SanVi ever!! Im vry vry proud to be a parthian !!
    @minnie Charlie is supporting parth na?

    • U can’t understand now coz ita too far do one thing read telly chakkar’s n india forums article…… u will kno 70% of matter….

      • Kistie

        OK thank u Minnie…. I was out of station so I m unaware of this.. I was nt able to use this sites…

  38. Yep! Plumpyyy charlie di is supporting parth she cmted on his post….
    N i took fenil’s name coz she deleted all her pics with parth n unfollowed him… when few girls were asking fenil why’d she unfollowed i lyk a fool said no she won’t go against him coz its not compulsory if she unfollowes him she’s is nt his frnd but then someone said she she deleted all her pics with him even…. so…
    Utkarsh disgusts me now..! I so blo*dy hate that jerk!
    Ps: utkarsh lovers stay away from this!

    • Plumpyyy

      Charlie was parth’s true friend right from the time of bff and they’ve grown stronger as friends n im damn happy for them! I hope their friendship stays intact! Im SanVi lover and i cant believe she even deleted their pics!!
      Utkarsh.. So was that one not a fakey who posted pani’s intimate pic..??? Im somewhat sure i ws uttu only!
      P.S – The page isnt available! The link isnt working!

      • Yup it was real utkarsh only….blo*dy jerk! Utkarsh doesn’t respect his co actors only starting mein he n niti were so good frnds but after sometime…no more nitkarsh…n utkarsh didn’t even felt ashamed of uploading parth n niti’s such pic….. uk wat… utkarsh’s one fc is supporting parth… it feels so damm good to see that utkarsh lovers r not blind in his love n few of his fcs were asking ppl not to blame him… lol.. I hope everyone gets a enemy instead of a fake frnd lyk utkarsh, ayaz, fenil, vg, krissan, veebha….

  39. kistie

    And yes thnq for his insta id Nd twitter id… I m nt using it… But now I will use..

    Will miss kyy2 veryyyyyy badly and manan.. , your comments too…

    Happy new Year to all Kyy2 lovers ..God bless u guys….

  40. manan......kavan

    I miss manan I am feeling very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very badddddd plz plz plz plz plz plz vikas sir come back…. nd even everyone come back naaaa plz

    Manik-nandini paarth-niti

    Together manan nd pani……….. luv u hameshaaaaaa ….. u r d stars from me…..

  41. lavu

    Hmmm..thts really swt of u Minnie to answer my qsnts…thanks
    I am new here bt I was a silent reader frm beginning of KYY nd I love evry1’s comment excpt some bashng comments..
    Nw my externals starts frm tuesday so gotta go nd stick to books..
    Btwn I am frm Bangalore..
    This will b my first day as well as last day to comment here
    Bye guys..at kyy reside in ur lives till eternity…
    Missng u manan,fab 5 nd al d cast of kyy…tak cr guys

  42. Shelly

    Wdh yaar the off screen drama is still on between Pa Ni . And why do they always target Parth. I don’t get it… Really sick of it.

  43. manan......kavan

    Manan…. even I voted…… fr pani as Minnie said common guysss let’s vote fr our choice

  44. Angkita Bardhan

    I luv u parth n I m gonna miss kyy a lot wjich I can’t express….
    Hope PaNi have all their drmz come true and the whole kyy actors….

  45. Luv u PaAn

    I’ve nt seen da last episode can anyone tell me hw 2 dwnld it 4rm somewhre n I knw it can be seen in youtube bt I wnt to dwnld it so plz help me….

  46. aadhya

    plumpyy missed u too like anything
    ab a nhi pati but hamesa sabki yaadati hai
    mere pass kisi ki mail id nhi hai
    suhash bhai ka fb se contact ho sakta hai
    aur kisika nhi pata
    and thanks a lot for wishes
    nd wish u a happy new year
    hw r u ? wht abt ur studies ? aur ab koi post pe cmnt karoge
    coz kyy ka cmnt toh band ho jaega na kuch din me agr season 2 over ho gya

  47. miss kyy

    oh..god how cud i control my emotions……….after this episode i was not able to control…..I cried and cried till my eyes came out…when they started SINGING HO YAARA SONG I WAS SHIVERING…DON’T KNOW WHY…wil lthere be a season 3?????????god plz let it happen…

  48. shifa(shakira)

    miss u manan.firstly parth miss u so so so much.happy new year guyz.hlo prads,anu,pinky,plumpyy,nash.how r u all?.miss u so much.kyy2 rokcz

  49. KITTY

    guys..I was not here for many days..I’am not understanding what had happened?what is it btwn vikas and parth cud anyone plz tell me about it ?????????

