Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mukti walks in and asks Naviya as to what the matter is ad the reason for being so sad. Naviya says that Kiran and Sahil met with the lawyer and they cannot adopt Abir. Hearing which Mukti says that why cannot happiness stick with them for a while. When they are talking Aryaman comes and says that she has to come with him and he has come to pick her up and she cannot be the reason for making Abir miss her first new year.
Nndhani is making preparations when MAnik comes back and says that they have to be together forever and while they are holding each other Mukti makes a sound from the back and they leave each other and get on with the greetings. Aryaman thinks that this is the time and goes to Manik who hugs him and says that he knows that he has done a lot of bad things with him

but there should be no hard feelings which Aryaman also understands.
Aryaman calls Nandhaani and says that he wants to talk with her for two minutes and Mukti also says that they have to talk to Manik. Aryaman gets crazy and Nandhani has to calm him and when she does it Naviya comes and he starts to make excuses.
Mukti says that she has to confess and says that she was asked by some people to join their band but she has decided that she will not join. Then she asks that she wants to do this for them because it is an important thing for her. Manik and Aaliya both agree and congratulate her for this achievement. Manik says that he also has to says something and calls Nandhani after which they says that Manik has partial amnesia hearing which they all get amazed and burst on Manik and Nandhani for not telling them after which, Manik says that there is something and that there is an experimental treatment in Denmark and the doctor says that they should take it. Aryaman asks for the catch to which Nandhani says that there is none and if the treatment doesnot work then it will not harm Manik’s memory.
Manik says that they have to jam for one last time and asks Aryaman to come and sit at the drums. They start to sing the same song which they did at the O2 concert and also have a lot of fun while doing it. Manik while playing it remembers the beautiful memories that he had with the fab5. Nandhani and Naviya are standing aside and smiling on seeing them together. Manik also remembers the moments with Nandhani. They all make a beautiful tempo with the band and after that celebrate the New Year.

The End

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hey minnie thnx for da answer……todat so much about parth I hav to heard frm my frnz n to answer their ques
    I don’t no why people belive in those sort of fake news of parth being gay or etc etc etc
    I simpy belive dat Parth is saying da truth bt cnfuse with Niti’s post

  2. Sry minnie replyying u aftr so long ..actually busy wid studies n tutions n computr class so sry btw wat r u doing nw I mean studies or job

  3. Kudos to us guyz!! 3rd pg of comments!!! And im good shifa.. Hw r u?? Guyz… Its a week to d end of kyy.. Matlab fr 1 week there wasnt any new epi!!!???!!!!!! Omg! Like srsly? This show isnt aired onscreen now?? Really?! Oh god! But i dont miss it! Matlab one misses somethin or some1 wen he/she dont hav it or dat person within him/her!! And kyy is within us!! It cant be separated a mm from us ever!!! After all we are the true kyyians na!!! Cheers to us and our kaisi yeh yaariaan!!! Love kyy and y’all my dearies and lovelies!!!!!!!!!! Wish to meet all my frnz atleast once!!! I hope to be in touch wid as mny as possible!

  4. Shit!! Its 6:34!! Bindass is on in my tv.. Jo mtv hua karta tha…

  5. Shifa(shakira)

    Nanna result barlik 1 month ag bhahudu tosh.m fine.mate exam yavaga.

  6. manan......kavan

    I am really missing U. ..ky2 come back yaarrr plzz

  7. manan......kavan

    I M really missing …..Ky2 plz come back yaarrr

  8. manan......kavan

    I am feeling very bad miss u ky2

  9. Yup dearie. U said right. Kyy is always wid us. This show can never be seperate from us. Love u kyy.

  10. the 150’th one…kyy, love u ,,,,,,,,,

  11. ahhhh miss kyy alottttttt

    missing fairytale of manan

    miss that aaiyappa of nandu

    and that smirk of manik

    missing them so much!!!!!!!!:cry:

  12. manan the most beautiful love story!!!!