  50. Mansi

    Is kyy going to continue in the following year????………….and if are they gonna show all about manik’s treatment!!!!!!!!!!!…………hope that it continues in 2016 and there is a season3:p

  51. There’s no such news of ky2s3 hope it should not even… I don’t want s3 to happen at all!! N mansi this was d last epi of kyy… no s3 is there in 2016

  52. N its 100❗❗❗❗????hayyyy it feels so damm good to do this again….. I remember v used to chat n used to have a lot of fun on swaragini pg… in fact on weekends v used to cross around 2000-3000 cmts yup!! More than thousands…..how badly I want those good old days back…….. n I remember on this pg there was very big family…. here 6000 I guess even more than cmts used to be on weekends……M.E.M.O.R.I.E.S. wish they come back…… but I guess my wish will remain wish only…..

  53. ADELE

    All r writing so long comments………n I juz don’t have any words to say…….m already sad n last epi parr toh I literally cried!!??
    I came here to comment……but was wordless!! N uparr se parth k saath bhi……..!! Damn kitna torture karoge yaarrrrr! Hez already suffering from trauma……how much do u want from a 24yr old???????????????

    Still……at least I have da old episodes………so..,……..m toh gonna wa tch them daily………..!

  54. So tina and manan kavan r same ppl again ek fakey pakda gaya… ?????no used to such ppl…. I thought last update hai no fakey will cum… but…. few ppl don’t change

  55. manan......kavan

    Minnie nahi yaar By mistake my friends has done this plzzzzz believe me C ozzz these r not fake messages plz understand plz….

  56. tabassum

    happy ending thanks for giving us a wonderful journey of friendship,hatred love story and importants of friendship and family and give hope to believe in destiny and special thanks for kyy cast for doing wonderful job,we wil miss manan and fab5 badly.

  57. Plumpyyy

    @aadyha aadhu! !!!!!! Thank god u came again!!! Please come again! I said sara that u asked mail ids n she said me to give her I’d here.. but I couldn’t as my Internet pack was empty. Wait! There r silent readers n some other people who can’t be trusted so aadhu ask suhash bhai to give sara’s mail I’d or her contact number. She said she’ll pass d them to u. And aadhu I can never forget my frnds’ b day who have made me laugh,cry n smile at d same time!!? happy new year aadhu!!?? and my studies.. yaar pata nahI how M I gonna manage it?! ?My mom is behind me just wen I woke up 2 day! It’s gonna hectic and idk what!!??You’re experienced na aadhu so you’ll be knowing all this☺ yeah commenting won’t be possible..? I so thank Ky2 to bless me with friends like u all aadhu!!!! Gonna miss u a lot!! Ask suhash bhai ok aadhu..? a tight hug for u aadhu!!!

  58. Plumpyyy

    @Minnie so it was him. Moron, jerk, dumbass, asshoLe and what not!!??this is for both guptas! Yeah there was so much nitkarsh, and now it’s like what is it? Who is it? NO IDEA!! Very good!! Kudos to that FC who has eyes!! Not blind in a jerk!! It’s so nice that Charlie di is parth’s true friend and it’s unbreakable whatever the situation might come in life!! And as usual you’ve got an adorable dp!!? Fake people will never be successful as a person!!
    Sorry again.?

  59. Plumpyyy

    Fab 5 sang o yaara on talent hunt not O2 concert. They sang.. They as in fab 3 n maddy sang parindey on O2 concert. Now I remember that there was weird Buddha! ! Uska ram naaM satay hai kar diya kyaa? ?