  13. Missing kyy


    πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

  14. Tasmin Tamanna

    i will miss u manan

  15. Why do they have to keep the ending incomplete always? Kyy1 ending was the accident & now manik is going away for his treatment, leaving nandini alone,really disappointed with such abrupt ending of kyy.

    1. Who said he is going to Denmark for his treatment leaving Nandu alone??? Both of them r going there for manik’s treatment. They said they will be together forever.

  16. Shifa sorry fr replying late.. Ade nange news sikkitu.. Nanna 1st preboards feb 15 inda start. Exactly 36 days baki ide. 2nd preboards march 4 inda start.. Boards march 30 inda.. Dec 6 ige hindu newspaper alli datesheet bandittu.. Upar se nange innu 125-130 chapters odlikke ide. So nanu watsapp alli active irbohudu matte illi cmnt madlikke bidudilla ala.. And nanu IF nalli sa inactive irbekagtade.. 36 days tumba kadime aithu so odbekagtade adra mele namma ma’am ige namma class inda 1 state alli rank irbeku matte 2 district alli. Plus namma class alli ondu super dull student iddale avlige teach madbeku. Fully stressed out u see πŸ˜€ completely scheduled!! Okay bye now shifa.. Nanu ninge watsapp alli msg madidde.
    @nashiiii dearie!!! Sorry fr nt showin up on wattpad!! Time nahi milta!! Our first preboards shows our performance in boards.. Matlab our marks in 1st preboards n boards differs wid 1-2 marks so i’ve 36 days remaining wid almost 125-126 chapters left so i’ve gotta pull my socks up n put on d seatbelt n njoy wid books! And d funny thing is on valentines day i’ll b wid my books as date.. Lol. Book is my date this year. For me valentines day gaya baadh mein. Im a chatterbox πŸ˜› sorry fr blabbering so much. Im a kid πŸ˜€ growing up sucks. Want to b a kid for life!! Enjoy! Im actually very happy 2day so this blabbering n all is in.excess πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ just kick my once or twice to shut me up please! πŸ˜›
    love u shifa n nashhhhhh

    1. It’s ok. I can understand dearie. No pressure. Just study well and rock. And yup I luv ur childish talk so don’t want to shut u up. Keep up. So happy. Y??? Btw be happy lyk this always. And yup enjoy ur Valentine’s Day wid books lolzzzzz. Be happy and jolly always. Luv u toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  17. I love this day.. Particularly this date. January 9 2015.. Last year’s WU.. On this pg i had commented for d first tym… Aftr being a silent reader frm d beginning.. Technically its gonna b 1 year on january 11.. I came n aftr few mins queen came.. Sam bro.. Miss u so damn much!!! First day pe hi u made me laugh so much aur ab kahan gayab ho gaye ho!! Group mein bhi nahi ho. Huh. Fairyyy… Aww mela first frnd!! I ws sooooo happy commenting here… And i can never forget u guyz.. And ek ka toh koi ata pta nahi.. And that one person is my sweetestttt frnd awwwhhhhooooooooooo….. Yaar whr r u auho!!! Kahan chupi baithi hai idiot???!!!!! Nor u came here, not on watsapp, got to kno nt evn on mails!!! Plz show up on watsapp!!! I hope somebdy of my family sees this cmnt n inform her!! I miss her a lot!! U kno hw much i love my cutest name plumpyyy??? I adore it sooo much n mny frnz also found it cute n im proud dat u named it!! Stupid. Aa bhi nahi sakti!! Okay. I kno u wont see this. But agar “kyy roxz” family ka koi bhi dekhega toh plz try to inform her!! Plz its a request!!

  18. Hey guys….can my1 pls tell me in short as to what happened in season 2…. Pleeeaaseeeee

  19. Pls include these questions too….
    Who was Maddy n wat happened to him?
    Cabir died but his twin was to come.did he????
    Dhruv-wat about him?????
    Nyonika n harshad????
    Most imp-FAB5?????? Wat abt it??????
    Pls b generous as to and these questions….. I shall return around 6 in evng to check…

    1. anyway even though it’s not possible to tell the whole story i will try to tell all these in brief…Maddy was the villain at first who had a voice resemblence with manik..nandu was his enemy ,he became the president of the SPACE but due to some problems with his grand dad he left the college..cabir’s twin has’nt came but ANOTHER gay who liked to adopt navya’s baby was an important character in this season..druv had actually misunderstood alya.he thought that alya loved her boss mr.varun more than him…so he was totally broken and left all..harshad was still there even when nyonika went..I am actually not sure about the reason why she went..so sorry…but harshad was the one who came to know the fact at first that aryaman loved nandu.
      yes fab 5 broke up …….as a band…as druv also went their confidence got reduced as they got to fab3 …manik tried to encourage mukti and alya…but moreovr they got disqualified from musicana and at last decided to be friends forever..no band..no music..no fab 5..
      I guess with these u can understand a bit…it’s not easy to tell the whole story ..so sorry…..u cud read the written updates(even thats not easy)I hope u can read it and guess the story…I hav’nt added much than ur questions’ answers….yeah…bye.

    2. U can kno bout season 2 a bit frm wiki. U can read plot of kyy there. By as I said a bit. So u can try that

  20. I will never forget kyy..I will never forget manan,fab 5,nyonika harshad chacha chachi then many episodes of kyy especially that of season 1…#itsnotusitsyou campaign,panditji,fusion concert,soha’s death,manik nandu fights,and many others……….love u kyy

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    Sry for late rply plumpyy.nan whats up off ide.adu on aglike tumba day ag bahudu.nanna cousin helidlu exam bega untu anta.nan side inda all the best.matte state alli frst rank sikle.

  22. Hi guys. Hw r u all??? Exam started so too much busy but I manage tokeep sometime for kyy from my busy schedule. Watching MaNan vm’s and reading ff’s. Love u kyy hamesha. Love MaNan

  23. Shifa(shakira)

    Hlo nash.how r u?

    1. Not so gd. Suffering from fever and stomachache.

  24. This 12 days with any new epi of kyy went horrible!! How much i miss it….????

  25. Miss kyy a lot…actually 2 sΓ€y da truth I din follow s2 that mch bt again kyy is smthng larger than lyf fr me….lot of happiness emotions attached with kyy, and gv me mch more than I ever askd fr. Manik nandini bcm part of lyf n memories of kyy inseparable. Also it wouldn’t be half as fun as it is without telly updates. And aahhh ! Telly updates is one of the best thing dat ever happened….? infact lyf would hv been really incomplete without dis wonderful bunch of frnds I got from Telly updates. Kuhu, shreyadi, anjumdi,soundaryadi, Daniela, ashwini, euphie , fairy , suhashda, nutz, Sam, auhona, sanayadi, carron, sharmindi, Sara and lots n lots srry dose I forget 2 name……actually u ppl r always in mah heart….. Wat to say! I m short fr words actually!!!!Kyy rockzfamily is eternal r8???I will meet u all up in future n its a big big promise ??
    Hey anyone of kyy rocks family who z actually nt in cntct wid us…plzz if u see mah mssg do mail us at [email protected] its a rqst ? kyy rockz again ….luv u manan luv u kyy

  26. Shifa(shakira)

    Crrct prads missing very badly.

  27. IT is true that how much v tried to be happy but it’s really not possible. Although kyy will never seperate from me but I am really missing it. Cuz Vms and ff’s r not enough. Love u kyy hamesha. Always a true kyyian and mananholic.

  28. yes that’s true..ff’s cud jst provide us a storyline…in our minds however only the original kyy wud remain true..love u kyy

  29. Shifa di did u chat with anu??? It’s been really long since v have talked n she isn’t cmg here also…..

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