  60. Plumpyyy

    Hey Nash!!I’m good dearie? how r u? No yaar. I wanna read but I’m so into studies and the pre boards are 1.5 months far plus my mom is scolding every time I use phone for even 10 min!2 day I was commenting from dad’s phone even now I have his phone in my hand?? I’ll check watt pad tomorrow Nash.. love u dearie?? I want a hug emoji yaar. It should be there!! Just lemme know how to reply u on watt pad ok dearie

    • I’m fine. School open yesterday. Vacation over. New class. So trying to focus on study. Btw all d vry best for xams. Study well. And love u too dearie. I think u will get nortification that I post a msg which my followers can see. There will be reply option near that msg. Then u can reply. ???? and I will try to install emoji app. And hug emoji can be there. But for now take my tightttttt hug

  61. Opps sry dearie. I said wrong. That is public msg not personal. U will see messages option after nortification option. U can send me msg from there. Sry for wrong info actuall I too was confused

  62. Opps sry dearie. I said wrong. That is public msg not personal. U will see messages option after nortification option. U can send me msg from there. Sry for wrong info actuall I too was confused.

  63. Shelly

    I m so stupid indeed to believe the news bullshlt.. Glad to know all okay between PaNi… And season 3 with fresh cast plzzz…. Mtv walo plz … And yes the story should be soulful like kyy s 1 ✌

  64. KITTY

    Hi plumps…it has been so many days we hav’nt talked…I was actually busy with my studies..anyway happy new year>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  65. KITTY

    Its 6:30…don’t know what to do….no kyy …..no 6.30….first day after 1 year that i sit before my tv at 6:30 an a monday without seeing kyy….however memmories will never die….love u kyy

  66. Plumpyyy

    Hey hi kitty!! Missed u dear! I can understand as even m late coz of my studies! Yeah dear.. I ws so disturbed abt that “6:30 pm” thingy that i fought wid my mom n bro plus couldn’t concentrate on studies! Evrythin’s gettin messed up for me! Wish u all d luck n love in future kitty 🙂 and happy new year to u too 😀 yep memories will never die, infact we’ll cherish them 🙂

  67. Plumpyyy

    Arey arey nash!! Dearie y sayin sorry fr so small thingy?? Chill na!! TY dearie fr d info 🙂 i’ll check it out 2mrrw.. Got no time for somethin else other than studies.. A lil whatsapp, hike n no! I crave to come here and on IF! Wattpad toh i’ve got no time at all!! Even wid frnz on hike or watsapp we discuss abt studies.. Daily tests.. Classes.. Evrythin’s gettin heated like anythin!! I’ll come 2mrrw and thanks a lot for d wishes dearie!! 😀 love u nashiiiiiii

    • Awww love u too. Ok I will wait. Btw me too didn’t got a minute to rest. All day school and coaching. Again boring life start. Missing kyy really badly. Wlc for ur two thnx. Ok bye. Love u

  68. Shelly

    Missing kyy lot. it was in news that day about Niti tweeting about Parth but now its clear ut was for someone else. These news ppl love to make a mountain out of a mole.

  69. Shifa

    Pards ab mai relax hogai sis tumara reply dekh hai.m fine nash btw how r u ?.m clg strt tmrw.plumppy how r u?.

    • Who d hell r u??? Nowadays fakers stoop so low that they started to come in the last update pg too. I asked d que to my frnd. And she will ans. No need of ur ans. And what did u think that nobody will recognise u??? Then u r totally wrong. We can understand that who is real and who is fake so get that on ur mind.

  70. Plumpyyy

    Ohho fakey!! Show has ended!! Comment wont be allowed in few days.. Go try somewhere else!!
    Hey shifa sorry yaar nange ninna scrap reply madlikke aglilla.. Happy new year to u too shifa 🙂 yaar i came to kno d valuation isnt over yet! My dad said it’ll take another 4-5 days!! Kya karte hai yaar yeh professors!!
    Miss kyy.. But entertainment is on!! Arrey offscreen drama!! Jo zyada hatke hai!! Our fandom isnt weak at all!! We’re strong, parth is strong, and we’re proud to be a parthian!!

  71. luv u PaAn

    Hey minnie thnx for da answer……todat so much about parth I hav to heard frm my frnz n to answer their ques
    I don’t no why people belive in those sort of fake news of parth being gay or etc etc etc
    I simpy belive dat Parth is saying da truth bt cnfuse with Niti’s post

  72. luv u PaAn

    Sry minnie replyying u aftr so long ..actually busy wid studies n tutions n computr class so sry btw wat r u doing nw I mean studies or job

  73. Plumpyyy

    Kudos to us guyz!! 3rd pg of comments!!! And im good shifa.. Hw r u?? Guyz… Its a week to d end of kyy.. Matlab fr 1 week there wasnt any new epi!!!???!!!!!! Omg! Like srsly? This show isnt aired onscreen now?? Really?! Oh god! But i dont miss it! Matlab one misses somethin or some1 wen he/she dont hav it or dat person within him/her!! And kyy is within us!! It cant be separated a mm from us ever!!! After all we are the true kyyians na!!! Cheers to us and our kaisi yeh yaariaan!!! Love kyy and y’all my dearies and lovelies!!!!!!!!!! Wish to meet all my frnz atleast once!!! I hope to be in touch wid as mny as possible!

  74. dreamy

    ahhhh miss kyy alottttttt

    missing fairytale of manan

    miss that aaiyappa of nandu

    and that smirk of manik

    missing them so much!!!!!!!!:cry:

  75. preeti

    Why do they have to keep the ending incomplete always? Kyy1 ending was the accident & now manik is going away for his treatment, leaving nandini alone,really disappointed with such abrupt ending of kyy.

    • Who said he is going to Denmark for his treatment leaving Nandu alone??? Both of them r going there for manik’s treatment. They said they will be together forever.

  76. Plumpyyy

    Shifa sorry fr replying late.. Ade nange news sikkitu.. Nanna 1st preboards feb 15 inda start. Exactly 36 days baki ide. 2nd preboards march 4 inda start.. Boards march 30 inda.. Dec 6 ige hindu newspaper alli datesheet bandittu.. Upar se nange innu 125-130 chapters odlikke ide. So nanu watsapp alli active irbohudu matte illi cmnt madlikke bidudilla ala.. And nanu IF nalli sa inactive irbekagtade.. 36 days tumba kadime aithu so odbekagtade adra mele namma ma’am ige namma class inda 1 state alli rank irbeku matte 2 district alli. Plus namma class alli ondu super dull student iddale avlige teach madbeku. Fully stressed out u see 😀 completely scheduled!! Okay bye now shifa.. Nanu ninge watsapp alli msg madidde.
    @nashiiii dearie!!! Sorry fr nt showin up on wattpad!! Time nahi milta!! Our first preboards shows our performance in boards.. Matlab our marks in 1st preboards n boards differs wid 1-2 marks so i’ve 36 days remaining wid almost 125-126 chapters left so i’ve gotta pull my socks up n put on d seatbelt n njoy wid books! And d funny thing is on valentines day i’ll b wid my books as date.. Lol. Book is my date this year. For me valentines day gaya baadh mein. Im a chatterbox 😛 sorry fr blabbering so much. Im a kid 😀 growing up sucks. Want to b a kid for life!! Enjoy! Im actually very happy 2day so this blabbering n all is in.excess 😛 😀 just kick my once or twice to shut me up please! 😛
    love u shifa n nashhhhhh

    • It’s ok. I can understand dearie. No pressure. Just study well and rock. And yup I luv ur childish talk so don’t want to shut u up. Keep up. So happy. Y??? Btw be happy lyk this always. And yup enjoy ur Valentine’s Day wid books lolzzzzz. Be happy and jolly always. Luv u toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  77. Plumpyyy

    I love this day.. Particularly this date. January 9 2015.. Last year’s WU.. On this pg i had commented for d first tym… Aftr being a silent reader frm d beginning.. Technically its gonna b 1 year on january 11.. I came n aftr few mins queen came.. Sam bro.. Miss u so damn much!!! First day pe hi u made me laugh so much aur ab kahan gayab ho gaye ho!! Group mein bhi nahi ho. Huh. Fairyyy… Aww mela first frnd!! I ws sooooo happy commenting here… And i can never forget u guyz.. And ek ka toh koi ata pta nahi.. And that one person is my sweetestttt frnd awwwhhhhooooooooooo….. Yaar whr r u auho!!! Kahan chupi baithi hai idiot???!!!!! Nor u came here, not on watsapp, got to kno nt evn on mails!!! Plz show up on watsapp!!! I hope somebdy of my family sees this cmnt n inform her!! I miss her a lot!! U kno hw much i love my cutest name plumpyyy??? I adore it sooo much n mny frnz also found it cute n im proud dat u named it!! Stupid. Aa bhi nahi sakti!! Okay. I kno u wont see this. But agar “kyy roxz” family ka koi bhi dekhega toh plz try to inform her!! Plz its a request!!

  78. Daisy

    Pls include these questions too….
    Who was Maddy n wat happened to him?
    Cabir died but his twin was to come.did he????
    Dhruv-wat about him?????
    Nyonika n harshad????
    Most imp-FAB5?????? Wat abt it??????
    Pls b generous as to and these questions….. I shall return around 6 in evng to check…

    • KITTY

      anyway even though it’s not possible to tell the whole story i will try to tell all these in brief…Maddy was the villain at first who had a voice resemblence with manik..nandu was his enemy ,he became the president of the SPACE but due to some problems with his grand dad he left the college..cabir’s twin has’nt came but ANOTHER gay who liked to adopt navya’s baby was an important character in this season..druv had actually misunderstood alya.he thought that alya loved her boss mr.varun more than him…so he was totally broken and left all..harshad was still there even when nyonika went..I am actually not sure about the reason why she went..so sorry…but harshad was the one who came to know the fact at first that aryaman loved nandu.
      yes fab 5 broke up …….as a band…as druv also went their confidence got reduced as they got to fab3 …manik tried to encourage mukti and alya…but moreovr they got disqualified from musicana and at last decided to be friends forever..no band..no music..no fab 5..
      I guess with these u can understand a bit…it’s not easy to tell the whole story ..so sorry…..u cud read the written updates(even thats not easy)I hope u can read it and guess the story…I hav’nt added much than ur questions’ answers….yeah…bye.

  79. KITTY

    I will never forget kyy..I will never forget manan,fab 5,nyonika harshad chacha chachi then many episodes of kyy especially that of season 1…#itsnotusitsyou campaign,panditji,fusion concert,soha’s death,manik nandu fights,and many others……….love u kyy

  80. Shifa(shakira)

    Sry for late rply plumpyy.nan whats up off ide.adu on aglike tumba day ag bahudu.nanna cousin helidlu exam bega untu anta.nan side inda all the best.matte state alli frst rank sikle.

  81. Hi guys. Hw r u all??? Exam started so too much busy but I manage tokeep sometime for kyy from my busy schedule. Watching MaNan vm’s and reading ff’s. Love u kyy hamesha. Love MaNan

  82. ammy

    Miss kyy a lot…actually 2 säy da truth I din follow s2 that mch bt again kyy is smthng larger than lyf fr me….lot of happiness emotions attached with kyy, and gv me mch more than I ever askd fr. Manik nandini bcm part of lyf n memories of kyy inseparable. Also it wouldn’t be half as fun as it is without telly updates. And aahhh ! Telly updates is one of the best thing dat ever happened….? infact lyf would hv been really incomplete without dis wonderful bunch of frnds I got from Telly updates. Kuhu, shreyadi, anjumdi,soundaryadi, Daniela, ashwini, euphie , fairy , suhashda, nutz, Sam, auhona, sanayadi, carron, sharmindi, Sara and lots n lots srry dose I forget 2 name……actually u ppl r always in mah heart….. Wat to say! I m short fr words actually!!!!Kyy rockzfamily is eternal r8???I will meet u all up in future n its a big big promise ??
    Hey anyone of kyy rocks family who z actually nt in cntct wid us…plzz if u see mah mssg do mail us at [email protected] its a rqst ? kyy rockz again ….luv u manan luv u kyy

  83. IT is true that how much v tried to be happy but it’s really not possible. Although kyy will never seperate from me but I am really missing it. Cuz Vms and ff’s r not enough. Love u kyy hamesha. Always a true kyyian and mananholic.

  84. KITTY

    yes that’s true..ff’s cud jst provide us a storyline…in our minds however only the original kyy wud remain true..love u kyy

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.